Samsung Vibrant Dock Arrives In Stores

The Samsung Vibrant remains one of the most popular (and attractive) devices in the T-Mobile lineup and what’s a popular phone with a beautiful screen without a dock? T-Mobile retail stores we’ve been told have begun receiving docks for use with the Vibrant as of yesterday. The dock, priced at $39.99 will act as a desktop speakerphone, charge your phone, provide a great angle for media viewing and it’ll automatically select the “dock” feature when you plug it in. That last part is reason enough to spend $39.99 alone, never mind the great viewing angle! Seriously though, this is a welcome addition to the Samsung Vibrant accessory lineup and can breathe some new life into your device as a media device as you one again remember why you bought the phone in the first place, that beautiful beautiful screen. A few more pics follow!

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