T-Mobile Galaxy Tab Plus Just Hanging Out In The Wild

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve last heard anything about the upcoming T-Mobile bound Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus and so we’re happy to present a picture of it hanging around in the wild. We’ve already seen some shots of the backside with T-Mobile branding so this time we’re bringing you the frontside with T-Mobile branding.

Unfortunately, that’s about all we can gleam from this image of the Galaxy Tab Plus hanging around in the wild. Current rumors still pinpoint this device for a November 2nd launch priced around $299.99 with a two year contract. We’ll hold tight to that date and price until we hear official word from the T-Mobile mothership.

Thanks E.

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  • Anonymous

    The “Wow-Way” Springboard impressed me more.

    • Yeah, and it will be cheaper too.

    • SuBLiMeDaViD

      Wow-Way should be Wow-Crap

  • My2Cents

    Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these.  Merry early Christmas to me!

  • Mr Crabs

    Tis true. Lock up your data plan and wait for the globe. Then you can toss all your bricks and pony up for a new phone.

    Thats why david is waiting for the iphone 5.

    No android for him!

  • My2Cents

    That does look pretty sweet bro thanks!

  • J. Williams

    I still don’t really see the need for a tablet yet. I’ve purchased one, and it got very little use. My phone has a 4.5 inch screen, so why the need for a Tablet? I guess if they were priced right, I could find a need lol. But their not, so I might as well buy a laptop which gives tons more options. I’m about ready to get rid of my current tablet selection.

  • Dell can suck it

    Will it make phone calls? Convergence?

  • Eldriclong21

    Do anyone know if the galaxy note will work on t mobile network