Don’t Want The Nexus, Watch This Ninja Unboxing Video Anyway!

Leave it to Google to come up with a creative and unique video to show off just how awesome Ninjas and the Nexus S are. Of course to do so in an under a minute is only something a Ninja can do so hit the YouTube link for some video excellence. No embed available!

See the first Ninja video from January for the Nexus One!

YouTube for Ninja and Nexus S super awesomeness!

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  • Anonymous

    Order placed!

  • Anonymous


  • UC

    Will wait for reviews while i stick to my Nokia phones, Samsung make quality phone so i may actually switch this time if the reviews are GREAT!

    • TmoMike

      Worth every freakin dollar so far! :-D

      • ihatefanboys

        till its 2013 and ur still stuck on 2.3

  • J-Hop2o6

    wth?? whats wrong with Nexus S youtube page! lol thats different

    • Anonymous

      Its freaking awesome.

    • Anonymous

      Its freaking awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Google should make this the official commercial.

  • Anonymous

    Google should make this the official commercial.

  • Faceoff007

    Anyone bought the glass protector?

  • JaMaBBo

    Picked mine at 8am from Best Buy in Indiana. The store had no phone on display to play with. They had no idea about the accessors for the phone. Bought the phone then went over to the local mall that has a BBM. They knew a little more about what was going on. Got a case, and screen protector. Then over to TMO to sign up. Goodbye AT&T.

    After coming from an iPhone and this being my first android phone. I have to say I’m really happy. I admit the phone has like no weight to it at all. This kinda concerns me but for my first android phone I knew I wanted updates and no other garbage on the phone.

    This phone is fast and will take some getting use to. Now I just need to do my research on what apps are worth it and what are not.

    Thanks to all the people here for helping me make the right move. Hope the rest of you have fun with the Nexus S

  • Kendrix_myrealname

    I might consider purchasing if I can get the 249 partial upgrade price and try it for a few days. Then trade it for a Nexus One again. I already know the plastic housing will annoy me.

  • chrisrj28

    It appears that the video was removed by user.

  • Anonymous

    The best part is once the video is done you can grab the num chucks on the page and start wrecking your own havoc on everything left on the page.

  • I got mines this morning to replace my N1, Loving it!

    • ihatefanboys

      be careful , i heard mines are dangerous

      • AC

        Baahaha CLEVER lol

  • Swapngreen

    We love T-mobile devices and we love the new Nexus S, please remember we do buy old cell phones at

  • NokiaN900User

    Paid 211 for mine including tax in MD. Didn’t get an warranty or accessories

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get it, what was so funny about that? well anyhow we buy phones and much more