Google “Pauses” Nexus S Ice Cream Sandwich Update, Says They Are “Monitoring Feedback”

Reports are filtering in that Google has hit the “pause” button on their Android 4.0 update for Nexus S devices. Details are pretty sparse, but users are claiming they are receiving the update, but when the update process completes the phone boots right back into Gingerbread. Apparently, Google is able to trigger a rollback on phones that are attempting to update from all the way in Mountain View.

Google hasn’t provided any reason for the move, but says they are “monitoring feedback” which we believe translates into Google looking into early reports of troubles with the update.

Google’s Paul Wilcox had this to say:

If you received an update notification a little while ago, but the update isn’t currently available for your phone, this is likely the result of Google pausing the update in your area while we monitor feedback. The Android 4.0 update is continuing to roll out around the world so your phone will receive another update notification when it’s available again in your region.

The Verge is reporting that a source has indicated such a “pause” is par for the course with Google updates. Updates are typically “paused” after the first batch to make sure everything is going smoothly. There isn’t any indication as to when the updates will resume, but there is no reason to suspect that Google won’t meet their “coming month” deadline.

The Verge

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  • mrmiddl

    wohoo for ics!!!

  • wooterz

    got my ics today on nexus s.  woot.

  • EDK

    got mine yesterday and like it, getting more battery life and more control…on my nexus s

  • Anonymous

    Tried Samsung Galaxy Nexus S2 for 14 day trial period.  Gave it back.   Device going to sleep prematurely, sometimes in just one second, even with all power saving options off, and delay set to 10 minutes, were of no help.   I could barely get 4 hours use, but I suspect my exchange email was syncing too often.  I love my no contract Trac phone that just makes calls.

    • Anonymous

      The proximity censor can be baffling. Probably best. Sounds like you made the right move.

    • Fish

      2 different phones. Galaxy nexus or galaxy s2. No galaxy nexus s2.

  • guest

    one day of use, no problems so far love it.

    • kresk

      Have you tried playing YouTube with the background data disabled. It won’t work for me until I enable it again. I get some kind of connection to server error. Been wondering if it’s happening to any other NS users.

  • Chris

    I got ICS on day 2 of the rollout. No problems at all. Works beautifully!

  • kkkk

    i still haven’t received WIFI  CALLING UPDATE ota on my SGS2. i dont want to go through this kies route.
    SAMSUNG sucks in updates!

    • Anonymous

      First, Samsung has nothing to do with the status of updates to the Nexus S. The Nexus S is manufactured by Samsung, but Google handles the software and the distribution of that software. 

      Samsung does, however, deal with the updates on their Galaxy S/Galaxy SII phones. If you have not gotten the OTA update for the SGS2, there is a manual update available for Samsung’s Kies software. I have done it and it’s easy as long as you have a computer.

    • Anonymous

      Just use Kies or be patient.

    • SirWilliam

      Just be patient. I got my update yesterday. I’m sure yours will come soon.

    • Joe

      The update through Kies worked flawlessly.  within 15-20 minutes, my phone was running, I was making WiFi Calls.  It went down with out a hitch.  I had not received the OTA, so I went the Kies route.    I am noticing slightly better battery life, but not much.

  • Traylee31

    I got me mines an it works fine

  • Frank Alvarez

    my battery life is worse, but i love the interface

    • Jblade_ua

      are sure battery life is worse (wipe battery stats, recalibrate, give it a couple days, etc) or are you just using the phone more as you learn and explore the new additions of the OS?
      a lot of people claimed initial crappy battery life on xda, some legit and some ended up being that the screen was on longer because they were using it more.

      My battery life is exactly the same as before because i havent changed how i use it. lasted 16 hours yesterday before i headed to bed and even then the battery wa at 3%. Ofcourse everyone is different!

    • Trill

      its an issue there working on but its due to Android OS

  • hellsh666

    Nexus S after ICS update picture camera sucks. Freezing phone. Black screen… Dead….. And battery after 7 hours dead too…. Nice UI but nothing special…

    • Trill

      its called a hard reset which appearently no one here knows about and I’m tired of all these complaints when there are simple and nothing has changed in the pass 5-8 years of how OTA updates work

    • Roy Adams

      It only happens on my Nexus S if the flash fires when taking pictures.  Since setting flash to off, I haven’t gotten the black screen from the Camera app.   It is a bad workaround, but at least my phone has stopped freezing up.

  • Anonymous

    I have a bigger problem,I got the update but the Wi-Fi didn’t work ,so after two days of research I finally rolled out my sim and did a factory reset, now it works, but if I insert the sim, it won’t work again, now I should choose whether to be able to use sim or Wi-Fi

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    cool..! creative

  • Fish

    Got my ICS yesterday and its smooth. Only issue is my G+ app gives errors that it stopped when I’m not using it.

  • Jblade

    hmmm that sucks for everyone that hasnt gotten yet. I got my notification on day one and sat on it until i was sure i could keep root. Glad I didnt wait longer, although anyone can go to xda, grab the update, and flash manually…

  • Anonymous

     I think the same goea for the Galaxy Nexus, they haven’t made an announcement but I notice more GSM Galaxy Nexi have not been getting their 4.0.2 update many think Google maybe close to releasing 4.0.3 for GSM GN so maybe they’re stopping the update for all GSM Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus S

  • Ken Benhamo

    I dont know if they did that to all. Because I happily found my nexus s today the 21st, and i am on tmobile and in the US, requesting an ice cream sandwich update approval and it works fantastically! at least no problems to report just yet

  • Richardthegrape

    I received my update the day it first rolled out. Haven’t had any problems yet. Runs sooo smoooth! :) :)

  • Arman Jafari94s

    ,I got the update but the Wi-Fi didn’t work ,so after two days of research I finally rolled out my sim and did a factory reset, now it works, but if I insert the sim, it won’t work againwhat shoul I do? I want my wifi back


    Can google please Sup flopping phones already! Stop trying to be like apple and just be who you are! That’s what makes Android great…..please make a phone that’s add awesome as other Androids but various the google name

  • Qamarbasra

    i have successfully up grade my NEXUS S from gingerbread to ICE CREAM SANDWICH and its working extremely fine. LOVE u GOOGLE. THX  

  • Qamarbasra

    i have successfully up grade my NEXUS S from gingerbread to ICE CREAM SANDWICH and its working extremely fine. LOVE u GOOGLE. THX