T-Mobile Introduces Two New Promotional Rate Plans

Well we knew something was up with November 14th and it turns out, it was in fact the introduction of two new promotional rate plans.  T-Mobile has announced today that two new, limited-time promotional Even More plans will be available to customers this Sunday, November 14th as well as a reminder of the Tethering and new data offerings also beginning Sunday.

Even More Promotional Plans

The new Even More Promotional Plans are:

  1. Even More® Individual 1,500 Talk + Text + Web plan for $79.99/mo.
  2. Even More® Family Plan 3,000 Talk + Text + Web Plan for $149.99/mo.

Let’s not forget that the new 4G web plans, both the 200MB and 4G “unlimited” plans are also taking effect this Sunday, November 14th. The 200MB plan will be $10 with a 2-year contract plan or you can pick up the very same plan for $15 sans contract. The “unlimited” plan for 4G web is $30 a month regardless of contract.

That previously announced Tethering and Wi-Fi sharing plan? Well its finally going into effect this Sunday as well for $14.99 a month which of course has led to a steady stream of discontent for customers who disagree with the need to pay extra for data services.

Check out the full press release below!

Even More Promotional Plans

The new Even More Promotional Plans are:

  1. Even More® Individual 1,500 Talk + Text + Web plan for $79.99/mo.
  2. Even More® Family Plan 3,000 Talk + Text + Web Plan for $149.99/mo.

These new Even More Promotional Plans will be available beginning Sunday, Nov. 14 and will offer unlimited text, unlimited 4G Web, unlimited T-Mobile to T-Mobile and unlimited Nights and Weekends, in addition to the included 1,500 (Individual) and 3,000 (Family) Whenever minutes®.  For the same $79.99 price point at AT&T and Verizon, customers only get 900 Whenever minutes and unlimited text.1 These new plans require a two-year contract and will only be available for a limited time.

Previously announced as coming for the holidays:

4G Mobile Data Plans

T-Mobile recently announced two new mobile data plans that now have official names:  4G Web – 200MB plan and the 4G Web – Unlimited plan. These plans will be available for all T-Mobile phones2 beginning Sunday, Nov. 14 and the details of the plans remain the same – the 4G Web – 200MB plan is $10 per month with a new two-year service agreement or contract extension for a limited time or $15 per month with no contract extension, the 4G Web – Unlimited plan is $30 per month.

Tethering and Wi-Fi Sharing

T-Mobile recently announced the upcoming availability of a Tethering and Wi-Fi Sharing service plan that enables select smartphones to function as wireless modems for connecting devices, such as laptops, tablets and netbooks, to the Internet through the T-Mobile network. Starting Sunday, Nov. 14 T-Mobile customers can add the Tethering and Wi-Fi Sharing plan to their 4G Web – Unlimited $30 monthly Even More plan or 4G Web – Unlimited $25 Even More Plus no contract monthly plan for an additional $14.99 per month.

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  • bbcrisp_03

    Fragmented, confusing, Nickeling and dimeing, more crap! I hope i can still keep my even more 69.99 plan. I dunno. UUUGH! more numbers = confusing!

    • TheDude

      Why wouldn’t you be able to keep it? I still have one of their old plans from before the switch to Even More/Even More Plus.

    • Miro

      you can keep it
      we’re still on a 69.99 fam with myfaves

      • somebody

        lol im still on a plan with 400 famly mints its like 40 buks base :) i never talk on my phone so its great

    • going_home

      I’m still on my original G1 plan, $74.99 unlimited talk and web – 400 texts.


  • JohnDeere

    Woo Tmobile rocks!

  • Tyrone

    Now why would anyone pay $14.99 for “Tethering and Wi-Fi Sharing” when they can tether for free using PdaNet?

    • Jimmy

      Completely agree….even though the whole wifi hotspot (with phone) thing is more convenient and share up to more user. But for $14.99/month I rather use pdaNet to laptop and just make the laptop into a wifi hotspot…

    • deadinditches

      Depending on data usage, if they notice that you are one of those special customers that spike their data usage into the 5ormore gigs of usage, they will be looking for that and working on ways to adjust your usage accordingly.

      The tethering option specifically lists ‘unlimited’ instead of the throttling that happens on a regular data plan.

      Also, pdanet doesn’t support many of the newer 2.2 devices that are coming to the market, yet.

      • jymmyb

        Well that why I love open source android = hacking… root=hot spot app, is about time… anyway i dont think they can change you unlimited data plan before 5 gigabites i belive you can used that on one day or cycle moth …????

      • Thaghost

        They support The mt4g

      • http://squiggleslash.livejournal.com squiggleslash

        No, the word “unlimited” refers to the plans the Tethering plan needs to be added to.

        If you’re on the 200Mb data plan, you can’t buy the Tethering plan
        If you’re on the *Unlimited* data plan, you can buy the Tethering plan

        At this stage there’s no reason to believe that tethering will not come out of your 5Gb “fast data” quota.

        I’m still curious as to how they intend to enforce it however given every tethering app works by making data appear to come from the phone, be it via NAT or via a proxy. Even looking for “suspicious” activity, such as desktop user agent strings from web browsers, would be dubious given Android apps may well do such things anyway.

      • dannyb91979

        T-Mobile has said that the tethering will be constrained within the allowed 5GB, and will also be throttled after that.

        Also, I have yet to find a device that PDANet won’t run on…

    • ISellTMo

      Because T-Mo is looking for a way to stop PdaNet from working as well as other apps. They want to require the tether SOC.

    • Jack

      The network will be able to detect the devices that are connecting to the data network through your device and then can determine if you are tethering or not, then apply an upsell message. It will work for a little, then you’ll get the message.

  • techy2010

    These new rate plans are no better than what was offered in the past from Tmobile.
    I don’t expect peeps to be lining up for this promotion.
    Hope Tmobile saves their advertising dollars for something else.

    • deadinditches

      Considering that tmo currently doesn’t have an option for anything between 1000mins and unlimited mins for an individual plan… I would consider it a better option for many customers that use somewhere between 1000 and 1500 anytime minutes a month.

      But I guess people will always find something to whine and complain about, won’t they?

      • sandytoes


      • Krystian

        Agreed as well, this is exactly what my GF needs, this plan will save her 20 bucks a month because she needs more then 1000 but less then unlimited. I think its great.

    • dannyb91979

      Umm, these rates are like HALF what they are currently charging! The competition can’t even come CLOSE to touching these plans! I really hope they advertize the hell out of these, so I can get more lines out!! :-D

      • dannyb91979

        Ok, I was looking at the wrong brochure – it’s not half, but it’s STILL a good deal! :-D

  • Tyrone

    It would be better if T-Mobile would actually start supporting the Android phones is sells. It’s appalling they ship Android phones without WiFi calling, then take forever to roll out Android 2.2 which remedies the situation AND reduces their infrastructure costs considerably. Clearly the management at T-Mobile needs to be replaced by real businessmen.

    • deadinditches

      This is not a result of tmobile.

      You’re complaining about something that has very little to do with Tmobile.

      Wificalling was a specific application that was built by a 3rd party software company that just became available.

      As far as the 2.2 rollouts, then you obviously havent taken the UI builds into consideration. The reason the Nexus (and possibly the G2) have gotten speedy updates is because the manufacturer didn’t have a user interface built on top of the android build. This takes time, and money and thought process.

      Obviously, you need to do a little research prior to your pointless ranting and raving.

      • Tyrone

        Unlike you, I’m not a T-Mobile shill. I am a programmer and this is something I know a lot about. The 3rd party aspect of the application is irrelevant. All WiFi calling, such as that T-Mobile has supported for years on a host of LG, Nokia and RIM phones, follows the UMA standard and all of the software is 3rd party, as is all of the software on T-Mobile phones. That’s the little “Wi-Fi and Mobile Calling” checkbox in the phone selector guide on T-Mobile’s website. Over the years this has gone under the names “T-Mobile Unlimited Hotspot Calling”, “T-Mobile@Home”, etc. I’ve been using it for years on other phones. That is why it is so irritation that they punted on it for Android phones, and due to the outcry, finally (with Android 2.2) are bundling Kineto Wireless’s Smart WiFi app with the OS. Unfortunately, Kineto only sells to OEMs.

        • pjs

          Congrats to you Tyrone with the misinformation, lets try and correct a few things here. 1st, T-mobile has only been carrying LG devices for 6 months or so (error #1) and no of them offer UMA. 2nd, Android 2.2 is not required for UMA feature to work (see Motorola DEFY on v2.1) 3rd, while T-Mobile must be the ones requesting the UMA feature they have no real control over the speed of the device manufacturer actually adding the feature or updating the phone, other than threating them to stop purchasing future handsets. Stop commenting on people being shills and quit being such a grump yourself. This company doesn’t work for you and your timeline.

        • Huh

          James, was there really any need in that comment here?

        • bigrich

          Just an FYI Tyrone, T-Mobile@Home is VoIP, not WiFi.

  • Adam

    Hahahaha! I have been paying 150 for unlimited everything on 2 lines. I guess it pays to be a loyal customer dating back to 1997.

    • Camille

      I have unlimited everything for 2 lines for 139.99

      • sorandkairi

        ditto….. but mine is $119.99….
        govt rate ftw!!!!!

        • Pimpstrong

          I was disappointed when the discount dropped from 18 to 15%. But its still damned good.

        • sorandkairi

          lol…yeah glad i kept mine tho!

      • Adam

        Even better!

    • jymmyb

      Yep same here that include fax voice-mail, and families allowance O.o :P

  • James

    I wonder how this will affect the $10 per month data plan I have with my Nokia Nuron and if I’ll be able to continue using USB tethering for free.

    • James

      Oh, that’s $10 per month unlimited.

    • deadinditches

      Currently, there are no options for wifi sharing on the $10 phone first feature. I would imagine that you’re still fairly safe.

  • danbutter

    So what happens to the other existing plans that this makes obsolete?
    If they disappear is there only what is more expensive left?
    For example right now the family example is 179 so people on that plan will save, but there are also cheaper plans with less mins. Is this going to be the cheapest plan now? If so that sucks.
    If they drop the price of other plans it would be good.

    I guess my point is that it seems that they are raising the minimum price to have a plan.
    (number of mins. aside)

    • TheDude

      I don’t understand what you’re saying. This is for “Even More” (not Even More Plus) so the price is the EXACT SAME as the lowest individual plan price anyway.

      Current: Even More Individual (2 year contract) 500mins Talk+Text+Web = $79.99
      Promotion: Eve More Individual (2 year contract) 1,500mins Talk+Text+Web = $79.99

      As for family, the cheapest current plan is $10 less than this promotion.. and there is NOTHING to indicate these are replacing anything. As stated in the article, these are LIMITED TIME PROMOTIONAL RATE PLANS

  • Mark

    Guess what folks, those apps like pdanet will now be recognized by tmob’s system and even using those you’ll have to pay for tethering. Get over it, it’s what every other company that allows tethering requires so unless you’d like to be forced to go to another carrier or have tmob scooped up by Sprint deal with it.

    • johnmed3

      @mark: there is no way for them to know if your using an app like pdanet or easy tether.
      It will just show up as internet use from the device.

      • deadinditches

        I would imagine that if you spike your data usage, it sends up red flags, regardless.

        I would imagine that if you’re tethering (like myself) that your data usage skyrockets due to looking at full blown websites instead of m. mobile websites.

        I looked at usage w/ a tethering app at 8.3gigs a month and w/o at 3.2

        • 2FR35H

          There is a flaw in your argument. On Android you have the option to choose full blown websites instead of mobile websites. If they were to call you up on that it would also be illegal because we are free to use it how we wish, there is no clause stating that you must only go to mobile sites.

      • joboy

        How will they know we’re tethering? I’m not a computer guy, but I suspect they’ll know the same way a website knows whether I’m using a computer browser or a mobile device: probably something to do with the destination IP address.

    • Edward Mullens

      Guess what “folks” (by the way ix-nay the jovial buddy talk), there is no way they can separate pdanet from normal web traffic. So screw those greedy fools over. And their corporate shill friends.

  • sos

    more money!!!!! thats all i have to say……

  • JD

    For the unlimited family plan, is the $149 for 2 lines plus $x for additional lines? If so, what is the x?

    • Matt Hatter

      $5.00/line to share the talk and text, 25.00 with web.

  • FlyingRequin

    More useless plan. What about a limited minutes, full web and text plan for an affordable rate?

    Something like Virgin Mobile is doing.

    300 minutes, unlimited text and web for $25!! That’s what I want.

    I don’t want to pay for minutes that i will never use. My wife and I barely use 300 minutes together each month.

    • Jamie

      I’m in the same boat. We have an EM with 750 and have only used 300 so far with less than a week left. The ONLY time we have gotten close to using those minutes was the month we got married…in 2006. We went over by 1. Sometimes I wish TMO would start a rollover plan like AT&T.

      • Reader

        Keep in mind that T-mob is subsidizing the devices. If the plan is only $25 month, it wouldn’t cover the equipment cost in 2 year period.

        • TheDude

          Yet there isn’t an Even More Plus plan at that price point either… and we know for sure that they’re not subsidizing the price there

      • TheDude

        It may be billed as free, but rollover is paid off by higher prices of ATT plans. That and the rolled over minutes expire on the one year anniversary of the month you got them in.

    • http://squiggleslash.livejournal.com squiggleslash

      Try looking at TMo’s prepaid plans. They’ve made it fairly modular, so you can put together a fairly customized plan that’d fit your calling patterns. The plan you describe is probably out of the question, but you might find something that works for you better than that.

      Essentially, start with:

      – No minutes, unlimited texts, $15pm
      – 1500 minutes or texts (same bucket), $30pm

      then add:

      – 100Mb of data: $10pm
      – 2Gb of data, $50pm
      – Various options in between
      or $1.50 per day you use data (unlimited)

      This gives you quite a bit of flexibility, albeit not in a nice, clean, tidy package as you might prefer.

  • Pimpstrong

    OH MAN I gotta upgrate to some 4G internets so I can have the super speeds! At this point they are taking a Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich, adding a little more jelly to it and then telling us that its now a Jelly & Peanut Butter sandwich. It may be a little “Jellier” when I bite into it but its damn sure gonna taste the same.

    I understand its a big Marketing thing and I’m really glad that we aren’t getting charged an extra $10/mo for “4G” like some other carrier is. However at some point they are confusing us the consumer when 98.42% of us still use them old school Three Geez.

    Instead of duping people into rushing to get a new “4G” phone, maybe it would have been better to make 98.who am I kidding I don’t know the percentage people happy to know that they have the FASTEST DATA SPEEDS OUT even on their old 3G. AND let us know that Tmo’s latest phones can run FASTER than Sprint’s “4G” and with no Additional charge. I’m not in marketing but that sounds more appealing to me than just the term 4G without any visual proof of how fast it actually is.

    I had to say it.

    • deadinditches

      Actually, MOST smartphones will be able to take advantage of a boost in speed to a claimed 7.2mbps. Regardless of whether they are a ‘4g’ phone or not.

      My G2 pulls down high 9s/low 10’s in my area… and my old mytouch was able to pull 4.2 compared to the last consistent score being around a 2.3ish.

    • sklx-09 user

      “AND let us know that Tmo’s latest phones can run FASTER than Sprint’s “4G” and with no Additional charge”

      case this isn’t true! they were trying to force me into a new more expensive data plan when i tried to get a new mytouch.

      • Pimpstrong

        More expensive data plan? the $30 “4G” cost the same as yesterdays 3G data plan. so explain your situation.

      • TheDude

        If you don’t have one of the full internet plans then yes, of course they’re going to do that. If you’re running on an old $20 plan or $35 txt+data then you’re fine… but running on a $4.99 plan wouldn’t cut it.

        • sklx-09 user

          I’ve got the original $20 unlimited web/text that i have had forever through 4 phones and every new network “upgrade” since.
          it was working fine for 3hrs when i first turned on the mytouch 4g and then they shut it off and tried to force me into paying more for the service that they advertise not having to pay more for and that it was supposedly incompatible even though it was working perfectly fine before.

          said for them to screw it and sent the phone back.

        • John

          $20 web text combo was for phone first only. If you work with a good rep you can be at $30 unlimited text web combo.

      • PimpStrong

        I definently would have spoke with a manager about that. Some reps tell you bad information

        • Matt Hatter

          Normally I agree with you and enjoy your posts. Not this time. Please don’t encourage people to escalate or “play the game”. It typically will turn out to be a nuisance for you (plural you) what with hold time and all. Keep in mind that 30.00 is equal to or less than the industry standard, and yes even though there’s a throttle at 5 GB, it is still a better value for what you get. Heck, the throttle doesn’t cut you off. All it does is slow your download speeds so that downloading movies or music becomes long and tedious and will often time out. Normal web surfing, i.e. facebook, email, online banking, news sites etc shouldn’t even notice a serious impact. They’re not saying you can’t go beyond 5 GB. They’re just making it slower.

        • PimpStrong

          How in Gods name does that relate to my post? All I was saying is that they should market their faster data speeds differently.

        • Matt Hatter

          It was the escalation part, speaking to a manager. I got diverted. Sorry :)

        • PimpStrong

          Its all good. But what’s wrong with complaining to management that your current data plan is not being honorably grandfathered onto a MT4G? Everybody gets granded in. Tmo in turn lost a sale.

        • SKLX-09 User

          I was on the phone forever and transfered to some 3 people. and got nothing more then what amounts to “it doesn’t work anymore because we said so”

  • sos

    why are my comments being deleted

  • rickb928

    So does the Even More Family plan include web as in data, or will 2 Android phones need data plans in addition to the Even More Family 3000++??

    I’m pretty sure I’, not liking this plan flimflam stuff.

    • Camille

      there is no separate data plan, it’s included with the web

    • archie

      Web=Data you will not need anything more unless you want the tethering plan.

      • rickb928

        I’m tethering now with CM6.1 and WiFiTether. Like I’m buying anything I can’t root – not.

  • Petey

    Glad to see that they made 200mb for $10/$15 for all phone (including smartphones?).

    • deadinditches

      There are phones that the 200mb plan will not support, fyi.

      • JD

        Do you know what phones won’t be supported with the 200mb plan?

      • Miles Davis

        I called Tmo yesterday about the 200 Mb plan. They specifically told me that it would include all phones, Android included, except for Blackberry. I liked the answer, but maybe take with a grain of salt, the CSR didn’t seem like the most knowledgeable.

        Here is the other interesting thing…I asked about how overages would work. She said $1.99/Mb, up to a max of $30. If true, that would be great. Because you could move down to the 200 Mb plan, with nothing to lose. If some months you stay under, you save money. If you go over, the worst that can happen is you pay the same price you would have if you were on the unlimited plan. Again, take with a grain of salt.

        The other thing I asked that she confirmed is that the $10/month plan does qualify for smartphone upgrades. I’ve been wanting to get my teens on Android (for Latitude, GPS anti-texting apps, and to get them using Calendar), but wasn’t going to pay $30/month for it. $10 is about right.

        • John

          I called T-Mobile and asked about $10 Data plan and they said it works for Windows Phone 7 platform (HTC HD7) as well. But CSR didn’t seem like very knowledgeable and very sure about it.

          I have a plan to get six HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 for our family plan lines.

          If they do accept $10 Data Plan for HD7 as well then I will get 6 HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 on November 14. Or maybe get 4 HD7 and pre-order 2 Dell Venue Pro.

        • Matt Hatter

          that would be a cap of 30.00 of overage totaling 40.00. Given that you would be looking at 15 MB to reach that it really would be more cost effective to just have the unlimited plan.

      • MattB

        Wrong. All phones in the current lineup can get the 200MB plan. This was changed after they delayed the original launch of the small web packages. Originally it was supposed to be just ‘entry level’ devices, but now it’s all phones.

        • Matt Hatter

          All phones excepting phone first devices. i.e. Sentio, Gravity, Nuron….

  • tommy

    I’m still using the myfavs 800 min.’s family plan for 69.99 and the 5.99 internet, plus I get 12% company discount…

    • Pimpstrong

      $5.99 Web2Go I presume?

  • Jin

    So anyone knows if the new $10 / $15 200mb web plan is for every smartphone? Or only the low end smartphone?

  • http://www.tmonews.com jonathan m

    i have an old android plan unlimited date & text for $34.99 and i have a my touch 4g im i going too have too pay more with the chenge on sunday or is 4g free for everyone

    • TheDude

      No. This is just a PROMOTIONAL PLAN.

      Seriously? Just stay on your plan it will never be taken away from you unless you switch it.

  • jigsaw918

    i hope im wrong, but does downloading apps take away MBs from the 200 MB plan?

    • sorandkairi

      dont see why it shouldnt! it is data unfortunately.

    • JD

      Yes, it would. You just need to download via wifi.

  • Anthony

    Will this effect the $10 unl plan for 1st phones.

  • c-fu

    So all the EM with Data plans say they include the $30/month smartphone data plans with them. My question is this:

    If my 2 lines on the family plan are on the Preferred Android Data for $20/mo, would the price of the 3000 minute plan be $129.99???

    • somuch2say

      No, in order to take advantage of the EM plans you agree to the $30 data plan, losing any grandfathered features you had before.

      For example, when I moved from a MyFaves plan to an Even More plan, I lost my $10 unlimited messaging for family plan. It was changed to $20/month. In the end I saved money though. Different for everyone though.

      • c-fu

        Preferred Android Data, isn’t a grandfathered feature.

  • Pimpstrong

    Does the 200mb data plan mean that they will no long support web2go crap?

  • somuch2say

    Cool! This is gonna save me $30 plus taxes per month!

  • chris

    I still love my plan
    49.99 – grandfathered 500 min fam plan unltd n/w/m2m
    9.99 – grandfathered 9.99 family plan unltd sms/mms
    20.00 preferred unltd data w/ HD7
    20.00 preferred unltd data w/ MyTouch
    11% AAA Member discount.

    after my insurance my wife and i only spend 105 dollars a month for all the minutes we need and everything else unlimited.

    • Bryant

      My grandfathered plan is alittle better.

      49.99 – grandfathered 600 min family plan unltd n/w m2m with MyFavs
      9.99 Unlimited family text
      19.99 internet
      15% starbucks discount
      5 lines
      TOTAL: drum roll. more or less $105

  • VinylDestination

    I have a $20 Unlimted Data Android plan with Tmo. But that is the same plan as this 4G internet data plan just $10 more, right? Would someone be able to confirm?

    • Shawn

      I don’t think anybody knows for sure. There have been a few people who have asked the same question, no replies.

  • posdstolom

    Not happy about the tethering charge at all. If I start getting messages telling me I have to buy an add-on to continue tethering, I’m gonna drop my data plan to the new 200 Meg for the balance of my contract and I’m off this network come renewal/upgrade time. Simple as that. Voting with my wallet.

    • JB6464

      If you use a WM TP2 or HD2 it already has the tethering app in it from the factory. Therefor T-Mobile cannot tell you to pay extra because they cannot regulate it. They will see higher data usage from the tethering but they can’t see in a window if your tethering or not.
      The new Andriod and WM7 phones have the tethering apps removed or blocked. So that way to use the tethering you have to pay T-Mobile for it. That’s the only way they can control it like Verizon and AT&T does.

    • pjs

      awesome, thats a smart idea, then you can go to another carrier and pay more monthly and pay more to tether too. vote with your brain

      • JB6464

        What crack are you smokin today.
        I’m simply stating you can tether without paying the extra cash if you have a WM 6.5 phone. No extra app is needed.

        • pjs

          My reply was meant for the OP (posdstolom)

  • currator

    possible iphone update. hate comments pour on. I went to my tmo corp store today and asked about the iphone charger and micro sims. the big boss lady said at first I have not seen any micro sims. then after talking for a few mins she says I have heard that we are supposed to get the iphone but did not know when. black friday anybody, also I mentioned black friday and her response was that would be a good day to release it on. soo we shall see.

    btw she said that she got the email about these promo plans today, keep up the good work david and team.

    • joe

      who cares about the iphone? also pretty sure you are totally wrong… no iphone on t-mobile in the near future.

      • currator

        look all I am saying is what I heard and talked about with a corp store manager about. anyways they have the charger and micro sim cars so what are they for then. support for a phone the comp sells.

        • JB6464

          currator, i heard the same thing here in Columbus,Ohio from a Corporate Store mgr as well.
          It is coming to T-Mobile soon.

        • Shawn

          You guys, just because they are a corp store manager doesn’t mean anything. If you read david’s posts on this site, guaranteed you know more than they do. All they know is how to “try” to sell phones. I went in to look at the MyTouch 4G and the all mighty “store mgr” didn’t even know what multi-touch was!!

      • JB6464

        Please share the meds or get off them.
        The iphone is coming,soon.

        • JB6464

          ^^ @ Joe

  • B

    I’m already paying 79.99 for my current plan, which offers less. Do I still have to sign a new contact for this? That would be silly

  • JD

    Does anyone know the additional line charges for the family promo plan?

  • EstoyLoco

    I think the 200MB plan is an awesome deal…

    It is $9.99 + $30 max allowance. So if you ended up heavily using data in a month you will pay a $40 data charge on your bill. Just $10 more than unlimited data.

    However on months that you don’t use much data at all under 200MB you pay $10. You would have to use 400MB data in the month to equal $30.

    The biggest deciding factor would be, if you can still use data unlmitedly after you hit the $40 cap. I would hate to go over in a month and pay $40 only to be capped at total of 500MB usage that month.

    However this is great because now my sister can get in on my family plan and get a smartphone. Previously she was just going to get a featurephone so that she could avoid paying the $30 data. But now she can get a smartphone and get the $10 data, since all she wants data for is to check email.

    • Jin

      It is an awesome deal but is the $200mb web data plan is for all smartphones? or only the low end ones? Seems like no one can answer this.

      • Miro

        based on the info posted here the $10 data plan is not available for smart phones – ie Vibrant, HD7

        • Jin

          Where does it say that?

          All i see is “the 4G Web – 200MB plan is $10 per month with a new two-year service agreement or contract extension for a limited time or $15 per month with no contract extension, the 4G Web – Unlimited plan is $30 per month.

        • Evan

          The 200MB plan is for all phones except for Blackberry devices.

      • Krystian

        my dad was in the tmobile store yesterday, you can get the 10 dollar plan for ANY phone, mytouch 4g, vibrant, g2, etc lot of stupid people making things overcomplicated on here….btw not talking about you just some of the otehr commments im reading

        • Jin

          but I thought the $10 web data plan is not out yet until Nov 14th which is Monday. So are you sure they offered the $10 data plan already?

      • cheaplikeafox

        Based on the updated info, the $10 data plan is available for ALL smartphones. That’s why it got delayed from Nov 3rd to Nov 14th which is a Sunday not a Monday.

    • rickb928

      Well, I’m using 450-550MB a month now. So I’m in for the ‘unlimited’ 5G plan.

      And my tethering needs are well below 1GB. It’s just for ’emergencies’ and to do friends favors occasionally. Though now I’m getting HSPA and 2.5-5.5MB down regularly, so it is in fact even more (pun intended) attractive…

  • MIke

    Jesus Christ you guys make this out harder than it really is, all you have to do is compare the new plan to the one currently up on TMO’s site.

  • currator

    ohh I almost forgot to mention. silly me. there more phones coming out in the next 45 days. the manager did not say what kind of phones but said just wait to buy a phone so I’m thing black friday and right before x-mas there will be so new phones coming out.

  • somebody


    they are really trying to get into the mind of t-mobil

    they want your money guys thats all there is to it.

  • Miro

    nice plans but i’m still having a hard time justifying giving up our 69.99 700min my faves plan

  • Miro

    weird that the no-contract data cost is higher than contract. I thought it was supposed to be backwards

    • Jen

      Customers with the no-contract plan need to pay the full retailed price of the phones. With a contract, you get a huge discount!

  • Lbdagreat1

    No biggie, I get 15% discount and free activation so no sweat off my brow

  • CT

    So no caller id feature? LAME

  • Shawn

    So now do you need the 4G unlimited data plan to get 4G speeds? Or will my unlimited android data plan still work? I’m confused.. what is the difference between the two?

    • Shawn

      I do have the G2 so I can get 4G speeds

      • Vinyldestination

        >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Yes, please, can some shed some light on this??

    • Shawn


  • Lbdagreat1

    So david and kickstar, any more good coverage on that nexus or anything from tmobile? Im hungry for more news thanks.

  • danny

    David: See if you ninjas can get us any info on whether or not T-Mobile plans to grow their 4G network past 200 Million POPS next year.

    I think DT needs to plunk down the investment to get the entire network 4G ready.

    I’m excited for 2011 as I think we’ll see our first 42 Mbps devices and a better network.

  • Charlie

    Will the new data plans work for the Galaxy tab?

  • userfriendlyme

    I guess one question i have is for the $149 family plan w/3000 mins option. How many phone lines does that price include. Is it still 2?

  • userfriendlyme

    an when will T-Mobile ge some Family Data Plans. I have 5 lines all using android either way you hack it its still costly for just the data every month. There should be a way i can share my data the same way i share my mins in the family plan for one set price.

  • Viper Matrix Wireless

    Well I did some testing to see how they would block you from tethering & found out that within the device itself a different IP is given then the one when you tether. My ISP provider within my device & tethering is different. T-Mobile USA is shown when I tether however, a Internet Relay Systems is shown within the device. There is a such thing as red flags & ive known ppl who have had their data shut off because they did not go according of the agreement. The main cant exactly detect it, however, there are parts that can & they need to disable certain things in order for it to not work.

    • JB6464

      Cant wait for Class Action Lawsuits to start popping up after they cut people completely off for tethering. They sold phones (WM)prior to this new rule that had tethering built in and allowed it without stopping it from the get go like Verizon and AT&T did.
      And not just me but many others were told at the T-Mobile stores when we purchased our WM phones that we could tether with it,that was the reason for buying a WM phone.
      Now they want to charge you for the very Same Thing they let go on,but did’nt officially support it. Because they see a huge cash cow in their banks from what Verizon and AT&T does to their customers.
      If they Never Supported It and was Never going to allow it, they should of Never sold ANY phone that had tethering capabilities built in it from the very beginning.
      So when they start cutting off some people because their tethering on their older phones prior to their new rules,i bet some lawyer or VIP person who has time and money will file a Class Action Lawsuit about T-Mobiles practices on tethering.

    • JB6464

      Were those people you know of a T-Mobile customer or on another provider that got cut off because of tethering red flags?
      T-Mobile knowing sold Tethering capable phones(WM)from the get go and did nothing to prevent it. They state it’s not allowed in their TOS but why did they sell phones like that in the first place if they were never going to allow it.
      Verizon and AT&T blocks those apps from the get go before they sell their phones to customers.
      I smell a Class Action Lawsuit coming in the future about this.

  • http://www.brettschulte.com Brett Schulte

    I love my plan- $89.99 two lines unlimited loyalty minutes, $10 unlimited family plan texts, $20 unlimited loyalty Android data. $2 family allowances (handy for blocking annoying people). Even MetroPCS can’t beat it.

  • Bryant

    there should be a thread where everyone posts all there ymmv plans. hmmmmm. i wonder who has the best plan??

  • bobofosho123

    I remember reading before that even more plus customers were eligible for the $10.00 a month plan (sans contract and stuff), rather than the $15 a month one that people with a contract are required to get if they already have. Did something change?

  • 30014

    Is the new tethering plan going to apply to blackberry and windows mobile phones as well? Tmobile has allowed the owners of those particular brands free tethering for a long time, they should have to pay as well. If it’s android only I’ll just root my phone and download wireless tether. I’m not paying if everyone else doesn’t have to.

  • JB6464

    I’ll let you know later this week because i’m going to continue tethering on my HD2 but i’ll stay under the 5GB cap.

    • JB6464

      And i will Not pay the extra tethering charge.

      • JB6464

        And i do it all on 3G with the $9.99/month Web2Go unlimited data plan.
        Not the $30/month data plan that does the exact same service,just more expensive.

        • cheaplikeafox

          why don’t you ask for the $5 preferred web2go plan before it might get phased out?

        • JB6464

          I Did and they said it’s not avaialble to me. Not sure why but i figured it’s better than the $30.00/month ripoff plan.