Customer Requirements For T-Mobile/Wal-Mart $30 Prepaid Plan, HTTPS Data Blocked?

There has been quite a bit of confusion surrounding the new T-Mobile/Wal-Mart $30 prepaid Monthly4G rate plan and we hope this image can clear a few things up. First and foremost, you must get a new number in order to take advantage of this offer as existing customers cannot move over to this rate plan with their existing number. As you can see in the image, there are no exceptions to this requirement. Secondly, before you decide to take advantage of this rate plan, think long and hard about what your needs are, as you can’t go back to the plan if you opt for it and then move away from it.

Still, with all the little exceptions necessary to take advantage of this offer, it’s still one heck of a deal. That is, unless you need to surf HTTPS websites such as Gmail, Yahoo or Facebook. Sites with HTTPS require a secure log-in and we’re hearing from countless folk who have early-adopted this new rate plan that they are unable to visit those sites from the phone browser.

We’re still looking for confirmation the secure website troubles are an actually block or just an a technical problem T-Mobile is aware of.

Let us know if you are having similar troubles connecting to secure websites.

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    Is there a way to leave T-Mobile’s contract? I’m currently in a 2 year contract about 1 year remaining. I wish i could leave them. THEY SUCK. 

    • Ash

      You should’ve done that with 30days when you first signed up.

      No use complaining now, suck it up or pay the etf.


    Is there a way to leave T-Mobile’s contract? I’m currently in a 2 year contract about 1 year remaining. I wish i could leave them. THEY SUCK. 

  • Yawn

    too many restrictions – fail t-mobile

    starting to sound like at&crap already

  • Yawn

    too many restrictions – fail t-mobile

    starting to sound like at&crap already

  • GladILEFT

    It’s like having chili cheese fries but without the chili or cheese.  

    Stupidist data plan ever.  There’s always a catch with T-Mobile. 

  • Caspari715

    I already canceled my Tmobile service, and ordered the LG thrive from AT&T.  I wanted this plan and it sucks without no Https.  If Tmobile was just having problems with the network, they would have said it by now. It’s starting to sound like this no Https thing is permanent.  But not a surprise coming from Walmart.  The Straight Talk plan from Walmart also has restrictions on there new $45 unlimited Data plan.  Tmobile needs to get out of bed with Walmart before they loose the little bit of credibility they have left in this business.      

    • Aerojb

      They fixed the secure site issue Wednesday afternoon. Good to go.

    • 576

      it works now! i love it, especially the price. :)

    • Bob

      It’s “lose” not loose

  • Ktimman

    does anyone know how to switch over to this walmart exclusive deal? Been to walmart 3 times already and the reps. are absolutely no help!!

    • 576

      buy an activation kit and activate it online. choose the plan you want! and your done..

    • 576

      you can not switch your currently phone number you must get a new number, line!.

      • Jordan Bond

        What if I’m wanting to port my number from postpaid AT&T to this Walmart exclusive plan. Can I activate and then port over somehow?

        • lion heart

          i don’t think is possible but you should call t-mobile for that!

  • Guest

    how do you port a number without using google voice


    Hello-Anyone tell me how I go about changing my carrier from verizon to AT&t wireless service for my android, witch would allow m/e freedom” from VerizonedVerizoned
    With Sincere Appreciation,
    Peter J. Frank

  • Rick Horchner

    OTR: over the road driver wonders about not getting data while roaming. Will this plan accommodate teathered wifi? Thx in advance

  • Anonymous

    Will this SIM work for 3G Data use in an Unlocked T-Mo Galaxy Tab 7?

  • Rwish

    What does “once a customer changes off of this plan, they cannot have it back” exactly mean? Does it mean that I cannot cancel it forever in order to keep using this new $30 plan? This is ridiculous. What if I go abroad for like 5 months? This means I just have to pay for the service that I absolutely don’t use just to keep it alive! Or maybe I am misinterpreting the text? Somebody please tell me I am…

  • Brian Burke

    They removed this plan from the Walmart site and over the weekend the sales person said all the phones are sold out. Let me know if you find somthing.

    • Jeff K.

      Still on –

  • Calwebbin

    So even if you’re already have a prepaid plan (mine goes a full year), you can get a brand new phone number/account and you’re considered a “new customer”?

  • JadeMoon20

    I am an existing T-Mobile customer. I get the unlimited talk text and web(first 100mb @4g) for $50 a month as this is one of the prepaid plans.  If I were to cancel my existing account, purchase the new Samsung Exhibit II from and activate that phone on would I be able to get the $30 plan?!

  • Davidam657

    What if I have a mytouch4g on prepaid, How can i start a new line of service on T-mobile prepaid with this plan?

  • BBuser

    I have a question. If I use the $30 plan with unlimited data/text and 100 min, is it possible to add BIS to that plan? I keep getting mixed answers – T-Mobile says you can only get BIS on $50 and up plans, but I saw that someone mentioned you can do it on a $30 plan. Has anybody done this? Thanks!

  • LL

    Go to Simple for $40 unlimited calls/text (including international) and data.  Their hard cap on data may be 1-2gb which still is subject of debate.  They piggyback on T-Mobile’s service.  Had it for 4 months on unlocked iPhone and works great.  No issues on data side.  Pre-paid with no contract. Setup to automatically bill to your credit card.

    • Moleculor

       Don’t go there. They advertise 3G speeds, only provide 2G. Seriously. My brand new Samsung Galaxy Nexus is connecting to their HSPA+ networks and only pulling down 119 kbps. Google “119 kbps Simple Mobile” and you’ll see a bunch of other people with the same problem, I’m sure.

  • Pissed Tmobile user

    I have prepaid Tmobile and now they block Google Voice when the minutes get low. The very time you want to make sure you care using GV. I tried every method to make sure calls went out on GV when I was on wifi and they were all routed against my minutes. This really sucks. I will be posting thing every where I can to make users aware.

    • extremely_well

      Google Voice calls use your voice minutes UNLESS you CORRECTLY setup and CORRECTLY use a softphone app like GrooVe IP or Talkatone

  • TeresaLouise

    Awhile back in March I went into a Walmart and bought the Exhibit 4g II

    I was stoked about the 30 dollar plan considering I don’t call anyone and it is just cheaper. The girl told me that i wasn’t allowed to get the 30 dollar unlimited text& data with 100 talk minutes because that phone wasn’t able to get that plan. I explained to her I was moving from Arizona, to Virginia with no job and no money and couldn’t afford the 50 dollar plan that she said could only work on this phone. In a rush to be able to have a phone with service i reluctantly agreed to go ahead and buy the phone and 50 dollar plan.I am still currently jobless thanks to living in a very small town where jobs are nearly non-existent Now as i read above I can’t get on the 30 dollar plan like i hoped to when i get some money for Christmas.

    I am very disappointed, because my sister later found out that the Walmart we went to in Arizona, their mobile section ((which is basically a little store in the front instead of in the back with electronics)) work on commission, and who ever can “up-sale” gets that extra money on top of their hourly wage. So now i will be out of a phone soon because I am unable to pay for it.

  • Iso opto

    No data when in roaming mode. And no service in several areas, plus weak, very week signal in many more areas of Minnesota and Wosconsin. I had better service with Tmobile. Walmart Family Plan is lousy and they do not tell you about the restrictions and lousy coverage. But worst of all is that it is self service cell phone. You will not be able to accomplish anything even if you could talk to a real person.