Uncarrier 5.0 event scheduled for June 18

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Invites are out, and it’s official. Uncarrier 5.0 is coming in June. T-Mobile today sent out invites to select members of the press to join them in Los Angeles on June 18.

The tagline – “we don’t play it safe and sound” – encapsulates everything about the Uncarrier movement so far. Gradually stripping away pain points customers have virtually considered just part and parcel of owning a smartphone. Whether that’s having subside phone pricing, international roaming costs, overages, data caps and more.

The worry for analysts and investors is that, so far, T-Mobile’s not yet making a healthy profit from the Uncarrier moves. Although its revenue returned to growth for the first time in years last quarter, it’s yet to turn the tide on its losses.

The question is: What will Uncarrier 5.0 be? Which pain points are left to change?

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