Has T-Mobile Customer Service Taken A Turn For The Worse?

After T-Mobile’s loss of the JD Power Customer Care award and a continuously growing stream of emails regarding unusually long wait times we begin to wonder just what exactly is going on with T-Mobile’s award winning customer service department. Well someone’s ears were ringing as two sources answered our question with a confidential look at what could be to blame. We’ve received two pieces of information that give us at least some form of an answer as to why T-Mobile’s customer service seems to have dropped from the top spot.

The first is related to the above image as T-Mobile has removed the ability to bypass the automated calling system pass Go and collect $200 instead requiring the customer to input a phone number to properly route the person to the correct place. T-Mobile says it’s taking this step in order to properly route customers and better answer of questions. I say its just another step in ensuring longer wait times by placing customers into a longer queue.

The second is a little more detailed and something we have to be a little more selective on our word choices as we were asked only to post certain things. The short version of the story is that in the past 12 months T-Mobile call centers have seen, in some cases a drastic reduction in staffing, outsourcing and as of late a drop in morale as almost every center believes they are closing when the AT&T deal finalizes. While call volume remains steady, reductions in staffing have lead to very high hold times and a whole lot of customer unhappiness. Our inbox speaks to that. Some call centers have seen reductions in staffing by the hundreds since early this year with some centers looking to further cut staffing as 2011 continues. In fact, some employees responsible for training new employees in the United States call centers are now being sent overseas to handle increases in staffing abroad.

So is T-Mobile looking to downsize ahead of the merger or are they looking to cut costs with outsourced service centers? Either way there is a clear indication that something is going on and there is something behind the recent spat of disappointed loyal T-Mobile customer complaints about lengthy hold times. We’ve begun to really hear a large number of complaints from our readers about call wait times including one reader, Anthony who has tried over the last 5 days just to get someone on the phone and has waited at least 45 minutes each time being unable to do so. Anthony has called from his T-Mobile phone and a desk phone without including his own number.

We’ve been unable to confirm all of the specifics contained within our ninja info but we have no reason to suspect it is incorrect based on the information we are hearing from everyday T-Mobile subscribers who are finding more and more calls being handled by overseas agents. For the moment we are growing increasingly concerned about the direction T-Mobile is headed as we begin the countdown to the AT&T takeover decision. Slowly but surely it looks like the T-Mobile we know and love is becoming the AT&T Death Star, even if the deal doesn’t go through we wonder what a post AT&T takeover talk T-Mobile would look like.

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  • Ingisurfs

    I used to LOVE t-mobile and got an outsourced agent today who couldn’t even speak to me! UGH!

  • Kate

    WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE IMAGINABLE….. On hold, rude service people—and totally incompetent with tech support

  • Tyler Durden

    I just switched to Verizon… I’m still getting charged. I’m headed to a t-Mobile store to physically threaten someone who works there tomorrow… I don’t care who.

  • Guest

    I’m so done with this company. When my contract ends they can kiss my @$$ goodbye along with the rest of the people who realize what a sh!tty company they’ve become. I used to be so devoted to tmobile. The products/incentives WERE top notch, the service WAS outstanding and they USED TO actually care about the customer. 2 years ago when i first got the mytouch 4g i had 15.7mbps Download/6.4mbps upload. As of a year and a half ago I now have 2.3mbps down/0.10mbps upload. I’m beyond pissed and the explanation they provide is “it’s within the normal limits of my 4g device”?!?!?! WTF? 

    This company has nosedived into a massive pile of feces and is no way in H3LL climbing back out with my help any further. I now spread the word of disgust instead of praise and i do everything in my power to ensure they don’t drag another person down into this nightmare service they provide. 
    The new routing system make my blood boil too. That stupid @$$ thing hangs up on me constantly so by the time i actually get through to a person i’m so enraged that i have to fight the urge not to verbally abuse the poor rep on the other end of the conversation who had no say in Tmobile’s Executive decisions to give 2 less FU(K$ about the people they claimed to care so much about.

    I’m so sick of corporate America putting shareholder profits ahead of the people who made these companies what they are today. Our government likes to consider these scumbag corporations “people”; these “people” need to be lynched in the street and shareholders who push for a bigger return on their investment versus a better product/service/experience for the people need a couple of good lashings for encouraging this behavior in today’s corporate society. Everyone likes to say that capitalism is what makes America so great. You’ll soon realize that the capitalism of today is what’s crippling our country. How about screw all of you!!! How much profit does a god damn company need to make in a quarter/year? There comes a point when the number in your bank accounts is so large that it matters none because you have practically unlimited funds. People in America pay 3-4 times more on just about everything, except for maybe fuel, than everyone else in the world. How this ok? You jerk offs that want to justify this saying the cost of infrastructure is so high? Really? Is that why the infrastructure is still being built all the while shareholders are still collecting record profits? Your arguments are BS and you are likely the one of the privileged few who are benefiting from those profits; likely because your rich @$$ grandpa left you a comfy little nest egg allowing you to invest.

    Tmobile Execs: if you read this website Take note at what is being said about your decisions for your shareholders.

    The Rest of the Execs out there: You SUCK!!!!!!! 


    @ Guest. I agree with you about everything, except the cost if cell service. It is much cheaper in the USA. Look at Canada where they still have roaming fees from city to city and province to province. In Latin America they majr less and pay more for calls. The price of cheap phone calls in the capitalism model is poor customer service.

  • Julie

    Just on the news today that all the major cell carriers are identical! So if you are complaining about ‘one problem’ with T-Mobile, then so are others complaining about a same issues with another cell carrier. No cell carrier is better than another.

  • Itsferris

    I work for T-Mobile myself, and I know that the problem is that the company makes us have a specific time to solve the problem and end the call. So, if we can’t solve it right away… sorry, we will transfer you and get rid of the issue.