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And just like that, the Nexus S shows up on  This Nexus S launch is already looking to be better than the Nexus One launch.   Either way, come December 16th, you should be able to pick up a Nexus S at any Best Buy or at least find it at  You know the best thing about Best Buy Mobile?  You can walk in and buy your phone, and they have you walking out working.  They also take care of your rebate in store, so you don’t have to wait for it in the mail.  Okay, I think I have watched too many PhoneDog videos.  Seriously though, Nexus S at Best Buy, I’m there.

Best Buy

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  • sprinTmobile

    lol are u kidding me to call this the next “nexus”phone? i dont think so.its just the galaxy s with gingerbread.glad i have a real nexus(n1) and waiting on the leaked 2.3(help of XDA) which will way better suit the original N1.

    • Anonymous

      It is the next Nexus where you like it or not. Google put their name to it and the deed was done. Hopefully Nexus 3/S2 will be better and with a dual-core. Lol whats funny is that you think the only real Nexus is the Nexus One.

  • Mrshaw0783

    Wow…. That’s very disappointing, I just knew this phone was about to knock some heads. Wrong! My question is why do other countries get the good stuff? Like I seen a phone with a ffc years ago, and they get to test drive dual core and 1080p phones first thats bull.

  • 00Negro

    I am personally weighing the Pros & Cons of the MyTouch 4G and the Nexus S, as far as what my next phone (and I mean within the next week or so) will be. I am starting to lean towards the Nexus S. I at first was highly disappointed about having no HSPA+, but 3G with this phone will be good. I am not a heavy downloader or apps, music.. I mainly surf the web and on my G1 (current phone) I have yet to be like, “I wish it was faster online.” To me at the end of the day its a cellphone so I don’t expect rocket speeds like my Macbook Pro. One thing i think may start happening is manufacturers dialing back some of these phones coming out. What I mean by that is, sooner or later things are going to be out of control. All this dual-core, 1080P, 10 Megapixel cameras, 7-inch screens,,, etc. etc. is going to reach a limit. There comes a time where these companies are sitting down and asking, “What are we trying to build here?” These are personal cellphones people. If I want to record in 1080P i first and foremost want something that has a lens, zoom, etc. to actually truely capture whatever it is I am trying to record. Nothing on any cellphone will take place of a dedicated camera or video camera. Of course, having the ability will lend some people to think that there is no need to “haul” around said pieces of equipment to capture these moments. And I am sure that is what the biggest draw now is.. the capturing of moments, and giving consumers the power to do so with the best possible platform. However, battery technology for one hasn’t seen the jumps in tech that the hardware has, so thats another factor as well. Then of course price. I for one am not trying to have a load of information on a cellphone even at my age (25) I pretty much delete it all, just in case the unthinkable happens and I lose my phone. These future features are going to set up people for failure. Because there will be too much valuable information just sitting in these phones and the moment one loses or gets hacked into, it’ll be like someone else knows your entire life. Videos of birthdays, account information (basically this NFC buisness, which I do know the Nexus S has), pictures, social networks, numbers, emails, etc. There comes a time when things need to be seperate. I think Google is seeing this. Apple for one already does and is still successful. Their too restrictive for my taste in the cellphone game, but I can definitely see that their using this mentality of building phones that are housing the key features and things consumers want without taking it overboard. It seems to me Google saw this and decided to (wisely IMO) build the Nexus S as it is now. I have yet to meet anyone maxing out a 16gb internal memory phone with another maxxed out SD card or either one alone. I have had an 8GB SD Card for the life of my phone and have only recently been at the tail end of it due to music I have collected for 2 years straight. To me the Nexus S is a good step. It may not be packing outrageous stats, but if it was so would the price tag and then there would be complaints about that. Because who is trying to buy $700+ dollar cellphones? Its not that serious. I’m sure the future phones will have the bells and whistles to razzle and dazzle, but this phone will still be relevant a year if not more from now.

    • Anonymous

      Depends if you are short term buyer or a long term buyer. If short term get the Nexus S if long term you will want the MyTouch 4G because it will make use of higher HSPA+ speeds unlike Nexus S with regular HSPA. Cell phones are now becoming computers so you eventually will wish you had higher speeds because higher speeds allow you to do more. Companies aren’t going to dial back anytime soon. Battery tech is still in progress but for now Dual-Core is more battery efficient and will allow Android handsets to last longer on one battery charge. There is no such thing as out of control when it comes to innovation. Its about minimizing the amount of devices we need to carry around. Cell Phone prices all are at least or now come out subsidized at $200 so I don’t know where this $700 handset is coming from. and any device over 5inches is considered a tablet not a handset. A personal cell phone is not only for making calls anymore get with the times or stay in your own by getting a dumb phone. How on earth does future features set up people for failures? Not everybody wants to carry around 50 items when their is a single cheaper device doing it all. If the Nexus S can out with any higher specs it would still cost $200 on contract regardless. Hell I bet the amount we pay for these devices off contract are maybe at least 30% more than it is worth. You seriously think the amount we pay is for the devices parts alone? no way is it that. Its fairly easy to match 16gb’s simply put 16 movies one there I bet you will change your mind. Sure if all you are doing is putting apps and music I currently have less than 1000 songs but my library is currently growing and as it grow the storage gets lesser and lesser. By next year Nexus S will be outdated.Especially with dual-cores coming out and t-mobile upgrading their network. Companies won’t go backwards this upcoming year I highly even doubt in 5 they will go backwards because people want the latest and greatest as long as there are things that haven’t been done it will keep on growing.

      • 00Negro

        Take what I say with a grain of salt. If I mention 7-inch cellphones its an obvious exaggeration, 16 movies on a cellphone? Really? I’m sure someone in this world is stacking their cellphone like that, but at the end of the day most would want to watch movies on a bigger screen a la Galaxy Tab or an iPad. Obviously, most know that any phone (or most) come subsidized at $200 on new contracts or renewals. However, some do not always fall into the “subsidized” crowd. Thus, price will and always will be a factor. Most of the features people want or “dream” about are readily available in a cellphone. The question is, Do you have the money to up front for it? Nothing is hidden in this world as far as technology goes if the price is right. I have seen amazing pieces of technology owned by individuals who have the means to go get it. I do know wholeheartedly what cellphones are capable of now and what many want to do as far as the technology goes. Holding less pieces and/or items on oneself for day to day activities is definitely a plus. I know I hate carrying anything on me.. matter fact all that is ever on me is a license, credit card and cellphone. We hear everyday news stories about not putting all your information on one device, backing info up, putting security in.. its the unfortunate world we live in where one must protect personal information. Not to say Im paranoid, but I have seen first hand some very affluent people literally have the lives and others close to them affected by someone simply getting a hold of the right information. You mean to tell me that holding a cellphone with everything personal to you wouldn’t have some people in very bad circumstances if lost to the wrong hands? Of course, personal responsibility plays a huge part, but the fact still holds true. Put all your apples in one basket and lose that one basket and have nothing. Of course companies will continue to innovate and push foward the latest and greatest.. and consumers will buy it all up. But, outside of us tech-savvy people or one’s who frequent tech-blog’s most will get what at the time will be considered the “basics’ (in our eyes at least). And those basics aren’t at dinousaur levels of innovation. The Nexus S and/or MyTouch 4G could be considered outdated standing next to the likes of the Tegra 2 or something. Of course. But, its like saying your Ferrari 360 Modena is outdated compared to a Ferrari 458 Italia. Both vehicles are at high levels of engineering. Both will and still do hold their own. As an added example search for a car today packing a twin-turbo race-built V6, all wheel drive, 4-wheel steering (derived from F1 racing), 6-speed, 170mph, loads of computer tech.. at your local dealer? But, in 1993 Mitsubishi built that exact car. Why I mention that is because there does come a time where the tech outpaces the consumer consumption and things are put to a lower gear or dialed back and by that I don’t mean reverting to old tech, but waiting further before releasing. Seeing as how I am not a CEO of Google or Samsung I will assume they have a better birds-eye view of the cellphone market landscape then I. In the end I have yet to decide on which phone. I feel the Nexus S isn’t going to be obosolete come this same time next year.. the MT4G is definitely a good phone and I do know the Pros of HSPA+, but I also know the majority of what I use my phone for and where I use it. Either one would get the job done quite well for quite sometime.

        • Chotpy

          I like your writing, but it could really use separation via paragraphs. The block of text hurts my eyes.

        • Cheato


        • Tortionist

          You made some valid points. I don’t necessarily agree with you, especially since Nokia is coming out with a phone using nanotechnology. I don’t care about the 16 megabyte, non SD card myself. I am on even more plus, so phone price is a pretty big deal for me. my phone bill is lower each month because of it. So over the long run I save several thousand dollars. My phone will not be stolen. It’s always in my pocket or right at hand. Although, if someone mugged me, then they could possibly get it, but then they’d get shot.

        • Anonymous

          Don’t you guys think you could summarize three paragraphs into two – four sentences next time?

  • Andy

    Does Best Buy also require you to keep the same plan for 6 months like other authorized dealers?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think so, because they don’t give any special discounts

  • zps

    lack of microsd sucks so bad.

  • zapata714

    it doesn’t have a removable micro SD but comes with a 16GB iNAND internal flash drive

  • Marcus Armstrong

    quit complaining about no SDcard slot….most ppl dont use all 16GB anyway….#Stupid

    • YOOivansterr

      I dont even use 4GB, but what makes me mad is that every time you factory reset your phone you LOSE EVERYTHING … yeah EVERYTHING. Pictures, music, videos, personal stuff.

      • Guest

        Try Back up pro! or just back up in grneral

  • CalledIT

    HTC to take part on actual dual core Nexus phone (2011). “HTC and Samsung announce IP partnership with Intellectual Ventures”

  • CalledIT

    HTC to take part on actual dual core Nexus phone (2011). “HTC and Samsung announce IP partnership with Intellectual Ventures”

  • Rob Daman

    too close looking to a Galaxy S phone and no 4g…pass

  • Rob Daman

    too close looking to a Galaxy S phone and no 4g…pass