T-Mobile Unveils Another 4G Commercial, Hits The AT&T Network Again

Magenta is coming out swinging yet again with another shot at the AT&T network. I have to say I am loving the new marketing approach and there is one moment in the commercial where the AT&T “person” revs the bicycle and it just cracks me up. Though I have to ask, how many people are just watching these commercials for Carly? Come on…be honest.


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  • herromoto

    who is she and where did she come from???

    • Pimpstrong

      Thats Princess Allura from Voltron

      • sorandkairi

        really……. you wanna go there….. then I’m Keith!

      • Spongebob71

        It is? Then “i’ll form the head” o.O

        • Pimpstrong


        • sorandkairi

          ….. you win…. sigh…..

    • c0nvel

      Carly Foulkes

      • jesus

        Jessica Pare

      • somebody

        i forget her name but shes on that car show overhauling or something

  • JB6464


  • The android creep

    I rather read about lgs new beast of a phone. DAVE, can you use your contacts to see if Tmo will be embracing this phone next year Engadget.com has the exclusive..

  • vinny

    I can see the smoke fuming out of the AT&T corporate offices. They must be pissed. Very smart advertising from T-Mobile. Now let’s hope they start plugging up all the holes in their very fast but very spotty 4G network. Live in suburb of Boston where I get great 4G service but just drive 1/4 of a mile and you drop below 1 mbps. That is spotty. Very fast but spotty. They need to start stringing more of their inner suburb towers together and that would be a killer network.

    • Mike

      I’m in Medford and Revere a lot. Dont have a 4G phone yet but does that mean I won’t get 4G where I am most of the time in MA?

      • marcel

        Check the personal coverage check on tmobile.com. The fastest color on the key indicates 4G speeds. According to Tmo most 3G phones will still get a boost from 4G speeds. 3.5 if you will, but you need a 4G compatible phone (G2 or MT 4G) for the real experience.

      • chaoscentral

        I live in Revere, we don’t have 4G yet, however Winthrop(less than a half mile away) has it. I have found a bunch of cities to the north has it, specifically middleton and that area, I was getting 6mbps+ on my Vibrant there.

        • FCB02062

          I’m in Norwood and get between 2.0 mbps and 3.2 mbps down, with the occasional blip up to 3.8 mbps. But, travel four miles up route 1 to my office in Dedham, and I get no “4G” and I’m lucky if I crack 1 mbps down. Speeds are pretty good at the Pats games, specifically in the parking lots…

    • Viper Matrix Wireless

      They’ve already started apparently lol.

    • http://dragonladykitchen.com johnf

      She is lame. I agree with Vinny, tmo network is fast but really spotty. Or are all the carriers data cover spotty?

      • 2FR35H

        Everyone except Verizon. Pretty much Verizon has all of america covered but their speeds are crap and still won’t be as fast as t-mobiles for some time.

        • http://dragonladykitchen.com johnf

          What referring to spotty coverage, I am talking about being at the so called micro level where outside my front door I get 3g(example: 2mbs download speed)and in my backyard, or kitchen or neighbors house I get edge speeds. One minute it is 3g and then the next minute it is edge in basically the same general vicinity.

    • sirjakeyjake

      “Now let’s hope they start plugging up all the holes in their very fast but very spotty 4G network.”

      Hell, I’m still waiting for the 3G we were told we’d be getting in our area, oh, almost two years ago. ;) Still, so many reasons to stay w/TMO.

  • Cybersedan

    I love you Carly!!! On another note, T-Mobile has FINALLY kicked it in high gear, this new line of advertising is simply brilliant. Proves you don’t need a movie star for good advertising, a relatively unknown yet beautiful and charismatic model will do just fine.

  • sammy

    she is smoking hot…

    • http://dragonladykitchen.com johnf

      I still like CZJ!

  • John

    Awsome commericals. Keeps getting better all the time. BTW who is that girl? She is very hot looking.

  • moise

    Please tell me that the nexus s will have a hspa+ chip inside of it!

    • 2FR35H

      Lets hope Samsung’s Orion processor is in fact HSPA+ compatible. I mean come on if you go Dual-Core you should support HSPA+

      • J-Hop2o6

        Orion does support HSPA+ .. it maxes out at 14.4 like the G2 & MT4G does.

  • Galen20K

    Keep the commercials coming T-Mobile, they Rule!! – D STAY AGGRESSIVE STAY THIRSTY!

  • Pimpstrong

    Thats Princess Allura from Voltron.

  • Chatter

    One word: Carly.

    Sure, the commercial is funny BUT you can see that even the iPhone guy wants Carly. Is this the “wooing” before they officially “date”? Maybe TMo is getting…

    • Pimpstrong

      yeah the iPhone guy did dake a big dump on AT&T like he’s ready to move. I guess he’s tired of riding B!@#h.

  • mingkee

    Tether your phone with computer and see the truth.
    4Mbps is more than enough for desktop computer.

  • jmts80

    Lmao, that tiny crotch rocket was so pathetic; It represents AT&T perfectly!

  • alex

    the iphone guy apologized for being late, does he mean showing up late to tmo??? is this a hint, or not?

    • MitchRyan912

      i wondered that too, that T-Mo’s strategy isn’t to knock the iPhone4, but to knock AT&T’s network, to convince people who want an iPhone4 to choose T-Mo instead. if so, it’s a brilliant strategy to kill two birds with one stone!

    • 2FR35H

      You mean a merger hint??? that would be absolutely incredible so long as T-Mobile stays as the main provider. If T-Mobile gained AT&T that would fill a lot of holes but then again AT&T’s is a different frequency than T-Mobile’s.

  • gowski

    does she come with the phone?

  • Geek On The Road

    Very disappointed, I just found out Carly is not included in the box of my new MT4G

  • chris

    Not me. Her mouth annoys me

    • RoscoeP


      • Petey

        yeap agreed as well lol.

    • Pimpstrong

      Thats collagen lips for ya.

  • http://TheAndroidWave.com Nick

    I have to admit, I do watch the commercials because of her. My wife gets jealous when I fast forward through the commercials from my DVR and ‘accidently’ hit play when I see the Tmobile commercial on. Bwahaha!

    • Rick

      Haha, I did that before too. Except I got my parents curious lol.

  • Barry

    Lmbo wow I never thought I’d use brilliant, funny and charismatic as adjectives to describe anything referring to a marketing campaign and its commercials. Nice

    • Barry

      In reference to t-mobile *

  • peter fitzenwell

    SHE’S A DISH !!!!

  • http://anon.com The guy next door

    Niceeee BURN!!

  • DatNizzle

    She’s cute, but she’s not thick enough for me.

    • Barry

      1000 ++++++++++

  • Rushdamian

    Love it!!!

  • Marco

    I would like the commercial if I had any speeds related to a 4G network. I can go in San Diego wherever I want and my speed is 0.5-0.8 Mbps up 80% of the time with 20% around 1.5-2.0 Mbps. Not satisfied at all…

  • ZeroX

    Lol Go Magenta!!

  • marcus

    David, that’s not a bicycle, brother. LOL!

    I’m impressed! I’m really hoping we get a version of the iPhone, I prefer the OS but this Vibrant sure is fast.

    • Pimpstrong

      I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle!!

      • Marcus


  • Duto007

    Well if there going to talk crap about at&t the 4G speeds should be faster then there 3g network!! My mytouch hits 5-8 Mbps about 5min a day, then right back down around 1 – 1.5 Mbps for the rest of the day!!! T-mobile should be able to back up there advertisement. So far all I see is 3g with rare moments of 4G speeds!

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I’m more interested in the motorcycle she was on. That is HOT, not her.

  • Bimmerz

    These Tmo ads are great! I think I like this last one the best (so far), but I also think unless Tmo displays all their ads on TV – they’re pointless.

    Only the 1st ad is being shown on TV (overly so, I might add), and these last 2 ads are limited to YouTube only – a very small percentage of people will ever see them. Kind of a waste of marketing and production funds (imo).

    Maybe the other ads will get televised distribution once Tmo is closer to getting the iPhone?

  • JB6464

    Lets see an AD with 4G actually working against the others.
    Here in Columbus,Ohio your lucky to get constant 3G/Edge throughout the city.
    Go 15 minutes out and it drops to gprs.

  • Brodi

    4g??? I wish Tmo would get 3g in my city. MyTouch 4g is no fun over EDGE!

  • estoyloco

    She’s hot! Better than Catherine, it is nice to see a nice young face :)

  • Jeremiah

    This is great, and I of course Carly’s awesome, but who in the world did her hair?? She looks like an elf straight out of Lord of the Rings…

  • Dee

    T-Mobile’s agency has proved one very important point. That Chiat Day did truly memorable, excellent work for their Client Apple. So much so that everyone wants to rip it off.

  • MIke

    Her name is Jessica Pare and was in the movie “Hot tube time machine”

    • David, Managing Editor

      Hey name is Carly, T-Mobile has confirmed it.

    • Bimmerz

      Her name is Carly Foulkes. She’s a model, who happens to looks a lot like Jessica Pare (and they’re both Canadian) so I get why people are confused.


  • MIke

    By tube, I meant tub..can’t believe there’s no edit button. Site FAIL

    • Pimpstrong

      Typing FAIL.

  • Pimpstrong

    Aight. All the phones are out. What the hell is coming out in 2011??? I wonder if we have to wait till CES 2011.

    • JB6464


    • 2FR35H

      Woah hold on who said ALL the phones are out?? Just only according to the road map maybe but there were a couple of unknown devices that leaked in the mean while everything else has been releasing. I don’t think this is quite it for the year. Samsung is probably give us their other flagship dual-core device aside from the Nexus S but that’s in february. I am thinking we will see more tablets and so on. Now that we got HSPA+ devices and t-mobile is upping the ante to 42 we will probably have higher average speeds. Speed is probably the focus for next year. This year they started the ball rolling with devices and starter speeds now to continue.

  • Androidless

    Fantastic. Another commercial. What? No news about expanding their network\increasing coverage?

  • Sean

    These commercials are unoriginal and uninspiring. They are essentially copycat commercials, and Carly is easily forgettible, no matter how many Magenta outfits you stick her in.

    Like I said, unoriginal, the whole thing has been done in the past, including the model thing, Catherine Zeta Jones can’t be replaced.

    Boring, and misleading, T-Mobile isn’t 4G. NO network is.


    • Bratty

      Agree, the commercials are like your thoughts – unoriginal and uninspiring. Having heard similar comments before, I must say that your comments are copycat and easily forgettible (spelling mistake intentional, unlike yours).

      Get a life dude.

      • David

        the only thing that is uninspiring is your spelling of the word “forgettible” I agree with Bratty on this one lol..

        • shawn

          Okay if you are going to correct my spelling let me teach you a thing or two. Sentences start with capital letters. Meaning the “T” in “the” should be capitalized. Also, you need a coma after forgettable, otherwise you have a run-on sentence. Finally but not least, you ended your sentence with two periods. Only one is required.

          See how stupid it is to correct ones spelling and grammar on a site like this?


        • shawn

          Try capitalizing the first word in your sentence.

      • shawn

        I actually noticed the spelling mistake myself, but it was too late, I had already pressed sent. Really who corrects ones spelling on a site like this. Idiots

        • David, Managing Editor

          Welcome to my world Shawn!

    • sorandkairi

      shut up……

    • 2FR35H

      And while you acknowledge no network is 4G by technical standards did you ever stop to think that the standard these carriers isn’t technical but marketing as in 4th generation? How is it unoriginal and what commercial really is inspiring? none that I know of. like sorandkairi said shut up!

  • MIke

    God damit all this time I thought she was Jessica Pare from the hot tub time machine movie. Although those knockers in that movie are alot bigger than what it looks like she has.

  • thereugo

    hahahahaha, that’s too FUNNY!

  • sorandkairi

    not being an a hole or anything but…. where’s disqus?!

  • landon

    NICE!!!! Poor Iphone wants to come and play on T-Mobiles network…maybe some day kid, but right now the Mytouch4G is king of the castle.

  • The Observer

    i want to touch her 4g!!

  • Javi

    when will she invite the iPhone over to the largest 4 G network?

  • John

    Only Tmobile franchise devices will be 4G capable (G2,MT4G)The bandwith will be reserved for these devices. Other devices will be capable of 7.2 mbps But not All.

  • Hecg55

    Her eyes are like galaxies

  • http://www.AllSanDiegoComputerRepair.com SDsc_rch

    hot! hot! hot!

    (funny commercial too!)

    good show, TMo!

  • C_licious

    I ran a speed test outside t-mobiles headquarter in Bellevue last week and no 4G speeds to be found. Epic fail LOL

  • MT4G/G2/HD2 USER

    Anyone’s else’s lock button stuck on their mt4g? Mine is.