John Legere teases Uncarrier 4.0 on Twitter

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 13.19.53Late last night – or at least, very early hours of the morning for me – CEO John Legere hinted at the arrival of the next phase of the Uncarrier movement. In his tweet, as you can see above, he announces that Tmo is set to release customers from another “pain point”. Exactly what that is, I don’t know, and I can only guess.

So far, “pain points” already struck off the list include having to wait two years before upgrading, international roaming charges, having the cost of a phone hidden away in the cost of your monthly plan, and – more recently – tablets.

What could this phase 4.0 be then? Will it be unlimited data on any device with no restrictions of any kind? Will it be a cable/home internet partnership with Dish Network? Rumors surrounding the two companies have appeared on and off for a while over the past few months. We’ve even had emails from readers saying they’re getting a Dish Network automated recording when going through various options on a customer service call to T-Mobile.

All we can do at this point is hope and speculate. If I hear anything more concrete, I’ll be sure to update the site.


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  • JBrowne1012

    Something needs to be done for the longtime customers at t-mobile, I hope its loyalty department improves and gives greater discounts to long time customers.

    • kalel33

      I’ve never understood the need for discounts for “loyal” customers. Loyal customers would go away if they could save more money or get better service elsewhere. Target doesn’t give me loyalty percentage off, even though I shopped there for years and I could easily go to Wal-mart. Neither does any other service I use.

      Verizon, in January, eliminated their loyalty department and it’s helped them increase revenue and their churn has actually dropped. Hopefully T-mobile doesn’t see that same thing and see a way to cut costs. They could eliminate an entire department and not lose the money to people wanted a “loyalty” credit on their account.

      • JBrowne1012

        Pure basic retention everyone wants it no matter what business. The idea is that being rewarded for being loyal to a company. It makes a company look good and as if it actually cares about your business it makes customers feel special like they matter to the company. Its basic customer appreciation because without us the business wouldn’t be where its at.

        Target is a different kind of situation though.

        Walmart does it with gas cards.

        even CVS and walgreens do it to keep you coming back.

        clothing stores do it, game stores do it, electronic stores do it.

        Now that t-mobile is rid of contracts how are they going to get loyal customers to stay who wish to go elsewhere for a “better” deal?

        • Spanky

          My thoughts exactly. Airlines, hotels and car rental agencies all have loyalty programs. Retail stores do the same with “membership” cards.

      • x646x

        These sorts of discount nearly bankrupted sprint, where so-called loyal customers had 100 lines for about $48. Whereas, new customers we being bent over and told but it’s unlimited.

        In fact, it’s the one thing I hated about AT&T where legacy data customers still received unlimited, while anyone new paid $30 to $100 for data, yet received the save service, with a fraction of the data.

    • Tmo1082

      T-Mobile is very loyal to its customers. I was able to switch to the simple choice plan for free and get any Samung phone I wanted for $0 down and $200 off the total cost of the phone. AT&T offered roll over minuets to my friend when he was leaving AT&T after +10 years with them and he had a plan with unlimted minuets.

      • JBrowne1012

        Yeah I’ve heard about that, I was contemplating having my family do it but I’m a lil unsure about it I gotta work out the math first in comparison to the classic plans though…

    • Cupcake

      I think they should lighten the load on the customers that are still on grandfathered plans. We can’t take advantage of payment plans on phones or any other specials without changing to one of their newer plans. Not fair! I have kept the plan I’m on because of the savings that it offers. And now that there are NO 3rd party retailers selling Tmobile phones it makes it harder and more expensive to get another phone.

  • JBrowne1012

    Lets see 1st move was unlimited TTW w/o contracts for all, 2nd EIP w/ Jump program, 3rd was Global unlimited data roaming no addtl cost, then part 2 was free 200mb tablet data, so phase 4… is it still continuing tablets or maybe transition to family/loyalty

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Tmobile allying with dish just for their spectrum makes most sense

  • mloudt

    I don’t think DT wants to sell its T-mo stock all at once. Ok so lets remember DT owns 74% of T-mo US and Metro owns 26% right right. Now I don’t how the recent stock sell from T-mo effects this but lets say things remain the same. I would rather see DT do another reverse merger with Dish and sell them 23% thus putting them at 51% majority owner still in T-mo US. Or Dish could even buyout Metro Shareholders and own 49% total. I think what people are forgetting is that DT CEO Rene Oberman is stepping down this month; he wanted to sell but now he is stepping down. With T-mo’s momentum DT I think would rather do another reverse merger than outright sell all of its stock. Also, people lets stop bringing up this nonsense of Sprint/T-mo merger the reason Verizon/AT&T are a duopoly is due to the fact Cingular, Nextel, and Alltel sold out we need 4 nationwide major carriers.

  • haru280

    If anything have tmobile buy dish and not the other way around. Dish will still have little control over the home cable/tv side of things, but tmobile using their spectrum

  • Jessica Bear Marcelo

    As a frontline manager for T-Mo, the biggest pain in the butt, besides paying the higher down payment is a deposit, thats typically a problem when stsrting service. Everything else that has been done with uncarrier addresses loylaty issues and typical headaches. Besides more network, this is something that should be removed from team magenta…what do you guys think?

    • Camilo Garcia

      Coming from an RSA I would love to see deposits gone due to those with credit classes who have to pay deposits.

    • RedGeminiPA

      My credit is far from perfect. However, a couple of months ago, I tried to order an iPhone 5S as a new customer. Instead of $199 down, it would grant me service and device installment plan with around $375 down towards the cost of the iPhone, plus $75 deposit. I think that’s pretty fair. The only reason I didn’t do it is the lack of coverage from T-Mobile where I live.

      I’ll be buying my next iPhone unlocked from Apple, then hoping T-Mobile finally gets some coverage in my area that isn’t EDGE.

  • Irfan

    it could be unlimited calling to more then 60 countries as well as unlimited voice plan only

  • Trevnerdio

    In-building penetration! (Fingers crossed)

    • galaxymaniac

      Home made porn?

      • Trevnerdio

        Thank you for bringing to my attention how messed up that is lol

    • TechHog

      They need spectrum for that, so not possible. There’s no magic button.

      • Trevnerdio

        Yeah… :(

  • HarryHoudini

    TMO is readying a program code-named “Houdini” which will give ATT and VZ customers up to $350 to offset early termination fees. There will be an instant trade-in and a follow-up credit when the cuts submits their final bill from ATT or VZ. Program launches around 1/8. It’s a major effort within TMO right now — as big as JUMP was last spring.

    • Cam Bunton

      Can you email me, with a real email address so we can discuss this?

    • Techngro

      That would be a monster move from T-Mobile.

  • Cupcake

    I hope they lighten the load on the customers that are still on grandfathered plans. We can’t take advantage of payment plans on phones or any other specials without changing to one of their newer plans. Not fair! I have kept the plan I’m on because of the savings that it offers. And now that there are NO 3rd party retailers selling Tmobile phones it makes it harder and more expensive to get another phone.

    • PiCASSiMO

      Valid point about 3rd party retailers not selling T-Mobile equipment… there are very few like HSN and BestBuy.

      • Cupcake

        Even Best Buy has stopped. And HSN and QVC have them priced SOOOO damn high its ridiculous.

  • Joseph Tongret

    Maybe he’s eliminating the bill I get every month?!?! I love Tmo, but I’d still have to say that any bill is pretty painful, lol!

  • FuturePS4Gamer

    I believe phase 4 will eliminate deposits.

  • Uncarrer_man

    UnCarrier 4.0 Possibilities:

    1) Bump up hotspot from 2.5 to 50GB or better yet unlimited hot spot
    – Another option is rollover your hotspot usage to the next month if you haven’t used it
    2) True Wi-Fi calling on all phones including iPhone
    3) Coverage – Additional low band spectrum to cover in-door reception along with additional expansion of rural/urban coverage areas.
    4) Unlimited text and high speed data globally rather than 2G
    5) Call roaming domestically between AT&T and T-Mobile if there is no coverage between one or the other to cover any gaps, especially indoors.

    Just a few ideas…

    • EatBananasForBreakfastAtDick’s

      I agree and wish that would happen. It would be really nice to get roaming from AT&T, and Wi-Fi calling on iPhones seems great (but Apple probably won’t let that happen).

  • Rob H.

    I hope for major voice/hspa+/LTE expansion for the network. If T-Mobile really wants to compete with AT&T and Verizon, then coverage is very important!

    • @_@

      Coverage is definitely the top of the list. Which I’m sure they are fully aware of.

  • adam

    How about T mobile credit card that earn points toward new phone or T mobile bill

  • @_@

    Honestly everything up to this point is great, they just need to further expand their 4G/LTE footprint, more spectrum and coverage. I can’t think of any other pain point left. Only other thing I can think of besides what everyone else mentioned is 1) have all phones come unlocked already 2) advertised rate plan include all taxes and fees ($70 is truly $70)

  • bootsy

    1)TMO offers post-paid customers the option of paying 2-4 months in advance thus momentarily converting them to a special PREPAID option.. Customers win with a lower discounted monthly bill (no taxes, incentives, etc), TMUS gets an interest free loan / cust locked against churn. If cust doesn’t prepaid next period, they revert back to standard post-paid. Could also be spun as “Win-Win” program.

    2) remove deposits if ANY smartphone handset is _purchased.

    3) do what harry said below and implement the “houdini” program to gain customers from ATT, VZ.