myTouch Slide Update Delayed By Two Issues

With news of the myTouch 3G LE and Fender editions prepping to receive their Android 2.2 update, plenty of myTouch Slide customers are left wondering when is their turn. Well the good news it’s being worked on, the bad news is we’re hearing exactly what kind of trouble is delaying the update. Apparently there are two problems holding up the public release:

1)   Wi-Fi calling doesn’t work 100% of the time, we’re not sure what that means, if calls are dropping or not starting at all on Wi-Fi but we know it’s holding up release.

2)   The OTA update is right now being directed to the wrong partition, which doesn’t have enough memory to process the update.

We received word that HTC is aware of both of these problems and is actively working on a fix. No release date time frame was given but as soon as we hear more, we’ll drop the news right away!

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  • Anonymous

    I to would like to know if there is any chatter about an update date.

  • Roman

    Information T-mobile! We want information. Even if it’s bad news, I would take that over “I don’t have any information of an update.” Eight months for god sake.

  • muddy

    We need an insider to Leak some info… come on leakers…

  • Youngt82

    Where the frenchtoast is our froyo update?!?! Please god send us a miracle now!!!!!

  • cameron

    hey everybody, just root your slide and put CyanogenMod 7 on it.
    2.3 is freaking amazing on this thing.

  • Blazer18727

    getting ready to drop magenta for this reason!!! Had it for 8 months and was told it was getting it soon when i bought it. This is B.S.!!!

  • juan

    How do u do that

  • Youngt82

    Fuckkk teen mobile and htc and froyo could suckk my d&@k lmao I’m just so frustrated with this bs like cmon now its been like 10months and still no update at least give us another word about it when its coming or being released!!!!!

    Froyo froyo whever you are???? Come out and playyyeyaayyyy haha

  • tmogirl

    come on now guys, it’s better to have a delay in launch than to have it launch and have a phone that isn’t able to function properly. patience is a virtue and i’m glad my phone is able to function smoothly when there are people out there with mytouch 1’s that have froyo who have replacement after replacement because froyo made their phone crash… or the really high bill that verizon has….. or the dropped calls at&t has…. tee hee


    yeeee =] lol

  • Pleaseclap

    yall are lucky i have the behold 2 and 1.6 forever Nouuuu