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HTC’s First Robert Downey Jr Full Length Ad Leaks Online, But Is It Any Good?

Update: Moments after this post went live, HTC posted the full 2:02 commercial on their own YouTube page HTC’s first Robert Downey Jr. (inspired?) commercial for the company’s recently announced “Change” campaign has leaked online. With the actors recent string of movie successes, I expected a real “wow” or “cool” factor with this … [read full article]

HTC Formally Introduces Robert Downey Jr As New Spokesman, Can He Give Them A Sales Boost?

HTC formally unveiled Robert Downey JR this morning as the face of their $1 billion “Change” brand platform, a new “long-term strategy that celebrates HTC’s disruptive impact on the mobile industry over its 17-year history.” The deal with Iron Man, excuse me RDJ is over a two-year period that will involve TV advertising as well RDJ working with HTC to help shape their creative direction. One aspect of this brand change will include a word randomizer app hosted on … [read full article]