Big News From Google, Unlocked Galaxy Nexus Now Available For Just $399.99

Whoa, big big news from Google as they release an unlocked Galaxy Nexus device available directly from the Google Play store for $399.99. This unlocked, pentaband device supports HSPA+ 21Mbps and will work perfectly on T-Mobile’s network. As you see in the picture, T-Mobile is even highlighted as a supporting network along with other GSM carriers in the United States. This is an incredible offer and easily the best price we’ve seen on an unlocked Galaxy Nexus yet.

While we remain hopeful that T-Mobile will offer their own subsidized Galaxy Nexus device, anyone looking to grab one right away can’t do any better than this.

Google Play

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  • Vincent

    Debating if I should jump on this deal now, or wait for the S3 announcement… I don’t want to be assed out if the S3 doesn’t wow me.

  • Tward291

    this made me mad if they would have had this deal 2 weeks ago i would have never switched to windows damit lol lose some win some i guess

  • James

    Nice pics. Thanks for the link. I was nervous, but I liked the camera on my old galaxy s4G, so I went ahead and bought the nexus. Can’t wait to get it- so tired of HTC sense.

  • Slickdeals

    the deal gets worse with shipping and tax! i am getting the HTC ONE X. not the crappy inferior ONE S or the nexus

    • Youdumb

      Of course you pay shipping and tax. Have you ever bought anything before. and the HTC One X just has a bigger screen than the one s. you sir or mam are retarded.

      • AndroidBrian

        The T-Mobile one X sucks dude. Unless you plan on buying it from AT&T. Tmobile doesn’t have 720p screen and the screen size is 4.3

        • nathan118

          That’s because T-mobile doesn’t have the One X…they have the One S.

        • AndroidBrian

          Gosh this is T-mobiles version of the one x its just called one S. Its the same phone but the display is much worse.

          T-Mobile one S sucks. Happy?

        • nathan118

          It’s not a “version” of the one x…it’s a completely different phone.

        • AndroidBrian

          Are you kidding me? Its the exact same phone as as all the other USA one x phones. Same processors, same camera same software same name (ONE). Like I said its the exact same phone besides the display. This is tmobiles variant of the one X. Just like tmobiles variant of gs2. If T-Mobile called there version of the galaxy s2 galaxy Hercules (its original name by T-Mobile decided to call it galaxy 2) would you call that phone a completely different phone because the screen size is 4.5 instead of the 4.3. Stop being dumb.

          So like I said T-Mobile HTC one x sucks. Because this is there version of the HTC one x and they happen to call it “S” and it sucks.

        • Johnny Brown

          Sorry for butting in, but HTC has three phones in their “One” Series The One X (high end) One S (mid range) and the One V (Low end) T-Mobile got the One S, While AT&T got the One X.

        • AndroidBrian

          HTC one S is only for tmobile. You can’t call it the part of the HTC s one eries if its only for one carrier. Its just tmobiles version of the one x (aka variant).

        • nathan118

          It’s not the same. Different screen size, different resolution, nfc. 

          But yeah, they’re the same…

        • AndroidBrian

          Yeah they use a pentile pixel display which just sucks. Smaller and poorer display then all the other HTC ones out = fail for T-Mobile.

        • Johnny Brown

          Dude, look it up. There’s THREE versions in the one series, not just in the U.S.but internationally. you can even look back at older articles on this site that says the same thing. Sprint got the One X as well. They’re just calling it the Evo 4G LTE… it’s also rumored that TMobile may get the One X in the form of the G4x … Trust me, there’s three phones in the One Series…

        • AndroidBrian

          Jesus. All I’m saying is this is tmobiles version of the one X because it is! Like u said HTC evo 4g is there HTC one variant. Wtf. If T-Mobile comes out with another HTC one with similar specs to the HTC one X changes nothing. HTC evo which has a better battery so should I call that a completely different phone?

          This argument u jumped into started because I said “tmobiles HTC one x sucks” and I was saying this is there one x. If I was to say sprints HTC one x is the best and if someone said “they dont have the one x they have HTC evo”……. I’m just going to stop there I don’t know why I’m even discussing this

        • Johnny Brown

          I suppose if you’re saying it’s their One X as a metaphor, then it makes sense, but at the end of the day, it still doesn’t change the fact that it’s an S, no matter what you’re willing or not willing to call it.  Sorry, didn’t mean to get you all up in arms about it.. well at least more than you were initially. 

    • Gwapo

      How much is the tax and shipping?

  • phonegeek

    well i found my back up 

  • Jody Smith

    Plan in hand.  Pick up a HTC ONE S, hopefully with the $100 trade in.  Test drive it for 24 hours, very carefully.  Place on craigslist for $399.  Decide to sell it.  Order GNEX from Google Play and end up spending under $150 for a GSM Galaxy Nexus, taxes and shipping.  

    -$100 T-Mobile Smartphone trade in
    -$50.00 mail in rebate (If the honor this with the trade in)
    $99.99 final out of pocket

    Sell on craigslist / ebay
    -$99 out of pocket for HTC ONE S
    $300 cleared on ONE S

    $434.07 according to Google Platy Checkout for Galaxy Nexus shipped and taxed to me
    -$300 cleared on ONE S
    $134.07 final out of pocket for GSM GNEX.  Sounds like a deal.  Add on ensquared policy and it will still be less than the ONE S with it’s qhd screen.

    Just my 13407 cents worth after an evening of consideration.

    • nathan118

      Check ebay…I think you’ll get a lot more than 399 on ebay. If Tmo wants $600 for the thing off contract, we should be able to get something less than that.

    • Jason DiCioccio

      Plus up to $20/mo for 2 years for that One S if you got it on a 2 year contract with subsidies. :(


    just sold my S2 for 330. Im buying this!

    • heyitsbritboi

      I sold mine on eBay for $406.00 and purchased this as well. Arrives Monday!

  • Zetsuei18

    I’m a little pissed that this happened RIGHT after I upgraded my phone….I wanted this phone SO badly when it came out…Now, if only Google does this again when their next Google phone comes out in two years…

  • This_dude

    How long do you think this offer will last?

  • me

    Very tempting. I have a Galaxy S II but I’ve always wanted a Nexus just because it’s completely unbranded and updates come more quickly. Hmm!

    • heyitsbritboi

      I have the Galaxy S II as well and decided to upgrade to this. Once the S III is announced the S II will depreciate in value. The Galaxy Nexus I think will have better resale value being unlocked. Just my thoughts on this. I get mine Monday and I will let you know if I’m still happy with my decision.

  • Rapist on BAIL

    This phone isn’t even worth as a back-up to my unlocked iPhone 4s and Amaze. 


    • Sdfsdf

      bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I almost pissed myself reading this one.

      You truely are an iMORON.

  • Jnw8888

    Does anyone know if it will support wi-fi calling on T-mobile?

  • Jnw8888

    Does anyone know if it will support wi-fi calling on T-mobile?

    • nathan118

      Nope…that’s a tmo added feature….and tmo hasn’t touched this phone.

      • Jim Martin

         Dang…that is a showstopper…have a mountain cabin with sat internet and wifi…little laggy but do-able.  If we put a tmob sim in it and go on network…you would think we could get it as an app…sigh

        • Beaker

          I tried Skype and it seems to work over both WiFi and 4G/3G.

  • nathan118

    Already got shipping notification! Ordered yesterday around 8:30 am PST.

    • Gwapo

      How much is the shipping? thanks

  • Enoel69

    Good move bringing back buy directly from Google…they should have done this right after the Galaxy Nexus was released. I hope they always maintain their online store to facilitate future purchases of Google products…i prefer buying directly from them. This will come in handy when i get the Next Nexus w/ JB..hopefully HTC will be tapped as OEM. For now i have my eyes set on two devices…the rumored vanilla One X on Tmo or GS3 on Tmo.

  • ogopogo

    Good price. Nice phone. Only problem is that it doesn’t have an SD card slot. Not sure what they were thinking with that decision.

    • Bleacherbums1

      Any highend phones that will probably won’t have any removable SD card cuz there doing the cloud storage.
      You can use a hack using a flash drive check XDA DEV for more info..

      Maybe not the Samsung note …fingers cross ;)

    • WW

      Agreed.  At that great price, I’m still considering buying one though.  The only thing that’s holding me up is that lack of memory slot.

    • nathan118

      I’m going to put all my music on google music (I have 8k songs, about 40 gb…leaving me 12k songs I can still upload). I’ll put my favorite music on the internal memory also. Then, if I’m ever without internet, instead of having my entire library, I’ll just listen to my favorite stuff on the internal mem.

  • sachxn

    I wish when Google will start selling this in India…eagerly waiting for this

  • None

    This may be a stupid question but can we 100% expect yakju build wheb we buy from google? I really wish they would have specified. Can someone who takes advantage of this particular order process please update what you get??

    • nathan118

      It’s an even newer build….takju. Only difference is it has google wallet baked in. Also, someone saw a bug report or something or other testing Jelly Bean, and it was running takju, so we might have the best galaxy nexus version.

  • Galaxy Guy

    Mine has shipped…

    • Gwapo


      • Galaxy Guy

        Just got it, and wow is all I can say. Stock ice cream is very nice. Wow.

  • Caseybea

    For those who asked:

    Phone: 399.00
    Shipping:  10.50   (2-day UPS service.   No option to pick anything else)
    Tax:     22.93   (For me, this is Wisconsin.   5.6% State sales tax.   This varies by state of course)
    total:  $432.43

    (annoyance factor:  How do retailers get away with charging tax on shipping?   I hate that).

    • Gwapo

      Thanks :0)

    • Beaker

      F&&king Tax!!!
      For reference I live in TX and tax was $30.71.

  • James McKay

    Woot! Just ordered mine to replace my POS G2. My G2 ear piece speaker just went on the fritz. 

  • Klawatti

    I think this may have just saved T-mobile’s bacon.  

  • AndroidBrian

    I hope someone can answer this question….

    Will my data significantly slow down from my current data speeds with my gs2 t989? I’m probably going to get this because of the pure Googleness of it all and the awesome display. All depends on data speeds though. Also sucks cuz my SD card will be useless now

  • OWNED!


    • nathan118

      Agreed. $50 for USA warranty…totally worth it.

  • Mp

    Anyone know where these ship from?

    • Caseybea

       No idea.   and UPS tracking for my order doesn’t show where.   I can answer this when it arrives….

      • Caseybea

        Mine too, came from Kentucky (Louisville).   Appears to have been drop-shopped from UPS itself.    Nice.

        PS: Mine is awesome too.   Wow.

    • nathan118

      Mine came from Kentucky. Shipped Wednesday to Los Angeles, arrived today.

      Oh, and it’s awesome. :)

    • heyitsbritboi

      Louisville, KY, United States

  • Thecityboy781

    Got one for me and one for my mom for mothers day idk if that was a good idea?

  • heyitsbritboi

    I can’t freaking wait to get mine Monday! I live in Houston, TX. The total for my device with shipping & tax was $440.47. I think it’s an amazing deal! I can’t wait to root the device and flash the AOKP Rom along with the Milestone Kernel.