T-Mobile Improves Unlimited Data Smartphone Hotspot Bundles, Begins Today


Well, this is a good way to end the day as T-Mobile improves their unlimited data hotspot bundles beginning today, September 10th. Beginning today, T-Mobile customers on their Unlimited high-speed data plans can add new hotspot packages for as little as $20.

Beginning September 10, our postpaid customers will get more tethering for less with our Unlimited data features! Now customers can enjoy Unlimited high-speed data and a substantial amount of Smart Phone Mobile Hotspot for as little as $20.

T-Mobile has removed the Unlimited with 500MB hotspot plan which sold for $20 up until today. Customers can now choose from a unlimited data plan that includes 2.5GB of tethering for $20, 4.5GB for $30, down from $40 and 6.5GB of tethering data for $40 which is a newly added tier for hotspot tethering. Customers now on the 500MB plan for $20 will receive a upsell option as they approach their tethering data limit. Customers currently on the 2.5GB/4.5GB option will be automatically migrated to the new plans of 4.5GB and 6.5GB automatically on September 14th.

The good news here is that the overall value of T-Mobile’s unlimited+tethering plans has increased and that’s exactly why we love our Magenta.

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 8.56.32 PM

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  • Guest 1

    Using tethering app on un-rooted Galaxy S3 with no problems and unlimited data.
    No upgrade to LTE but don’t need it. I believe it is technically ILLEGAL for carriers
    to charge extra for tethering anyway if you look at FCC rules. Data Is data!

    • Cruise Guy

      Now, all the new plans make it very clear, so I think with all the new plans, they can legally do it. On T-Mo, they say unlimited data on your phone (not for tethering) so I think if they state it up front (for any and all new plans) it may be legal???? Just a thought.

  • Guest 1

    CORRECTION: FCC ruling applies only to Verizon. Other carriers can charge what they
    want to for tethering. Sorry for the misinformation.

  • Zen

    giving us more tethering data without rooting is really awesome on T-Mobile part but what good is it when there is so much deadzone… even when i’m on 4G i can barely get 1 mbps, it’s useless. I regret leaving ATT especially when I had unlimited data, you get what you pay for.

    • Btbcc12859

      My Dad has the Verizon version of my GS3 and his phone always has data, I would be lucky to get “E”

    • Cruise Guy

      I have amazing, wait, let me correct that, AMAZING coverage everywhere I go on T-Mobile. Its an awesome upgrade. Yea, it sucks you don’t have good T-Mo coverage where you are. I know areas that have poor VZ or AT coverage as well. ATT is a bigger footprint, so just switch back if it doesn’t fit you. At my other home, Verizon has zero coverage. Its unique to each person and area. No carrier will ever cover all areas.

    • TechnoRealz

      Must be your bad luck life that you were born into.

  • http://www.habdas.org/ Josh Habdas

    The plan prices are weak. Unlimited data should include tethering. We’re getting robbed.