Confirmed: HTC Sensation 4G Ice Cream Sandwich Update Will End Free Tethering

Tomorrows upgrade of the HTC Sensation 4G to Ice Cream Sandwich ends a lengthy and often frustrating wait for owners of the much-loved T-Mobile smartphone. Sensation 4G owners should be aware of one warning before going through with tomorrows upgrade: the end of the T-Mobile’s (unofficially) free tethering plan. A T-Mobile representative told PCMag the company will begin enforcing it’s $15 per month wireless hotspot plan.

T-Mobile has always officially charged $15 for the hotspot access plan however, users were often given a free pass the company leading many to question what official company policy truly was.

“T-Mobile began offering a Smartphone Mobile Hotspot plan in November 2010. However, due to technical limitations with software, customers were not being charged for the feature on select T-Mobile products,” a T-Mobile representative said. “Customers who choose to upgrade their HTC Sensation 4G to the optional Android 4.0 (ICS) software update will be required to sign up for the $14.99 Smartphone Mobile Hotspot plan.”

T-Mobile emphasizes that the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update itself is free, only that the hotspot feature will cost extra. A disappointment to be certain, but all good things have to come to an end.


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  • Caseybea

    Google Galaxy nexus…    tmobile…    tethering still working fine for me (Firefox, Safari, and Chrome)

    maybe they haven’t gotten to our area yet?    Going to keep testing daily.

  • Caseybea

    as far as I can confirm, this will only be an issue for people who install and use the *tmobile* version of ICS.    People like me, using a non-carrier unlocked phone (i,e vanilla Galaxy Nexus) should be fine……

  • Data Renegade

    Its not the tethering that you are going to be charged for if you update to ICS. It is the use of TMO’s
    wi-fi hotspot, which allows you to use the same damn network you phone is on and turns your phone in to a walking Starbucks. Which is bullshit that they are now gonna start charging for it. You will still be able to tether your phone, via USB to your laptop to use the internet from your phone.

    • Caseybea

       Many people tether via USB, many people tether via Bluetooth, and many people tether via Wifi.   

  • FatFredJones

    Will McDonalds start charging me extra to share my fries with my kids?

    • FakeEmail

      Hah — well done sir

  • S2j3607

    I contacted tmo yesterday an the Rep said you only have to pay for the hotspot if you use it, but he didn’t even know that tmo gave a release date for the ics update.

  • Djpunzo

    One of the reps told me because I have the 5GB data plan I get free Hotspot Tethering. Can someone else confirm this

    • FakeEmail

      I believe, some of the older plans and data pkg’s do include free Hotspot — I would call 3-4 times and ask different reps and if they all agree you are probably okay — no way for us to know what you have exactly and know for sure

    • mrsbelpit

      I’ll confirm it.  If you don’t have it in the details of your plan on your account, call and get it for free.  If they want to make you renew your contract, switch to a Value plan.

  • v

    I updated my htc sensation 4G today at 11:45 AM – about 320MB dowload took 20 minutes on the data n/w (not wifi).

    After update, I can still turn the hotspot on/off and configure it. USB tethering also seems to be available. Perhaps I will be charged in my bill if I connect to the hotspot but I did not have to call tmobile to have hotspot function turned on.

  • Bush2088

    if i alerady have a smokin hot port of ICS on my Sensation then WHY THE FREEK would i wanna update “to stock ICS”!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Tomateros85

    can i restore to gingerbread on my sensation and use my free hotspot

  • Sam

    I am stopping my upgrade and will remain on GB. Moving to ICS is not worth paying this extra for this much needed feature.