3G in New York on May 1st

Thats right T-mobile users, 3G is officially launched in New York on May 1st. Sorry for the lack of details, this is just a quick post on the go. We will have a follow up post in a few hours with some pictures when I have access to a computer. We have the pictures, and we’ll post them up as soon as possible. It is kind of tough to crop out sensitive data from your phone! From what we can tell, this will be mostly for Voice Calls and Internet. No new exciting 3G services as of yet, but more info to come soon!

  • [QUOTE=TMO_Jon]Posted on the customer care website today, so I am assuming its not ‘secret’ since its happening the day after tomorrow. I don’t know how large of an area is included in “NYC”, but looks like the first T-Mobile UMTS market goes live this week.[/QUOTE]

    here is the source

  • debra

    Hmm i how its gonna be now with 3g coming out for tmobile finally

  • money69

    Anyone know if HSDPA is launching with it?

  • terryjohnson16

    I wonder if 3G WM phones are coming in June.

  • Ryan

    Hspda is not launching with it. Umts only will be slightly faster data then edge but not much there will be no actual 3g indicator eathier

  • mingkee

    actually, UMTS is 2x faster than EDGE (class 8 or 10)

  • ryan

    but still no where near the hspda speeds that will be up and running after umts is in all major markets

  • Bill

    I was briefed in a meeting that if T-mobile would have known that a faster EDGE(speeds close to 275k) would be released next year they would have skipped UMTS and went straight to LTE.

  • mingkee

    I am using UMTS internet now, in Manhattan and Brooklyn