Nokia Lumia 900 With Upgraded 12 Megapixel Camera Coming To T-Mobile In Q3?

Here’s one rumor I’d welcome coming true as iconic Windows man Paul Thurrott is reporting that he’s been the recipient of a rumor indicating the Nokia Lumia 900 exclusivity period for AT&T is just 45 days. So how does that short exclusivity period benefit T-Mobile you ask? According to Thurrott’s source, after the 45 day window Nokia has a version in the wings that will work on T-Mobile, possibly coming out in the third quarter of this year. The “improved” version of the Lumia 900 will allegedly include an upgraded 12 megapixel camera, up from the current 8 megapixel camera currently gracing the AT&T variant. Models are also said to be in the works for Sprint and Verizon.

Thurrott stresses to take this rumor, as with any others, with a grain of salt…except Thurrott isn’t one to idly pass on rumors just for page-views. If he’s got it on good word, we’re inclined to believe him. I for one would welcome the high-end Lumia 900 on T-Mobile shelves. Would you?


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  • E

    i would buy it in a heartbeat if it where on tmobile

  • Reony Tonneyck

    I would get it asap. Fell in love with the design of the original N9, and now I’m a huge windows phone fan

  • Kyle iverson

    I have an upgrade in December. If the 900 makes it to tmobile I hope Costco sells it

  • Amedeo Felice

    i have the htc hd7 the dell venue pro and the radar 4g. and have been waiting for the nokia lumia 900 to hit tmobile..
    will buy as soon as it does hits tmobile

  • Luigi Moscatello

    As a
    current user of an HTC HD7 and a big WP fan, I am looking forward to buy a T-Mobile
    Nokia Lumia 900 or whatever model designation would be. And since I buy my phones
    outright, I do not have to wait for any upgrade eligibility so I would buy it
    in a heartbeat. In December 2011, following the announcement of the upcoming
    Lumia 710, I even sent a letter to T-Mobile HQ asking to carry more high-end
    phones from Nokia. Hope my wish is granted.

  • kekeke

    I’m waiting for Apollo.  1080p video, multicore processing, and higher resolution will be awesome, especially if it’s on a phone with a big screen.  Maybe a Titan III.  With the new power I’d be willing to bet there’d be some nice XBL games coming out for Apollo too.