Future Galaxy S II Owners, What Is More Important Inside Your Device?

With a Samsung Galaxy support Twitter account providing us with the first true hint as to what is inside the future T-Mobile variant of the Galaxy S II, we want to know what is more important to our readers. Your comments on yesterday’s post showed split beliefs on what you would rather see inside the T-Mobile GSII, processor speeds, data speeds or a combination of the two.

So how about a poll to help determine the answer for TmoNews readers, data speeds or processor speeds? Of course without concrete benchmarks it’s difficult to determine just how much slower the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor will be over the Samsung Exynos processor so it’s possible your vote could change after the Galaxy S II is released and tested. For now, take the poll and let us know what is more important to you.



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  • E_holland3

    Which galaxy is better and what is the difference for t-mobile, the galaxy I or II??

  • sEoUlMaN

    I just want the Exchange Activesync to do more than 1 month of email and I want to search my emails.  Yes I know I can do Gmail but my office email is not on gmail.

  • Mrcoolgarcia

    so all thhis new this and new that , but have you guys forgot how lame samsung is to update software, and the gps problems whti vribant and all the other phones samsung didnt care , why are we even considering a phone wit no suport from its manufaturere, i prefer htc or moto, just my 2 cents in to this