Uncarrier 5.0 event scheduled for June 18

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Invites are out, and it’s official. Uncarrier 5.0 is coming in June. T-Mobile today sent out invites to select members of the press to join them in Los Angeles on June 18.

The tagline – “we don’t play it safe and sound” – encapsulates everything about the Uncarrier movement so far. Gradually stripping away pain points customers have virtually considered just part and parcel of owning a smartphone. Whether that’s having subside phone pricing, international roaming costs, overages, data caps and more.

The worry for analysts and investors is that, so far, T-Mobile’s not yet making a healthy profit from the Uncarrier moves. Although its revenue returned to growth for the first time in years last quarter, it’s yet to turn the tide on its losses.

The question is: What will Uncarrier 5.0 be? Which pain points are left to change?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Nick

    last pain point… coverage and building penetration

    • Aaron Davis

      You can blame Verizon for that one, for buying up all the low frequency (long distance) spectrum and leaving none for t-mobile.

      Now that the FCC has forced Verizon to sell the 700mhz Block A spectrum to T-mobile, you should see drastic improvements in range and building penetration as soon as they turn on the new spectrum in the old towers (probably before the end of the year)

  • dman

    I would love separate payments but keeping the discounts for additional lines like sprints framily plans

  • Reddog

    No more deductibles on broken phones if you have Jump? Maybe one free one a year? HUGE pain point for customers, and many leave rather than paying it. Many other carrier’s customers come to T-mobile because of the deductible at their old carrier. SAFE and sound. Sound….maybe offering EIP on accessories? $0 down on accessories would mean HUGE sales…..

  • YABD

    If you can’t pay high cruise calling fees or data? Stay where Tmobile have coverage. SIMPLE.

  • CondescendingTruth

    No enrollment in JUMP required to upgrade after half the device is paid off. No other carrier requires an extra monthly fee beyond the installment handset payment to upgrade.

    • ac

      You’re getting insurance as well as jump all in the same package….for $10….you could take off jump though…..you’d be saving $2 ;)

  • Luke Gray

    get rid of deposits or bring them down some a major pain for me don’t separate everyone between perfect credit and building credit

  • Alex Pilaia

    Would love to have a “Thank You” credit to Tmo customers of like 2+ years. like a $10 Bill Credit per month for being a loyal customer for 2 years…. is that too much to ask??

    • Ruskastud

      How much should I get for 15 years……..?

      • Alex Pilaia

        Should be up to a max of like 20% off your total Bill.. :)

  • Jared

    It sure would be nice if we could get the opportunity to have a reasonable amount of off-network roaming in Traverse City, MI!