Fun Facts Of 2011, Two T-Mobile Phones Find Top Ten Spots On Fastest Rising Consumer Electronics List

Ok so maybe it’s more like 1.5 T-Mobile phones made the top 10 list as the “HTC Sensation” results aren’t necessarily all T-Mobile related. Still, the Sidekick 4G took the third place spot? Who saw that coming? Some of the usual suspects are up there with the iPhone 4S, Nexus Prime, iPad 2 and Amazon Kindle Fire. SPB Shell 3D? Seriously? The HP Touchpad, ok, I give them that, even I got in on the fire sale…only to sell it unopened on Craigslist for a profit.

The Sidekick 4G peaked in April when it was the most searched item on this list and really carried itself well throughout the end of the year. The HTC Sensation peaked in July when it took home the most searched for item on this list and also carried itself well throughout the rest of the year.

Fun facts of 2011.

Top Ten:

  1. Amazon Kindle Fire
  2. iPhone 4S
  3. Sidekick 4G
  4. HP Touchpad
  5. SPB Shell 3D
  6. iPad 2
  7. HTC Sensation
  8. Samsung Nexus Prime
  9. Sony NGP
  10. iPad 3


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  • Anonymous

    Wait…what the hell is SPB Shell 3D doing on that list?  It’s software.  SPB’s own flavor of android launcher, not a device itself.

  • Anonymous

    Which goes to show it’s a shame that T-Mobile decided to go mid-range with the Sidekick brand.  Even though we do need mid range phones it’s shocking they fail to realize that the Sidekick was a ‘trend’ brand.  People bought them because they were Sidekicks not for any functional reasons kind of like a lot of people do with iPhones now.  Heck, I’m sure a TON of customers who had sidekicks on T-Mobile left to get the iPhone because that was the new ‘in’ thing.  I’m sure some would flock back if the Sidekick was something spec wise and aesthetic wise was the envy of the iPhone.  The Sidekick branding would have helped it from being just ‘another’ high end Android.  Again, it’s shame to see such a wasted opportunity in my own personal opinion.

    • Anonymous

      I had no desire to get the Sidekick, but you’re right. They kind of blew what little branding recognition they had with the myTouch by changing out to the LG joke phones. HTC Amaze probably should have been the new myTouch.

  • Anonymous

    The G branding would’ve halo’d off the Sidekick but a bit more upscale, but instead T-Mobile drifts into the look-alike tablet-candybar competition; now it’s who has the biggest and most impractical screen.

    • tmoguy1

      Yes!!! Soon All we’ll find in cell phone stores is phones with 5+ inch screens. We’ll look like idoits talking on tablets… I got the gS2, and it alsmost seems too big. I’m sure they will just go bigger.

      • Spanky

        I got the Galaxy Nexus, and the screen (4.65″) is right at the breaking point of being impractically large. Don’t get me wrong, the GNex is a top notch phone. However, I found the Sensation’s size a bit more ergonomic. I wouldn’t even consider getting anything larger than the GNex. Imagine holding a Galaxy Note to your ear?

  • Anonymous

    Well the upgrade to my GS2 took forever with Kies but so far so good. I’m finding little things here in there that have improved.

    I also found out that you can delete those non removable Bookmarks in the browser by using Kies.

    • borikua

      If you go to Web browser app on your sgs2 on the right is the bookmark button you can press and delete them, but you can’t do it with the google browser.

      • Anonymous

        Say what??

  • Anonymous


  • nerdlust

    I just bought my sensation. Can’t beat the price. Paid $80 got $100 gift card.

    • vick

      how did u do that?? elaborate

      • nerdlust

        Walmart was having a black Friday sale. Phone was $78.88 and it included a $100 gift card.

        • nerdlust

          Two year contract

  • Nice, go Tmo go Tmo

  • Sbirdsong21

    Sidekick sucks though I have had 6 replacements in the month I have had my contract ):

  • Great post, I enjoyed ready reading it, Keep posting good stuff like this.

  • Spanky

    People still refer to the Galaxy Nexus as the Nexus Prime?

  • Anonymous

    That list is utter garbage.

  • Anonymous

    i’m going to be completely honest.. i’m happy that the SK4G is up there but i’m seriously disappointed that the phone is crap. such a great form factor, design, and keyboard but the hardware can’t run much. like a dumb down version of a Vibrant. i was happy for the keyboard but disappointed that it ran so slow most of the time. i really hope they do make a new one with much better performance. i should have know though considering they had it at a cheap price point.