Galaxy S Blaze 4G Available March 21st At Select Retail Stores, Nationwide March 28th

We’ve just been dropped a note via T-Mobile PR announcing Galaxy S Blaze 4G availability for March 21st at select retail stores. Nationwide availability via and all T-Mobile retail stores begins March 28th. No word on which stores will carry the device on March 21st — we’ll update this post if we can get a complete list.

Exclusively from T-Mobile, the Galaxy S Blaze 4G is one of T-Mobile’s fastest 4G smartphones. It offers a variety of features and applications to help keep consumers entertained and provides speedy access to the information they need when they need it. The Galaxy S Blaze 4G is expected to cost $149.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate card, with a two-year service agreement and qualifying Classic voice and data plan. For more information, visit

Check out some hands on images of the Galaxy S Blaze 4G.

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  • Looks like a very Capable and decent Mid-level device with a fair price for the specs.

    • Realcool2000

      Totally agree , looks awesome.

  • Taron19119

    Now thats over we can move on to the one s

  • jlite99

    Nice phone, but every new android phone should be ICS at this point.

    • Kalel

       It will be, I’ll just root it like every other phone I have.  I hate the skins of the manufacturers.  Cyanogenmod runs much smoother than stock.

      • JayDubya

        That is *IF* CyanogenMod is ever made available for this phone. One should never buy a phone based on what they HOPE will be developed for it. 

  • Anonymous

    Can’t decide if I want to upgrade to this or the S II..

    • Taron19119

      Dont upgrade get the one s or wait for what t-mobile has next

      • JayDubya

        New stuff is coming out all the time – if you wait to see what is next each and every time we’d all still be using flip-phones. 

    • PimpStrong

      They are exactly the same device unless you want a bigger screen and better quality of screen (SuperAMOLED PLUS).

      Should be an easy decision.

  • Kimly

    only $50 for this crap

  • MattRawlins

    Hmm the screen shots show that it’ll only be running on Froyo (2.3)? Unacceptable.

    • Espadaking13

      2.3 is gingerbread not froyo, and i guess it is unnacceptablebexcept for the fact that its a mid range phone geared to people that dont really care what version it is running.

    • fixxmyhead

      2.3 is gingerbread

      this phone looks like its for u since u dont know what version 2.3 is 

  • stevejobbed

    iphone killer….

    • Littlesis1774

      Yea right

      • Seanmmvi

         iphone killer in every way… its 4G, theres a nail in the coffin, its 42mbs 4G, theres another nail, it has gorilla glass, theres another nail, its not made of glass like the iphone so it wont break if sneeze on it, theres another nail, removable battery and sd card, 2 more nails, SUPER AMOLED+ screen, android OS and scheduled to get ICS 4.0, theres 2 more nails, bigger screen, theres another nail, bigger battery than the iphone and it cost a lot less…. thats 11 nails my friend, more than enough nails to keep a coffin closed…

        • Kalel

           Iphone has Gorilla glass too.  The retinal display on the Iphone is better but it is smaller.  Bigger battery does not equal longer usage.  Saying that Android is a nail is being too much of a fanboy.  I’m an Android fan but some of your nails aren’t really nails. 

        • Littlesis1774

          Don’t me make laugh. According to people on here it same as galaxy 2 just a bigger screen.

      • flusteredquail

         yea he is very right. simply because the iphone has the same damn specs. the only thing keeping apple products alive is their apps. literally.

        anyone else ignoring there are other products out there with the same specs as well as capabilities is just being stupid. android phones have been ahead of apple phones ever since besides apps.

        people are just stupid and prefer the keep with the hype. iphone is a great a phone but to think there is nothing else like it at this current stage is just being ignorant.

        this phone compares to all the iphones specs and it at a fraction of the cost. unless your some loser smart  phone junkie who literally only uses a smart phone for everything than sure complain all you want but i can promise you this phone would handle exactly the same as the iphone if not better to be honest.

        samsung makes great phones not only that their cameras in their phones are exceptional video and still wise. the camera on this phone beats any iphone there is out now, you can even check comparisons.. the iphone is outdated and nothing more than a hyped up gimmick now only kept alive by its choosy app developers.

        steve is dead, apple isnt making anymore big moves in the future as to why they are remaking every product they just literally released because they are for once the ones behind in this ever evolving phone market.

  • George


  • good hope it comes to the nyc first so i can finally get rid off my crappy g2x

  • antoine harrison

    yo if anyone pays for this piece of sh!t of a phone they are seriously crazy aint no way. this is why tmobile is falling off the map. keep putting out sh!tty phones like this and they wont be around much longer. 

    • Kalel

       It’s not supposed to be a flagship phone.  I has the same specs as the GS2 but with a smaller screen.  I’m going to get it myself.  I don’t have to have a large screen to compensate for a small….well you know where I’m going with this.

      • Magentadress

        I prefer small ones, much easier to work with.

        • Realcool2000


        • EXIBITman

          It kind looks like a larger Exhibit 2 same angled top its just a lil bit wider and longer. I think i will buy one without signing a contract. its only 599.99$ thats a good price with out signing a long ass 2yr contract.i have tmobile monthly 4g 30:00$ ulimited text unlimited super fast 4Gs and 100 voice min. I pay 360:00 a year for services. a savings of about 780:00 if i signed a long ass contracts

      • Aweg

         im just waiting for that gs3 to come out

  • Ryan

    Useless phone…

  • mike

    This phone is a gear replacement for the Samsung Galaxy S 4G, not sure what all the trolls are complaining about. Not everyone needs a 4.52 inch screen, so when you take into consideration this is meant to be a midrange phone. Its pretty good

  • neednewphone

    Galaxy nexus….

    • Seanmmvi

       lol, no.

    • None

      Very disappointed we did not get the Gal Nexus.  I had my money ready to roll but I am afraid of complications or having to change settings to make messaging work.  I hate workarounds.  Wondering if it is just pop in the sim and ready to go???  Anyone knoe?

      • Michael O’Sullivan

        For the gsm Galaxy Nexus Yes. Just have to buy an imported model.

  • TMoFan

    If you buy this phone with expectations that it’s T-Mobile’s latest and greatest flagship device … then you will be disappointed. It’s a great replacement for the GS4G.

  • nerdlust

    Wow I can’t believe this is considered mid range. Dual core mid range phones. That’s amazing. People that are new to smart phones are in for a treat. Mid range has gotten a lot better.

  • Realcool2000

    Wow, u r a true idiot and a fool Korge. Good luck being a happy person for one day out of your life.

    • Seriously, I’m getting incredibly tired of the bad language and insults in these comments. Comments are going to start disappearing if all can’t act our age.

      • Well he looks like he is 17, so maybe he is acting his age

        • Seanmmvi

           he probably doesnt even pay the bill… so i dot know what hes whining about…

  • TBN27

    How big is the hardrive?

    • Anonymous

      No word. But I hope its 16GB, 8GB will be a little OK…

  • I wouldn’t mind getting one, if in the announcement of the device they said, “upgradeable to Ice Cream Sandwich immediately” or something of that stature, even though that probably won’t be true with Samsung’s future. But I actually really love Samsung’s Smartphones. I had a Vibrant & loved it, it had an amazing camera for one, & great entertainment features. My only drawback was 2 things: battery life, & front facing camera. Then, I guess there was that upgradeable to the new OS issue, but I had already sold it by then. But they do make some great prices. The only thing really enticing about the 4G Blaze is that price range.  I also love the design of it. I love how the front of it is like a Nexus S, & if you look @ the backing of it, it’s basically the the same as the Blackberry Bold (9700, if anybody noticed).

  • I think you should email T-Mobile customer service this, instead of posting it on the unofficial fansite blog. Just saying…

  • I am a Sony Ericsson Xperia Fan myself. I like Samsung, but when it comes to design,you have to admit Xperia beats all. Whatever, i wouldn’t mind getting one of these. Which Android version it comes with?

    • EXIBITman

      I dont like sony Xperia. samsung phones are the best you can makes nice TVs but there phones are kinda lagging behind. samsung, HTC, motorola, LGs, huawei, they just seem like there not a popular choice

  • Littlesis1774

    Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t the thing as Galaxy one?

  • jumptheshark

    How much without a contract ?

    • None

      Someone said 599 but I was not sure if they were joking or that was the real price.

    • rvg911

      it may be @$399.99 just like the others , galaxy s 2 is $599.99 w/o a contract or w/value plan with EIP 

  • dipami83

    Why is he yelling ?

  • antoine harrison

    its a piece of sh!t because when u think of a galaxy phone you think of a phone that is big in terms of its screen size thats one. two its a piece of sh!t because it doesnt even come with Android 4.0. At the end of the day tmobile dropped the ball on this device and the least they couldve done was made the screen a 4.0 screen. its a 3.97 screen come on man that sucks. This phone is a piece of sh!t if u dont see that then u might wanna get your eyes examined. 

    • Seanmmvi

       You might want to get your brain examined. this phone fills a great need, i am a T-Mobile sales rep. I have so many customers complaining about the size of the galaxy S2, this is an awesome in-between for customers who dont need the biggest and best phone on the market, but still want a capable phone that will give them an enjoyable experience. its a 4″ screen bud, no one is going to be able to tell the difference with the naked eye of .03 of an inch, thats 3 hundredths of an inch, SUPER AMOLED+ screen, 42mbs modem, very capable 5mp camera with the long awaited flash on a mid range galaxy phone, it has a 1750mA battery, that will give you awesome battery life and it is going to receive ICS… pretty awesome little phone if you ask me. this phone is meant to replace the tired GS4G, and its going to fill that role flawlessly. pull your head out of your ass and think about other people for once…

      • MrAOK

        I’m one of those potential customers who were complaining. The Galaxy is a wonderful phone, but too big.

        I want a phone that will fit in my shirt pocket, yet is big enough to allow me to type on screen with ease and use the Web easily. I’ll have to doublecheck that my fingers can type on it without making mistakes, but I see this as the perfect phone choice. And I’ve had Samsung phones in the past that worked well

      • antoine harrison

        let me start out by saying this. this phone is a piece of shit because its small well its too small for me im 6’7 with huge hands i dont want an all touch screen phone that is hard to text on. next since Android 4.0 is already out there how come tmobile didnt equip this phone with android 4.0? some folks are bias as you are since you did mention that you are a tmobile rep and some folks are delusional as you are by your stupid ass comments. my head is out of my ass. i work for sprint and we are devolping a 4G LTE network which is planned to be rolled out this year. Sprint has the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy note. My point that I have been trying to make from all of this is that they need to stop shooting for these mid range phones and start looking for the big time phones that will draw folks over to them. I work for sprint but i have been with Tmobile for 12 years so i am bias in a way but i do know how to keep it real unlike you my friend. 

        • Anonymous

          Hey moron, nobody is forcing you to buy this phone! If you don’t like it because the screen is too small for you, then move on and go get a Galaxy S II! There are plenty of other choices out there. Stop hating on this phone just because it doesn’t fit your needs. Not everyone has big hands and can hold a larger screen phone comfortably. This is a mid range device for those who don’t want to spend $200 or more, but do want a solid, fast, and reliable phone. T-Mobile does offer great high-end devices such as the Amaze and Galaxy S II, which were only released 5 months ago. Plus, now they’re getting the One S. So I don’t know why you’ll say they’ll “need to look for the big time phones,” unless you’re referring only to the actual screen size and want a phone that’s nearly five inches, or larger. Isn’t the Galaxy S II large enough?!

        • Nick

          I had the s2 for two days and returned it for the blaze because the s2 was to big and uncomfortable. So far the blaze is amazing and even works better than the s2 for some reason… Anyways I highly recommend the blaze if anyone is looking for a good medium sized phone.

  • to all who say the screen is to small wake up what you want a phone with the be the size of tablet.
    This phone screen is the right size my g2x screen is 4 inches the samsung galaxy s blaze 4g is 3.97
    which pretty much the same size . The SG2 screen is  too big . This  phones worth it an much better then the g2x . and will be upgradeable  to ics

    • jumptheshark

      I rather have the g2x.

      • impasse

         i’d rather have my g2x also (based on specs alone), but the reboots/overheating/freezing is driving me up a wall, and nothing in t-mobile’s current lineup or this beats it except for the qhd on the sensation and amaze.  sigh..

        • now_onTMO

          ok you just mentioned all the issues that the g2x has and yet you still claim that nothing else on tmo’s line up  beats it? hmmm?

          im kidding, i does look nice..

  • okay both phones have daul core the g2x is 1 ghz dual core the blaze is 1.5 dual core and the g2x isn’t upgradeable. and it has a better screen super amoled. the g2x has a lot problems . then just wait for the htc one s it comes out 2 weeks later

  • and think if you the galaxy nexus has a good camera the blaze cant be far from it

  • Supermanrvs

    Plz let me know how much it costs without contract n  fully unlocked…
    my bro want to gift me … i live at Indiai dont knw whts US Mobile pricing System …..whts its exat rate…. till where cn it be available in decplz reply … i’m so needy

  • M42

    This is a great phone.  Not everybody wants to lug a shoebox sized phone around.  If you do, Samsung and HTC make plenty of them.  But for those of us who want a fast, HSPA+ phone with a 4 inch screen this one fits the bill.  Battery life is excellent and so is reception and call quality.  Came from an HTC phone that was plagued with reception problems, poor battery life, power button issues and intermittent rebooting.  Compared to that phone this one is A+.

  • Max

    bought this phone a month ago, very disappointed. crashes all the time and locks. please put new software out for it.