Simple Starter Plan just one of three phases: Next up, discounted tablets and buy-now-pay-later EIP?

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A short while ago, T-Mobile announced a brand new Simple Starter plan, giving those with lower budgets and first-time postpaid customers the opportunity to get on the postpaid ladder. But, as T-Mo’s official announcement stated, this is just “Day One of Three”.

Following the announcement we received information from our sources claiming that at least one of the next two days’ announcements involves tablets. They tell us that tablets are going to be discounted. Furthermore, customers will be offered the opportunity to buy now and pay up to a year later if they take a tablet on EIP.

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of “buy now, pay in a year” financing options. After all, who knows exactly what they’re going to be able to afford in 12 months time? Still, it gives consumers the opportunity to get devices they might struggle to afford right now, but the time to get their budget and finances in order to pay when the time comes.

Now, we haven’t been given any specifics on which tablets are involved, what the discounts will be, and we haven’t seen any internal memos. So, put this in the “tentative” list. We’ll update if we hear anything further on this.


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