Android 2.2 Froyo Finally Available For myTouch 3G Slide

just when myTouch Slide 3G owners were beginning to think they would never be able to enjoy the fruits of Android 2.2 Froyo comes a surprise. A surprise in the form of a manual update for the Slide 3G. No OTA update here but no matter as an update to Android 2.2 is an update to Android 2.2 no matter the delivery method. You’ll need to have at least 25mb of user data available as well use a Windows PC computer, no Mac support here.

Want the full breakdown on how to install Froyo for the myTouch Slide 3G? Hit up the HTC link below and enjoy your Froyo goodness!


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  • Agparras11

    this is so stupid!!!!! i updated it and i don’t have internet, no signal and its lagging what did i do wrong. Im about to factory reset it right now.

    • somejawn

      go to your setting and turn on mobile network

  • Wh-mn

    It would be nice to see if this update corrected this POS phone (2nd one, same song) from shutting down when attempting to make a call, but apparently Mac users don’t matter much when it comes to web updates (yes I know, we never have!)

    • Andriodisdabest

      Mac users should prob be Iphone users.. Just saying.

  • fhdenhjsjdj

    I keep getting error 170 what the hell I’m even doing the troubleshooting thing it says to do but that crap ain’t working

    • Eduardo Romero76

      Did you put in htc sync mode?

      • fhdenhjsjdj

        Yes it still don’t work

  • Melporio

    The MTS update is NOT available at the HTC site. The link is dead. What’s going on? Mirror sites anybody?

  • waitingonhtcpyramid

    Mines has been working better than before I have more space now the phone is faster ..

  • redslide

    When I click to download the 2.2 software it takes me to HTC Suppot page and does not download anything.. PLEASE HELP

    • Nick

      The link just takes you to the page where you dl the file. follow the instructions on that page

  • Dustin Stough

    phone is a lot faster and smoother. The downloads from htc took a long time and thats with broadband but the update to my phone took less than 5 minutes. Works really well

    • Leonel2323

      My pc doesn’t recognize the phone when trying to sync it and the HTC SYNC isn’t showing my phone at all.

      • Civil

        I had the same problem. HTC sync does not need to recognize your phone. just make sure that it is running and follow the rest of the instructions to install the update.

        • Leonel2323

          The problem is it HTC sync isn’t working at all.

  • twitchloko

    how long did it take?

  • Sjwillhaus

    i downloaded froyo and now i cant use swype anymore. is anyone else having this problem?

  • Leah

    I can not get this to install on my phone. 3G Slide. Keep getting error 155, and it won’t recognize my phone in htc sync either.

    • Kick

      Me either, the pc (windows 7) won’t even mount it correctly either, keeps telling me that the drivers for it are up to date but won’t mount it as a hard drive or other…

      And obviously, HTC Sync will not even see it either and ive done tried both “Debugging Mode” and NON-Debugging Mode and it just will not recognize it at all…

      So much for the stupid .exe update, give me a ROM ZIP and i can install it myself through other means…

  • TJ

    i had a few problems but finally got it installed, im using the wifi hotspot right now for my laptop and its doing pretty good, i havent used the phone much yet though, it was sluggish though for the 15 mins i did play with it……

  • Leonel2323

    I downloaded both files. the HTC SYNC file and the update, installed the HTC SYNC on my pc running windows vista and the damn program doesn’t sync with my phone at all no matter what i do. i tried have the setting for Connect to Pc by sync on the phone and nothing works. very frustating, why can’t they just do an OTA update.

  • Catandroid

    how htc sync 3.0 say no device connect?. my mytouch 3G slide is on connect/ubs fine already. what is wrong device? thanks

  • bromarhaque

    Sweet phone now.discovering new enhancements daily and the phone just feels…good

  • TJ

    i agree. phone does feel a bit more complete in my opinion, i like the support for live wallpapers even though they make the phone sluggish, atleast we get the option now. the wifi hotspot is great. the text message app thingy freaks out a lil more than it used to but oh well, i may be upgrading soon anyway *KanyeShrug*

  • Lethalxxxlorelei

    It is not recognizing my phone… help?

  • Freddy..

    Since the update my gps not working.. Any advices about that?

  • John Eckart

    Hello i work exclusively for T-mobile. The G2x isn’t coming out for a while so don’t get your hopes up. Right now it looks like late August. Luckily i got a free one! does anyone want it?

    • Leah

      I’d like it!

    • LTEstyles


    • Anonymous

      Guess what Your WRONG

    • Jamiesturm28

      Yes please cause mytouch sucks since update email

  • Rickster

    Followed all instructions to the T and still can’t get the update to work. From what I been reading maybe that is a blessing.

  • allan

    Ever since the update i cant get any signal. anyone else?

  • No

    after all of these years you guys dont realize that otas just slow your phone down slowly but surely.. when the g1 first released it was fast and snappy, then it got 1.5 cupcake, and it slowed down, then it got 1.6 donut and now it is rediculously slow.. to the point where it is almost unusable,

  • Thomas Riley

    If your having trouble getting your computer to recognize your phone:
    After installing HTC Sync delete your phone under device manager, unplug it from USB then plug USB back in.

    Your computer needs to reload the drivers after installing HTC Sync.

  • Chelsea

    Uninstalling from device manager didn’t work, Won’t even recognize in HTC sync, :(

    • Chelsea

      Does anyone know where to download the ADB driver? I’ve been searching for hours, but obviously in the wrong places. Please help!

  • Jamesdean5678

    my computer doesn’t recognize the update software.

  • tomahotos

    Upgraded and now my phone won’t get any signal, let me view any messages, or really use it for any useful purpose. How do I fix this?

  • Liquid

    I am having the same problem as tomohotos. How do I fix this

  • Jfizzle172004

    I have a MAC so i get no love.. oh well

    • Gru

      yeah, so much for Android being so open and stuff… can’t even update your phone OTA or without Windows. LAME

  • MattAbundes

    ANDROID 2.3 GINGERBREAD on MyTouch Slide

    TMobile myTouch Slide: Full Update Guide (The tutorial on how to Root your Phone)

    DOWNLOAD – CyanogenMod Rom 7.0.0 Stable Release – (

    DOWNLOAD – [RADIO] Newest Radio from Froyo OTA 1/21/2011

    • Deb Lipsitz

      The only solution I have found that works is to toss the MyTouch in the trash, go back to my Blackberry, and forget T-Mobile ever existed.  I got the Blackberry unlocked (for free, no thanks at all to T-Mobile), and went with a no-contract carrier that offers the same quality and coverage, plus true unlimited everything (not throttled), for less than half what TM was charging me.  All my calls go through the first time, without the phone having been deliberately programmed to reset when I dialed out a half dozen times or more before I could actually make the call.  I now have my Bluetooth and WiFi back as well.

      My phone was forced to take the idiotic update that started this whole mess almost a year ago (11 months ago, to the day, I believe), 3 months after I purchased it and signed a two year contract.  This isn’t a SIM Card issue, as some have claimed, nor an SD card issue.  It’s Froyo, or more specifically, the MyTouch was never intended to last long enough to need an upgrade, so nothing after 1.6 is written for it (hence all the problems).  TM’s only solutions offered to me were for me to buy a replacement (at full retail), trade down to a much inferior model (LG cell phones are the worst, until this issue came up anyway), or I could cancel my service and pay $375 for terminating the contract.

      After reading the contract (which I should have done far more thoroughly before signing) and determining all that small print was about all the rights I signed away, I opted for the above solution I wrote about.  I dared TM to send me a bill, which I would take (with the phone) to their competition for a media bonanza if they did.  Thus far, not a word.  Maybe it was my complaint to the FTC?  Who knows, I just know I will never do business with TM again over the deceptive and arrogant way they handled this whole mess.

      Sorry to see so many others got sucked in as well.  TM knew the phone should not be upgraded, but they forced the upgrade anyway, hoping to cash in on everyone else’s fear of the dreaded early termination fee or hit to their credit.

      Buy yourself an unlocked phone from a legitimate retailer (NOT eBay!!!), and sign up with a no-contract carrier.  Trust me, it is cheaper, and you’ll have far more rights than you would with a contract. Don’t believe me, look it up for yourself.

      Or just keep on paying for crap equipment, crap service, at top dollar prices.

  • MervMatchelson

    SO anyone who hasn’t updated it yet and experiences the phone process not working… eventually your phone will snap out of it. I had to leave mine overnight, but it got through the meat sweats and is now a phone again… so don’t fret.

    • Xxthexdarkxangelxx

      should we leave the phone on overnight or just shut it off? cause i need mine for school in the morning…

  • JDubFL

    Live Wallpaper is now an option, where do you go to get them?

    • AYFKM

      Android Martket

  • Jamiesturm28

    All I know its I was running cyanogenmod 7 rooted and my phone rocked ever since this download that in my luck worked flawless this sucks and to make things worse I can’t re root or s-OFF AGAIN I’M SO MAD FOR EVEN DOWNLOADING THIS TIME FOR NEW PHONE HELL I.EVEN USED GOLD CARD METHODS AND ANDROID SDK IN ABD SHELL AND STILL CAN’T ROOT WENT FROM A BIRD TO A TURD

  • Roxykle83

    i downloaded and installed everything on my mytouch slide and every time i restart it it takes about 15 minutes and says “no service” and  says it cant recognize my SIM card!!..HELP please!

    • Magzins

      Did you figure out a solution to this problem? I have the same problem and t-mobile has no idea what to do.

  • Everett

    Took a good 30 minutes or so but signal finally came back up after update to Android 2.2. Everything looks good so far…

  • Everett

    Took a good 30 minutes or so but signal finally came back up after update to Android 2.2. Everything looks good so far…

  • Myphonebrok

    i installed it and did everything step by step and my phone now has no signal… i think its broken,

  • Myphonebrok

    i installed it and did everything step by step and my phone now has no signal… i think its broken,

  • Myphonebrok

    i installed it and did everything step by step and my phone now has no signal… i think its broken,

  • steven

    yea give it like 30-45 mins after installing and it should be back to normal… first i couldnt see my messages, search contacts, or even connect to the network but just give it a while and it should be fine

  • Eric Wisdom

    Just Updated,  started getting extremely concerned when I kept getting errors such as “activity network settings (in process is not responding”  and radio not installed messages. 
    No signal and I could not even get into any menu for connections or network.  I listened to everyone here, let it sit over night.  It did come back, but still slow.     I can’t see any improvements yet.  I’ll sit on it another day, then delete all messages and make sure all caches are cleared.  

  • Dave Gardner

    i am trying to upgrade my mytouch 3g slide and the HTC sync gives me an error stating that it is not a WIN_32 file. has anyone else had this problem? do you have a work around? totally frustrated user.