Android 2.2 Froyo Finally Available For myTouch 3G Slide

just when myTouch Slide 3G owners were beginning to think they would never be able to enjoy the fruits of Android 2.2 Froyo comes a surprise. A surprise in the form of a manual update for the Slide 3G. No OTA update here but no matter as an update to Android 2.2 is an update to Android 2.2 no matter the delivery method. You’ll need to have at least 25mb of user data available as well use a Windows PC computer, no Mac support here.

Want the full breakdown on how to install Froyo for the myTouch Slide 3G? Hit up the HTC link below and enjoy your Froyo goodness!


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  • Youngt82

    This been making laugh all morning. Why I say that? Well because I always had in my head that once I try rooting my slide ,watch they release the froyo update to us….well funny thing is I finally and did root my phone yesterday with the latest CM7 and 2.3.3 Gingerbread and was saying to myself now watch us get froyo and what happens??? We get the froyo update on htc site. Crazy huh?! smh lol

    P.S. No matter what I am loving my phone now that it is rooted. Its must faster and smoother. Gingerbread is awesome. Now I feel like I have a whole new phone so yay me ;)

    • TheUnlockr

      Have to say, rooted is the way to go. No waiting for updates, get better performance, less bloatware, and even skip versions (Gingerbread running good for you?) :)

      • ZachG

        I’m running cm7 gingerbread rc4 and it works GREAT!!

        The stable should be out soon, but i would say that on on slide everything has always been exceptionally stable. I’ve been using it as my daily driver since before rc1 without any major problems.

      • Daniel Tekle

        I agree. My G2 is running CM7 RC4.. I’m trying to update my wife’s mytouch 3g slide. :)

      • Anonymous

        Theunlockr sucks.

        Whenever I try to use your website for rooting, you have two trillion typos which makes it almost impossible to use your guide to root my phone. is way better.

        • Tortionist

          They are both good sites. The unlockr had a better run-through of rooting my g2 and achieving s-off, while xda developers had the much better Gingermexfast ver.1.2 ROM, over-clockable to 1.8 Ghz and very speedy and very stable with Android 2.3.2. The best ROM for the G2, especially after trying a dozen others.

  • The Observer

    kind of funny they posted this on april 1st

  • Alex Fischer

    Does anyone have a mirror location for this. HTC’s servers seem to be crawling today as I’m only downloading at 47 kbps

  • Alex Fischer
    • Daniel Tekle

      got a mirror for the update? thanks for this one btw..

  • AZTimmay

    Is this a joke? Where is the download?

  • Darnell Thompson

    Damn how they now getting 2.2 update? Before you know it this phone is gonna be discontinued. From Rooted G2

  • AZTimmay
  • jayuzi

    Need a mirror for the update file (Mobile_myTouch_3G_Slide_Software_Update_2.15.531.3.exe) not the HTC Sync. Only getting 24kB/s from HTC’s site on a 158MB file.

    • Alex Fischer

      Yeah HTC’s servers are incredibly slow. I managed to get the HTC Sync software but couldn’t find the update software, where did you find it?

  • Alex Fischer

    Nevermind, found the file, but yeah I’m downloading at 40 kbps, we need a mirror for the 158 mb file, I’ve already posted a mirror to the HTC sync program.

  • AZTimmay
    • AZTimmay

      PS if you go to the line
      Other various minor bug fixes more
      and CLICK MORE
      There are the links

    • Alex Fischer

      I think when I have 24 meg internet and I’m used to downloading files at great speeds, 18 kbps is ridiculous. I can understand servers being a little slow, but that’s incredibly slow

      • Anonymous

        No kidding. Admittedly, everyone and their brother is probably trying to download this right now, but it’s insane to be so slow. Better to queue downloads and give them to us faster. At least that way people can just come back later.

        My wife’s been considering returning hers. It’s been buggy as hell, crashing on phone calls, and she’s on her second handset with the same problems. Hopefully these bug fixes actually fix the bugs.

  • Kimberlee Lado

    Thank you so much for the update! I wrote you back in January when Tmobile had promised something “by the end of the year”…lo and behold its April 2nd and Tmobile finally got their [you know what] together and got this update out.

    I have long since gone to the MyTouch4G which is also a POS ( I only get 1 bar of 4g at my house, which should have 4 bars according to Tmobile…hence why I’m leaving for Verizon this month to get a Thunderbolt).

    I’m glad Tmobile and HTC finally got it together to get this update out. About time!


    • Simon Yu

      It’s because the frequency is at 2100Mhz which makes it harder to penetrate walls.. you’ll notice if you step outside your house the signal increasing to being much better.

  • Anonymous

    Will flash player support be added with this update?
    My guess is: no, but with wifi calling and wifi 3G sharing, it’s still a good one.

    • Anonymous

      Speaking of which, does anyone pay for 3g/4g sharing…..!?

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think TMO has a tethering charge yet. Something that will be truely be miss when TMO is gone.

  • Cbaldwin808

    Down loading now can’t wait woohoo

  • Guest

    Live Wallpapers?

    • jayuzi

      Live Wallpapers? Yes.
      Flash Player? Not that I saw. I think it’s still just Flash Lite. Good thing it’s my wife’s phone and she doesn’t care about that.

  • Kris

    Is there anyway to make the download faster? This 11 kB/s is ridiculous -.-

    • Flyohmy

      Faster than mine… im getting 9.7kB/s… this is ridiculous. lmao

  • Jared van Rossum

    The download speed is ridiculous – getting 11kb per second, though at least there is finally a froyo update

    • Unbearablepleasures

      super fucking slow!

  • Anonymous

    when I click on the Mytouch slide update after I’ve downloaded it, I’m getting an “>setupNewsetup.cpp (140)” Error message. I’m running windows xp sp2. Anyone else getting this error?

  • Pam

    I downloaded the 2 programs per the HTC site, but the program doesn’t work with Windows 64 bit. Major downer.

    • Flyohmy

      you’re kidding… -______-

    • loren_d_c

      Any chance you could upload the update exe to a mirror for the rest of us who still have 6 hours to go on the download from HTC?

  • TmobileToVerizonStupidAT&T

    all i got to say is 3.0 On My MyTouch 4G :D
    Just Updated My Girlfriend Slide to 2.2 Should i Just root it to 2.3?

    • loren_d_c

      Any chance you could upload the update exe to a mirror for the rest of us who still have 6 hours to go on the download from HTC?

  • kivle

    This is fucking bullshit! Dont fucking tell me to have patience either because ive been waiting for the download for 7 fucking hours!

    • You

      Someone change his diaper. What a baby!

      • kivel

        i accept your offer

        • kivel

          and dont forget the taint motherfucker

        • You

          anything for you diaper boy!

  • jayuzi

    Uploading a mirror now. Will let you know when it’s ready.

    • Ynotajb

      hows it coming along?

    • Rex

      Thank you so much dude!

  • AZTimmay

    Just finished upgrading my wife’s phone, but there’s definitely something wrong. After it said it was finished and rebooted it’s coming up with a window to force close or wait for process
    This doesn’t look good >,<

  • shafe

    Any mirror up for the update file? Thanks for the sync file! saved me 4 hours.

  • Ynotajb

    mirror mirrror we need badly the mirror

  • AZTimmay

    if someone has a hosting site I can put my update file up there

    • shafe

      Timmay, just goto hotfile –
      and upload. Then post the link here.


      • AZTimmay

        uploading now, should be up in about 45 mins

  • jayuzi

    Still waiting on the update file from HTC? I’ll just leave this here…

    • Ynotajb

      thanks man awesome

    • Flyohmy

      thanks alot! even though im too late because its overloaded.

    • shafe

      Thank you!!!!!

    • GUEST

      You are the man!

    • rex

      Thanks you really helped me out. Htc site’s speeds were still so slow tonight.

    • marcelo

      This will work too ?

  • Djounierock

    i want one so bad i”d do anything

  • AZTimmay
  • Cbalwin808

    So mine worked like a dream. Wifi calling is great

  • AZTimmay

    Just an FYI about the wifi calling…the process runs in the foreground constantly and uses 3% cpu min all the time. Only way to get rid if it (if you won’t use it) is to root and rename the apk. Not sure 100% how to do it with the Slide as it’s my wife’s phone, but i’m sure its similar to the Vibrant. I put the fix for Vibrant users in this thread (and others). Just looks for my post (AZTimmay) and it gives you the rundown.

  • Civil

    Having trouble getting HTC sync to recognize my slide. Running win 7 pro 32 bit edition. Reinstalling the software and the whole process with antivirus turned off, but no go. Anyone else having trouble with sync/ any fixes?

    • AZTimmay

      Is USB debugging on? Possibly go to the device manager and do a search for newly installed items? Or maybe reboot the phone and keep it plugged into the USB so it recognizes it?

      Does your phone prompt that it’s connected and wants to open the SD card to share files?

      • Civil

        Thanks for the response,

        USB debugging is on. Device manager has mytouch 3g slide with a picture of a external hard drive (the phone is set to sync as default usb connection) and i just tried to turn it off an on with the usb connected, and still no success. I even restarted htc sync with the phone attached and the window displays “updating htc library” for a few seconds, then disappears.

        • AZTimmay

          actually…scratch that my sync doesn’t show the device either…i think it only comes up after it reboots the phone for the update. Should just need to install the Sync and let it run in the background, then run the update exe file…the device I think shows up after the phone reboots and it starts pushing the update.

        • Civil

          ok, i will try that now

        • Mausy021

          help, i try updating but it aint working…. in the right side it says “HTC SYNC……. Htc sync port of Tmobile Mytouch 3G Slide is not responding. Please disconnect cable and reconnect after 10 seconds”

  • Khan

    Well it about time they brought froyo for it. I got tired of waiting and the phone was kind of messing up alot so I went ahead and got myself the HTC incredible s and man am I loving the phone and how fast it is

  • Gaaa

    Does it support live wallpapers?

    • supersweetsho

      yes it does

  • Cubanito151

    How long has this taken people because mines has past the ten minute mark?

    • Civil

      Took me about ten minutes for the upgrade, but i had a few problems afterwards like my phone not getting a signal and saying “ is not responding”. I had to master reset and then everything was good. if you count the time for the master reset and restoring things the way they were, then about an hour or more.

      • Cubanito151

        Mines got stuck in the updating process.

        • Michael Maroon

          mine is currently stuck at the full bar of the update… been about 20 minutes – did yours ever resolve or should I just try-try again?

  • george corral

    no mac support?? how can i update it when i don’t have windows? uggh :/

  • Cbalwin808

    Yes live wallpapers

  • Jebigego

    My live wallpapers file only shows one and thats the maps live wallpaper…anybody else experiencing this and what could i do?

    • supersweetsho

      Ya thats all it comes with, you have to download more from the market, once downloaded they automatically show up under your live wallpapers, but be careful, not all work the way you want them too and they suck up battery life.. .


        There are live wallpapers? I can’t see that option anywhere

  • Ihatemytouch3g

    Well my MyTouch Slide 3g went from running slow to running like an infant with down syndrome in a marathon after this stupid 2.2 update. The messaging app force closed 3 out of 4 times trying to open it, the animations slowed the screen changing speed down critically, and Angry Birds is still unplayable because the processor on this phone is worse than the 1st gen G1. This “magical fix” we have all been waiting for on our slide 3g has only made things worse. Even better is this idea “I can always go back to 2.1 right?”, me “Not without rooting it.”, MyTouch rep.(side note: rooting this phone is nearly impossible). In conclusion, it’s time to upgrade phones, not firmware.

    • AZTimmay

      you may want to do a master reset on your phone…some people are having issues some apps that were made for 2.1 but have bugs with 2.2. Unfortunately when they do testing for upgrades they don’t use it like a typical person.

    • Christian Dominguez

      Dude, I feel your pain. I had the original MyTouch 3G and then it was updated to 2.2 and all hell broke loose. It was even slower than before!!! I then upgraded to the Slide 3G, updated the firmware, and the same thing happened!!! My theory is that some phones are built to work with a certain version of Android, and only that version. There is no way that by updating your phone in turn causes it to run slower. I’m done with Android’s crap and the firmware making my phones paperweights. iPhone 5 this fall, all the way.

    • Matb321

      hey ihatemytouch.your very ignorant when it comes to this phone.first off the 600 mhz processor is great when compared to the 528 mhz g1 processor.Second I rooted my wifes mts (had 2.2 for a year now witxh works great)and it wasnt hard unless you cant follow instructions.i think you need a dumb phone(iphone).

      • Androidisdabest

        Matb321… I love that!!!! then he can buy the same phone over and over and over with a new generation tag attached to it LOL… iphone is retarded… every year or so iphone users have to spend another 300 plus to get their update because apple is the best at making their customers buy the same dam product over and over and over again because they purposely leave out features that should be in generation 1, and why the hell cant Apple just give a software update instead of making customers buy the same dam phone over and over again… LOL Android is the the best!!!!


      Factory reset the phone after the software update.

  • Trevor Carpenter

    Why do they require Windows? I am insanely pissed about this!

    “Oh, screw you OSX users, you’re substandard. We only support the sheeple who use Windows.”

    • Guest

      Last I checked, OSX users are the sheeple.

      • David

        Sheeple right here!!

        • Heyyou488

          Atleast you have accepted it!

    • Andriodisdabest

      well I am enjoying my new update so baaaaaahhhhhh… LOL… Industry standard for most things in this world is Windows, and MAC (which I love) is for my photo editing and anyone that uses music.. maybe you should shop for a palm instead of andriod..

  • Bklynchick

    Updated 2 phones, 1 wifi connection is not working. Currently finding out how to fix. Otherwise it works better, you can remove the annimations for ppl who are whining about it. Moved most apps tp sd card, phone runs better. Update was quick n painless.
    For mac users can’t you use parallels to update?
    I ran update on windows 64 bit.

    • Bklynchick

      Rebooting cleared the wifi not connecting to internet problem.

    • Serlth

      how did you do it having problems with htc sync. not seeing my phone and phone not see it.

  • Cbalwin808

    Move apps to sd card then clean cache and she’ll scream

    • mgledzep

      What cache? Browser?

  • Ran Dom
  • Catandroid

    why my norton security removed those htc android 2.2. update hotfire and megaload file exe cause threat? let me know if hotfire and megaload is clean update file. thanks

    • Bklynchick

      Its clean. Are you talking about that msg when you install htc sync?

      • Catandroid

        @blynchick well I had mytouch 3G slide it’s was removed cause threat virus htc android 2.2 update. do not know why. I have windows 7 ultimate and Norton Security 2011. norton detection those removed htc android 2.2 update from hotefire and megaload. you said “its clean” how? if you had scan htc android 2.2. then clean. which is doesn’t make no sense. @C jermarcuscook and I had already faster download around 3 minute from optimum cable.

        • Bklynchick

          I dl from the mirro sites, updated my phone and my phone isn’t fubar, works better than before. My computer isn’t infected. Norton thinks everything is a virus. If u r unsure don’t do it.
          If ppl don’t know what they r doing then don’t do it.
          Stop whining about the update, at least it wasn’t a forced ota update.
          If your fone ran like crap before, the update won’t fix it. Do a master reset then update, simple as that.

    • C Jermarcuscook

      i cant even update my phone why, it keeps sayin that its going to take 3 hours to finish the download for the update and then it gets half way through and it says that it doeant support my version of windows, i have windows 7

  • Christian Dominguez

    I regret having updated my Slide to this crap!

    • Frigadroid

      Sounds just about the same as the vibrant update. I guess now they can at least justify some of the long delays was warranted. To bad they can’t get the bugs out first though.
      I guess they think by making the updates optional now they are keeping true to the pledge to do better in the future?

  • Cbalwin808

    You have to turn off any anti virus untill u finish up date.

  • Boxhead223

    Shuts off repeatedly when I connect to PS3. Works fine when I connect to a computer anybody else having a PS3 issue

    • Oscar

      YES! I’m having the same problem! Now I can’t update my PS3 through my phone either! Aargh so frustrating!

  • Newtothis

    Not sure what I’m doing wrong but my phone isn’t updating. I finally got HTC Sync to recognize my phone and its synced my documents and everything but no update to the phone. Is there something else I need to do?

    • Scottolsen2323

      Did you download the update file?under the description it says more. Hit that. Then there will be the htc sync download and the2.2 update software and walk through

      • Newtothis

        Yep, missed that one. Thanks!!

  • MT3GS

    Been rocking thue update for 20 hours now – installation was not that smooth, it started choking shortly after, but now it is 100% stable, a lot faster than before – Live wallpaper is awesome, youtube is better than the client before and embedded flash into html rocks. Well done HTC – OTA would have been nice, downloaded both files from BitTorrent in about 10 minutes…

    • Tk1731

      Wish I would have though of that one… I pulled the files from the links shown in the image above, and the 158 MB download took over 6 and a half hours! I probably could have pulled the files faster with two tin cans and a string for my connection. :)

  • Jay Alford

    I don’t like it. I don’t want it. I have NO storage space on my phone to do anything, NO EVEN SMS/MMS!!! I want it off and I want it off now. I’m dead serious. How do I go about reverting it back to 2.1 or whatever….I’m happy, not happy at ALL!

  • MattA

    2.2 FROYO?? I have been running 2.3 Gingerbread for a while now… it has all the same great new features and it runs GREAT!! Faster than the original stock rom, and a lot more free space for apps :-)