T-Mobile Customers Upset About Pay Per Use Data Plans

At the end of August we were able to obtain a screenshot indicating that T-Mobile was adding pay-per-use data plans to all T-Mobile smartphones that did not currently have an active data plan. The effective date for this plan change was September 15th and T-Mobile customers were supposed to receive notification through one of three methods, sms notification, bill insert or email notification regarding the account change.

As it turns out, a lot of customers are unhappy about this change, many claiming they were never told of any changes and incurring charges because of it. Accordingly, T-Mobile isn’t allowing for a lot of leniency for customers who claim they were not notified about the change.

T-Mobile’s Official Statement follows:

T-Mobile customers without monthly data plans now have access to data on their handsets via Mobile Web Pay Per Use. For $1.99 per MB, T-Mobile customers have the web at their fingertips and can add a different data plan to their service plan as their needs may grow.

Before the Mobile Web Pay Per Use feature was added to their handsets, T-Mobile customers were notified via bill insert, SMS, email, or at the time they signed up for or renewed service. In addition, prior to using the web on their devices for the first time, customers should receive an alert notifying them of the $1.99 per MB charges. T-Mobile customers may opt out of this data feature by calling T-Mobile Customer Care at 1-800-937-8997 or by visiting their local retail location.

Have you had any trouble with this charge?

At least one fellow blogger has found himself fighting T-Mobile over this matter.

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  • Anonymous

    From the pushy reps lying about requiring losing old grandfathered features if they want an upgrade, to of upgrading off of old, excellent normal subsidizing rate plans to those new Value plans with poor explanation of how they work, forcing this is just another nail in the coffin for another piss poor quarter for T-Mobile..

    Mr. Humm, you’re ******* up. Seriously. Only when the frustrated customers port out do they offer up their old rate plans and such. Really sad times. Thanks Phillipp Humm

  • Anonymous

    From the pushy reps lying about requiring losing old grandfathered features if they want an upgrade, to of upgrading off of old, excellent normal subsidizing rate plans to those new Value plans with poor explanation of how they work, forcing this is just another nail in the coffin for another piss poor quarter for T-Mobile..

    Mr. Humm, you’re ******* up. Seriously. Only when the frustrated customers port out do they offer up their old rate plans and such. Really sad times. Thanks Phillipp Humm

    • Anonymous

      humm doesnt care if people port their numbers out, he was just sent her to get the sale of tmobile done then he is going back to germany.  He is going to get paid no matter what.   Its only those that have a chance of losing their job that actually still care, and those who dont want to see tmobile go.

    • Anonymous

      reps dont lie about losing old grandfathered features. when we are upgrading, we cant check out until we fulfill all requirements. Even if it costs the same, it makes us remove an old web feature and add a new one.

  • Tito

    It’s been my experience when customers call in that the ppu data soc is active on the account but usually it is not set on the provisioning tool. So even though its in their account they might not see the additional charges since the provisioning tool is not set accordingly…. so customers that have the ppu data soc don’t really notice it…

  • HSPA+overPCSplease

    I did have trouble with this (on Nov 4), but I happened to talk to a nice representative and added ppu block on my account and have the $9.95 credit (I know the taxes are still not credited.). I will probably add a data plan later on.

  • http://twitter.com/TuckerPeterson Tucker A. Peterson

    Maybe I am not understanding this properly but isn’t any phone capable of accessing the web that is not attached to a data plan a “pay as you use it” deal?  If I have a regular phone with no data plan but decide to jump on the web to get some info shouldn’t I have to pay?  Or did this do something like activate the ability to go on the web or something?  I really am not sure as I have always had a data plan.

    • Anonymous

      In the past, unless you had a data plan your phone could not access the internet

      • http://twitter.com/TuckerPeterson Tucker A. Peterson

        Gotcha.  Okay.  Makes sense now.  Basically before there was no temptation or accidental data usage but now the possibility is available. 

        • Guest32

          Not only is it now possible, but customers are getting hit by random charges sometimes even at nite.  Tmobile is refusing to credit customers at all. 

          Most of us who don’t use cellular data have wifi available everywhere so it’s not an issue.  I got hit a few weeks ago for small data charges, about .3mb or so.  Turns out that edge connected to the net just before wifi kicked in, all of that added to a huge bill (over $50).

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VGQMRQOQYPZHFOGRIZ53F646KU Not ice_fusion.

          “Tmobile is refusing to credit customers at all”

          A few comments up someone posted a comment about the credit he or she got

  • http://twitter.com/TuckerPeterson Tucker A. Peterson

    Maybe I am not understanding this properly but isn’t any phone capable of accessing the web that is not attached to a data plan a “pay as you use it” deal?  If I have a regular phone with no data plan but decide to jump on the web to get some info shouldn’t I have to pay?  Or did this do something like activate the ability to go on the web or something?  I really am not sure as I have always had a data plan.

  • Anonymous

    My family never uses or needs data, but we have had roughly $15 between all of them. It’s unnecessary. Have to call or go online to set NO DATA on those lines

  • Heisenburg

    The problem that I have with it, it is added to every line on every account.  I have seen customers come in with $50 on their bill (the cap on PPU, a whole whopping 25 MB) and it was one of their children that used it.  The problem with this is, a lot of time kids notice their web works and just start using it, not realizing they’re being charged.  I understand their frustration, and there isn’t much I can do except block it from further charges, which usually isn’t enough to satisfy the upset customer.  Either they need to lower the amount per MB, lower that cap-out amount from $50, or leave the feature blocked unless it is asked for.

  • Notcool14

    Add to the list as well, happened to me a few weeks ago.  This is news because it was just posted on popular site and got thousands of hits over night.

    Absolutely ridiculous, no one on any of our five lines got a text message or any type of notification about being charged for data.  Tmobile refused to give any credit and offered to put me on a $5 plan for a month so I wouldn’t be charged $60 for using 30mb of data.  Really wish I fought this more.

  • Chris Esparza

    I’m fighting TMO about this right now.  I had the $50 charge on my niece’s phone even though I’ve requested several times to have all internet blocked.  They said they have no record of me requesting the block and don’t want to credit me the amount.  I’m refusing to pay it and once they start calling me about it I’m gonna raise all sorts of hell again.

    • Jabombardier

      Even better. If you aren’t locked into a contract, switch to another carrier if it is still cost effective to do so. T-Mobile sounds like they are going to the dogs.

    • Thompc82

      Tell your niece not to use internet on her phone…face Palm..block..

    • Bartlebee420

      Add family allowances you can block it urself.

    • Anonymous

      Turn off the data access on her phone.

  • BP

    This is T-Mobile forcing the customer to catch up with technology.  Data plans will become standard within the coming years.  With T-Mobile in transition mode we have to all understand that T-Mobile don’t give a f**k.  It is equivalent to you giving a two week notice on your job.

    • Gabe41521

      This for customers who recurved subsidizEd phone without data plan which they should have had I’m the first place

      • Fraud

        Wrong. Everyone without a data plan had the No Data SOC removed by T-Mobile and replaced with a Pay-Per-Use SOC between Sept. 15 and Nov. 15. This includes both smart phones and dumb phones purchased outright by the customer, like the used dumb phone I bought off Ebay and use with a T-Mobile SIM.

        Even more sneaky, on many dump phones access to T-Zones web has always been opt-in for paid sites, whereas some sites have been free from beginning. Once the No Data SOC was removed, this removed any opt-in message for any site. Instead, I received a text message after 4 data sessions explaining that T-Mobile has opted-in for me as a “convenience.”

        So I wasted my time on support getting the 0.1 MB charge taken off and adding back the data block that I never requested removed in the first place.

        Most courts have found this type of activity ILLEGAL. Verizon settled with the FCC for millions over similar behavior. T-Mobile’s legal counsel is skating on thin ice with this anti-consumer advice/decision.

        • Bartlebee420

          We never had a data block until the payperuse data came out. Don’t be a liar. No it is not illegal, you are being provided opportunity it is your choice to use it. Just like folks who don’t have text plans. It is your fault if you clicked on an external site. CONSUMERS, PLEASE START ACCEPTING RESPONSIBILITY FOR BEING A CONSUMER. IT WASN’T BANKS FAULT FOR YOUR BAD OR TOXIC LOAN, THE DEALERSHIP DID NOT FORCE YOU TO BUY A CAR, AND WE DIDN’T MAKE YOU BUY A PHONE. PEOPLE QUIT HAVING THE SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT THAT IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH AMERICA TODAY

        • Fraud

          Calling me a liar shows your mental instability and lack of respect for the rules and etiquette on this site. Please see a mental health specialist soon.

        • tmotech

          In all fairness, there’s no such thing as a “No data” SOC. Or at least
          there wasn’t until PPUBLOCK was made available. The rest of your post
          was pretty accurate.

        • Gwapo

          This happened to us with VERIZON last year or 2 years ago!!! Everytime you accidentally press the web..they will charge you $.1 or what ever amount is that.. I had to file a complaint with BBB to remove the charge…And after a few months VERIZON was found guilty by the court for screwing their customers!!!

        • Fraud

          tmotech, you responded in a civil manner, so I will explain. I looked at my account online prior to this PPU data being turned on. Under Monitor Your Account/Services for my line only it said NO DATA. Then after T-Mobile turned on PPU data this “NO DATA” Service was gone.

          We are on a 2000 minute classic plan with two smart phones (with paid data plan) and one dumb phone (me) on this account. I also have the free wifi calling option for my UMA enabled T339, if that makes any difference.

          Maybe this NO DATA is not actually a SOC, but it is what I saw on T-Mobile’s own website for my account.

        • ItsMichaelNotMike

          You must be a T-Mobile employee, spewing comments that indicate how much you hate your customers. (By the way, your poorly written comment begs the question, did you get an F in high school English?)

          There are many, many lawsuits over this behavior. I have about ten of them if you want copies.

          AT&T got nailed so many times they finally won at the pro-business U.S. Supreme Court saying that consumers cannot sue on a class action basis to go after the carriers for such illegal or fraudulent practices. See AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion.

          Now T-Mobile and other carriers can pull all kinds of illegal crap knowing they can’t be sued for the conduct. A cheated customer’s only remedy is to arbitrate on an individual basis, for $50, $100, or whatever. Of course, everyone knows that consumers don’t have the time to arbitrate a $100 claim.

          The fact is, as in this situation, businesses inflict injuries too small to sue over. How many
          people will sue T-Mobile over setting up a system where the technically challenged unknowingly hit the “web key” thereby incurring a $100 data charge. Even if these people had a $1000 case, no lawyer is going to take a case worth $1,000.

          T-Mobile and other businesses know that if people don’t sue they can cheat millions of customers out of small amounts with
          impunity. In other words, T-Mobile can now cheat you out of billions and never be called on the carpet for it.

          The only recourse we have is to shop elsewhere (now you know why carriers covet two-year contracts, a cheated customer is not going to walk and incur an ETF penalty).

          Yes, we can file a complaint with our state public utilities regulators or the Federal Trade Commission. But those agencies are slow to act and more likely won’t take the case, unless 100,000+ people complain (unlikely).

          So post-Concepcion people should keep an eye out, and scrutinize the bill, to watch for carriers coming up with “schemes du jour” designed to cheat people here and there out of billions.  Businesses know that worse case even if one got hit by a govt. agency, it might have to pay a $10 million fine which is chump change compared to the billions pocketed from its fraudulent or unfair business practices.

  • Qweasd12


  • J. Williams

    nothing is free, so if you use it…be ready to pay for it. Next

  • Qweasd12

    This is just BS, for real I just noticed that a $97 charge for a data on my bill… OMG!!!, Help…

    • Katiecakes15

      There is a $50 cap on the data so thats not possible.

      • Bartlebee420

        The extra is probably apps or downloads, and that tool most likely ignored all the other texts recommending a plan change. Yes you do get the texts yes we do see it in the memos of your account it shows since it is system generated.

  • Tmosince2003

    It’s a gotcha plan that will align TMO policies with ATT’s. I saw the news about this on a blog and called to have data blocked on my spare line. Then I dropped that line before the end of the September cycle. I never got a txt, but there was a note on the bill that made it sound like a feature.

    My mom is on ATT (spit) and just got a new phone. I cautioned strongly to have data blocked because data capable phone tend to use data even when you think they are not.

  • http://c0rinne.net Corinne

    Unfortunately, not everyone wants to “catch up with technology,” notably my mother. She wanted a touch screen but basically so that she can text easily. She doesn’t have any need for data. I persuaded her to get a phone with a full qwerty keyboard, without the smartphone technology because I know she would accidentally start using facebook, etc. and find a bill she didn’t like at the end of the month.

    But, I do think that if you’re a loyal customer, who speaks to customer service calmly, that you’ll be able to work things out. I just switched from the $20 unlimited bb plan to the $20 unlimited android plan  (that’s no longer offered) because tmo is willing to work with you.

  • Bbcforyou

    If you can pay,go to boost mobile or metro ‘PCs’ getto…

  • AngryTmoFan

    Yeah, had a unlocked iPhone that pulled data through push notifications and it wasn’t running off WiFi. Got charged $21 while I didn’t know I was being charged. RIP-OFF! Goodbye T-mobile…

    • Bartlebee420

      Why? Because you use an unapproved phone that seeks out internet settings automatically. What the chipmunk are you doing with a smartphone and no data plan anyways. Cry us a river. Would you like me to send you a money order for the 20 dollars. Some people just so ignant. And yes I meant to spell it that way, but you probably won’t know the difference. Good thing this isn’t bgr cuz Gellar would be more harsh than I am. David is nice and wouldn’t rip into u.

      • Anonymous

        Send the 20 dollar money order to me. :D

      • Tbyrne


    • Ross12122

      And good luck using an iphone with att or any other carrier. Att makes you have a data plan regardless if you bought it at full price or not.

    • Lololol

      Why do you have an iPhone without a data plan? If you’re that dumb, you deserve to get charged,

      • Realcool2000

        Hahhaha…..so true!

    • Anonymous

      Settings -> General -> Network -> Cellular Data on/off

      “Turn off cellular data to restrict all data to Wi-Fi,…”

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_R2AVEDYLAKVWVRV4QQH34OTD74 Jesse Pinkman

    I serously laugh at all the morons and nitwits who though they wouldn’t get charged, if you dont like it, then go to another carrier please!

    • Fraud

      Thank you for responding and thus using our wonderful information sharing service. We have added this valuable feature to your account as a convenience at $.10/word. If you would like this service removed, please contact our friendly associates in Vulgaria at 555-GOODLUK. Sincerely, STATE TELEKOM.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000041129068 John Angelo Moraitis

      Some of us are locked a in contract!

  • Anonymous

    But the bottom line, is you used the web in some way shape or form. To dispute that is like   That’s like filling up the gas tank in your car, and then refusing to pay for it because the cost wasn’t verbally told to you. You’re still going to use the gas, but because you didn’t read or didn’t like the information that was presented and chose to ignore it, you refuse to pay. It’s the same concept. They send you text message alerts once you hit like $10 dollars for you to call in and get a data plan that’s going to not cost as much…I don’t see where the issue is. Likewise T-Mobile can’t and never has been able to block data usage. As of the last few months they can now block pay per use from being activated from the handset, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used if a higher package is somehow activated, especially if the customer doesn’t have their My.T-mobile.com permissions set right for the non account holder lines in family plans. Yeah, its not that great that its being added and that it is such a high cost that can build up quickly….but if you’re using 50 dollars of pay per use web, you’re using that web–there’s no question there–and have definitely been alerted to it once or multiple times, and are refusing to get a data plan that will let you pay 10 dollars instead. I’ve noticed that T-Mobile gives customers a lot more opportunities to correct issues than they should, especially because there are a lot of customers who have smart phones but don’t want to pay for the necessary data for that phone to have full function.

  • Michael Prentice

    I just added a pre-paid plan and they didn’t tell me anything about this. I did tell them that I wanted a plan without data. I guess that I better call and opt out just so that I don’t get screwed.

  • Thompc82

    Ia it that hard to uncheck the data enabled in your network settings?

  • Cyclone

    howard forums Tmobile section has big thread about it with recorded conversation between CSR and upset customer 

  • Rgevargiss

    I was charged $17.00 on my 3rd line, which didn’t have data Plan,i called: and BLOCK my 3rd line from  internet! 

  • Sotacmatt

    That’s why there is TmoNews! I was informed and then prepared. Thanks David!

  • J May Hintze

    I called and they blocked all my phones.  It was easy and they didn’t ask any questions.

    • Anonymous

      it may be easy but if you have to ask its a hassle

  • TMoFan

    On my G2 I can uncheck “data enabled” under the “wireless & internet settings” -> “mobile networks” menu. That would be the first thing I would do if I bought a smartphone with no data plan.

    • Anonymous

      but then how would you connect to wifi? because not everyone wants to pay extra but have wifi.

      • Sarah

        You can still use wifi even if your Packet Data is disabled. I do it everyday. I turn off my data to save battery but it seems it would also help the people who don’t have unlimited data or any data.

  • Paul Chamberlain

    I called twice before Sept 15th to tell T-Mobile I did NOT want any data access on lines 2 and 3 of my family account.  They said they could do something-or-other but that it wouldn’t really prevent it.  My bill showed overages for that month and I called and raised hell.  They reversed the charges for that month and the next and put on a new block that they said would prevent it.  I knew this was going to blow up in their faces and that they HAD to have a solution, I just had to wait for them to learn that.

  • http://MobileGenius.wordpress.com JM

    Adding this to people’s accounts without their permission, forcing people to opt-out rather than opt-in, is dead wrong.

    • stuckinthemiddle

      I thought it was also against the law in Washington.  Someone better call Olympia and get that AG involved!

  • whiskers

    Who says a iphone is a unapproved phone on T-Mobile ?
    T-Mobile encourages it and walks you through a setup if you choose their services with it.

    • whiskers

      This was a reply to Bartlebee420.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    As I said over 18 months ago, T-Mobile would force data on people. It made data mandatory with phone purchases and now its forced data on all subscribers.

    Fact is, this is a dishonest, deceptive business practice. There’s millions of T-Mobile customers who do NOT use a web connection on a phone. There’s millions of subscribers who want a phone only for talk, who use T-Mobile because they can’t get a signal on from other carriers.

    T-Mobile has made it so that it can reap millions in extra profits from its customers who accidentally access the Net. (My mom has a T-Mobile phone that is using a one-year, 1000 minute prepaid SIM. Even on her basic feature phone accessing the Net is quite easy, by hitting the web convenience hard key. I searched all over and there’s no way to disable that key. So now I guess I had better call T-Mobile and disable data access on that phone, if such is possible.)

    • Guest

      For those people who don’t use it, they don’t get charged. For people who do use it, they have plenty of low cost options to use it. What’s the problem?

      • Anonymous

        The problem is accidental use. Its so easy to accidentally use this service.

    • Anonymous

      The convenience keys are annoying, but you don’t get charged for browsing t-mobile’s main screen, only when you navigate outside of it.

    • Can i Get a Witness

      Or buy a phone with no web convience key. (p.s. T-mobile didn’t put the button there).

  • Vim

    I don’t see what the issue is with this.  Even dumb phones can access the internet these days and people who access the web or email without a plan need to pay something.  Pay per use makes sense in this case.   If you don’t want to pay for data then don’t use it.

    • Anonymous

      The issue is accidental use of this. For example lets say you are connected to wifi and thats all you use but one day your wifi signal randomly drops and you don’t notice it because it automatically switched to ppu since there was nothing active but that to connect to the end user doesn’t notice this happen until his bill came in and this happened more than once then he is charged $2000 for 1gb of use why $2000? because 1mb cost $2 1gb has 1024mb’s multiply that by $2 should someone have the potential to get effed like that because they wanted to save on data? remember this wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for the ppu without it the phone just wouldn’t connect its also a problem for kids like the old texting issue where the parent eyes bleed because their 13 year old daughter racked up 2000 text messages a month on average when texts costed so much.

      • Anonymous

        Max overage for pay per use data is $50 according to customer care

    • What What Tmo oh no

      Well Said! Everyone is acting as though they somehow have no controll over their usage.

    • guest

      The problem is not notifying people of this change and then refusing to remove charges for unintentional use of data that the customer never subscribed to but was forced to add on and not notified.

  • TheirFinished

    T-Mobile has burned me four times this year. Their customer service is getting worst and worst… As far as I’m concerned they are finished in my eyes I will surely be leaving esp when I find out who is getting the galaxy nexus. I’ve been with them since voicestream days and they have treated me like garbage this year…

    • the_truth

      w0w—your grammar is getting worst and worst.

      Nexus is at my new employer(Verizon). SO glad I jumped ship.

      • Realcool2000

        worst and worst hahha…learn to spell b4 u go talking about grammer.

    • Realcool2000

      Verizon is getting the NP. Now go and leave.

  • Anonymous

    Why should anyone have to opt out of this? it shouldn’t be there period. End of story. Also how the hell is t-mobile going to charge overages for minutes and not notify anyone?? 3500 minutes used this month on our family plan that is only allowed 3000 nobody notified just forced to switch the plan to avoid overage fee’s damn t-mobile why you scamming us like this? 

    • What What Tmo oh no

      What Scam?? You went over your minutes. You know you can check that easily durring the month. But what… You need a babysitter??

      • Realcool2000

        Yeah, they notified u, u just don’t know how read ue msgs…..stop whining.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, my fellow slickdealers are not happy with Tmobile right not….but we, the informed, are there for them.

  • tmotech

    Just more evidence that T-Mobile is only in the business of failing as hard as possible right now. Any idiot knows this will cost T-Mobile much more in customer good will and PR than the crooked money they make from it. Shame.

    • Realcool2000

      Why don’t u just quit and work a company u like, and stfu?

      • tmotech

        Why don’t u just quit replying to me and find someone who’s opinion u agree with, and stfu?

        • Realcool2000

          Why don’t u stop copying my exclamations and stfu…..? And stop whining on this forum if u don’t want people to comment.

          Ur gonna post on a forum and whine about stuff like a little bitch about your own company, and then be upset when someone posts about your post….ur ans idiot and you copied my exclamation no wonder ur so upset, ur an idiot with no imagination….

        • tmotech

          LOL so you’re telling me not to complain about you complaining, then turning around and complaining about me complaining? I’ll post my opinion and you can’t stop me, sir. U mad?

        • Realcool2000

          I’m not tellin u stop posting fool. I’m saying:

          1. Don’t get mad when people post a reply to your post, its a public forum, 2. Don’t be a little bitch and complain about working for TMobile, do your best at your job or quit like a man, don’t complain about it on a forum like a little kid,
          3. Don’t copy me, try to be origonal with an exclamation, ex: I tell u to stfu, try to have some imagination with a comback,
          4. Stop using tmotech as a post name if u don’t have faith in the company u work for….make sense and stop fronting ( that means faking ), maybe use madtmotech….make sense
          5. Don’t try to act like ( again fronting ) you are honorable or sarcastic or intelligent or whatever you’re trying to accomplish by calling me sir and asking if I’m mad. Just stop being a bitch and complaining so much and man up about your job, and start talking trash like a man as well.

          Lesson over…..there’s a book out there called “how to stop being a little bitch”. ….pick it up.

  • Pardue

    I have three kids on Lines 3 – 5 that have the Samsung Gravity Touch – I do not have them set up with Data as I could only imagine the “Facebook” usage that they’d have racked up during school hours … Anyway, we received the messages from T-Mobile informing us of the added Data feature, which I did not want for their phones.  I called T-mobile that night and two of my three daughters has already racked up $8 & $12 dollar usage bills.  I had the feature removed and they claimed they would credit the usage fee (never did) and within three weeks it was back on … Called CS once again and have finally gotten it removed from lines 3-5 … I have family allowances and that feature was useless against the added charges for internet (yes I had the spending tab set to zero) … I would much prefer an Opt In option not a fight to get out option ….  

    • Realcool2000

      I have one word for you buddy “tracfone”

      Now how’s this sound …tracfone for the kids, tmobile for u smart and knowledgable mom and dad.

      Sound good.

  • Really???

    Wow. People are stupid! If I go online with my phone and don’t have a data plan… Hell yeah, I expect to be charged. This is America… Nothing is Free, and you all know that.

    What do these people expect. They refuse to pay for internet, saying I’ll never use it… Then they think they can cheat the company and use it for nothing.

    And to everyone saysing T-mo has no right to add this… These customers were charged Nothing unless they used Data. They now have to pay for what they used.

    And to everyone saying Tmo is failing due to this… really, every company charges for things. Find me free, it doesn’t exist.

    This is the dumbest Article I’ve ever seen. T-mo charged me cuz I used the web I didn’t pay for…Now I gotta Pay… Booo Hoo Cry Babies.

    • Gabe41521

      Lol dude you are my hero, he is completely right you all are mad because you can’t cheat anymore, I takes to a customer today who was mad at att for same thing Tmobile is just catching up and btw hoe many of you idiots are using wifi sharing on yore phone for free? last report said about 90% go to another company and do this, you can’t so stop bitching

      • guest

        You don’t understand what is going on. No one was cheating any system. See my above post copied here for your convinience.

        “The problem is that Tmobile started charging people for a service they
        didn’t sign up for. If they didn’t pay for data and for example had a
        weather widget that automatically updated it would only update when they
        were in WiFi range. If it tried to update on the cell data it wouldn’t
        work because they didn’t pay for data. Now Tmobile has automatically
        signed them up for data without notifying them. If their widgets try to
        update now while on cell data it will work and will charge them $1.99.

        is not hard to understand why people would be upset about this and feel
        cheated especially if they contact Tmobile and tell them they were not
        notified of the change and Tmobile still charges them, that is poor
        customer service and just nickel and diming customers”

    • Aro

      Helloo, people are not stupid those smart phone have wifi, it is t-mobile playing pranks on ways to make more money.

      • Can i Get a Witness

        If you use wifi you wont be charged. If you use data you will pay.. where is the confusion. People who use data, have to pay for data.

        And prank.. Really…Go find a company that doesn’t charge customers. good luck with that.

        • Aro

          Well, welcome to corporate america you will learn soon on how this big companies are out to make money by all means.

        • Can i Get a Witness

          exactly. Why the surprise on your part. My bank did something similar too. This is the real world. Cry somewhere else.

    • guest

      The problem is that Tmobile started charging people for a service they didn’t sign up for. If they didn’t pay for data and for example had a weather widget that automatically updated it would only update when they were in WiFi range. If it tried to update on the cell data it wouldn’t work because they didn’t pay for data. Now Tmobile has automatically signed them up for data without notifying them. If their widgets try to update now while on cell data it will work and will charge them $1.99.

      It is not hard to understand why people would be upset about this and feel cheated especially if they contact Tmobile and tell them they were not notified of the change and Tmobile still charges them, that is poor customer service and just nickel and diming customers

  • JP

    I sold my Nexus One in March of this year and downgraded to a cheapo LG flip phone.  Since I bought the phone outright, the Tmobile rep behind the counter switched me to non data plan.  In April, I scored a cheap Sony Xperia mini x10 and begin using that.  Since the original change in March, I put a block on my account for every type of data/email/web etc.  For months everything was fine, but then I noticed (2) $50  charges for data the past 2 months.  When I called T-mobile, they told me I’ve been using an IPad on the network and the billing was correct.   It took 3 hours on the phone dealing with hangups, cold transfers and multiple managers to get the $100 fee reversed.  They never explained how I was making phone calls on the phantom Ipad, but someone in the store said unidentified phones always default to iphones or ipads on their network.  I understand my xperia has the ability to surf the web ect, but I never use the features….EVER.  T-Mobile is trying to pull a fast one here.  I’m sure I’ll be packing my backs in Mar’11 when the contract is up.

    BTW, they never answered the question has I was making calls on my phantom Ipad… idiots.

    • Realcool2000

      it doesn’t sound like they were charging u for calls on the ipad, they were charging u for data obviously, idiot.

      Btw, sounds like ur the idiot for seeling ur nexus to buy a whacked phone, idiot.

      • JP

        i have a xoom with verizon smartass.  I don’t need a phone for data.  adding $50 to a bill for no data usage is dumb… 

        BTW, in their system the ONLY thing listed is an Ipad… so how do i make my 1500+ mins of calls every month…that’s what they couldn’t answer…you can’t make phone calls on an ipad through the tmobile nework.

        so to sum it up, they flag my device incorrect, add a 50 per month data fee to a device that can’t makes calls and when they check my account, they only see mins being used, NO DATA…

        Please troll elsewhere.

        • Realcool2000

          If u explain correctly maybe people will understand you. Seems to me u have a xoom and they thought it was an ipad and u owe some money, but woant to complain about on this forum to make yourself feel better.

          Its not my fault u r stupid and bought wacked phones and sold ur nexus. So don’t be mad at me when I point out that u don’t make sense.

          If u don’t want people to comment on ur post , then go complain somewhere else bitch…..

  • Emerson0629

    Really?? How about apps who use data on there own? Have u ever though about geo tagging? That uses data and other apps. Plus android os does send the force close records back to google or htc.? How can u stop that?

    • Can i Get a Witness

      Why does everyone on tmonews always attack t-mobile.

      The real point here is, a lot of people want to buy the best, high-end, data phone, and then just use it on wifi, when it is obviously made for something else. T-mobile doesn’t make android phones connect to the web for geo tagging, and app updates… Google did. But you buy a google phone. I get why.. I mean I have a Galaxy sII. I love it. I’m online on it all the time, so I have a data plan.

      People need to be realistic. Companies do not exist to provide free service, they need to make money. This is true for every company. If you find a company that does not do this, do not get locked into a contract, because they will probably start doing this soon.

      Don’t forget, it was just a few years ago that companies started offering unlimited minutes for $99.99 a month. Now we can get unlimetd talk text and web for less. And the speed keeps increasing.
      In five years everyone on this site will be complaining that wireless companies are only offering unlimited everything for $20 a month… Five years later $10.. Really, for everything I get out of my phone.. connecting to friends/family, data, games, apps… It’s worth paying for.

      • guest

        I don’t understand your argument. These people aren’t getting anything for free from Tmobile. They bought a smartphone on their own at full price (this costs Tmobile nothing) and do not use Tmobiles data (again costing tmobile nothing). You make it sound like they are stealing something from Tmobile – What are they getting for free from tmobile?

        • Can i Get a Witness

          Really?? Everyone is arguing that they are suddenly being charged for data, but if they do not use it they will not be charged, so if they are complaining it is because they are being charged for what they use. They can use wifi without being charged. They can shut off data and suf with just wifi. So do it. but when they bought their full-price phone they knew they were buyingh a data intensive device. Google, not tmo made the phone that way.

          The way I see it, peopel are just being charged for data they use. So what is your argument??? I have no problem with the fact that they use wifi free.

        • guest

          The problem is they kept using the phone the way they always did and tmibile added an option to their account that they didn’t want without notifying them that they were adding it. You are correct, these people probably did use data unintentionally after T-Mobile added it to their account but the point is they didn’t mean to and intentionally didn’t have a data plan because they didn’t want to pay for it. T-Mobile was being unreasonable by not refunding these unwanted charges but has changed its policy and now is refunding people (see newest story on tmonews). This just goes to show that you were invthe wrong the whole time

        • guest

          If you are getting charged for pay per use, then you are using tmobile data, and you should be charged. If you buy a smartphone and plan on using wifi only, then it is your responsibiliy to learn how to use it properly, so that you don’t incur any overages. Disable pocket data, and use wifi. That’s it, piece of cake.

      • Jacop_s

        this has very little to do with smart phones. if you have a smart phone and don’t want to use t-mobile data you can set it to only use wifi. this is about all the crappy feature phones that t-mobile sold without data, and in a desperate cash grab they activated it as a pay per use feature. my wife’s flip phone does not need internet access, and it never should have been enabled by t-mobile 

  • Deeg

    Thats pretty expensive.  Reminds me of when I called to find out about the pay–per-day prepaid plan which I assume is designed for customers who want to control their spending.  Well Tmobile rep tells me that you WILL GET CHARGED EVEN FOR INCOMING CALLS YOU RECEIVE WHEN YOUR PHONE IS TURNED OFF.  So basically you have no control.  You don’t have to touch your phone.  If someone misdials your phone, you have to pay — even if you don’t even turn on the phone – forget about not answering it.  Thats just crazy.  

  • guest

    Just cancel your service show me where Verizon is cheaper or att their not I love this sitem but honestly David this shouldn’t be a blog this is something every company does so please just cancel your service and go fuck yourself this is a bunch of jobless system cheating, assholes who are mad because they are getting charged for services used

    • Jacop_s

      this is about t-mobile adding a feature to their customers phones, and then charging them an outrageous rate for it. I now have a family plan with three flip phones that can access the internet. if i wanted it enabled i would have called an activated it. now I have to worry about it getting used unintentionally. my smart phone has a data plan, but the other phones don’t need it, and should not have it.

  • b’more

    look, t-mobile is digging it’s grave of failure, what t-mobile has done is that they have forced data plans on people that have smart phones, and what I think they have done is they have allowed those smart phones to access data to give them an excuse to charge customers which does not happen in the past and have it in mind most of those smart phones have wifi so a customer should have a choice of how they want to access the internet, for me I think what t-mobile has done is wrong and they will surely pay the price sooner or later. 
    Well shopping around for peace of mind.

    • Can i Get a Witness

      You know you can turn off data on Android phones.

      • B’more

        Yes, you can turn them off but for the past one one that function has refused to work on one of my phones that’s being charged.

  • http://ashn.myopenid.com/ Ash

    If you don’t need it turn off mobile data.

  • Deeg

    Those of you mad and thinking of leaving should check Amazon’s sale this week.  Any phone on Sprint, ATT or Verizon for one penny with a 2 year contract on a new line.  This is what a REAL SALE looks like.  No need to explain a value plan or your monthly plans or that in 20 months, you’ll save $10.  Save $200 up front – right now – plain and simple.  Easy to compare prices- go to the carrier’s site, check the real phone price, the contract price and then the Amazon penny price.  Customers feel they are getting a ‘deal’ – they buy…and Amazon once again cements its place as the ‘value’ website people turn to and continues to build customer loyalty…even if they take a hit in the short term.  No jacking up prices or faking a sale.  So if you want to switch, this week would be a good one 

    • guest

      Yeah great deal, plans are much higher and mytouch 4g slide is free on tmo website, you are an idiot

      • Can i Get a Witness

        Everyone will leave t-mobile for one of those fictitious companies that doesn’t charge its customers.

  • Vibrant916

    I just had a very long and confusing/angry call conversation with Customer Care. SO basically my family and I can’t afford data plans so we have android phones like the G2 and Vibrant but we don’t have a data plans on them. We use Wifi. They two lines were charged with their stupid Pay Per Usage  thingy but we don’t have data plans and we don’t use any data. They said it was a valid charge and can’t be taken away. Ok first of all T-Mobile decided this and did not ask us about it. Second since T-Mobile added this feature and Not I why the heck would I be held responsible. So in the end the charges are still there and I have gone ahead and told the rep to cancel all data enabled on the phones so I will never again get a usage charge. Call Customer Care because most lily you 2 have gotten the Usage Charge and were not aware of it. So much for best Customer Care and Loyalty. 

    • guesr

      Why do you have those phones if you don’t want data that is your fault not tmobile that would be like buying a Ferrari and complain about gas mileage, just cancel and get screwed buy other companies that are sooooooooo great

      • Can i Get a Witness

        Welll said!

        • Vibrant916

          Yeah didn’t I say I can’t afford the data plans. And I love android and use it with wifi works great. The phones we got for cheap rom an upgrade and didn’t get the data plans cost a lot plus on top of the monthly bill yeah that was not going to happen. People like me who have smartphones like android or blackberry or windows or even unlocked iPhones are greatly affected by this Usage charge. The rep told me a “solution” he said if you get a data plan we will take away the charge. What the kind of solution is that. Why can’t they just take away the Usage charge anyways. Its like their trying to force those people like me wit smartphones and not data plan to get a data plan. Make it $5 a month then yeah I would get the data plan. 

        • guest

          Wow vibrant916, I can’t believe they fed you garbage that they can remove the charge if you buy a data plan. That is low and not at all what I would expect from Tmobile customer service.

          Heck, why don’t you add data, get the charges removed, then call right back and remove the data.

        • Vibrant916

          Yeah it was complete BS they told buy the data and the charge goes away. Funny how I never had a data charge until they ordered the Pay Per Usage charge. I had never once gotten a data charge because 1 I don’t have a data plan and 2 I use wifi plus can’t afford data plan. Smart idea but i don’t think they will let me take away the date after I have added it. 

      • guest

        Why is it his fault? If he chooses not to use Cell Data and have a smart phone to use on wifi that is his decision. Many people spend alot of their time in areas that have wifi and spending $20+ isn’t worth it for have cellular data but they still like having all the features of a smartphone while they are in Wifi range (probably at home, school, work, starbucks – pretty much everyplace but in a car)

    • Ivan Sanchez

      ever heard of switching off “mobile network” in your settings?

    • Wirelessman

      Does your service work over WiFi with your Android phone now?

  • Can i Get a Witness

    So we have to pay for data now if we use data… So what. Why is everyone upset. I have been using data and paying for a data plan for 6 years with tmo. great service and good price.

    • Aro

      Every one  has the right to be upset because this phones are equipped with WiFi so its your choice to access the internet the way it best suits you to avoid charges which I think most customers have their wifi on so I think T-mobile is wrong for forcing data charge on people.

      • Can i Get a Witness

        no one is forced.. Get over yourself. Do not use data, you will not be charged.

        • Guest

          We all got charged without knowing the service was added….

        • Jacop_s

          So you’re ok with t-mobile enabling features on your phone
          willy nilly, and then charging you highway robbery because of a change they
          made. The only reason for a change like this is a quick money grab from old
          people and kids. it is a sleazy business practice.

  • Respawn

    Words of wisdom to the dumb people complaining: Get a freakin’ cheaper phone. If you’ve got a smartphone and no data plan, it’s like having a car and no gas. So you’re complaining because you have to buy gas. It’s pay per use data just like it’s pay per use gas. Same concept, different industry. Get over it.

    • Kristoff119

      Not true when you have plenty of wifi access. Here in slc we have wifi on some of our buses, let alone work school and home. I currently have a data plan, but myself have been there where I dropped my data plan to save on cost, back when they allowed it.

    • Aro

      My people perish for lack of knowledge, T-mobile is wrong period 

    • Reason211

      No it’s not the same gasoline and a car.  Most of us have wifi available EVERYWHERE, there is no need to pay $20-30 a month for a data plan we don’t need.  There are over a million iphones being used on the tmobile network, the best we can get on tmobile data is edge speeds.  By using tmobile, we don’t have to spend an extra $20 per line to use our smartphones and we can use wifi to get high speed mobile access.

      Tmobile is renowned for their customer service, that’s one reason why this is pissing everyone off.  This is something we expect from AT&T, NOT T-mobile.

    • guest

      Whether or not you think it is a waste to have a smartphone without a data plan has nothing to do with adding this data plan to peoples accounts that don’t want it then refusing to remove unintentional charges.

      Many pepole have wifi everywhere they go and don’t need to spend $20+/month on cell data

    • TW

      Respawn, I WILL complain, I bought an unlocked android phone for my wife and had wi-fi set up and everything was fine for months.  She tells me of a text she got yesterday, and I began investigating.  Funny, until 10 days ago, w/wifi no data EVER used.  Funny how 10 days or so ago, the phone began sipping data.  I call BS!  I will not get over it.  It is the whole principle, a little unethical, IMHO, and far from the company I used to work for 10 yrs ago.

      • Aro

        Am with you on that

    • Cupcake

      I have spare phones that are at my disposal for my kids in case of lost/damage.  If one of those phones is a smartphone, I am NOT going to pay for data just so they can have a phone to call me on.  I have data so I DID NOT get a text.  And my kids didnt get a text on their phone either.  I told them to remove it…I didnt authorize it.

    • Jorge22f

      @Respawn I guess tablets without data radios are like cards without gas tanks to you… not every one wants to use data on the go, I have a data plan on my line but my wife that is home all the time doesn’t need one, tha’s why we have a wireless router at home.

  • Anonymous

    People should all contact tmo and tell them not to add ANY new features or add-on without the authorized person adding it on. No automatic add-on features allowed. No problems or surprises on bills.

  • Can i Get a Witness

    everyone cancel t-mobile service now, and go to a free carrier with free service…oh wait, there is none.

    • Jacop_s

      this has nothing to do with people wanting something free. this is about t-mobile exploiting there customers in a quick cash grab. “THEY” enabled internet access on my wife’s crappy flip phone. she knew not to use it, but there is no reason to have it active on her phone.