(Update) T-Mobile Holding “Values Day 2011” September 24th?

Update: We’ve been told by trusted sources that “Values Day 2011” is an annual event/internal program used to boost employee morale. However, it doesn’t change our belief that the promotion itself taking place on the 24th is still a Value-plan based promotion. 

We’re still guessing at what exactly T-Mobile has in store for their “All Hands Day” on September 24th even so we’re receiving more and more notification that this will be another sale similar to T-Mobile’s previous Fathers Day and Valentines Day sales. Furthermore, we’re hearing that call centers are asking for overtime be used on September 24th giving us a bit of hope that this offer, whatever it may be will also involve fully qualified existing customers as well as new customers.

The image we’ve just obtained above leads us to further believe that we are looking at a one day sale possibly called “Values Day 2011.” Given that certain retail stores are receiving balloons without any sort of documentation as to when they are to be used allows us to assume that this somehow ties in with the rumored September 24th sale.

Here’s a little more food for thought as someone brought up an interesting possibility that this sale has been arranged in order to provide current and future T-Mobile customers with an amazing deal before the launch of the iPhone 4S/5. Without a lot of indications that the iPhone will arrive on T-Mobile this year it’s entirely possible that this deal is structured to provide T-Mobile customers with a big incentive to stick with Magenta. Obviously this is all theory and we don’t know what September 24th truly is nor do we know if it has anything to do with a possible launch/not launch on T-Mobile. Still, it’s food for thought.




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  • Deceptivesmiles

    Smh, until every carrier gets the iPhone, ppl will desire it. Once everybody gets it, it’ll be old news.

    There are a lot if sheep who want it because its popular.

  • Cscorbin

    Tmonews for the love of pete fix your site. I use to read up on tmo news every day but since the last site “upgrade” and addition of loads of ads I get nothing but errors.  BTW this is on multiple computers IE8 and IE9

    curvyObject warning:zero-width box with no accountable parent.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JWURHJP47VN3N7KAEHAFD6VLP4 T Moble sold us out.

    FACT : Recordings prove that T Mobile continually gives out their customer’s personal infomation. It is illegal , but they continue to do it. Your information is not safe with T Mobile. Their employee even bragged about writing down T Mobile customer’s ssn and etc and taking it home.

    • Respawn

      Welcome to the wireless industry. We have jackets. Ah hell, welcome to the modern world!

      And besides, unless you are a higher ranking employee, their system should only show the last four of the SSN anyway. Therefore, if you demand a supervisor, your SSN can be sold. So don’t demand a supervisor :P

      I would really love to see where you’re getting your information. Lol

    • jon

      Wear a tin foil hat. I hear that helps protect you. Good luck!

    • Nick

      facts are easily proven with proof

    • Ali

      Then grab the proof and you won’t even need a lawyer to be the next millionaire.


    • Ali

      Then grab the proof and you won’t even need a lawyer to be the next millionaire.


  • Kay


    lmao. Such a foreseen T-mobile move. Watch this day be a flop.

  • OKDave

    If I move to the value plans, are they going to have squat worth my time in this big sale?

  • guest

    Um, no offence, but 9/24 is a Saturday. Not a premium day to have employee morale meetings LOL!

    • http://tmonews.com David

      No “offense” taken but I clarified that in the post!

  • Nottelling

    As I was leaving the store, the promo for this Sat is $99 down payment on all smartphones when signing up for unlimited talk text web 2GB or higher. And it would be a mail in rebate to get down to the $99. Not much of a deal if you ask me but that’s the word on what it is.

    • Nottelling

      Value plan too. Sorry

  • Pikachu

    The fact that I have to work outside of my given availability due to school upsets me. I don’t understand how my morale is going to be boosted by being forced to work. Any other employees on here comment in agreement PLEASE.

  • Anonymous

    Yay! 2 Balloons and a pack of lifesavers. If this doesnt boost morale, maybe they should try putting an effort into it next time.