Motorola Cliq 2 Breaks Cover, Arrives January 19th

Well that was certainly fast as images of the Motorola Cliq 2 surfaced just hours after the release date hit our inbox. So far we’re a little underwhelmed by the look of the device so lets hope what’s under the hood impresses us. Internal specs are still a mystery other than a supposed 5 megapixel camera and Bluetooth 2.1. We imagine that Wi-Fi calling will find it’s way into this and other future Android devices but as for the type of Android it’s running, that’s another mystery. Three more pics follow, they’re a little small but you get the idea, I blew them up a little so I apologize if they are a little grainy!

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  • Derpdeplume

    What.. t-mobile didn’t learn their lesson with the Cliq?? Fail.

  • G45th

    I agree with the cat that said he would “Eat his own S**T before he bought another Cliq” ….Just to add to that…I would eat someone elses S**T before I bought another Cliq.

  • Hi!

    this is quite literally the ugliest phone I’ve ever seen. Every angle makes it look worst than the last.

    Couple that with the zero (ZERO!!!!) percent customer satisfaction with the first CLIQ and it absolutely blows my mind that this is being released. If you told me they were simply THINKING about releasing it, I wouldn’t believe it, haha.

    • Anonymous

      Crazy aint it? Whats worse than the phone itself is the fact that TMO will be offering it to us like its worth a damn.

  • Anonymous

    If this and the Dell thing is what we’ll see at CES then that sux. Hopefully some good stuff will come from MWC.

  • alt-mobile

    That has to be the ugliest keyboard I have ever seen. Is this phone being released on Halloween?

  • Balh

    t-mobile takes their phone hardware as a joke. we never have sleek or sexy phones. i’m going to switch to verizon soon, their android phones look so nice. I have a cliq now, but i don’t think i’ll have it for long.

    • Jcj

      yeah ok bye bye then, waste your money just to get a phone, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,, Oh was is supposed to be blah?

    • Jcj

      yeah ok bye bye then, waste your money just to get a phone, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,, Oh was is supposed to be blah?

    • dethduck

      myTouch 4G. Sleek, sexy phone. Fastest and most powerfull phone available on the market as of today. Yeah, sure, it’s a joke, right. Have fun at Verizon.

  • Simon Yu

    Actually the Cliq had it’s update.. the Cliq XT.. Not so much.

  • Anonymous

    Motorola’s phones have been crap lately anyway, but I can sum up this handset in one word: Eww.

  • Moto meet Rosy Palm

    Android is great. Moto G-F-Y; maybe all your blur BS should be an app of some sort, or at most a wrapper for android(not in android’s way), that way you can actually upgrade your crap handsets like you’ve promised to. anyone bother to look at AT&Ts moto Flipside- this IS the cliq2 with minor modifications.

    To ALL Android handset manufacturers— This just in Android is an evolving OS maybe we should ensure upgradability, leaving only hardware constraints like processing power and memory capacity as limiting factors. pay attention so you dont turn into the next moto.

  • gorillaghost

    Please dont waist your time! I own the first cliq and can barely get to swipe to the next screen..SLOW!..Motoblur runs like a turtle…and this phone looks like a flat dinosaurs egg!…HAHAHAHAA More LG Optimus 2x news please…

  • somedude

    I haven’t seen so much hate for a phone

  • Mooch

    All I have to say is…


  • Ef

  • Rtr
  • Tdr

  • Tdr

  • Mtnman

    I have a Cliq and a Vibrant, and after waiting forever and a day for the update for the Cliq, do you honestly think I or any other Cliq is going to give Moto another shot? I’m still waiting on the update for the Vibrant. I hope it won’t be as long as the Cliq, if it is then i’ll say Hasta La Vista to Sammy as well.

    • Petey

      I think from the past we not gonna see any Sammy updates. I am using the vibrant And I’m tired of waiting for the update. One downside about android, is that if there’s an update… we ain’t getting it unless its a Google phone.

  • canndy

    This phone isnt gonna make nothing no better. its a piece of crap.

  • canndy

    This phone isnt gonna make nothing no better. its a piece of crap.

  • GinaDee

    I’d rather this be a solid 4″ touchscreen only device with power house guts to compliment the 4G radio chipset inside.

    Sadly this is another low end Moto device made for the kiddies who don’t know any better who don’t know much about Android much less expect any updates.

    I think the only thing that will light a fire under the T-Mobile/Moto relationship is an iPhone on Verizon. Until then Moto will court Verizon with their best stuff and give everyone else crap.

  • Lawrence P. Ryan III

    i own a cliq 1 and im STILL pissed with moto and tmo over their inability to upgrade to android 2.1. they assume their customers are dumb and do not know that everyone else around them or on verizon is getting their updates to the operating system. i have strong negative feelings for moto and samsung. the only reason i upgraded to a samsung device is because its the nexus s (sure to get updates as soon as they come out from google). samsung is just as guilty as moto for delaying/ neglecting updates, but google will make sure that android gets updated as often as possible/needed. i had my nexus s for TWO DAYS and it already got an update to android 2.3.1…buy a nexus phone if you want to have the best android experience and let these handset manufacturers learn a lesson about what their customers truly want from their device.

  • Johny

    I wish t-mobile started dropping phones like this sexy monster called thunderbolt :,(
    P.s no disrespect to any one so don’t start bashing it the sexiest phone I’ve seen omfg had a orgasm nd the pic tht says thunderbolt and has the phone omg :,(

  • Anonymous

    ug·ly (adj. ug·li·er, ug·li·est)
    1. Displeasing to the eye; unsightly.
    2. THIS

    This could have a dual quad-core processor and I still wouldn’t buy it. What’s up with the Spider-Man’s Halloween Special keyboard?

  • Tokinotabumblb

    It looks….interesting. :)

  • Jay

    One word: Funky

  • Anonymous

    David, there has to be some good news coming within the next 5 weeks right? We need atleast a hint of something good after this post about a Cliq 2.

  • yyevo

    Actually, I like the keyboard. Your fingertips aren’t shaped like little rectangles. And you don’t press straight down at a perfect right angle when you type, so the odd shaped keys might be more ergonomic. I’d like to try it to see how it works. Motorola usually make a good keyboard. Hell, the CLIQ would have been the top selling phone if it wasn’t for Blur and the derth of updates.

  • Anonymous

    Fugly, dated, too much chrome, keyboard key lay out looks weird. plus the whole Moto Blur just plain stinks. Im surprised to see they are continuing the line.

  • Freddiet1988

    Omg! Can I get news on the Froyo update for the mytouch3g slide? Screw the cliq.

  • Jay Alford

    ….Whyyyyy T-Mobile whyyyy just WHY WHY WHY won’t you give your amazing loyal customers for years AMAZING phones!! All we have seen from you is MEDIOCRE AND MID-RANGE [ I’m speaking on behalf of Android ] We, the customers of T-Mobile, want…let me repeat that, WANT…HIGH-END PHONES! Enough with the Cliq bullcrap and the MyTouch silliness and give us more of what the G2 is…and better! It’s all we ask. Thank you. Have a good day.

    • Anonymous

      They also have the Vibrant and the myTouch4G. All Android super-phones. But I do agree that this Cliq 2 is incredibly underwhelming. I won’t buy a Moto until they seriously step up their game. Their designs are AWFUL.

      • dethduck

        The hell with their design, their support for ANYTHING not in their “Droid” lineup is horrible. Get this and expect to be patched up with bugged “fixes” and strung along ad infinitum with the promise of non existent updates that if you do get one will be 2 revisions behind.

    • Matthew Kalinowski

      the MyTouch line is nice i love my MT4G its fast and its better then any droid phone

    • 4G_or_not_4G

      Jay, I could not have said it any better:)

  • Petey

    So When is the iPhone arriving to T-Mobile?

    • Matthew Kalinowski

      when you move to europe

  • SparklingCyanide

    U-G-L-Y you’ ain’t got no alibi YOU UGLYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

  • dethduck

    Sorry, HTC is the only manufacturer worth a damn anymore. Samsung could if they’d just drop the cheap glossy black plastic shell they keep making phones in.

    • Petey

      as for samsung, if they can keep their promises and give us the android updates, i think more people would consider buying samsungs.

  • Pug_ster

    If Cliq 2 will have the frequency of updates like the original cliq, you should stay away.

  • Munkybull

    If this gets fully reveiled at CES it will be BOOed and HISSed right off the stage. Honestly after owning the 1st gen Cliq for the past year it wouldn’t surprise me if people started using the Cliq as a 4 letter word. Example: Man this new phone I just bought is a total Cliq. My phone is a piece of Cliq. My phone is Cliqed up.

  • Bobert

    This phone looks like a vagina

  • DatNizzle

    Why name this the Cliq2? If it has great specs it could sell, but not as well as it should. Just name it something else. Hearing Cliq is a major turnoff.

    • davidohio

      cliq cliq cliq cliq cliq cliq

      • S Frenchko

        LIK A DA CLIQ

      • S Frenchko

        LIK A DA CLIQ

  • Bobert

    That phone looks like a vagina

  • Bobert

    That phone looks like a vagina

  • 4G_or_not_4G

    T-MO, you can’t move forward until you let go of the past…hire some people with some imaginations and please get some new phones…please, please, please don’t tell me that this phone is not 4G, that would just be ridiculous that a phone is released and not capable of utilizing the best part of the network.

    • Matthew Kalinowski

      its not look at the pic is said 3g on the top

      • 4G_or_not_4G

        Verizon is now testing multiple 4G phones so when their 4G network comes out, they will have quality options for their customers, not sure where this subject getting lost on T-Mo. It is hard for me to believe that a 4G phone costs that much more to make then a 3G…You would think that they would get more 4G phones to utilize their 4G network…and have better bragging rights over their competitors with not only the largest 4G network, but the one with the most 4G phones???

  • Anonymous

    IMO HTC makes the best phones period. Stay with a company that puts out quality hardware. I own the Nexus One and the MyTouch 4G, both are great phones. I think the Nexus One is still the best device made. For the last year many phones have come and gone but the Nexus One still stands alone. Nothing feels as good in the hand as the Nexus One. Out of all the phones I own I still reach for My Nexus One for my go to phone. The phone just works and being in T-Mobile’s 4G area my Nexus is a beast. This phone is so fast it smokes.
    Thank You HTC, GOOGLE and T-MOBILE.

    • VibrantOwnr

      talk to the people on xda who have exchanged their mytouch4g upwards of 6 times…i am about to get my third replacement
      1st one: faded screen
      2nd one: has dead pixels

  • Matthew Kalinowski

    looks like a good kids-teen phone i would never get it.

    • Solo Artyz

      Only thing is, kids/teens want an adult phone though. Ever tried to give even a toddler a toy cell phone? Even they know the difference & always end up reaching for the real deal.

  • Timbermiko

    Looks like the last pos…

  • T-moChris

    id never get this

  • Drak

    If you are thinking of buying this phone, here is a way to begin your Tmobile Motorola user experience early:

    1) Go to the ATM and withdraw $200.
    2) Approach the first stranger you see after your withdrawal and tell them you’ll pay them $200 to kick you in the privates.
    3) Crawl to your car and drive home.

  • Incredibry

    yeah, because im goin to buy another POS low end motorola android phone. i learned that the hard way with my cliq xt. :) been almost a year and still stuck on 1.5. not happening.

  • Ere5gtggtf

  • Sarfds25