Froyo For The Samsung Vibrant Has Arrived, How’s It Working?

After what, according to Samsung Vibrant owners must have seemed like an eternity, Froyo arrived this past Friday and with it happy Vibrant owners bombarding the Samsung servers looking for yogurt excitement. So I want to know, how is it going? Is Froyo for the Vibrant everything you could have hoped for and more? Is your phone freezing or does it feel like a whole new handset? Are you having problems, problems and more problems? We want to know how the Froyo experience is going for you so sound off below and let everyone know!

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  • bob362

    good: Wi-Fi calling is the best thing that’s happened to that phone since I got it! I can now make/receive calls from home! (T-mobile says I have good reception at home but my phone has always disagreed with that assessment!). Yeah. me=happy. :)

    neutral: I haven’t noticed any battery improvement. Still way too short.

    1. phone pauses for a few seconds every now and then. not a huge deal but annoying. The power button now acts up (sometimes need to hold it down for several seconds to turn on the phone… but not always. weird.)

    2. skype is blocked from making calls over if not on wi-fi (message says that in the US it has to be connected through wi-fi). Lame. Really. It was already lame not to have the front-facing camera that Galaxy S devices have in Europe. That’s even more lame.

    3. I have to say it too… seriously… it took how long? You’re kidding, right? Are we getting 3.0 before 2016? Nah, probably never. That’s it for this phone.

    bottom line: wi-fi calling. love it. even if it eats up minutes. Much better than sticking an antenna on the roof. The negs are not much compared to the benefit I get from that. the whole experience is much improved.

  • JG01

    Called Samsung about some of the I have getting. Samsung knew about that Bluetooth is a big problem. In troubleshooting the phone myself, it seems that that the phone will establish a BT connection, but will not release it even though the connection is no longer established. The phone still tries to connect in the background and hold the connection open. To restore phone performance, delete the BT connection, turn off BT and reboot. The other issue they have admitted to is Swype not working as good as the previous version and I have been experiencing this issue, a lot of re-tries in sending texts. To me BT is a big one, which impact performance. It seems that they took a developers version and released it because we were pissed off with Samsung, they were just trying save face, but screwed up in the process. I like Samsung devices, but their software team needs to be re-evaluated.

  • Nick

    Froyo on the vibrant adds a lot of new functionality to the phone, including tethering, seemingly improved screen quality and mobile hotspot capability (among a slew of other things). Several UI changes have been made as well, but nothing big (settings menu in color, fifth button on the notification bar that controls auto-rotation, and one folder for both samsung widgets and widgets relating to apps, and the color scheme is dark blue now instead of light blue). Only downside that I can see do far I’d that they removed the android keyboard entirely and only left swype and the samsung keypad. All in all, it is a very nice update and is definitely worth the tedious process of getting it through Kies. However, the required kies mini software will not work on ANY 64-bit computer, regardless of the OS.

  • mcgirt

    my car used to be able to read/play music from the internal SD card/memory when i connected the phone via usb, enabled mass storage mode, and mounted the sd card. since the update, the car can only read from the *external* sd card. if i remove the external usb card and plug the phone into the car, the car says “no supported data found. you can remove the device.”

  • Mugennosora

    just figure people might like to know, that for froyo 2.2 desk home was broken…and taken off the market…today i found that it’s back on the market called desk home for samsung vibrant 2 and it works

  • Coon

    When you apply this update? Does it erase everything on your phone such as locked messages?

    • elij

      Didn’t have any problem with lost data. Backed everything just in case but had no issue.

    • elij

      Didn’t have any problem with lost data. Backed everything just in case but had no issue.

  • Matt

    .There are many new things that are great, but I have found that since the update my phone is slower when interacting with the UI. I have also been experiencing dropped calls in my house and at work for the first time. I also still have slow GPS. Contrary to anecdotal reviews here, battery life is not longer than before the update.

  • Mhughesmatt20

    Phone is very laggy and slooow battery dies much faster… I like all of the new features but nowhere near as smooth as i want. Almost want to go back to 2.1 :-(

  • Jaredwardy

    Android 2.2 update for Samsung Vibrant in one word sucks! My phone lags soo much and there are tons of glitches. GPS still sucks, stock alarm doesn’t work at all, android keyboard is gone and more. Many apps simply dont download on the marketplace. Somehow my signal/service is weaker than before, it takes longer to surf the web and or do anything in general! Wi-fi hotspot/Mobile AP is the only good thing about the update but signal is so scrappy its way slow. Wow they changed the colors a little bit who cares!? Also the phone will not connect to wifi or constantly try to connect and cannot. Random vibrations too wtf? I live in Vegas and I should have 3g everywhere. The battery is worse. This is pretty much a rant but I bet other Vibrant owners are pissed too. Should have never broke my nexus one :(

  • Marcus Phelps

    I rooted my and my wifes’ phone months ago and I loved mine she hated hers and I unrooted and installed the stock version of Froyo and yes it sucks bad, the GPS for me is nonexistant and I am getting a lot of “I called you and your phone just rung and rung” which is pissing me off so I will rerooting my phone :(

  • curt

    camera won’t open after froyo. it just flashes open and closed over and over about 10 times and then a message pops up that says ‘warning: camera failed.’

  • Darrellklee

    Froyo on Vibrant is great so far! There are defiinitely some bugs though. It does sporadically vibrate out of nowhere for no reason lol. But it works great. Gallery is better. Havent tried Wi-Fi calling yet but looks promising

  • Ana G

    Overall i want 2.2 fixed or wat 2.1 back.
    Battery life sucks
    super slow and laggy now
    deletes apps on its own
    sparatic vibrating

  • Guest

    it freezes just about every time I go to type something with the stock samsung keyboard.

    the good thing:
    the reply button at the top of the gmail app.

    the bad things:
    the constant lagging
    occasional complete freezing/not responding, requiring battery pull
    had to download a 3rd party camera app because there is no way to turn off location detection in stock camera app!?
    WHERE IS THE ANDROID KEYBOARD. the samsung one is laggy with bulky buttons and irritating auto correct, swype is not practical for all uses. the android keyboard was great. 3rd party keyboards crash the phone.

    can i just get the reply button in gmail on 2.1? that is really the only good thing about this.

  • MrDick

    I LOVE MY VIBRANT!! but I dislike Samsung. I would recommend learning how to flash roms onto your Vibrant. I have been somewhat patiently waiting for this update and by December I figured the hell with it and ported Team Whiskeys 2.2 gingerbread clone with voodoo lag fix AND EVERYTHING HAS WORKED TITS! MINIMAL LAG IF ANY AT ALL, GPS WORKS GREAT, VOICE TEXT AND GOOGLE VOICE SEARCH WORKS AWESOME. ANDROID IS THE BEST!! CAN’T WAIT TO GET MY MOTOROLA XOOM!

  • MrDick

    Ohh forgot to mention…MY BATTERY LIFE IS 2-3 TIMES MORE EFFICIENT with Team Whiskey’s 2.2 rom.

  • Fizbanli007

    Battery lasts half as long and phone is twice as slow now…. Fail fail froyo yoyo

  • Kirbi182

    I updated it after having a custom 2.2 [for warranty purposes and insurance] to the official 2.2 software… So far i like the integration, still the same TW launcher easy fix with ADWlauncher, promises of further gps was a disapointed now i cant lock on to a signal at all had to configure in settings for it to work, battery last longer from eclair, dosn last quite as long as the custom rom [ maybe an hour less, in which cases can make a difference] new looks for the apps, new task manager with options of clearing level one and level two of ram memory. WiFi AP works great lags our every now and than but works, wifi calling works as well not my thing tho voice comes out distorted.

    All in all its a must download for everyone who isn’t comfortable with flashing custom roms to their phones its much faster than stock 2.1.1 eclair [less lagging], photo album doesnt freeze phone, the twlauncher looks a little updated with the zoom out to see all the screens.

    My personal cons are still the twlauncher… reminds me too much of the iphone, I don’t like how the way u unlock the phone from screen lock with swiping the screen to any side unless u have pattern locked [numerical and alpha lock now available as well.] you can fix it still with an app but im tryin to save batter and with apps runnin in the back ground that i cant close is also taking up my ram space.

    so i will stick with the rom for awhile until a gingerbread rom thats stable enough to run with out bricking and lagging the phone comes out.

  • Smitherswow

    Its a bit too late. The update does make the Vibrant the phone it should be. Im actually happier with FROYO just un happy with T Mobile who promised this months ago. Update your phone its SO MUCH faster.

  • Joshua

    Phone is way too laggy now and touch feedback vibration intensity is low even when set as high as possible. Also, when phone is on silent, if I reboot it the start-up sound is BLASTING! It also got rid of the enter/return key on the samsung keyboard and replaced it with a smiley button?? I regret upgrading to froyo. A huge waste of time IMO.

  • DW

    My experience has been:
    1) Super laggy now – I use Advanced Task Killer to see what’s running and its usually around 50MB (previously my experience suggests anything less than 100MB sucks) so I kill basically everything listed (including ATK) and w/in 1 second check again and almost everything is running again and I’m back down to 50MB. They say to let Froyo manage its own memory but for me it hasn’t proven any better and I’d rather take care of it myself.
    2) Swype SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS on it. It hardly ever suggests the right word and some words no matter how many times I (carefully or not) try and think it should be in the list, it isn’t. I spend more time correcting it than if I just type all my words letter by letter. Where’s Blindtype Google?!? Did you just by it to pull a Microsoft and get rid of them?!
    3) GPS has yet to connect. It wasn’t the greatest before even after doing the software hack/fix but now this leaves this feature USELESS. I got more out of the G1 than this POS.
    4) Battery life SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS!!!! I used to get over a day with reasonable usage, now I leave work with it fully charged and get home 15 minutes later and it’s at 90% w/o any usage. Then, I’m pleasantly awakened at 3am by the screaming of the damn TMo shutdown crap (WTF WERE THE THEY THINKING WITH THAT?!?). One more time, battery life SUCKS.

    I’m rolling back to factory this week and going from there. Hopefully my next experience will be at least decent, if not I’m sticking with Éclair until I can get a different phone that’s not Samsung. (><)

    • Tbird7090

      **GPS FIX found below by one;
      elij 2 months ago in reply to JG01
      I know it should have been solved in the update but it wasn’t. My GPS had troubles right after. Have you tried the GPSRestoreSamsung from the Market? Fix for GPS on froyo, solved my issue.
      I did it & it worked in less than a minute. GPS – Fixed!

  • AL

    Just updated my phone any my wife’s phone yesterday, couldn’t be happier. The phone is twice as fast, no more text message delays, email opens and syncs in seconds, all apps and multimedia are lightning. Before update Advanced Task Killer used to be down to about 50M available and have to kill at least 15-20 things every ten minutes –> now after update there are only about 5 or 6 things to kill and usually have around 110M available. For me and my wife, the update has been a true upgrade – like a brand new phone.

  • bro

    feels like a brand new phone with froyo…battery life extended too works great

  • Themorn2112

    I am having a horrible experience with SWYPE now. The word accuracy is awful now. Battery life seems to be lower as well. I also have issues with the bluetooth interface. It doesn’t bring up the device selection like the previous versions. The one plus I can think of is the new look of the visual voicemail, and the ability to listen to listen to my voicemail messages on my bluetooth headset now. I plan to reinstall Samsung kies to see if works now.

  • Elseaniño

    Not a fan of the new keyboard options. Hate SWYPE and the new Samsung keypad isn’t as good as the Android keypad. Having trouble taking the haptic feedback off of the keypad while texting as well.

    • Tbird7090

      I’m using the FlexT9 Speak-Trace keyboard I found in the market & I am NEVER going back to Swype. I was about to give up on “Swyping” anyway as the keys were just too small for my fingers but this one is so much more roomy & dead on accurate
      The best thing is – screw the swyping/tracing – the voice recognition built in is amazing! I cannot believe how accurately this thing types no matter how I mumble what I’m entering. Addresses with city, state, zip all said fast, quiet whatever. It was I think $2.50. If I’d tried it first I would pay $10 for it. It’s awesome & has all the options of all the keyboards in one. The symbols could be larger but I think I’m just not used to where everything is yet. For that money to be able to talk & not have to repeat & try again – killer app.

  • Bo

    I’ve had my Galaxy S Vibrant since the day of release and have been pleased with it ever since. Let’s not talk about T-Mobile and coverage or updates …. Guess I’ve tweaked it any way I could think of and also rooted and unrooted back and forth. Right now it’s running unrooted and with only the apps I want and use in daily life. Makes sense to me. But the battery time SUCKS. Even on days when I do nothing with the phone it only lasts 7-8 hours. Well imagine what: When I’m speaking on the phone, using Internet, wifi, gps whatever …. it also lasts 6-7 hours. Now what’s up with that? It makes me believe it’s a defect in either the Froyo upgrade or the phone. Before Froyo I could go 13-16 hours in stand-by.

    Btw: My Galaxy Tab runs on internet, wifi and I almost have replaced my laptop with it. It can go for 50-60 hours without needing a re-charge. Battery is bigger yes but also the system is not stealing the power ;o)

    • Lopez_kerry

      If you add the Program Monitor Widget you will almost double your battery life. It lets you kill apps that are running in the background sucking up battery.

    • drdave

      I had the same problem and when I set it so that it checks e-mail only once every 15 minutes I now get 2 days of battery life! Hope this helps!!!

      • Bo

        I ended up buying a new battery from Hong Kong. Even though it’s only 1200 mAh compared to the 1500 mAh on the Vibrant I now get at least 30 hours. EVEN with heavy phone, GPS and email use.

        Ohh I upgraded the phone too to the Galaxy S 4G. (Which btw comes with a 1650 mAh battery which didn’t increase battery life with much.

        Hong Kong battery $8 including shipping to US ;o)

  • DH

    Well, it appears that Samsung has FINALLY release a Mac OSX compatible version of Kies Mini, but I haven’t been able to download the d*mn file!!! I emailed Samsung Support, & all they did was redirect me back to the software update page, & told me to try again. . . argh!!! When I click on the blank icon area, my browser is redirected to an error page that reads (in very large red letters): “This is Error Page!!!!!”

  • Mtfultz

    Froyo update was amazing on the Vibrant, the phone definitely ran faster and battery life increased by like 50%. GPS seems to actually work after i think swype even functions a bit better, not as many missed words. I as always with TMO have awesome service, but it really seems to improve a bit with Froyo, Im wondering if they changed radio software? I got the Vibrant on the 14th of July (day before release, pays to make friends with a store GM) and other than the GPS thing, which had a fix 3wks after the phone launched i never had one issue. I actually just swapped back from Gingerbread and am still remembering why i love this phone so much. Cant wait for SGSII since they claim its an improvement on this version!  Go Samsung

    • omelisa

      How did you get past the system recovery mode page?


    FREAKIN AWESOME¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    FREAKIN AWESOME¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thavuu

    not able to view recieved mms pic

  • Scwester

    OK, so here’s the deal I ran into:  Downloaded Samsung Kies Mini as instructed to my laptop,  did my phone, good to go, did the wifes, not so good, now she can’t read text, web, white lines and screen shaky. Upgraded both from 2.1 to 2.2 software. Any idea what went wrong here ?