TmoNews Hands On Video Of The Sidekick 4G

The Sidekick 4G is one of the hottest devices to come out of Orlando and our trip wouldn’t be complete without a video walkthrough of the device. Thanks to the folks at T-Mobile who gave us an almost 4 minute walkthrough showing off the odds and ends of the device.

As I stated in our first hands on, the keyboard is awesome but the skin that covers Android on the device will take some getting used to. Sidekick fans will definitely love the form factor and feel right at home with the superb keyboard. Android, like all phone operating systems is a try before you buy experience so we encourage current Sidekick owners as possible future Sidekick 4G owners to take test drive on the device inside your local store before ordering.

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  • Cubzfan1968

    At 2:00, did he really say ” Samsung has a long pedigree of great hardware,great software?” now that is really funny, I guess the phone looks ok as long as you Never want an update or ANY support at all

    • Anonymous

      From a user standpoint, u want vanilla android for updates, but u can’t have a sidekick w/ a stock Android OS…..It has to be customized….Why couldn’t they have developed a nifty launcher along with custom icons, widgets, wallpapers etc to make updates easier…..

  • Anonymous

    This phone will take the biggest hit because of the ATT buyout.

    “Dad I want that new T-Mobile Sidekick” “I’m not gonna buy you a phone that wont work next year”

    I can’t imagine what sales reps are/will be going through from here on out.

    • Anonymous

      I think they’ll still be popular…..Sidekick Brand with Android OS #winning in the eyes of buyers…however the looming buyout does throw in that “common sense” factor…..Some might not care though….

    • Anonymous

      As mentioned in the earlier TmoNews article, it will take another THREE YEARS before T-Mobile would lose 3G/4G service. by then, I am sure the “AT&Tmo Sidekick LTE” will be out in stores, ready for an upgrade!

      • Anonymous

        WE know this. Joe Blow thinks a TMO phone is dead as soon as we switch to ATT.

  • -Taylor Gang-

    Bahahaha this phone is a joke….54sec mark, “wanted to do it in a new way” Whatttttt is new????? Android and a touch screen…..Wowwwwww this is a must have. Go play in traffic…..

  • Ex-SKLX09 User

    one thing i see wrong with this phone, the orientation seems to be locked, when its closed its always vertical, when open its always horizontal.

    I hope this is an adjustable setting because i used my sidekick A LOT with the screen closed but still horizontal.

    • jarrod

      I’m worried about the same thing.

      • Anonymous

        Ditto. some videos seem to show that, but this one the orientation changed BEFORE he open/closed the screen. seemed to imply an Acceleromoter and not a FORCED orientation.

  • Bruce

    AT&T has said that the 3G and 4G in this phone, and every T-Mobile phone, will stop working someday. They don’t say when, but why buy a phone that is guaranteed to fail by AT&T?

    • Anonymous

      True, but it will likely be a couple years before that happens. One year at least for Government approval of the merger, than however long it takes to repurpose all the towers and such. That’s the length of a contract and the length of a phone’s generational cycle, so if you want it, get it.

      • Bruce

        I think the AT&T lobbyists will get this approved before the end of 2011. They are really good at what they do! I’m thinking summer of 2012 is when AT&T will start shutting down T-Mo 3G/4G in some parts of the country.

  • Anonymous

    All TMO phones that haven’t been announced or mass produced yet should have AT&T HSPA+ compatibility…..Correct me if i’m wrong, but once LTE rolls out, the network will be backward compatible to 3G/HSPA+ right? So a HTC Pyramid with quadband 3G (for example) should still be ok long term…..Our instore Galaxy S 4G demo got nearly 14mbps download consistently yesterday!!!! I can live with that….lol

    • Bruce

      “So a HTC Pyramid with quadband 3G (for example) should still be ok long term” I think that’s wistful thinking. As far as I can tell, AT&T is giving up on T-Mo’s 3G/4G system.

  • Anonymous

    Nice video, David – not a lot of new information. However, were you able to ask some of the questions I had posted earlier OFF of the video??

    • Abc123

      when does this phone come out ?

      • Anonymous

        no word yet, just “Spring”

  • Jose Galeas

    im kind’ve hoping they will make the group texting app avaliable for all phones on market the cloud too.. sometimes i feel lazy when im on my comp to text some one back lol

  • Youngt82

    Its pretty cool but forget this david, please can you find out from T-Mobile or Htc when is the mytouch 3g slide finally receiving froyo??? Come on its been 10 months already and therers no way it could take them a whole year to release it or say something else about it so find out kid:)

    • Anonymous

      root it
      with xda-developers…..just follow the full instructions correctly and youve got nothing to worry about besides having gingerbread installed on your MTS3g

  • Anonymous

  • Malcolm Williams

    wut the frick
    did I hear what I thought I just heard!?! 3 mp camera in this day and age???

  • CeeGee Borela

    apparently the sidekick will have its own unlimited data plan like the blackberry connect

  • Aspcagirl89


    • Anonymous

      got a source for that???

      • jarrod

        The T-Mobile guy in the video says it.

        • jarrod

          Listen at 3:42

  • Boxhead223

    just thought about this…. ona sidekick the jump button took u home automatically…. so y put a home button on it and change the buttons around?