Samsung Vibrant Dock Arrives In Stores

The Samsung Vibrant remains one of the most popular (and attractive) devices in the T-Mobile lineup and what’s a popular phone with a beautiful screen without a dock? T-Mobile retail stores we’ve been told have begun receiving docks for use with the Vibrant as of yesterday. The dock, priced at $39.99 will act as a desktop speakerphone, charge your phone, provide a great angle for media viewing and it’ll automatically select the “dock” feature when you plug it in. That last part is reason enough to spend $39.99 alone, never mind the great viewing angle! Seriously though, this is a welcome addition to the Samsung Vibrant accessory lineup and can breathe some new life into your device as a media device as you one again remember why you bought the phone in the first place, that beautiful beautiful screen. A few more pics follow!

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  • Fixxer56

    Lets hope they get them in for the Mytouch 4G soon

    • jstew182

      Its taken them 4 months and a day to get this dock…seriously doubt its coming anytime soon…

      • timmonss

        They’ve had this on the Samsung US website for several months now. I’ve been eyeing it for a few months trying to decide if I want to buy it or not.

  • mikeeeee

    how about the DEFY dock? has it for UK folks.

  • felixk

    and the G2!

  • lumpy rutherford

    nice…that is another reason to love my vibrant. although the movie selection on media hub is ok and most movies are not “brand new” and pricey. but still cool.

    • sami

      how come you have media hub?? i can’t use mines. it says that it is not available yet, even after it checks for updates.

      • Magenta Magic

        You’re not missing anything on media hub or Tmobile TV. Not a fan myself.

        • threetee14

          i’m curious, what are the prices on the movies?

      • Lumpy Rutherford

        It became available when TMO pushed out the ota updates. Must of the movies are higher priced and not the most current … but not bad either. They have animal House

  • Not4sakn

    Price is kind of steep. I’d like to see the one for the MT4G and how it fits the 3 connectors on the side.

  • himynameisAO

    This is kinda rad, now where’s FROYO?! :(

    • splayer7


    • RockTripod

      What he said.

      • somebody

        lol good luck with that

        • RockTripod

          Its a lot easier than you think. Give me a brand new vibrant out of the box and I will have froyo on it within 30 minutes

  • nexus yesss

    well if the nexus s can use all the galaxy s stuff then we have a bunch of things we can use including this

  • logic?

    Ummmmmm, way to be late as shit on that one tmobile, what about a mytouch 4g dock? you know, the phone that you just came out with? probably the most desired accessory for your “hottest” commercially advertised phone? I just don’t see the logic. T-mobile must not like money

  • Justin

    Great! Now PLEASE bring on the Vibrant car dock NOW! Verizon’s Fascinate has already had their’s available since launch.

  • moise

    I would have gotten it but the nexus s is coming out, I’m through with my vibrant!!!

    • joeln06

      Yea that’s what I was thinking.

  • Carl

    Where is the Car dock? That’s the one thats really useful!

  • Shad

    I hate to bring a Froyo debate intothis but did you notice the picture on the package is of “DeskClock” which is a Android 2.2 app. :P I’m just saying.

    • JPinAZ

      Actually the app is called DeskHome and does not require 2.2. Do a search for Samsung in the market & it will show up.

  • Christian

    what I want to see is this having an HDMI output… guess that’s not gonna happen since Vibrant won’t allow Micro-USB to HDMI cable to work other than the original Galaxy S.

  • JPinAZ

    Be careful when using the DeskHome app with this. I picked up the cradle off the Samsung site a month or two ago for use at work. With only slight use (maybe an hour or so a day for a few weeks) I now have a slight screen burn where the numbers for the time display are. You can only see it when there’s a white screen but it’s definitely there. Also, unless there’s been an update since I received it, the speakerphone & audio out jack only work with 2.2.

  • Nokia N900

    Wonder if this is compatible with the Nexus S from Samsung?

  • Phone 4 Sale

    screw the dock i want froyo

  • Phone 4 Sale—vibrant anyone?


  • somebody

    whats the point of getting froyo when gingerbread is coming isent it a little late

  • vision77

    This would have been much better if it were a media-centric dock….It should have audio/video or HDMI out capabilities…

  • drmd

    Nothing less than froyo!!!!!!!! Gps sucks…Come on tmobile……..

    • darkknight49

      I have Froyo on my vibrant. it’s not THAT much of an upgrade. GPS does work tho and quite well. I actually get more ads because the phone can run flash. Text reflow doesnt work and I hope they fix that for the final release.

      • LOL @ drmd complaining about a bootleg Froyo update. It will do fine when the REAL update is released. AS for darkknight49, that statement is like saying Windows 7 isn’t that much of an upgrade over Vista. I had a Nexus before my Vibrant and the missing features are important. For example, the Nexus has so much internal memory that I have well over 100 apps installed. Which is fine except withour Froyo I end up with wonderful prompts like 62 updates available. With each update requiring multiple clicks to install. With Froyo I have the option to put everything on automatic update so once all my apps are updated I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

        The flash argument you made is also not very good. You get ads anyway, it’s what keeps things free. You must really be an Iphone user. Of course you don’t see the value of flash because you probably only watch video of Steve Jobs, but in the real world, for example, I’m at work when the game is on, I find a flash stream of the game and play it on my phone. I need to keep my kid quiet. I find a flash game he can play. It’s all about convenience, not inconvenience (not having flash).

  • If I wasn’t waiting for the Nexus S, I’d snap this up. I had one for my Nexus One and it cost more than this one. One thing I wonder with this is will it have speaker outputs like the Nexus dock did. On another note, I always buy all the accessories I can for phones because being a off contract person having every accesory makes my phone resale for close to the original price so I recoup the money spent buying the next phone. Of course this assumes I always buy 1-2 phones a year so my phone is never old enough or dinged up enough to not be resellable.

  • drmd

    @Hilton …thanks for ur outlook. For me primary thing is flash so that I can enjoy complete web experience.I need froyo for that only. I am not that tech savy to root or follow XDA. Leave aside froyo/gps problem, Vibrant is still no 1 Android phone with great screen display. Tmo needs to step up and provide some love to vibrant owners ( Sprint really took care of HTC EVO well).

  • darkjuan

    Where’s the dock for the G2??

  • darkjuan

    Where’s the dock for the G2??

  • Brian

    Where is the dock for the mytouch 4g?

  • Brian

    Where is the dock for the mytouch 4g?

  • Nolucknoskill

    Um…I have one… there is no “dock” mode.

    • Anonymous

      The Vibrant? There sure is — but you may have to download the Samsung dock app from the Market.

      On another topic…where’s the car dock? That’s the one I REALLY want.

      • Chrisurban15

        yeah I need the car dock. Verizon has the car dock for the Fascinate, but no car dock for t-mobile?

      • Nolucknoskill

        Oh! you’re correct. Thank you.

        • samsung galaxy s vibrant skin

          Yeah That’s one thing I’m really looking forward. I am trying for collecting some more information on it as for the buying of it.

    • Anonymous

      The Vibrant? There sure is — but you may have to download the Samsung dock app from the Market.

      On another topic…where’s the car dock? That’s the one I REALLY want.

  • Nolucknoskill

    Um…I have one… there is no “dock” mode.

  • Anonymous

    hopefully the MT4G dock doesn’t take this long.

    • BIGG13

      the dock has been out for a while it’s just that tmo didn’t have it in stores, I have had a dock since the week the phone came out

  • Anonymous

    hopefully the MT4G dock doesn’t take this long.

  • pantlesspenguin

    What’s up, dock?

    • gimmefroyo

      Dock Dock Goose…

  • pantlesspenguin

    What’s up, dock?

  • LWalty

    Ok.. now where if my Froyo?

  • Looks awesome. I might pick this up for my wife for Xmas.. She has a Gel skin on though, wonder if it will still fit?

    • Anonymous

      It will not. If you go to the Samsung USA website and look at the comments, someone posted that it will not fit with any kind of cover & it did not receive good ratings from any of the people who left comments.

  • Tom Valencia

    I picked this dock up at the local TMobile store last night. You cannot use a gel skin and the phone automatically launches the “desk home” app; however, you must download first from the market. I can say that the dock works extremely well and is very visually appealing. Now I am waiting for the MT4G dock…

    • Aah, Good to know about the Gel Skin.. My wife loves her gel skin and probably wouldn’t part with it to use the dock :/

  • Jeremy

    i had a vibrant for a week. It was a very good phone but i traded it back for a My touch 4g.
    there were too many little things it was missing.
    a flash for the camera, froyo, 4g speed,
    i do miss the touch buttons on it though and that big clear display!

  • Looks nice, I want the car dock. Anyone have a good suggestion for a car version?

  • Cool, but I want the car dock

  • Cool, but I want the car dock

  • mtnman

    It don’t look too bad, I was thinking of picking on up for Christmas anyway. This would be good to replace my alarm clock can charge my phone at the same time.

  • Eric

    Does anybody know if the battery will stop charging when full when on the dock? I’m not a big fan of leaving my phone on the charger for hours.

    • Ted C.

      No but it will ding when it is full. Which seems to always happen in the middle of the night. Now how do I turn that off???

      • Eric

        If you root the phone, some ROMs actually have that ding removed. I’m sorta disappointed that the dock is basically just the charger without any real extra features or even a built in speaker. I already have a plastic case with a kickstand. I’m just going to pop the kickstand out and plug it in. Hooray for saving 30 dollars lol

        • Julie

          Where did you get that plastic case?

    • Ted C.

      No but it will ding when it is full. Which seems to always happen in the middle of the night. Now how do I turn that off???

  • Ted C.

    I have the dock and its a disappointment. It’s really snug so the only kind of case that will work with it is one of those full body films that you can apply. The dock blocks the volume button and there aren’t any buttons on it so while docked there’s no changing the volume. It has a earphone out jack but apparently it won’t work until we get 2.2 (which looks to be at least December at this point). The way the phone sits in the dock the back speaker is against the wall so sound doesn’t project well.

    From the software side. The dock application you can download triggers automatically when you dock. But the app itself is pretty lousy. It doesn’t have a true night mode so its too bright to use as a bedside clock. It includes icons for: “Alarm Clock, which oddly you can’t get to by pressing on the displayed time which does nothing; “Daily Briefing” (which is a weird combination of 4 screens for each of : weather, news, yahoo finance and your calendar); Gallery; Music; and Voice Search. The app tries to do too much and makes nothing easy. How many things am I going to do while the thing is sitting in the dock? This software is a good example of what is wrong with Samsung’s phones. The software is poorly thought out, gaudy and usually includes what amounts to paid placements (the Yahoo finance piece is a good example). The stock clock app on 2.2 is better than this.

    I love the Vibrant as a piece of hardware. Samsung’s software is universally worse than the stock Android equivalents. I guess it’s time to root this puppy. I’d mourn the loss of the docking software but it is so lame that I won’t really miss it.

    What I would change? Add a volume button to the dock itself that controls the speaker volume. Build in small speakers to the dock so that you can get some unmuffled sound out without plugging in external speakers. Build a decent dock application.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the review. Think I will skip the home dock, based on your writeup. In particular, no night mode = FAIL; no way is my wife going to put up with that bright screen all night. :)

      • Grammatica di Polizia

        LOL… his write-up is erroneous. The screen has two default settings for the background. One is jet black. That makes the display very dim. That alone could be considered a “night mode.”

        But also, you can slide your finger on the taskbar at the top of the SGS. See on Youtube a demonstration of that.

        Press down on the taskbar until a gray bar appears. Then move your finger from left to right. The display will brighten if moved to the right, if moved from right to left, it will dim.

        Too bad for Samsung it’s getting a bum review from some people.

    • Grammatica di Polizia

      Ted, I would differ on many of your complaints.

      The volume adjusts on screen, in whatever you are using to play media. When I am playing music or a movie I simply tap the screen and the volume adjust interface appears.

      The software does have a night mode. First, you can choose to have the screen with a black background. This alone cuts way back on the brightness.

      But in addition, press your finger on the taskbar until a grew colored bar appears. When that does, slide your finger to the left to dim the display, slide to the right to brighten it. Note that this feature works in any program when the taskbar at the top is showing.

      As to the alarm clock, pressing the icon opens up your Android alarm clock app and you can set or cancel alarms, etc. I am not sure what you are complaining about there. Pressing the clock to get to alarms would be redundant since there’s the alarm icon 1″ from the clock.

      And the app is well-thought out.

      There’s five icons at the bottom, which are the five most useful:


      Daily Briefing – News, weather.

      Gallery – play music, movies, pics.

      Music – To go quickly to the music player.

      Voice Search – Speak into the phone to voice search Google and access the Net.

      There’s lots of settings: brightness, wallpaper, what will be displayed on the page, type of clock, calendar.

      And at the top there’s the taskbar that allows you to click the icons for access to e-mail, text messages, turn WiFi and BT on/off and even dial up voice mail.

      While YOU would alter the home page differently, that does not make the software poorly designed.

      Oh, not sure what you mean about the speaker being muffled. I play movies and the speaker that’s in the SGS is plenty loud. The dock does not decrease the volume, at least not to where I notice a decrease.

  • Jdp870

    where’s the 2.2 update for the vibrant??????????????????????? nov 2010 is just about over

  • Jdp870

    where’s the 2.2 update for the vibrant??????????????????????? nov 2010 is just about over

  • Jdp870

    where’s the 2.2 update for the vibrant??????????????????????? nov 2010 is just about over

  • AssimilatedAndroid

    False advertising! Shame on Samsung and T-Mobile! Says it has a 3.5 jack but AFTER you purchase it you find out it does not work until the Vibrant is update to 2.2!!! And when will that be??? Samsung and T-Mobile, this is NOT how you make customers happy…

    • xtjoeywx

      What are you talking about? I use my headphones on the 3.5 jack on my Vibrant all the time. Works just fine. Are you talking about something else?

      • Grammatica di Polizia

        He is talking about the 3.5 mm port that is built into the dock. It is not working yet because Samsung said the SGS needs 2.2 or something like that.

        The problem is that when the SGS is in the dock the audio port on the phone is physically blocked or covered by the dock, so there’s currently no way to attach headphones to the phone itself when it’s in the dock.

        Thankfully, the SGS speaker works fine, it’s super loud, when in the dock.

        He is right, we should not find out AFTER opening the package that the 3.5mm port does not work, yet.

        But see my “review,” the audio port issue is not a deal breaker for me since the dock otherwise works great when I tuck in my SGS every night, on the nightstand.

        And the Samsung docking software is very nice, in my opinion. It has all sorts of settings, let’s me adjust the display brightness way down so it is not a distraction, I can watch a movie on a timer, look at a photograph slide show, and even choose a wallpaper.

        And I love that I now have a clock I can read without my glasses and when I arise there’s the current weather on the display.

        In my opinion the dock opens up a whole new aspect to the SGS, to use it as a super deluxe bedside alarm clock, photo frame, net browser, movie watcher, etc.

        If Samsung is listening, hurry up with the 3.5 mm update. :)

  • Grammatica di Polizia

    The dock for my Samsung Galaxy S works very well.

    I installed the Samsung docking application that’s on Android Market, the dock instructions said to do that.

    I then set the dock by the bed and plugged in the charger from the wall outlet to the dock. You don’t have to do that to make it work, but I charge my Samsung Galaxy S while it’s on the nightstand.

    I then connected the Samsung Galaxy S to the dock.

    The software automatically activates when you put the Samsung Galaxy S into the dock and the docked software home page replaces whatever you have on screen at the time.

    The “dock homepage” has various settings and there’s icons for Alarm, Daily Briefing, Gallery, Music and Voice Search.

    I can have a large analog clock or the calendar taking up the top 2/3rds of the page.

    The current time, date and weather are also displayed.

    If I want, I can go to gallery, go to my movie folder and play a movie while the Samsung Galaxy S is in the dock. The sound from the SGS speaker is great while in the dock.

    Note: As others have complained, there’s a 3.5 mm audio port on the dock, but Samsung is coming out with software that will activate that. Until then, there’s no way to connect headphones or an external speaker to the SGS when it is docked. The dock is still very useful for me, even without the 3.5 mm audio port.

    Also, to show how well thought out these are, Samsung put two background options on the wallpaper. One is jet black so it’s not so bright by the bedside.

    And I can adjust the brightness by moving my finger across the taskbar at the top of the display, as can be done when the phone has the taskbar showing on any page.

    I got the dock on eBay, new, for $30 shipped. A good deal.

    In my opinion these docks are worth the price, especially the Samsung Galaxy S dock because Samsung includes the docking software. Before this I was simply laying my SGS on the nightstand connected to a charger. Now I have it sitting in the dock, charging and I can surf the Net, watch a movie, listen to music, or simply have it sit there as a fancy alarm clock.

    In fact, I set the timer on my music so that it disconnects after an hour.

    If any of the above uses sounds attractive to you, I recommend you consider this dock, especially if you are like me, one who before getting this dock is used to putting the phone on a nightstand, fiddling with the alarm clock application, and manually opening programs, such as music.

    Also, this holds the SGS upward and in an angle. Before this dock if I was watching a movie I would have to prop up the SGS on a pillow or hold it in my hand. I would fall asleep and in the morning I would have to find and fish out my phone that fell on to the floor. Often I would have to call my phone because I could not find it. So the dock is worth it even if it was only a charger, because I save a lot of time not searching for my phone in the morning. I am not late for work, everyone is happy.

  • marxmyth

    Froyo 2.2 here and still no love from the 3.5mm jack. What’s up Samsung?