The Galaxy S III…Disappointment Or Give It To Me Now

As all the Galaxy S III details came out during yesterdays Samsung Mobile Unpacked event, first reactions were ultimately very different from what many had hoped to “feel.” For many, the Galaxy SIII launch was a disappointment, for others it was quite a step forward for Android.

Last night, DroidDog’s own Joey Lehto took to the blog and wrote down his own thoughts on the Galaxy S III launch, and he wasn’t too thrilled. Now, part of the problem lies on the shoulders of people like myself as we create a hype machine that makes it almost impossible for any smartphone for live up to. Many blame us, and they should, but everyone needs to take equal blame. The bloggers and journalists for fanning the proverbial rumor fire and for the readers for eating it up. We all love hype, rumors, some more rumors and a whole lot more rumors. They give us something to look forward to —  now that the Galaxy S III launch has come and gone, we’ll start looking for “the next big thing,” and everyone will get right back on the rumor train.

No matter which side you fall on, I urge you to take a look at Joey’s post over at DroidDog or Vlad Savov’s equally disappointed editorial on The Verge. I’ve pulled some choice quotes from both editorials below:

Joey: Wow. Just wow. Those were the exact thoughts going through my head when I witnessed Samsung’s announcement of the Galaxy S III. Is that really it? Is that really the device that everyone has been hyping about all year? It’s just…a major letdown. Before we dive into this, I understand that yes, it may turn out to be the most powerful device on the market. Yes, I shouldn’t be let down. But truth be told, I am. And Samsung has seriously disappointed me.

Vlad: So what did we get? The Siri-imitating S Voice, a quad-core SoC that’s already been announced for the Meizu MX, a suite of camera enhancements that rips off HTC’sImageSense wholesale, and a signature animated lock screen that emulates interaction with water, something that’s been a live wallpaper option on Android phones since 2010. Oh, and industrial design and build quality that you’ll find on any anonymous South Korean MP3 player — Samsung seems to have tried trickling its design language up, never a good idea.

Vlad: At best, Samsung matched the HTC One X. At worst, it indulged in a two-month delay of an MWC-worthy device, stoked a frenzy of anticipation that was unjustified by the eventual product, and jeopardized the still fragile growth of its brand reputation among smartphone enthusiasts. I’ll leave you to decide which extreme I’m gravitating toward.

Joey: A phone is nothing without a good screen, and Samsung is throwing a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD screen in the newest Galaxy S. You know what that means: PenTile. Some make the debate that PenTile doesn’t matter when a screen has a high DPI, but in my experience, it most definitely does. After using the Galaxy Nexus and its 4.65-inch Super AMOLED HD screen for an extended period of time, the PenTile matrix definitely becomes noticeable. On top of that, the Nexus was released in November, and we’re seeing the same screen tech in Samsung’s newest flagship half a year later. By now, I would expect to see PenTile gone. It’s old, annoying, and can really degrade the experience on a phone.

Hit the source links below for the full reads:

DroidDog, The Verge

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  • ISAH

    This phones design is beautiful, really slick.
    All it needs is a QWERTY Keyboard and it would be very similar to the Toshiba K01
    that many people were looking forward to a US release but only got released in Japan.
    There is yet to be a QWERTY device with a huge amoled screen and slick simple design.

  • Scott Norcross

    i actuallt really liked the sgs3. ill definitely put money down on the international version, i want to make sure i get the exynos SOC. but all the other specs were nothing to be disappointed about. its a great smartphone. cant wait to order!

  • You Whiners

    Dear Diary,



    these are quotes from people who are iOS users, joey works for droiddog, doesn’t mean he is an Android user, same with David, he works at droiddog now too and we all know he is devoted to the iphone.

  • new2droid

    first of all i think tmobile & samsung both suck f%@k juice! tmobile sucks for many reason but the main 2 i speak on is customer service & there bogus 4g speeds vs other carriers. why want they challenge verizons premium 4g devices? iphone isnt a true 4g device so of course youll beat them. but since sammy is on Apple’s nuts both of you clowns look so f’ing stupid because youre admitting that the iphone is better because youre always comparing it your own sucks for many reasons a big screen running android…whooo! the past several devices have been rip offs from other companies genius. htc evo tablet – the galaxy note. now a siri impersonator. stop it please! sell good products & get off apple’s seeds.

  • badbob001

    Since I’m on TMO and we’re not getting the One X, this looks to be the best that we’re going to get. Of course, I’m still using my G1 (and the wife on the Vibrant) so any old dog food they throw out will be more appealing. If this comes out at $299 on contract, then I will have to give some thought to the $399 off-contract nexus. I wonder if there will be a new nexus phone this year but I suspect Google will release a nexus tablet instead.

  • ONE S

    the design is a huge let down! PERIOD!! I mean use a metal like casing or make it look sexy? It reminds me of Samsungs first crap Android phone on T-Mobile this is your flagship Iphone killer? SAD! HTC one S it is!!!!!!!

  • jonathan3579

    I will not be in a rush to consider this phone.

  • Pig Vomit

    In a perfect world, I would never again spend even one cent on any Samsung product, and it’s their fault.
    I bought my Vibrant on the first day it was released. They strung us along on the whole “GPS will never work right and we know it but too bad we’re only admitting it after it’s too late for you to return the phone” debacle. Lousy software (both Eclair and Froyo) loaded with crapware that frequently locks up and never worked right. No ability to sync with Outlook in the US (but able to in Europe???!!!). I’m current running Passion ICS on my Vibrant, and Passion runs like a dream. Stock ICS experience and absolutly no lockups. I have not bought a Samsung product since my Vibrant because I felt so burned by this. I’ve bought flat screens and major appliances and have purposely skipped looking at Samsung products.
    So I was looking forward to the HTC One products. I think HTC makes a pretty good product and has pretty good support. But WTF? 16GB and no microSD? REALLY? I don’t like clouds, and I would easily go over my 5GB data per month just listening to music. Deal killer.
    Pentile vs. non-Pentile? Well, obviously, I’d rather have Pentile, and you can tell the difference. I think Samsung totally dropped the ball here. Given the competition, it’s pretty unacceptable these days for a flagship device to be stuck with non-Pentile.
    I think the asthetics of the design is fine
    TouchWizz? Completely useless. I’d rather have the stock experience of Nexus, but I need Wifi Calling as I use it frequently when out of the US.
    A Nexus phone? Would love it, but then there is the whole 16GB with no microSD, no Wifi Calling, and made by Samsung.
    I’m hoping that another manufacturer will release something that kicks Samsung’s butt, hopefully an HTC product with Pentile and microSD expansion, prior to the sale of this phone on T-Mobile. Otherwise, I’ll probably hold my nose, with pliers, and get the S III.

    • Pig Vomit

      Yeah, I switched Pentile and non-Pentile in my post. Thanks for not pointing that out before I did.

  • Isaiah León

    Hell I have the G2X now, and while I don’t have nearly as many problems as the guys complaining against it, I have had the major ones that frustrate me. Also, the 8MP camera isn’t even an auto-focus so when I zoom in, the images look like crap! I would root, but I really don’t want to void my warranty (and I’m not entirely tech savvy enough to know exactly what to do if something goes wrong).

    Gah, I plan on selling this POS with some other gadgets and getting the unlocked quad-core version of this.

  • mobilephonecompare

    How is the galaxy s3 i disappointment ??? its a quad core monster awesome OLED Display super fast camera with screen awake detection :) no on a serious note who and where has some body used the full daul core on there smartphone ?? i guessing no one as its enough power to do every day task :)

    • CactoesGel

      Put it this way, people had high expectations for Samsung, we’re all rooting for Samsung to come up with something revolutionary. This phone comes up short. Don’t get me wrong, I love Samsung. I use the Vibrant with T-Mobile and a Note with AT&T.

      • mobilephonecompare

        Quote:Samsung to come up with something revolutionary: Dude can you tell me one feature or functions that would make a phone revolutionary ?? And plz dont say 1080p display as that will be here soon :)

        • Fred

          you just said it “1080p will be here soon”,,thats no good,, i wanted 2c it the s3

  • Vinny

    Those two clowns are poor excuses for reporters, Vlad is a I-Phone sheep who rips on anything and everything, what the hell was he expecting, the SGS3 has everything possible you can put in a modern phone. Take your I-Phone and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. All as he is doing is looking for some readers, f— him and his cheap ass glass phone.

  • Jon

    As nice as this phone is I just won’t get it. I will go with the Nexus because it is nice to receive updates in a timely manner. And stock android is what I prefer, I have tried Touch-wiz, Sense Motoblur and it is just not the same…. Not to mention as most pointed out already you can’t go wrong with a contract free phone especially at the asking price of $400. It is the best bang for your buck.

  • Defiantbeast

    Im sorry im just not impressed. If nothing else it just looks like a
    blue galaxy nexus. Which is fine except that the nexus is 5-6 months old
    now. I really liked the galaxy sII design, almost thought of importing
    an international one and using it on edge speeds because i was really
    impressed with the design and processor, but looking at the Galaxy s3
    just confirms that purchasing the One S was a good move

  • Jonny Flynn

    This phone looks pretty slick…but is not compelling enough to move from my Galaxy Sll.

  • going_home

    I was so disappointed I went and bought the One S today !

  • nerdlust

    this phone is a beast!!!!

  • kresk

    Seems like solid phone . Im sure it will do everything people need it to do. I do have to wonder about their capcitive/hard button option they decided to go with.Why wouldnt they go with the latest itteration (on screen buttons) and follow the Gnex…On a side note.Why did samsung make the even so serious. I felt like Eathen Hawk from “Gatica” was about to pop out as a guest speaker. Lighten up samsung and have a little fun :)

  • CactoesGel

    Wow. Just wow. LOL. I’m with these guys, this is a big letdown. I guess I expected a lot from Samsung, something revolutionary, spectacular. This is not it. Yes it’s powerful, but the design is blah. Samsung set the bar so high just to lower it with this.

  • Noel

    Oh how i wish HTC had put an SD card expansion slot and a removable battery on the One X. If that was the case hands down i will be choosing the One X over the GS3..besides i like HTC build quality. I also hate the Touchwiz over lay…wish they could just make it virgin ICS or give u the option to choose stock or Touchwiz. My hope is if true.. the rumored Tmo One X should come with vanilla ICS and a little design adjustment to include an SD slot and removable battery. Also hoping that the Tmo GS3 will also come with a little design adjustment..bringing down the height to abt 130mm close to that of the Tmo GS2 and also getting rid of touchwiz. Looking at the HTC Sensation XL with a 4.7″ screen and at 132.5mm height, there is plenty of space at the bottom to put in a 4.8″ why couldn’t have Samsung made the GS3 about that tall instead of 136.5mm. Tmobile should and must be gunning for a more compact GS3 variant of about 130mm or a max size of 132mm with a less curved GNex type top and bottom but w/ more like the Tmo GS2 top and bottom.

    • Noel

      Or to achieve a reduced height for a Tmo GS3 variant they should just get rid of the home button and most of that space at the bottom and use onscreen buttons akin to the GNex..or a reduced bottom with no home button and a row of capacitive buttons. Also redesign the back cover.

    • dingaling

      If your gonna be that critical…. Why dont u just build your own phone that way your not whining bout others?

  • CeeGee Borela

    just give me my Tmo Galaxy Note

  • benjitek

    Doesn’t really matter what’s said about the device, it’s only covered in tech blogs, like most any android or Windows Phone device — mainstream media covers each model of iPhone, whereas android and Windows Phone are covered topically at the OS level — it’s not like the general consumer is going to catch wind of what a bunch of geeks discuss on tech blog sites ;-)

  • Oleg k

    Instead of the full hd 1080 AMOLED Plus we got a Pentile Nexus screen doing the boring 720. The processor is a 1.4, not a 1.8ghz, the battery is a 2100 mAh (4.8″ display you say?) weakling, won’t hold. i understand the resolution, but why Pentile matrix? Plus the whole idea of the high quality finish, the rumored ceramic cover, where are thou? This is a perfect example of underachieving… What they basically did is made yet another Galaxy Nexus, stretched it out and made it a bit faster, although the whole quad core thing might just make it worse than the predecessor. iPhone 5 killer you say? You just lost to the iPhone 4 !!!

    • faridur

      Can you please share any Samsung official statement which said they’d release the SIII with a 1.8 ghz processor, ceramic body or 1080 AMOLED Plus? Dude, these were rumors unleashed by the bloggers and journos. So no point blaming the manufacturer. Just use the Galaxy Note for a few days and you’ll realise how primitive the iPhone 4(or 4S) is.

  • faridur

    Can anybody please share any Samsung official statement which says they’d release the SIII with a 1.8 ghz processor, ceramic body, 1080 AMOLED Plus, etc? These were rumors unleashed by the bloggers and journos. So no point blaming the manufacturer. Also people orgasming on the iPhone 4(s), just use the Galaxy Note for a few days and you’ll realise how primitive the iPhone 4(or 4S) is. I think SIII is way ahead. Only that Samsung doesn’t have a Steve Jobs to present it with the drama. I doubt if Apple has any too now.

  • reecedawg

    Options for 32 or 64GB built in AND SD slot?

    The screen is good enough for me… that + storage = win for me. Count me in.

  • reecedawg

    Options for 32 or 64GB built in AND SD slot?

    The screen is good enough for me… that + storage = win for me. Count me in.

  • reecedawg

    Options for 32 or 64GB built in AND SD slot?

    The screen is good enough for me… that + storage = win for me. Count me in.

  • reecedawg

    Options for 32 or 64GB built in AND SD slot?

    The screen is good enough for me… that + storage = win for me. Count me in.

  • dingaling

    Why do people complain about the casing on phones? U know damn well that your just gonna put a case over it anyways so why complain.

  • Milad Khahil

    About David Beren …. Edit: connaisseur ( french verb connaître=to know ) not connoisseur….

    • David

      What about me?

  • vict0rjr

    Dissapointment this phone is way way waaaaaay too BIG!! it is just like the Galaxy Note the look like TABLETS!!

  • Arvin

    if i could pick between the one x and this ied take the one x