Is The T-Mobile G2X Quad-Band 4G? Future Proofed?

I can absolutely see how this is interpreted in two ways but it appears that on the product page for the T-Mobile G2X there are quad-band 4G services. As you can see in my awesome screenshot job above the available bands are 850/900/1800/1900 for 2G services. Right after that shows AWS Bands IV / 2100 which are the current T-Mobile 4G HSPA+ frequencies. Moving right past that onto the second line as part of the UMTS / HSPA+ frequency listing is the 1900 and 850 bands. Can this be? Is the T-Mobile G2X future proofed in the even of an AT&T takeover? Am I reading this wrong? Is this just a really bad dream?

Take this with a  super large grain of salt as it’s very possible it’s just a typo, however we can hope can’t we?

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  • galaxylover

    The G2x has a 42mbps modem. What speed of HSPA+ will ATT support? Would it even be close? ?

    • Anonymous

      AT&T will be abandoning HSPA+ for LTE, so it doesn’t matter what AT&T supports.

    • TweetMo

      Where did you see THAT? 42?? Do you have a website to point to?

    • Anonymous

      Haha f no they won’t. They already showed what they planned to do with our towers.. turn it to LTE and then our devices would be as pointless as verizon 3G devices now that LTE is running

  • Richard Lee

    This is great news if it is indeed correct. I am very hesitant at this point in either signing a new contract w/ T-Mobile or plunking down full price for any new T-Mobile smartphone. If the phone becomes obsolete once the possible AT&T merger takes place, the G2X is more or less a very expensive feature phone. Even on the used market on EBay, Craigs, etc, it would not be worth very much anymore. The only other carrier left that I know that uses the 1700mhz frequency is Wind Mobile in Canada(oh, and Mobilecity in Canada, small carrier).

    • Kevin Kim

      Ermmm, u might have misread the article above. The G2x is supposedly supporting Quad Band which allows it to use AT&T’s 3G/4G network.

      • Anonymous

        you misread his comment.

  • aLb3Rt

    If it is the case it sounds like LG or Tmobile has been in talks with crapt&t about a buy-out. they couldn’t have made it this quick

  • galaxylover

    A “futureproof” phone would need to have LTE.

    • Anonymous

      Even if AT&T rolls out their LTE Network there will always be the HSPA+ Network to fall back on just like Verizon has their 3G network. I’m getting on average of 5.5 mb DL on my Nexus One with T-Mobile, I could live with that. Web Pages can only load so fast and anything more then that isn’t really needed on a Hand held device IMO. Quadband is future proof as far as I’m concerned.

      • Anonymous

        lte will work here, somewhat.

    • CeeGee Borela

      LTE would run on 1700mhz AWS band, thats the main reason AT&T is buying Tmobile, Metro PCS is now running LTE on 1700 AWS

  • Jayridius

    Interesting. Maybe this was TMO’s strategy, pre-merger, to negotiate HSPA roaming with AT&T. Without AT&T HSPA frequencies, roaming deals would make no sense. But now, I guess it doesn’t matter, unless the deal falls through after DOJ/FCC/FTC review and T-Mobile gets roaming (and additional AWS spectrum) as part of its breakup condition.

  • Anonymous

    This is refreshing for the customers worrying about being bent over by AT&T when they convert T-Mobiles towers into LTE towers.

  • robnaj

    Even as an AT&T user I likening this phone and even if the takeover dosenot go threw it will work on AT&T but I perfure HTC not LG

    • Anonymous

      i prefer English not gibberish

      • Ismael Rivera Perez

        Oh geez, you’re at it again Apollo66

  • SirWilliam

    I think that it has nothing to do with the AT&T and tmobile buyout and more to do with making a phone they could sell on two networks instead of one. If att hadn’t bought us earlier this no one would have even noticed that it supported their network too. Those that did wouldn’t have thought anything of it. People are upset so they are over analyzing everythig trying to find some deep meaning. :D

  • 4G_or_not_4G

    Funny how T-Mobile probably lost a lot of customers due to lackluster phones. All the exciting phones went to Verizon and Sprint. However T-Mobile has recently turned that around, with some exciting phones and now that it seems like they got it, they sell the company???

    • Anonymous

      That’s exactly what I was thinking, look at the price for the new sidekick. Its the perfect price range for that device. Unlike last year when they were pushing the MT slide and garminfone for $199.00 . Its like they get “it” now and they decided to give up.

  • Push Over

    How did Tmobile know long ago that they would be using AT&T bands as well on their upcoming mobile? It takes a lot longer to produce/debug a new mobile board, than just a few months. This story sounds fabricated. If this info does not come directly from the seller(Tmobile), then I would not believe it.

    If this is true, then I should be able to buy this mobile off contract, get it unlocked to use overseas and on AT&T, then put in my AT&T sim. If I don’t get AT&T 4G, then we’ll all know right away, that you should return the mobile because it will be useless in less than 8 months if you want 3G/4G. Otherwise it will be AT&T “Edge” happily ever-after.

    • Meagan

      Wonder who will be the first to post a YouTube “You’ve been punked” video, showing no AT&T 4G available on the G2x? That’ll make some shiat hit the fan. LOL!

  • Meagan
  • Anonymous

    There’s no 1700MHz band listed. That’s odd.

    • CeeGee Borela

      AWS is 1700/2100

      Here’s your sign…

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I know what freqs AWS is. I’m just saying T-Mobile didn’t list it. I had also heard they were testing HSPA+ on their abundant 1900MHz frequency.

        Big red truck…

        • CeeGee Borela

          AWS is 1700/2100m and its pretty much known to be that, why list “1700/2100” when they could just put as they did AWS

  • BigMixxx


    A lot of companies have real pentaband phones. Not apple, as they did not recognize 1700mhz spectrum as a band. Nokia, remember them, still the largest smartphone footprint in the world, the new Nseries lineup is real pentaband. C7, N8, all can run on both T mobile and ATT networks. RIM’s solution is to give the product to the phone companies and let them load the firmware.

    I think it’s fact that the network is now recognized, very similar to RIM’s success when launching their products. Remember, The HD7 hit GSM networks first, the first real 4.3 incher in the hd2 hit GSM networks first, the bold 9000, the Curve, hell even the iphone, throw te g1 in there and their derivatives (magic, hero and the like) It seems to be easier to develop for those networks…
    LG, like samsung and the other companies are trying to build the right brand….they put out a billion versions of the optimius, why not one version? cuts down on manufacturing for GSM networks…

    • DatNizzle

      Everyone makes gsm because the world uses it. Cdma is a US thing. You make gsm then sell it in asia, europe, and north america.

      • BigMixxx

        Ok….I gotcha. Point was, this is no surprise, point was manufactures are doing this and reselling the phones to multiple carriers. also, you can see, most of your phones are released first on GSM networks, to your point, because most of the world uses that technology.

        If this is holding true, this is a winner and future proof. Do I need it? well, we shall see, i.e. depends on cost.

  • Elias Arredondo

    looks like att got the optimus 3d, or lg thrill. I was gonna hold out for it but I guess I’ll just get this.

  • Moriaty32

    This phone is 100% win. I have no problem grabbing one and re-upping my contract.

  • Anonymous

    Stop saying that it was future proofed with ATT merger in mind… LG is smart making pentaband devices to reduce cost. Unlike samsung they may sell the same phone worldwide with same specs. ( remember vibrant,
    captivate etc from samaung which r made specifically for carriers).

    I would like the g-slate to have AT&T 3G bands. I will buy outright from Tmobile and will use it with ipad dataplan. 2GB for $25 instead of t-mobile’s 29.99 for 200 mb….

    Also, if AT&Ts releases g-slate and G2X with tmo 3G< I can use it on 5.99 unlimited tzones…… OR even on my preferred unlimited android plan for $20..

    • Ron Dickerson

      they also have unltd. for 40…. lest we forget.


      Our 200MB plan for Phones is 10 dollars not 29 and unlimited is 30 not 40….for phones. Data sticks and hot spots are the prices you reference.

  • Jimmcparty

    When they say 4G HSPA+, does that cover the faster speeds coming? Like the coming 42 mbps??

  • Anonymous

    A handful of T-Mobile phones can work on ATT 3g if unlocked such as the Vibrant. It is probably in any manufactures best interest to put as many bands in as possible. There is an ATT version of this phone coming out as well but with LG’s custom UI. Cuts down on LGs manufacturing costs.

  • JustArandomGuy

    Take in mind people that AT&T has plans to ELIMINATE HSPA+ in favor of LTE

    • xDeToXx

      Think before you speak. GSM>EDGE>UMTS>HSPA>LTE. AT&T isn’t eliminating it, LTE is simply the next evolution of mobile data. T-Mobile planned to roll out LTE services eventually as well.

      • TMOTECH

        You are correct. People dont understand that LTE is “Long term Evolution for UMTS networks”… HSPA+ is just a stepping stone to LTE from bare bones UMTS. And AT&T is currently using HSPA +. Thay are just stopping at 14.4Mbps instead of expanding to 21,41,84 because they dont have the infrastructure or the spectrum to do so.

  • Mbschneider

    Doesn’t the following link also show the Samsung Galaxy S II is destined for T-Mobile and also future proofed?

    • CeeGee Borela


      850/1900 ATT bands 900/2100 EU and Asia… 1700/2100 awsis what tmo uses

  • jasons

    David, you’re banned from using the old tired “grain of salt” cliche.

    • David

      Think of another saying that fits the bill and I’ll use it instead.

      • BarKARLTON

         try “take this and run with it” or “take this and tell EVERYONE that this is fact”

  • J Ru S

    the DEFY is future proof too. although not stated it works on 850/1900/2100 + AWS #justsaying.

    • Meagan

      Someone with a DEFY should have it unlocked, then put in a active AT&T 4G sim to see if it actually uses AT&T 4G, and not just AT&T Edge.

      • Simon Yu

        At&t doesn’t need a 4G Sim card the modem just needs to support the higher speeds.