T-Mobile Loves You, Sends Out Gift Cards

I said it before, and I really mean it this time; T-mobile loves you.  As a token of their appreciation, T-Mobile is sending out $25 promotional cards to be used in store for phones and accessories.  It’s a free $25, is anyone complaining, or has anyone else received T-Mobile’s “thanks.”  If you get it soon enough, before the end of July, you might be able to use this for that 50% off accessories promotion.  T-Mobile loves you.

Thanks – you know who you are (wink)

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  • Richard Clarke

    I received a T-Mobile gift card and I lost it o misplaced it. I called T-Mobile for 2 days trying to get it replaced and I eventually was told by a T-Mobile Rep that they were sorry but they could not replace the card or do anything else for me. This customer appreciation and service was not the best and It makes me wonder if T-Mobile is sincerely trying to make me feel loved, Right now I don’t. 
    If T-Mobile wants to correct this situation I can be reached at 773-704-4558.