T-Mobile Holding President’s Day Loyalty Offer This Weekend?

Time and time again we hear that T-Mobile doesn’t do enough for its “loyal” customers which make to know that a select group of loyal customers will find themselves  with a really great T-Mobile offer this weekend. T-Mobile’s looking to continue their efforts to drive down churn by rewarding customer loyalty with a President’s Day Weekend Loyal Customer Offer. Over President’s Day Weekend (February 18-20), T-Mobile will hold a special three-day sale for preselected loyal classic/legacy contract customers. Customer mailers will go out to close to 440,000 customers inviting them to their local T-Mobile retail store or branded store for a free device after a mail-in rebate.


  • Offer is available for preselected Classic/Legacy Contract customers who present the Customer Mailer in-store or appear as eligible in the QuikView Targeted Offers Tool.
  • Selection criteria were based on various factors; qualified customers can be identified in QuikView targeted offers and CIHU.
  • More than the 440,000 customers who receive the Customer Mailer will show as qualified; however, RSAs should only proactively offer to customers who present the Customer Mailer or appear as eligible for the offer in QuikView Targeted Offers Tool.

We’re a little short on details about how customers are being targeted for this promotion, but we assume it could be a matter of service tenure, contract tenure, monthly billing level, etc. That’s all my hypothesis though.

This story is still developing I’ll update it as soon as I know more.

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  • Holden

    I’ve called tmobile customer service 4 times and only 1 of them knew about this promotion and offered me 3 new phones. A blackberry curve, samsung gravity txt, and a samsung galaxy s 2, all for $30.91 with an extension of a 2 year contract for my family plan. 

  • Ian Glenn

    My wife called on Friday, and we kept our current plan, got the price reduced, AND got a BOGO on the Galaxy S2. And there was a $50 rebate on the S2 white. So 2 phones for $250 plus a discount on service. We have the MyTouch unlimited data (2 lines), and Classic Family 1000 plan. I’ve always said you attract more bees with Honey than Vinegar.. She was super nice on the phone, and didn’t have an issue getting what we wanted.

    Although – We did find out after the fact that the White S2 is now on backorder, and don’t know when she will be getting her phone. I imagine in a week or so, we hope.

  • Sunday

    Well just as I suspected.First I tried to call customer service today,guess what they are closed for the holiday. How can you close customer service of a BIG Wireless phone company? Ok, so I call the store and I get the TRUTH…Oh I can keep my plan..My $49.99 per month 2 lines 500 minutes, what I can’t keep(Which I knew already) is my $35.00  per month Unlimited messages/Unlimited data. I was told this no longer exists and you can’t have it if you get a new phone. They have the SALES REPS actually believeing that, that DATA PLAN won’t work with the new 4G phones, however a CUSTOMER SERVICE REP can make it work if they REALLY WANT TO…BUT my best guess is, when they started this $49.99 per month per line VALUE plan( TELLING PEOPLE IT’S  UNLIMITED DATA) when it’s really 2GB of data,it was to GET RID OF ALL OF US WHO HAD THAT CRAZY DATA PLAN THAT GAVE US UNLIMITED DATA….They can’t afford it and don’t want to honor it anymore..WELL BYE T-MOBILE. I will take my business else where. You really don’t care about me if all you are offering me is a free phone. I would gladly have paid for the phone had you let me keep what I have, but you won’t so I go.

    • Rgrhaley

       Agree! I tried calling today and they were closed for Presidents Day. Seriously, besides schools, who closes for Presidents Day. I wanted to call because I have conflicting reports from 2 different stores.
      – One said we had to change to the the Classic plan, but we could do it on both lines.
      – The other said we could keep our plan, which has myFaves, but would have to upgrade the data for the type of phone we want, which I get and would completely adhere. But she said it was only for one phone, the one that was on the card.
      This would be great if we could get a straight answer. Oh well, we’ll probably just wait until we can upgrade in May and see whats up at that time.

    • Mic

      Verizon & AT&T both offer tiered data (2GB, 5GB, etc) but charge you if you go over. T-Mobile slows you down, but doesn’t charge. The only other option is Sprint, but…. well, it’s Sprint.

  • http://twitter.com/HuskerTX Andrew M

    I went in on Saturday to upgrade around 1.  Was able to keep a myFaves plan, I already had a qualifying data plan.  Had to pay tax and upgrade, so I will be out of pocket ~$40.  I asked the rep about the promotion, he said his store sent out ~400 mailers and I was only the 5th person that day to use it.

  • Jacky1284

    Spoke with Tmobile CS and apparently one of the criteria for the “Loyalty” program is to be near the end of your contract. If that is the case what is the point?, you already get free phones if you decide to renew your contract anyway.

    • Ian Glenn

      When we talked to them on Friday, they said they had no idea what the actual criteria was. (Per customer retention) We are in month 21, and been with T-mo since the Voicestream days. We like T-mo, and rarely need customer service, and when we do, we don’t seem to have any problems. 

    • http://twitter.com/thetimpearson Tim Pearson

      Well it did say right on the card, “the ability to upgrade 4 months early”  So there is the window you had to fit in.

    • Vim

      Yes, there are always a few cheaper, older phones available for free when you renew.  For those whom almost any phone will do this sale holds little attraction. On the other hand, the more expensive the regular price of the phone you desire, the more beneficial this sale, assuming you qualify for it.

      • Jacky1284

         That is not true, once you are off contract and contact Retention. They will offer you any and every phone from their stock to renew you.

        • Vim

          Sometimes.  What retentions is willing to offer you depends on your customer profile, and several other factors.  And regardless, you need to threaten to cancel in order to get through to Retentions.  Many customers would prefer not to have to make a threat to get a deal.

  • Theproblem17

    COmplaint after Complaint about nonsense! Atleast they made exceptions to you having the unlimited plan which was the requirement for the vday sale. you people probably would find something wrong with free lunch. seriously.

  • Theproblem17

    And shut up about a company giving some employees a day off it’s well worth it having to put up with the complaining you people do. Tech Care is still open and financial care . One whole day that you don’t get to bitch at someone about absolutely nothing. YOU’LL BE FINE

    • Eyesflyfree

      Agreed, some people just need to complain,  NO -MATTER WHAT,  people deserve a day off, it helps them re-charge and release… I’d bet most complainers will complain about this !
      Get a life already, its a phone and thats it- you can do alot with it so go and discover already…
      Who Knows you might even create a great APP that others will enjoy , and maybe yes some will  ‘complain about’, and then you can be on the other end of defending why you did this, and not that, -but you’ll be taking a day off to spend your $ you made from the APP you made thinking it was so great and then have to answer the complaints …
      Life is short – you have a great phone – call or text a friend you have been putting off, who knows you might have a great time and find you have nothing to complain about .

  • falling_out_of_love

    It sucks that the mailer says that a mail in rebate “may be required,” however the internal doc says “All phones free after mail-in rebate” which is ridiculous.  And why do I need to change my data plan to the 5 GB one for the SGS2?  Just so you can detect me tethering?  How sad.  Nice way to treat your loyal customers. Not to mention the $80 SGS2 sale a few weeks ago for new customers only.

  • Bluedragon2631

    How does someone find out about these things sooner, i dont get online much and have been a loyal customer since the voice stream days. Just curious to see if there is a subscribe button or a place where i could submit my email for notifications

  • Kindella2

    I wonder how they decided who got the mailer and who didnt.  I know you cant choose everyone and i surely hated that i got left out of this one if it was a good deal.

  • Kindofblue

    As always, these “free offers” are buyer beware.  I received the “Free 4G” mailer and drove to my local store to investigate knowing there would be caveats.  The salesperson, after reviewing it, said I could have any of their in-store 4G phones by paying full retail for it, minus the in-store down payment, then receive a rebate for the amount of the down payment.  In addition, a change in my plan to a new 2-year plan would be required (this much was stated on the mailer).

    So, “Free 4G” phone equals the customer (me) paying full in-store retail price for the 4G phone, minus the down payment, payable in-store (in my case $49.99 for the Nokia Lumia 710 on a full retail of $349.99) then receiving a mail-in rebate in the form of a VISA card (not cash) for the $49.99.  So the “Free 4G” phone ends up costing me a net of $300, the balance of which will be payable on my statement for the next 20 months at a charge of $15/month.  I was required to buy a new 2-year contract ($20 cheaper at $59/month, unlimited text and minutes, 2GB data), which with the net cost of the phone ($300 at $15/month for 20 months), works out to roughly $75/month, which is only about $4 cheaper than my previous rate plan.

    Bottom line, do the math (T-Mobile, I imagine, counts on you not doing this and concentrating on “Free 4G phone!”).  Factor in the cost of the phone you want, minus the rebate you receive, and whether or not you have to change to a cheaper or more expensive plan and what that cost is.  Either way, you will walk out of their store out-of-pocket for some amount (which is what they want).  For me this was about $80, but your specific mileage will vary.

    So to sum up, what the offer basically boils down to is I bought a new phone (vs. getting one “Free”) for a slightly discounted price ($50 off) which I will now pay for over 20 months and for which I will now be on a new 2-year contract.  A grand total net savings for me of about $5/month, minus the $49 rebate I will eventually receive.  In the long run, for this particular phone (Nokia Lumia 710), I make out slightly better than even.  The offer is a very clever way to get you to spend money in their store (which is of course what they’re supposed to do!) and guarantee your business for another two years.  Is it a “Free 4G” phone?  Not necessarily.

    • Sunday

      So, If I would’ve have gone to t-mobile yesterday with “MY INVITATION” and I wanted the GS2,it was not going to be FREE? How misleading was that ‘INVITATION”? I wasn’t able to go , but I really thought the PHONE was FREE. All I was required to do was change my DATA Plan? Well, now I’m glad I didn’t waste my time.

      • Kindofblue

        Yeah, Sunday, like I posted above, the language is obviously misleading.  Depending on the plan you have or upgrade to and the phone you choose, you may come out well in the hole.  Conversely, if you opt for one of the lower priced phones where the balance after down payment works out to be minimal, it’s possible for you to come out even or possibly ahead of your current plan.  Confusing?  Yes! (like I said, admittedly I spend little to no time tracking this type of stuff), but the marketing team counts on a little misdirection just to get the ball rolling.

        More great-sounding offers will come around as your current contract nears end, just make sure you do your diligence!

    • Mic

      I guess I’m not sure where the problem is…

      You’re paying $300 for a phone and somehow your still paying less than you were with your old one?

      I think you’re frustrated because there are two types of plans with T-Mobile right now, and the differences aren’t always explained clearly. 

      The regular plans are like every other carrier. You pay higher prices for the monthly bill, but you get subsidized pricing on phones once every two years. T-Mobile recently launched a new plan type where you pay lower monthly bills, but you always pay full price for the phones (which they usually let you finance). Even adding the price of the phone to the bill almost always comes out cheaper than the regular plans, so the employees want to push this plan type because it’s cheaper for you. Not only are you going to save $5 a month for the first 20 months, but a typical contract is 24 months, which means you’ll save another $80 in the last four months of your contract. 

      So, you could have gotten a phone that was 100% free (probably after rebate) by staying on the classic (more expensive) plan. Instead you are saving $100 during the first 20 months of your contract, then another $80 for the last four, for a total of $180 in savings, and you got your down payment back!

      • Kindofblue

        I absolutely love technology, though admittedly I’m not much of a mobile device junkie (my MacBook P serves most all my mobile computing needs and I typically work from home).  My past two phones have both been Blackberry’s and I’ve never had to pay upgrades or partial retail for either, simply had them offered “free” as my contract rolled over (I’ve been with T-Mobile over 10 years) and I renewed my plan.  So paying $300 for a phone (I’m taking a trial run/tester with the Nokia Lumia 710) makes me feel like a bit of a tool.  I like to avoid this if possible.

        As Clint Eastwood said in Unforgiven — “I was lucky in the order” — I was lucky that the pricing of the phone I chose basically keeps my monthly rate at or about the same I was paying previously, with slightly better advantages in the plan (no complaints there).  The Lumia is interesting, although as technically capable as the new generation of smartphones are (Android, iPhone, Galaxy, etc), they’re basically just shiny mobile purchasing devices that also allow you make calls.  But now I’m off topic….

        It’s a smart promotion on T-Mobile’s part, with just enough specifics omitted in the language — esp. regarding the rebate — to bring in both sensible users and mobile device junkies (tools).  As with any promo, I just advise people to do their math and see whether they come out ahead, behind or just about the same.

  • The TRUST

    11 years as a TMobile customer. Not once have I ever got any of their promos. I even walked into the store yesterday inquiring about this and all they could say is it’s not available to me. WOW! Like anything ever was. All I ever got was roadblock after roadblock. Not to mention I don’t even get 4G or 3G at my house! I only get friggin 2G. Heck even my AT&T work phone gets FULL 4G speed.

    I guess it’s time to look elsewhere when my contract is up in a few months. I guess my wife can rejoice that she can finally get the iPhone she always wanted.

    • Th3problem17

      WhEW! stepping up to the old ass iphone lol congrats.

  • Mjolnir Odinson

    I’ve been a customer since the VoiceStream days, so over 11 years.  Because all of my phones were under the 22 month cutoff for special pricing on new phones I couldn’t participate at all.  How about rewarding me for sticking with you for over 11 years by giving me a phone?  Or at least change the 22 months to something like 12?  I’d be more apt to buy a phone every year if I could.   Maybe the economics down’t allow them to make up the money from a discounted phone unless it’s over 22 months, so how about pro-rating it?  It seems like they do this on their website but the amounts are so high until you hit 22 months it’s not worth it.

    • Vim

      This latest sale allowed existing customers who were qualified to upgrade 4 months earlier than normal, so that would be 22-4=18 months, or a year and a half.   I think that’s pretty generous when you’re talking about a $600 phone for free (not counting the $18 upgrade fee and local sales tax).  I do like your idea on the pro-rate however. 

  • Jpbegley21

    Rebates are not really worth much, got the rebate on our first phone when we initiated out plan, but never have received it for the second.  And the difficulty of tracking down the problem. means T-mobile wins unless you do not value your time at all.