Samsung, Google To Announce “Google Edition” Galaxy S 4 With Stock Android?


Hello giant rumor, but this one comes from Russell Holly over at, an individual I believe would not post such a rumor just for the sake of getting the internet all riled up. According to Russell’s tipster, the “Google Edition” Galaxy S 4 is pretty much exactly what it sounds like…Galaxy S 4 hardware with stock Android software, right out of the box. The device is being developed as a way to address a group of users out in the wild that prefer stock Android on a smartphone that isn’t a Nexus.

The device is expected to be available sometime next month and available with…wait for it…drum roll…T-Mobile bands. In fact, T-Mobile is specifically stated in the source article as the carrier of choice:

This Google Edition S4 is expected to be made available starting in June and will be available on T-Mobile bands.

There’s no clear picture as to who will sell this and where, or for how much. It’s true that you can accomplish stock Android on the Galaxy S 4 with a simple install of CyanogenMod, but there’s still a niche willing to shell out the cash to get stock Android right out of the box.

Fingers crossed we see this announced tomorrow.

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  • Pesobill

    Love the idea . Why do we have to have phone with so much ‘stuff’ pre-installed .If we want to why can’t we download apps or features as we desire .
    Sick of bloatware , so pure Android/Google with quick updates would be awesome .

  • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

    I love the concept, but some of these built in Google Apps really take a drain on the batteries! My GN2 was getting killed by Google Maps’ auto pull for my location, even in deep sleep. Come on google, you couldn’t program your apps to detect whether the device is in airplane mode, and if so, it’s fruitless to have the app ping for the location? I’m so mad, I’m ready to fight someone over this, this is a big whoop to me.

    • kalel33

      Google Apps are on all the Android phones, so I don’t know how this would be different with this phone and any other Android phone.

  • J. Williams

    BOOM JUST GOT ANNOUNCED…LOL. Google play will sell it in June 21st, $649 WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY TO HIGH! That’s samsung rapping us on the price, not google!!!

  • Edward351

    Looks like this is real. Essentially a Nexus version of the S4 for 649 from Google and unlocked. Includes LTE and 16GB of memory.

  • Deacon

    i’ll pass .. $649 for 16GB .. c’mon man .. not to mention despite my love for vanilla Android,the S4 has a lot of features i want.

    • J. Williams

      Nope, I would rather have it this way, because you are paying the same price through T-Mobile. But you are getting all updates from Google, and it has great hardware!

      • Deacon

        i should add $649 for 16GB without the features of S4.

    • kalel33

      And that’s the big question, do you want all the bloat that Samsung or HTC puts on their phones or go straight Vanilla. There’s no in between unfortunately. I’ll take Vanilla Android or Cyanogenmod over manufacturer bloatware anyday, even if it loses a few features.

  • custom1

    They just announced it and T-Mobile gets it. Everyone clapped until he said $640. This is not Nexus 4 pricing of course but for those who want unlocked boot loader out the door you got it :)

    • kalel33

      Yeah, it really shouldn’t be $649. Samsung’s GS4 with Touchwiz pricing is the same and I understand they need to recoup software development costs but the Vanilla Android had almost no research and the cost savings should be passed on. I could see this as being a test bed, to see if customers prefer the bloated OS with more features or the faster and leaner Vanilla Android OS.

    • custom1

      My bad…$649 not $640

  • bikeryder007

    Everything about this is awesome except the price.

  • Thomas C Montano

    Why has nobody questioned what SoC it will have ? I will ditch my international for this one if the Exynos is used.

    • J-Hop2o6

      Snapdragon 600 is better than the Exynos 5 Quad+Quad. Since this supports American/US LTE bands, this will definitely be the great Snapdragon 600 SoC. This is basically the Tmo version with Stock Android with updates DIRECTLY from Google.

  • mgrexx

    what weather app is on the phones screen???