T-Mobile Holding President’s Day Loyalty Offer This Weekend?

Time and time again we hear that T-Mobile doesn’t do enough for its “loyal” customers which make to know that a select group of loyal customers will find themselves  with a really great T-Mobile offer this weekend. T-Mobile’s looking to continue their efforts to drive down churn by rewarding customer loyalty with a President’s Day Weekend Loyal Customer Offer. Over President’s Day Weekend (February 18-20), T-Mobile will hold a special three-day sale for preselected loyal classic/legacy contract customers. Customer mailers will go out to close to 440,000 customers inviting them to their local T-Mobile retail store or branded store for a free device after a mail-in rebate.


  • Offer is available for preselected Classic/Legacy Contract customers who present the Customer Mailer in-store or appear as eligible in the QuikView Targeted Offers Tool.
  • Selection criteria were based on various factors; qualified customers can be identified in QuikView targeted offers and CIHU.
  • More than the 440,000 customers who receive the Customer Mailer will show as qualified; however, RSAs should only proactively offer to customers who present the Customer Mailer or appear as eligible for the offer in QuikView Targeted Offers Tool.

We’re a little short on details about how customers are being targeted for this promotion, but we assume it could be a matter of service tenure, contract tenure, monthly billing level, etc. That’s all my hypothesis though.

This story is still developing I’ll update it as soon as I know more.

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  • http://twitter.com/cielomoreno127 Solo lo traga

    At least I’ve won some movie tickets and today won a starbucks gift card. I might not be loyal but i’m a VIP. Lmao!!!!

    • Sidekicker89

      I got free movie tickets too! i haven’t won the starbucks thing yet.. how much $ is the gift card worth?  But honestly i don’t see any other carrier giving away stuff like this other than T-Mobile! :)

  • Paul

     that sucks. i have been with sprint for 8 yrs and  when i renewed my contract yesterday, i got free galaxy s2 and $100 credit, not to mention sprint’s customer  service is a top class. i read reports of how TMOBILE sucks with customer service  and being the worst in customer satisfaction.

  • Winski

    I’ve been a T-Mumble customer so long, I’ve still got a Voice-Stream SIM card and I’ve never heard a peep from these clown-bags…

    As a member of the US House screamed at our President -YOU LIE.


      A voicestream sim card? Does your phone even work?? Hopefully you don’t have a newer phone because if you do and it has a lot of problems that’s probably why.

      • Winski

        Phone works fine, thank you…. It’s NOT the SIM card… It’s T-Mumble…. The phone is less than 60 days old, has no problems and stop trying to change the subject….

        • Realcool2000

          I should have added this to my list of whining and crying styles, my fools complain too much post.

    • http://twitter.com/btmec briankh

      I had a voicestream sim card until I got the Galaxy S2. They made me change to a new card.

  • Realcool2000

    This thread is the best in awhile. Half of it is fools complaining, the other half is people telling the whiners to shut up and stop crying, lmao.

    Even David couldnt take some the ridiculous bellyaching……and had to tell them whats up.

  • Elkman

    What really needs to happen is the socialization of the wireless industry, come on when does my Bill just become free? I’ve been such a loyal customer I shouldn’t have to pay for anything!

    All.you whiners out there start being thankful for what you have!
    But for real you thank you Tmobile,, my electric company has never taken the time to give me a promotion, so it’s nice to be rewarded by one my service providers

  • Jaime DAvid

    I really wish you could make an article  and compare how T mobile US is excluding T Mobile US PR Customers in every Aspect thank you
    i called today Customer Service and they told me Once Again T mobile Puerto Rico Customers cannot get this offer, is the same for everything, PR Customers cannot change our voice plan or data plans in the WEBPAGE, even on the Automated system on the 611.
    we are being excluded from the best offers….

    • Guajirobbs

      Siempre estamos fuera de esas promociones. Hay veces que me siento perdido con T-Mobile en Puerto Rico. Lo de la renovación a 22 meses esta brutal también.

      • Jaime DAvid

        sip siempre estamos excluidos de todo estoy cansado lo unico que me mantiene en t mobile es que no puedo pagar 100$ en att

    • Elkman

      Yep and we don’t get Puerto Rico plans. Sorry bit you can’t have your cake and eat it to!

  • Rick

    Me personal experience has always been great.  I have not done any upgrades in the store or online and I simply call customer service.  My last contact with them I had an upgrade done that resulted in getting the HTC Radar 4G for negative $40.00  (yes, they paid me).  They also changed the data plan from a $30 a month unlimited 4g Android to a $20 loyalty smartphone unlimited 4G plan.  So, new phone, money back in my pocket, and a lower bill.  Thank goodness the AT&T deal did not go through!

  • Tu Nguyen

    Being on my off contract Even More Plus™ 500 Talk + Unlimited Text + Unlimited Web for $49.99/month, this is still not incentive for me to sign into contract.  Not to mention, I have 5 GB data. Seems like buying a phone off craigslist is a better deal for me, which I have done for my past two handsets.

  • Anonymous

    Has anybody got a call , text message, or letter saying they are a loyal customer?

    • Frigadroid


    • BigMixxx

      I keep getting a random call from t mobile.  I called and asked about it, nothing was said…or the rep said he checked the usuals but nothing showed up

  • Steve

    This sounds like the same offer as Valentine’s Day, which I did not qualify for, despite being a customer with no late bills since 1999, having been a smartphone user with unlimited web for the past 2 1/2 years.  My 2 1/2 year old unlimited data plan apparently is too old of a plan so they wouldn’t honor this offer with me.

    • Opunku

      Ditto. I too started out as a VoiceSteam customer, in 1999, before T Mobile bought them out. No loyalty to me. Even though I have always been and continue to be a loyal T Mobile customer.

  • Juanellobo

    The deal is this all of you are chip don’t complain why your here go paid verizon 100 bucks for unlimited plan or att oh yea you don’t want to paid. That lives me to metro pcs chip service crap phones. Att: next year att iphone will 100 verizon iphone will 100 sprint 89 t-mobile 50 bucks i want to se your sorry chip ass comming back to t-mobile o crap 1mill user allready done that. Bs

  • http://www.theladiesonline.com/ The Ladies

    if I don’t get a call I’m dropping T-Mobile. 

    • http://tmonews.com David

      Seriously? Come on, the sense of entitlement here is outrageous.

      • Anonymous

        Everybody feels they are a loyal customer. Hopefully somebody spills the beans on the criteria.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know…….. I’ll consider extending my contract if Carly herself were to bring the phone to me!

  • Anonymous

    I just got my card in the mail today!  Guess I’ll stop by on Saturday and see what my options are to get this and renew my contract or go off contract and keep my current phone.

    • Anonymous

      If you dont mind me asking. Are you on a grandfather plan no longer offered? Individual or Family Plan? How long have you been with Tmobile?

      • bigfry

        Well I’m not gargoyle999, but after reading this article I went and checked my mailbox and found the card inside as well. I’ve got the “Even More” Family 750 with two phones plus 5GB data each, and am just now coming up on my two year anniversary with T-Mobile

        • Tmorep

          Both of you are technically grandfathered in with the 750 minute plan. If you choose to go in and use your free upgrade this weekend make sure you ask to be upgraded to the 1000 minute plan. It holds the same monthly cost for you with the advantage of 250 more minutes.

      • Anonymous

         I have a family plan.  Nothing is grandfathered though, I always seem to have gotten jacked in that regard.  We have 750 minutes “even more” for $59.99.  I’m paying $30 month for my data on my Sensation 4G and that has a 5Gb cap, wife is $24.99 for data on her HD2.  We have a 3rd line with a dumb phone that is $5 month.  Wife gets 1000 text msg for $3.99 but I’m paying $10 for unlimited.  I don’t remember when I first joined T-Mobile, over 10 years ago.  Have always been under 2 year contract as I renew and get a new phone.

        But this time I ended up buying a used Sensation 4G about 6 months ago and gave my wife my HD2.  So I don’t know that the Amaze 4G or Galaxy S2 is much of an upgrade from the Sensation to make a contract worth it.  My 2 years for all the lines is up around April so I was going to go to the store and find out what my options are anyway so I guess I’ll go on Sat with my card.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t read any of the ATT, Verizon or any other forums, but the people on this forum are a bunch of whiners!! Why all the hatred? What would make you happy? Do you expect Tmobile to give away free smartphones WITHOUT contract extension? Or do you think even though you’re only 1 year into your contract you deserve another phone? Come on people, get real. Tmobile is a FOR PROFIT corporation. They need to make money.

    Are there going to be sexy new phones announced soon? You bet. The way I see it is even if they get announced soon, they won’t hit the shelves until beginning of Q3, if not later. We heard about GS2 in February 11. We didn’t see it until October 11. So, really, if you want to wait until then to get a sexier phone, then by all means. But, remember, you will more than likely not get it for free, probably $200+. And, I bet you this, there will be another sexy phone just around the corner.

    So, please, stop the moaning. They’re trying to get rid of their inventory, and all they’re asking for, from my understanding, is contract extension. Which is fair play. Hopefully someone who gets this deal can let us know the small print.

    Now if they want to impose rate changes, then this deal isn’t for me. Otherwise, you’ll be getting an excellent phone, right now, for free, and your next AWESOME phone will be in 2 years, not 2.5 years.

    PS My wife is due an upgrade in August. So, when something new comes out then I’ll upgrade her phone, and give her this one! LOL!! Its a safety net!!

    • riderdiechic

      Well Said

  • Guest

    I have T-Zone data plan and new phones required me to upgrade data plan. 1) Is this worth the money? 2) What kind of “free” phone that I don’t have to give up my T-Zone data plan?
    Please show me some “loyalty” offer for 10+ years customer. I am willing to extend 2-years contract.

    • Anonymous

      If you don’t want to loose your T-Zones data plan, then I’m afraid you have to buy the smartphone full price.

    • Elkman

      How about you don’t be an “I deserve free stuff”douche, what many many people fail to realize is how much it actually costs to provide the service

  • Anonymous

    I just read the training documents on the sale. You don’t have to change to a classic plan, but the grandfathered plan you are on needs to have unlimited data, so if you have an old tzones web plan, you would have to change it to your grandfathered unlimited data. Also, its only one line per account. Only one free phone. Any questions, just ask =)

    • Anonuser

      The GS2 and Amaze require a 5 GB data plan.   Do the $20/mo Preferred MyTouch and/or Preferred Android Data plans qualify? – or does it require the $30 5 GB data plan?

      • Anonymous

        You can get the amaze and gsii on an unlimited grandfathered data plan. So as long as those old web features are unlimited , you should be good. Needs to be 5gb if on classic tho.

        • Anonuser

          Just to clarify.   I am on the Classic 1K Family.  I have Preferred MyTouch Data on one line and Preferred Android Data on a second line.  Both data plans are unadvertised, and both were very recently added – so I would not consider either of the plans as “grandfathered”.  I am told by TMO that both of these data plans are “5GB plans” (5GB soft cap).  In essence, they are unlimited. 

          So, my question is – will TMO view these plans as 5GB “qualifying plans”?

        • Anonymous

          I wish I could give a definite yes or no, but the material doesn’t have a section for classic with grandfathered features :P

        • TopRSA

          Yes. 5gb of data is 5gb of data. To qualify for the sale you must have Unlimited talk+text and 5gb data plan for the sgs2 and amaze 4g. All the other smart phones only require Unlimited talk+text and 2gb of data.

        • Anonuser

          Another promotion with an “Unlimited” rate plan requirement????

          How does this differ from last weekend’s promotion??

        • Anonymous

          nowhere on my material does it say the plans need to be unlimited. the qualifier is data.

    • Anonymous

       Thank you for the post and mentioning it’s only one line per account.  Saved me a trip to the store!

    • Alexandra

      If I have a grandfathered MyFaves plan can I just add a qualifying data plan onto it and keep the MyFaves? Or do I have to completely change my entire plan?

      • Anonymous

        You can keep it =) just add the $30 for unlimited web

        • Memohugo

          One question: It’s is possible to cancel a Value plan after 5 days? 

        • Anonymous

          once you go value, you never go back.

        • Alexandra

           Awesome! Can’t wait for the weekend so I can get my new phone, thanks! :)

        • JBLmobileG1

          Yeah when I upgraded to the $60 ultra plan I was able to keep my old 1,000 minutes with MyFavs plan for $39.99.

    • Sunday

      I have a Family plan 2 lines 500 minutes $49.99..3 yrs ago I upgraded to G1 and had a Unlimited Messages & Data Plan for $35.00, I would like to keep this. I got the card today, do you think I can just get a new phone and keep what I have. Originally , I as told that if I upgraded my phone, my old plan was no longer acceptable. I hope what I’m reading about keeping existing plan is REALLY TRUE.

      • Sunday

        O I forgot to say it’s an UNLIMITED DATA PLAN..REALLY UNLIMITED..That;s why I REALLY want to keep it!!

      • Anonymous

        According to what I read, you should be able to keep it all

  • Guilliamo

    Well, I did get the mailer. Anyone have a list of exactly which phones are to be included in the offer ?

    • Alevalerio123

       I got mine too and it says “ALL 4g smartphones”

  • Luis rodriguez

    I haven’t receive mine and I’ve been a customer for 12 years

    • Frigadroid

      I haven’t received mine yet either, but then again my mailman is slow & lazy and holds the mail until he is good and ready. I like to complain about delivery delays also. Don’t even get me started on the UPS guy lol ;-P

  • Twinstarsanrio

    I haven’t received any mailer yet. I have Classic 1000 minute talk with Unlimited 200MB data plan.  I have been with TMobile (used to be Voicestream) since 2001 or 2002.  Am I qualified for the promo without having to upgrade?

    • Tmorep

      Best bet is to check with your local T-Mobile store. They will be able to give you the 100 percent yes or no

      • JBLmobileG1

        Why can’t anyone just call customer care and ask? From my personal experience they seem to have the higher say anyways.

        • Twinstarsanrio

          it depends on who you talked to… diff answers :(

  • Memohugo

     I have a question: You can cancel a Value Plan after 5 days of having it?

  • Euched

     I do have ICS on my G2X…which is why I am happily waiting for my upgrade later this year….I am due for one in March.

  • Jonah Miller

    I got mine in the mail today, but I have a few questions. I’m part of a family plan with 4 lines right now, since someone said you can only get 1 free smart phone, am I allowed to only upgrade 1 of my lines? Will the other 3 still remain on the same old 2year contract, and only MY line will be extended?

    • Tmorep

      That’s correct. Only the line that is upgraded will be extended

  • Anonymous

    Maybe, I will ck my online bill. I just pay it monthly and come here for news!! Props to David there, lol!!

  • Anonymous

    It looks like everybody who is considered loyal by Tmobile standards has a family plan. Anybody with an individual line receive a mailer?

    • CeeFu

      I’m on a family plan, Tmo customer for 9+ years, and no postcard. Though I suspect it’s because we did an upgrade in November ’10.

    • Juang30

      I have to CeeFu.  I am on a Grandfathered Family Plan, but I did not get any mailer.  Somewhat disappointed. Only one of the lines has actually upgraded, and that was in July of 2011, besides that, everyone else in the Family Plan haven’t upgraded in more than 3 years!!!  This is ridiculous.  My mom wants a new phone, but doesn’t have the money for it right now.  I was able to get the HTC Sensation for free in July, why can’t she get the MyTouch Q for free, it technically is a much cheaper phone when you think about it.  Oh well, I guess I might have to call in and give in my two cents of this and see what happens.

    • Catsigh

      I have an individual line and received the mailer.  I was frankly surprised.  I’ve never gotten a deal before.  I’d rather have switched to the value plan, but I really want to move up from my vibrant 3g.  

  • Emily Delgado

    I just called them and ask, they said if you didn’t receive a postcard then you’re not qualified. She also told me there isn’t a list online where you can check who is qualified. 

  • Emily Delgado

    Just called again, same answer. I live far from my account’s mailing address, so even if I am qualified I probably won’t have the mailer with me at the store, I mean, I just want to know if I’m qualified or not…why is it so hard to find out? If I am, if they don’t have a list online, then how can I do it over the phone. It’s so frustrating. Lol, sorry for complaining. Awesome deal tho.

  • Scurvymeat

    I got my mailer yesterday
    Individual plan, with my grandfathered G1 data plan. :)
    Trying to decide if I should wait or if this is worth it. Up for upgrade in May

  • T.

    Well, I guess I did not make the cut. I thought I was pretty loyal but there was no mailer in my box. For the $229 it would have cost them to give me a free Amaze they drove me to AT&T…….I guess they were right to question  my loyalty……..

  • FL

    I called yesterday. Took 2 minutes to talker to a human. I just asked how come I hadn’t received anything in the mail since I had heard of this promotion. He said that couldn’t qualify since I’m only at 15 months from last upgrade, but since I’ve been with them for “almost a decade” he would update my tenure and I can just show up this weekend to any store for the promotion. I thanked him, and later verified that my tenure was updated and qualified for upgrade, and yes I was elegible. I have nothing but good thing to say about t-mobile, then again I just call maybe once a year. By the way he mentioned that if I hads any problems in the store I should just call loyalty form the store itself.

  • JA

    Got my flyer last night.  I too am on a family plan, but if only one phone can be upgraded it’s not worth the effort.  I’m only a month out from being able to go elsewhere, and really want to stay with TMO, but only offering one upgraded phone??   Really TMO???

    I’ll see if that rumor is true, but if so, that’s really poor form. 

    • FL

      I’m on family plan too, and my two lines will receive the promotion. Who ever said one phone only???

  • Encino Stan

    Well, I guess you can add me to the list of complainers. I have been on T-Mobile for over a decade with the family plan.  Started with 2 lines, then as kids got older added them to the plan. Wife is eligible for upgrade, but price for HTC Amaze is $229 after rebate with a 2-yr extension.

    • Encino Stan

       I tried calling customer care, but no luck. The last thing the rep said was, “Thank you for being a T-Mobile customer for eleven years.”

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6JNMKCDFY3NHPJWKXCQHZ3TM2A Joy WasHere

    I wasn’t a part of this promo either.  I called to talk to someone and apparently since I upgraded 15 months ago this made me ineligible.  However, I’ve been a customer for 9 years so I tried to convince them to overlook that and after speaking with 4 people I was still told I was out of luck.  So much for being a loyal customer!  In all fairness the loyalty department did offer to give me a discount on a phone,  but I the selection was from 4 phones and they were all well over $100 which I had to pay up front.  Not really sure how that’s a loyalty perk, but okay.  

  • Anonymous

    I just got one as my wife’s Samsung Vibrant is coming up for an upgrade in July(ish).  Welcome timing  as she is sick of the phone and I get to avoid dropping $200+ on her phone.  

    I think the GS2 is too big for her so will probably get her the Amaze 4G. 

  • dar

    This is good. Been TMo customer for 8 years and currently subscribed to the Unlimited Family Loyalty with data. Tried to avail of the Valentine’s Day Free Smartphone. One customer Rep told me I am only eligible on one line. The other said I would have gotten the 2 phones had I called earlier. Seriously considering Verizon’s Razr Droid Maxx BOGO. We’ll see what’s in store for the loyal T-Mo this weekened =)

  • jRICH

    anybody of 5 years or less receive an email?

  • Anonuser

    Long time TMO customer.   I have opted out of all (phone, email, and US Mail) promotions – so I have not received a mailer.   I stopped by my local TMO store this afternoon, to see if their Quick View system had been updated with the eligble accounts.   The TMO store rep knew about the promotion, but indicated the only “eligble” customers would be those that brought in a mailer card.   I asked him to check his system to see if it had been updated with eligblility.   He did, and there was no indication on my account.   He said he did not expect the computer system to be updated, but suggested I stop back tomorrow – once the promotion had been activated.

  • George

    LOL I just called my local TMO store and the REP told me ” Oh that sale was last week” I told him NO IT’S PRESIDENT”S DAY SALE FOR LOYAL CUSTOMERS. He had No clue what I was talking about . WTF…….

    • Twinstarsanrio

      yeah, I called 3 stores and only 1 knew about it.

  • Travis

    I’m part of a family plan and have received this mailer card. If I want to upgrade one of my lines (out of the 4 I have), does that mean only the line I’m upgrading gets the extended 2 years? Or do ALL of my lines get extended?  Because if I can only get 1 free phone, I only want to upgrade 1 line, not all.

    • Fasdfaaf

      only that line will be upgraded to the 2 year contract.. 

    • HoldentheLittelGirl

       well duh little girl what do you think?

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I see this says free “AFTER Mail in Rebate” so do I have to put anything down to get this?  Not familiar with Mail In Rebates.

    • Holden

       Yes little girl or boy, you pay something upfront and you have to then fill out a form for a mail in rebate after a few weeks.

  • Paige

    Well obviously it’s not gonna be a FREE phone til the mail in rebate. So can someone tell me how much I would have to pay upfront for the HTC Radar? or HTC Amaze.
    I have unlimited talk text and data.

    • Anonymous

      whatever the upgrade price is.

      • Sunday

        What i’m curious is how is it possible that , I wnat a GS2 and that phone lists at $529 and lets say my friend wants a cheaper phone, they are going to give me a phone for FREE…even though it’s more money than her phone? Is there a catch? Is my MORE EXPENSIVE PHONE..FREE for the DOWN PAYMENT (Which I think will be $229) and then I get the MIR and then they charge me the additinal $300 dollars in monthly installments? Does anyone know if what I’m saying could be true?

        • tommy

          If you’re on the ‘Classic Plan’ and have 5GB data, the phone is free after the rebate.

        • Sunday

          Tommy I’m on a “family” plan from maybe 9 or 10  yrs ago. It’s 2 lines ,500 minutes, free nights and weekends.$49.99 a month. We never use the 500 minutes. Well 3yrs ago I upgraded to a G1 and I had to add the TRUE Ulimited Data/ Message plan to my phone for $35 per month. My husband didn’t care about a new phone. In fact he still has the original Razr and really, aside from wanting a Keyboard, he would keep that phone forever. I really need a new phone because my G1 is starting to act up. Last Oct my husband & I went to our T-Mobile store to Upgrade both are phones. We have been off contract since March 2011. We were told, in order for us to do that we had to give up our plan. I said WHAT??? No way. We don’t need unlimited minutes/ we don’t even use 500 min a month between us. I added 1000 messages to his phone, for $9.99 and he never,ever comes close to that. So, ALL I WANT TO DO IS CHANGE MY PHONE…..NO..NO..NO..They want me OFF the UNLIMITED DATA……I refuse to give that up and now with this LOYALTY SALE..I’m tempted to change my phone ..BUT I so sceptable. I don’t trust them….I want to believe the FREE PHONE/No PLAN CHANGE…BUT really I don’t care about the free phone as much as I care about my UNLIMITED MESSAGES/DATA! I really don’t believe that they will allow me to KEEP IT

        • Gsmhelper

          I totally agree with you. I have T-Zone on 2 lines family plan and every time I want a new phone, they (T_Mobile) asked me to give up or new phone never work on old data plan . I know this is BS, but…

    • JBLmobileG1

      I think the upgrade price is $274.99 normally unless your on a value plan… then it’s $224.99. I know that’s what my dad paid last week for it when he upgraded his current value plan. Who’s to say though if they changed those prices yet or not though. That’s also not including taxes. He lives in California so when it was all said and done I believe he paid around $272 and change. A really nice phone though…. the quality IMO rivals the iphone only it offers a ton more.

  • Anonymous

    came home to find mah postcard sitting here with my name on it. see you tomorrow GSII! :)

  • Anonymous

    Got my card in yesterday. The card says I can upgrade four months early but if it’s only one device per plan, then it isn’t worth it for me. I’ll wait until May for the fathers day sale, I’ll be eligible for “same as new” upgrade for all five lines by then.
    It is nice to see that T-Mobile considers me a loyal customer and offered me something.

  • Johnny Simpatico

    I’ve been a customer since PowerTel days and have three wireless lines and have two “At Home” VOIP lines.  Didn’t receive a card and called in.  Lots of apologies, but I was told I’m evidently not loyal enough.  I strongly suspect the agents were instructed to play dumb, because my inquiries about the criteria for getting the bonus were only met by repeated answers of “Sorry, that information isn’t available.”  
    After the AT&T debacle, which resulted in sluggish introduction of new phones and no iPhone, I thought rewarding long-time customers was a great idea.  Now that I learned that I’ve been jilted, I ACTUALLY FEEL WORSE ABOUT T-MOBILE.  It’s entirely possible this promotion could backfire.

    I’m holding out hope that they denied me this benefit because something better is looming.

  • Emily Delgado

    Idk why I didn’t recieve a mailer….I been with TMO for 7 years, 3 lines, 1000 min classic family plan, 2 lines with unlim data, and all are eligible for upgrades since last year. We never missed a payment or anything, we been good costumers. When I heard about this offer I was so excited and checked my mailbox like 3 times a day, but nope, no postcard. What a disappointment…. does anybody know what is the selection criteria?

    • Twinstarsanrio

      I was disappointed too… I also have 1000 min classic family with 2 lines.  Been with TMO since 2001/2002

      • Emily Delgado

        I see on this forum that the people who didn’t get the mailer were able to call customer service and still get the deal, but when I called they said there’s nothing they can do. I feel pretty unbalanced right now, lol

    • Wilma Flintstone

       It may be because you are good “COSTUMERS” instead of Good “CUSTOMERS” Lol  Anybody can pick a good costume to wear.

      • Emily Delgado

        oops, that was a typo. English is not my first language.

  • Jeff

    I have classic family plan with 3 lines, two of which I thought would be eligible (I’d bought a Vibrant for myself and a Gravity 3 for my son on the same day). The Vibrant has all kinds of issues which I’ll refrain from listing here except to say that when the mailer arrived, I was fired up at the prospect of being able to get out of it a few months early.

    When I got to the store today I was told that the only line eligible for this promotion is the one for the Gravity 3 and there’s nothing that can be done for the Vibrant, though they can see that both were activated at the same time.  I don’t want to upgrade or add a data plan to my kid’s line at this time. The store rep didn’t have any insight into the selection criteria other than ‘that’s what the computer says’ and ultimately I left empty-handed.

    I guess I made some wrong assumptions from reading the mailer – which was light on specifics – but somehow this went from being a customer-pleasing opportunity to a pretty dissatisfying experience for me, in very short order.  Your mileage may vary of course. I’d certainly recommend calling the store first with some pretty detailed questions before driving anywhere as I did, only to be told you have wasted your time.  

    • Jeff

       Follow up: called Customer Service and got a Galaxy S II for free after mail in rebate, as a replacement for my Vibrant (which was purchased on 7/15/10).  They seem to have a lot more wiggle room than the store when it comes to customer retention.

    • The TRUST

      The store I called wouldn’t even look up my account to see if I was qualified or not. They said I had to come in in person. Only to find out later that I wasn’t. So not only was I pissed that I wasn’t a qualified customer of 11 years but they had to make me drive into the store just to find out I didn’t qualify.

  • TMO User

    I called customer service, to see if i qualify for the promotion. I never received the mailer (10year customer). Got the Samsung Galaxy S II for free (after mail in rebate) but had to get the 5GB data plan to qualify for the mail in rebate. I was told by the representative that one i get the rebate in 6-8 weeks i can downgrade to the 2GB data plan ($20). Had to pay $312.89 up front.

    • TMO User

       Forgot to add, I have the older 1500 min family plan with unlimited text.

    • Sunday

      I have an Unlimited data plan..Do you think that qualifies? I wanted the GS2 . Also, so you had to pay $312.89 up front and i’m assuming that’s what you will get back? then there will be no other charges for the phone?? If this is true, i’ll be going to T-Mobile tonight.

      • TMO User

         Im not sure, i was on a nokia nuron with the $10 feature phone plan. Representative said that my rebate will be $279.00. The phone was listed for $279 + $18 upgrade fee + $14 tax.

        • TMO User

          So in the end the phone will cost $33.89 not really free but good enough for me. 

      • Vim

        All the data plans are called “unlimited” these days.  They just get throttled at different usage amounts.  You need to be more specific if you want a yes or no answer.  In general, non-value plans that provide at least 5GB of data before throttling qualify for the GS2 rebate.   

        • Sunday

          This is REAL UNLIMITED DATA, not value plan Unlimited data. It was the $35.00 per month unlimited Data/Messages.

    • http://vitogrippi.com/ Vito Grippi

      I wonder what the exact criteria is for the offer. I was told by two reps that I fit the criteria, but still cannot have this because I didn’t receive the mailer. Really frustrating sincecustomer car I missed the Valentine’s offer by 4 days, and now this one as well.

      • http://twitter.com/iDiotGear Rob Daman

        you should say you had it but lost it. maybe it will work.

        • http://vitogrippi.com/ Vito Grippi

          Considered that, unfortunately they can tell by looking up the account. Maybe next time.

    • Twinstarsanrio

      What was your data plan before upgrading to 5GB? also what is your call/text plan?

      • TMO User

         I had a nokia nuron that was on the $10 data plan for  feature phones. I have the old 1500 min family plan (5 lines) with unlimited texting. Last time i upgraded on the line that qualified was 2 1/2 years ago.

      • TMOUsergsvsv

        the actual name for the plan that i was on is

        Even More for Families 1500 Talk

    • Emily Delgado

      I called customer service too, they won’t even admit that there’s such sale until I mentioned all the details, then he was kinda rude too. It said here “more than 440,000 are qualified”, so I asked how come I’m not one of the 440,000, and he acted like I’m lying and spent 5 minutes trying to find the “correct” figure on his computer, finally I grew tired and said “yeah my info is probably incorrect, have a nice day” and hung up.

  • T.

    Talk about alienating a large part of your customer base. If you are going to do something like this you can not afford to have it leak out. Kind of like going into my son’s kindergarten class and giving candy to half the kids. Either don’t publicize it at all, if it leaks out have well defined criteria or give it to everyone who is aware.

    • Vim

      When you’re sending a mailer to several hundred thousand people, it’s impossible to prevent the sale from leaking out.   I don’t think giving it to -everyone- who is aware is a good idea either as it has become patently obvious that too many people who are still in the 1st year of their contracts seem to think they should be able to get new phones for free.  Nevertheless I do agree with you on the “have well defined criteria” idea however.   At least then
      people have a concrete reason and an idea of how they can improve their
      future eligibility rather then just a bitter feeling that they were
      somehow deemed unworthy.

  • t-nomo

    I called and spoke to three different people in customer care. one was rude, one pretended that he had never heard of the offer, and the third just told me that i wasn’t eligible and that’s it. as a “loyal” customer for over seven years, i find it insulting that i would not qualify for this “loyalty offer”. this whole sale was bogus and ended up backfiring on t-mobile. i hope they are no longer wondering how they’ve fallen so far in customer satisfaction.

  • Billysacco

    Yeah they offered me the deal but only on one line. I talked to 2 different reps and they said both lines qualified. Then I get to the store and they tell me only one line qualified and I needed to give up unlimited and pay a little more. I am out of contract soon and have never been happy with tmobiles data performance so yeah dangling the carrot did alienate me as a customer. In a few months see you later Tmobile.

    • Vim

      Why didn’t you take advantage of the deal while you were talking to one of the phone reps who said you were eligible on both lines?  They’d have shipped your phones out on Monday and you’d have had them by Tuesday or Wednesday. 

    • Sunday

      Billy This is exactly what I’m thinking. I recieved the Mailer and I have 2 lines, but my phone is the one that they are considering for the free phone. My husband has a Motorola Razr. He has no data. I have a G1 that’s 3yrs old and I have UNLIMITED DATA/ MESSAGES… They  desparately want me OFF that plan. Based on what you just said , I f I go to get my SO CALLED FREE PHONE…they will say my plan doesn’t qualify..EVEN THOUGH THE MAILER SAYS YOU CAN KEEP YOUR CURRENT PLAN! So, if I want to take advantage of the FREE PHONE..GET OFF THAT PLAN…The plan that they would put me on $49.99 per line Unlimited talk(who cares about that. We barely use 250 min between us) Unlimited messaging
      and FAKE Unlimited data…..I’m fine with  the plan I have, BUT T-MOBILE isn’t! I’m going to call customer service before I make a trip to the T-Mobile store. I’m not going to go there wait on a line, only to be told, what I suspect that i have to change plans.