T-Mobile Officially Announces The T-Mobile myTouch, Launches More HSPA+ Cities

Well the myTouch HD news keeps on ticking tonight but this time we’re going with something official, very official. As of this moment T-Mobile officially introduces the “new myTouch” to the T-Mobile lineup. Let’s cut to the chase and say we’re still missing lots of details so let’s just get that out of the way. The actual name of the T-Mobile’s first Android device with a Front Facing Camera remains a mystery, as does price and launch date. We believe “myTouch HD” might be the name, and myTouch 2 just popped up as an option but we believe both are likely incorrect. We have good reason to believe that the launch date is on November 3rd or right around that date and we know its going to come in four colors, White, Red, Black and “Plum.” Forgive us, we called it eggplant early on. So let it be said that those of you who doubted the authenticity of our original leaked Grab and Go document are hereby ordered to offer me one dollar in the comments. Just kidding!

So here is what we have learned from T-Mobile tonight:

  • The “new myTouch” is HSPA+
  • HD video calling is indeed on board working with both Qik and Yahoo Messenger for video calling that’s allowed on 3G, HSPA+ and Wi-Fi, can someone ask Google when we can expect a gtalk video solution for Android?
  • The HD camcorder comes with Screen Share, which allows customers to share or broadcast HD video and pictures they’ve captured. With a few touches of the screen, customers can share their photo albums, videos and movies wirelessly with a compatible HDTV or other DLNA device.
  • 3.8-ich WVGA with virtual keyboard and Swype on board
  • Blazing fast second-generation Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 1GHz MSM8255 processor optimized for speed and graphic performance
  • 5-megapixel camera
  • Android 2.2
  • Features preloaded HD games including Rock Band, Asphalt 5 and Monopoly which sticks in line with T-Mobile launching premiere devices with extras on board
  • Preinstalled 8 GB memory

You can learn more about the myTouch here on T-Mobile’s official myTouch page or check out the myTouch holding page on T-Mobile.com but hey, there is more as T-Mobile also announces continued expansion of their HSPA+ network to more cities! Wooohooo!!

With its latest expansion, T-Mobile’s HSPA+ footprint now includes Biloxi and Gulfport, Miss.; Denver, Colo.; Huntsville, Ala.; Knoxville, Tenn.; Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Norfolk, Va.; Omaha, Neb.; Phoenix and Tucson, Ariz.; Salt Lake City, Utah; San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland and Sacramento, Calif.; and West Palm Beach, Fla. T-Mobile expects to reach 100 major metropolitan areas and 200 million people in 2010.

New T-Mobile myTouch Delivers High-Definition Video Connections and Lightning Fast 4G Speeds

New myTouch to Take Advantage of T-Mobile’s New Super-Fast HSPA+ Network Now Reaching More Than 65 Markets

BELLEVUE, Wash. October 4, 2010 T-Mobile USA, Inc. today announced a new addition to its exclusive line of Android™-powered T-Mobile® myTouch®smartphones and the continued expansion of its new super-fast HSPA+ mobile broadband network. Built with families in mind, the newest T-Mobile myTouch helps solve the challenges of staying physically and emotionally connected by sharing photos and video with the HD Camcorder, spontaneous face-to-face conversations through Video Chat and the ability to reach 4G speeds on T-Mobile’s new network, which is now available in more cities across the country.1

Unlike other video-calling solutions on the market that only work through Wi-Fi, Video Chat on the new myTouch enables customers to connect with loved ones spontaneously from practically anywhere through T-Mobile’s network or Wi-Fi. With the myTouch’s front-facing camera paired with Video Chat through Yahoo! Messenger or QIK, customers can hold video conversations with friends and family who have a new T-Mobile myTouch, other compatible mobile device or PC. Customers can even see who is available to chat through presence information integrated into the myTouch’s address book, and have the option to leave Video Mail using Qik when someone is unavailable.

“Taking advantage of the 4G speeds on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network, the new myTouch delivers a faster and more compelling experience than most competing smartphones on the market,” said Andrew Sherrard, vice president, product management, T-Mobile USA. “Our continued focus to build innovative new features and personalized services truly makes myTouch unique.”

Designed specifically to deliver 4G speeds on T-Mobile’s rapidly expanding HSPA+ network, the new myTouch will offer customers blazing fast access to websites, applications, videos, downloads and more. T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network is the most pervasive mobile broadband network in the country, offering 4G speeds in more than 65 major metropolitan areas.

With its latest expansion, T-Mobile’s HSPA+ footprint now includes Biloxi and Gulfport, Miss.; Denver, Colo.; Huntsville, Ala.; Knoxville, Tenn.; Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Norfolk, Va.; Omaha, Neb.; Phoenix and Tucson, Ariz.; Salt Lake City, Utah; San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland and Sacramento, Calif.; and West Palm Beach, Fla. T-Mobile expects to reach 100 major metropolitan areas and 200 million people in 2010.

Families also can share moments in high-definition (HD) with the myTouch’s high-quality HD Camcorder with Screen Share, which allows customers to share or broadcast HD video and pictures they’ve captured. With a few touches of the screen, customers can share their photo albums, videos and movies wirelessly with a compatible HDTV or other DLNA device. The new phone also includes three exclusive myTouch features: Genius Button™, powered by Dragon Dictation from Nuance, which lets customers call, text, e-mail or access the internet with a simple voice command; Faves Gallery™, which offers shortcuts to one’s most-contacted family and friends; and myModes, which creates customized home screens for work and home.

Designed by HTC exclusively for T-Mobile, the new myTouch features a brilliant 3.8-inch WVGA touch-screen display with virtual keyboard and Swype® for easy text input. The thin and sleek device also comes with a blazing fast second-generation Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 1GHz MSM8255 processor optimized for speed and graphic performance, a 5-megapixel camera, a preinstalled 8 GB microSD memory card, and an integrated media player that brings together favorite music, video and internet radio under one set of controls.

Powered by Android 2.2, the myTouch offers a rich mobile Web experience and access to more than 80,000 applications on Android Market™ from games to location-based social networks to on-the-go shopping and more. The new device also features preloaded HD games, including “Rock Band,” “Asphalt 5” and “Monopoly.”

The new T-Mobile myTouch is expected to be available in time for the holidays, exclusively from

T-Mobile USA in four colors — white, black, plum or red. Customers can visit http://mytouch.t-mobile.com for more information.

T-Mobile now offers 4G speeds on the new myTouch and the T-Mobile G2™, as well as the webConnect Rocket™ 2.0 and Rocket laptop sticks. In addition, customers located in new HSPA+ locations can benefit from faster speeds on their existing 3G smartphones — including popular devices, such as the myTouch 3G Slide.2

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  • http://www.twitter.com/sopaopa sopa

    I am getting this phone. I had the cliq and slide, sold those and I also had the charm for short time, gave that one to my niece, my hands too big for it. I have the G2 now and I’ll get this one too. So I’ll have phone with a physical keyboard, prob use this one most of the time and One without Physical keyboard, I’ll use when I’m on the go and to video chat. I’m gonna be switching my sim card a lot, prob daily or atleast once a week. I think I have a problem with buying android phones, this will be my 5th purchase of one and most likely not my last purchase. Why do I think I need to switch my phones out like accessories??? Maybe one for everyday of the week lol Ok so when that happens I really need help lol or do I need help now, do they have support group for people like me??? lol

    • LuvMyGreenRobot

      Yeah. We are going to be on a future episode of Intervention.

    • Ann

      Sopa I totally agree with you, I was just saying yesterday that if I could change my phone out and have a different one everyday of the week I would. I also have the mts and was thinking earlier today that I would keep that one and get the Mytouch HD cand sport both phones

  • Roger

    I’m still very happy with my nexus, but the g2 and mytouch HD have come close to tempting even thought my contract I’d up. Once the iPhone goes official T-Mobile will be making Verizon and AT&T look very insignificant.

  • Roger

    Contract isn’t up*

    • shevitz

      Phone is butt ugly. Anyone that would get this over G2 is a child. Just don’t get the obsession with FCC. Why do I need to video chat?

      • sky

        Yeah, especially when you’re sky-diving, as in the picture!

      • Carlos

        Not Sky Diving…Skiing!!!!!

        I’m very much looking forward to the G2, but this looks very nice….So far I can only see 2major differences…no Physical keyboard and front facing camera.

        While the Camera seems very tempting, I’m coming from a blackberry, I think I may go nuts without the keyboard. Not to mention that I like having a full screen view while typing.

        Not sure there will be much processing power gain or loss between the two devices…what do you guys think?

      • RolloC84

        For me, I want the video chat because I have twin toddlers at home. If my wife and I both have one we can video chat while I’m at work and the babies can actually see their daddy instead of staring blankly at the little box that just sounds like daddy. And it would be cool for me to actually be able to see my girls instead of having to hear mommy describe what they are doing. For a few of us the video chat capability serves a legitimate purpose. Other than that it’s probably for people that just want to feel cool telling people that they can do it if they want to.

      • Deaconclgi

        I don’t know why you would need video chat, but I have video chat (N82, N900) so that I can see my friends that I have around the world, see their kids, new homes and the cities that they live in without paying airfare to see it…….and also to see my loving wife and kids when I am away for work……but that is just me.

      • newbee

        Carlos – I was an avid Blackberry user but was pulled away to the android market by the vibrant. I worried about the keyboard issue too, but swype is AMAZING and after two weeks you will never want to use a keyboard again. The viewing screen will be no smaller than the bb. Andriod is a very cool and I am able to do soooo many things that I never dreamed of doing on my bb. eg swype, watching movies, kindle app for all my books,etc….switch ya carn’t go wrong!!!

      • http://nurfherder1 bishop

        because the g2 is ass ugly and only outdated people still need a keyboard. babies wine and you do a good job of it.

      • Mtmo

        hahahahahahahahahahaha, youre funny. The G2 is the ugliest and uncomfortable to use keyboard phone that t-mobile has. Yes, the phone itself is great……. but it is far from attractive

      • 16309A

        I agree, the phone is ugly. Very cheap looking. Too bad it doesn’t look more like the Desire HD.

      • DavidOhio


  • deke218

    Screen is too small. Next!

    • http://nurfherder1 bishop

      ahh poor little baby, do you want a 4″ screen instead. GROW a pair. 3.8 vs 4. you should still be in diapers. the bloody g2 has only a 3.7 but you will probably say it’s better because of the keyboard. So tiered of people saying a phone is crap because the screen size isn’t the same as their 40″ plasma tv. it’s a phone you twit not a tablet pc. 3.7 to 4 is just fine for a normal person without a dick size complex.

      • Mtmo

        now lets all play nicely children

  • Brian

    Did anyone notice the three metal contact points on the left side of the phone? Those are just like the Nexus One. So I assume there will be desktop and car cradles available.

    • tmogeek

      No contact points on the exterior of the phone that I’m holding. It is conceivable that a cradle would have a micro-usb that would mate with the charging port. A cradle would be nice for the car/desk.

  • BrianH

    Please forgive the really basic questions:

    1) I see this doesn’t have the whole “with Google” branding that was on G1 and G2. Perhaps the earlier MyTouch devices were like that too? In spite of not saying “with Google,’ will this still sync fully with a Google account?
    2) What’s the track record for Android updates on MyTouch devices? It’s a given that the G2 will likely be the first device to get Android 3 but what can we expect with the MyTouch HD and future Android updates?

    Thanks for the help!

    • Cupcake

      I have the MT3g and it has yet to be updated!! It is still operating on 1.6 Andriod. Not sure about the updating on the MT3g Slide. But HTC seems to have completely forgotten about us MT3G owners. Hopefully they don’t leave the MTHD out in the cold too.

      • Jason

        Yea, its like the MT3g users just fell off the face of the earth and no one noticed. We want our update damnit! I have not been impressed with my MT3g and I’m not feeling the love for HTC right now.

        The G2 looks interesting cause they took all the winning points of the G1 and made them better. Other than that, I don’t think I can trust HTC right now.

  • pimpstrong

    This probly has that disgusting Espresso UI on it and that’s why al we see is animal kindom and video chat pictures on it.

    BUT I like TMO’s direction right now even though we still don’t have a 4.3″ Android.

    • chevyboy011

      this will come with espresso…if u notice the article said it’ll have 3 things, the “Genius button”, “Faves Gallery” and “My Modes”…

    • JaylanPHNX

      don’t like espresso? get launcher pro. simple.

  • jestrada

    Wow, Chicago STILL doesn’t have hspa+.

  • yo

    Why does every one say fcc for Front Facing Camera lol. And when is hepatitis coming to Chicago! !!!

    • pimpstrong

      LOL hard to change ones thought process.

  • yo

    Hepatitis – hspa

    • pantlesspenguin

      This makes no sense. Yes, hepatitis contains the letters hspa. But not in that order. You fail @ trolling.

  • RoscoeP

    Has anyone noticed the three little metallic dots along the left side of the phone? I saw them on the 360 degree product shot on the T-Mobile site. Anyone know what they’re for?

    • Brian

      I noticed. See my post about 7 up from yours.

      • RoscoeP

        Ah, thanks. I even did a search before I posted.

  • symatic

    Atleast my network as of two days ago has gone from E to G, yeah nice! Cmon.

  • pimpstrong

    Once this sucker comes out along with the HD7 I will be anxious to find out what info leaks out reguarding 2011 phones. If Samsung and Tmobile don’t get my Vibrant right with the 2.2 update then I will be looking to replace it asap.

  • Yyevo

    I’m hesitant to go with a non-vanilla Android phone. I have a MyTouch and I’m still on 1.6. Still waiting for my promised upgrade. The G2 looks good, but DLNA is a great touch. I don’t care about a FFC. However, the preloaded crapware pisses me off. I might play Asphalt 5 or Monopoly occasionally, but I will never touch Guitar Hero. I don’t want that POS near me. I play real guitars, I don’t pretend.

  • UX-Guy

    I’m not surprised that this didn’t have the dual core processor… I am a little dissapointed but not surprised. I’ll likely pick this on up to replace my original MyTouch 3G that has gone and become an outdated laggy piece of shti.

  • http://www.doublegeni.us doublegeni.us

    Definitely stoked Myrtle Beach got HSPA+, even though I am switching to AT&T its good to know if I ever decide to come back. Hopefully I’ll benefit from significant speed increases with my MyTouch Slide 3G until then.

  • shawn1224

    Blah … nice specs but still small screen and kiddie form factor. I’ll hold on to my Mytouch 1.2 until a 4.3 inch offering is available. I have no use for a dumb ffc.

    You’re almost there t-MOBILE … ALMOST.

  • LarryH

    I feel as if T-mobile just B*tch out on the G2 (which because of his ancestor G1. We all love android the mytouch line have been nothin but major upset never competing with the G1 even in its last days on the market. I mean for real all the G1 need was more rom and ram and google/htc would have kept it up to date unlike the mytouch now this phone have great looking specs and i might make this a back up phone to my G2 depend on how the phone really is when it come out but honestly who really trust the mytouch but i know the G2 is now way a game changer but this phone is not better then the G2 i am willing to bet name on spec on the phone that make it better then the G2 ??

    • http://twitter.com/ViktorY2K10 ViktorPrime

      agreed i am going to be happy with G2 now IF this was a dual core chip i might have thought about it but the G2 is stock and when it is rooted it will get even better. Plus i really don’t have anyone i can video chat with so i don’t need the FFC and it is 0.1 inch better then the G2. to sum this phone up MEH.

  • HD2/Vibrant User

    Now I see why they didn’t include the ffc on the vib

    • pantlesspenguin

      Um…none of the US Galaxy S phones have ffc. So in your mind, why do you think this is?

      • Bimmerz

        The Epic GS has FCC.

      • johnito

        @pantless, you are little misinformed since the Samsumg Galaxy S from Sprint has Front Face Camera. I am positive since my girlfried has it and I just played with the camera yesterday.

      • pantlesspenguin

        You’re right, guys. My apologies. I thought only the Evo had a ffc on Sprint.

        Regardless…that’s still 1 out of 4 Galaxy S devices that has a ffc.

  • yup

    I have the mts I think I’m going to wait till next year …I’m still eligible for a update (tmo goof) there are more phones coming

  • mrjoeyloke

    Hey! I wanna play rock band on my vibrant! How do i go about this!?

  • Vibrant Guy

    This is going to be a BIG deal on T-Mobile’s network…great phone. I can’t wait to get my hands on it…

  • MarkV10

    This looks amazing. Does anyone know how the yahoo messenger video calls will work? We make video calls to Europe regularly on skype and it would really rock if the myTouch HD video calls to a PC were free. Even if it charged minutes would be OK if we didn’t have to pay the overseas per minute charges. I could see it as a possibility since we wouldn’t have to complete the call through European telecom company. anyone care to speculate in the absence of details?

  • alex

    this my choice between the 2….hope this launches with stock android as the other two..tmo please forget the expresso ui…

  • hexmaster

    OK so it has a ffc but thats not a big deal and why is this phone looking as thick as the g2 but ugly as crap. Honestly htc could have tried harder on the design.

    • Hmmmm?

      Without knowing the exact size specifications I’m not sure, but it does look kinda thick. Didn’t the leaked docs say something about “ultra slim family device” or something.

      • BrianH

        The G2 is 0.6″ thick and the HD is 0.4″ according to the specs published on T-Mobile.

  • Hmmmm?

    Does it not have a flash on the back? When I look closer on the T-Mobile website, it looks like the small circle to the lower left of the camera is not a flash, but just a reflective surface.

  • jose

    im sticking with my G2 no one has a phone with a FFC right now so whats the point. by next year then it will be worth it especially once everyone is compatible with facetime.

    • ogopogo

      Have you heard of Qik? Facetime is not a standard.

  • r
  • Evan

    I tried to get past the sheer ugliness of this phone at first, but the more I look at it, the more I start to dislike it. Ill wait till I have it in hand to put the final judgement on it, but it looks as if the G2 is looking to be a better choice (for me).

  • tmogee

    tmobile g2 ROOOOTEDDDDD!!!! bwahahha yeeee hawwww!! lol


  • Noel

    After taking a careful look at the images of the My Touch HD…i wud say it is and improved Nexus One with improved specs,slight design changes and the face plate of the Mytouch. Even though the screen size is 3.8 inches, size wise it is identical to the N1. I love my N1 and it is holding strong in comparism to the flood of new devices..i haven’t seen a device yet that i might replace my N1. But this MTHD might be a candidate..not so sure yet. I know there wud be a flood of Dual-cores new chips sets from Nvidia and the likes, devices coming up in 2011.Hmmmmmm..my N1 still serves me well and wud do so for some time…guess i’ll just wait and see what 2011 has instore. That said..the Mytouch HD looks awesome from the specs and its N1 like design.

  • BeerBellyBilly

    I played with G2 dummy @ Radio Shack and absolutely hate the keybaoard on it. And I don’t like the rounded corners on this new MyTouch either and the screen is too small. And to add insult to injury, T-Mo disabled Wi-Fi Hotspot and USB tethering in the stock android 2.2 build. Ugggh. T-Mo, pleas put these features back as they were on the N1, and please don’t try a “feature” upsell on us if you do. If I’m gonna have to pay for these I may as well let one of the other carriers rip me off because right now out of all of ’em I like the EVO the best but their pricing and service stinks, and T-Mo HSPA+ rocks a solid 4 bars everywhere I go around here now even in places I used to get 1 or 2 bars.

  • Fixxer56

    Anyone know why T-mobile pulled the MTHD off the web-site?

  • Mark

    I haven’t been following the myTouches (happy with my CLIQ, to be honest); did they do away with the custom cases and matching backgrounds that they used as a key selling point of the original myTouch?

  • Salladin

    Well T-Mobile kinda sucks sometimes that’s why i decided to search for some alternatives. I’ve found this site http://simtariff.com/. You can compare any tariff plan, including those from T-Mobile and choose the right one. Nice and easy

  • Joe

    You guys are missing all the action that has been happening in Puerto Rico. TMO turned on their 4G network in 40% of the Island yesterday!!!

  • http://www.suffolk757.com Hilton

    Holy Crap. I guess HSPA+ is at full speed here. I got over 11 Mb/s down on my Vibrant in a speed test.

    • Vibrant Guy

      Post a video. What state are you in?

    • Shawn

      I don’t think the hardware on Vibrant suports up to 11, maybe you are running speedtest on your wifi speeds. lol

  • angarma

    T-mo never activated the G3 network in Puerto Rico, and now brings up the 4G(HSPA+) in 40% on such a small island, WOW!!!!I guess better late than never…hahaha the other 60% will be ready when 6G is up and running…