Happy Friday: The T-Mobile Jingle Won’t Carry Over To AT&T

I can’t say we didn’t totally see this coming but as it turns out, T-Mobile did answer the question internally as to what happens to the T-Mobile jingle post AT&T acquisition. Well the Jingle is a Deutsche Telekom owned trademark and as such wouldn’t carry over to AT&T after the conclusion of the deal. Sad faces all around.

Happy Friday!

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  • Simongruber

    The United States is already going to get the wrath of god. The man who came up with the T-mobile Carly concept lives in Seattle. The world is going to end, if the Christians had their way we would all be dead. Ask yourself how is it possible for a totem like Carly to exist in this world? Magic.

    Everybody go watch Thor, the man who is going to save the world from itself is Scandinavian.  

    • Deff

      They should really make you take a drug test before you comment on here.  

      • Fray Contreras


      • phoenix

        I agree.. WTF!

  • DanS

    Where does it say in that screen shot that the jingle won’t carry over? What I read is that “No decisions have been made at this point.” 

    • DanS

      Side note: I know it most likely won’t carry over, but I still am wondering how a “no decision” became a fact.

  • Attfangurl23

    The t-mobile jingle will be renamed “at&t tone” when the merger goes tru.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VGQMRQOQYPZHFOGRIZ53F646KU Not ice_fusion.

      lol. New jingle:

      *play T-Mobile’s former jingle* “AT&T. Charge More.” 

      • Respawn

        Nah. Instead of “Rethink Possible” it will be “Rethink Your Decision”

    • Anonymous

      it’s the one for Cingular

  • 1fordinner

     is blackberry dead?

  • Tito!

     #OneReason why this Merger won’t happen: because I Love T-Mobile & the T-Mobile Jingle!

    AT&T is goingg dowwwwn. :D

  • AdrianMT4G

     T-Jingle is my ringtone. Its the only ringtone I ever used that actually came on the phone. I just love it… I guess Joey from cheaters will have to get a new ringtone.. Sighs…


  • Adriana23

    Fck all of u!!! Da. World is gunna end tomorrow! So yea fck all of u!

  • Magenta Magic

    People’s jobs are on the line and this is what we worry about.

    I wonder if Verizon is hiring… oh look, yes they are…

  • hh

    Well be happy people today its the end of the world, you know what that means? That means we are better off dead than live thought a at&trash and tmoblie acquisition.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t use such tone anyway. I use the one keeping cursing AT&T as a ring tone

  • Bige2k8

    honestly, im so upset and theres no debating that, but if my cell phone bill goes up to equate verizon prices then im so fucking gone its not even funny cause verizon is better than at&trash and they innovate way faster too, i never liked the iphone so i dont give a F, i only love android, t-mo really let me down 

    • Jcj1969

      How has TMO let you down? They are not selling themselves, DT is. They have no control over process. SO, I have to ask, how has TMO let you down???

  • Kyle

    Funny thing, TMo ringtone is the fourth most recognized corporate sound in the world! That’s pretty good stuff. Or was.

  • http://twitter.com/iGNetworks iGNetworks

     They do need to refresh the T-Jingle ringtone anyways. I’ve already come up with an idea and it has a T-Mobile feeling to it.

  • Anonymous

      www vipshopper us

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MJBOV6B2EIMFOZV4XRTY6B3GIY Logan;

    Long live T-Mo!

  • http://twitter.com/PaulHarrisonPro Paul Harrison

    Also not carrying over:
    – The name
    – The high level of customer support
    – The great range of plans
    – The high quality network
    – The open, even helps you customize your Android phone, giving birthday-shoutouts to Cyanogen, etc, attitude
    – Me, probably.