Preview The myTouch HD/myTouch 4G Whatever It Will Be Called Colors, Pick Your Favorite

So while we’re busy playing the name game with the myTouch HD/myTouch4G we wanted to let you know you can have the phone in any color you want, so long as it’s white, black, red or plum. Personally, I dig the white, as I just love the clean lines that come from a white device. Of course, if you think I’m totally weird for liking a white phone than you can take comfort in knowing three other color choices await you.

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  • David

    i still dont know which one to get this or g2 any advices would be helpful

    • thaghost

      i love tmo n da g2 but ummm…mytouch 4g is gonna b better.

      • Jeff

        lol…ghetto speak!

      • sorandkairi

        saying ghetto speak, is ghetto…..

    • immadroid

      i just returned the g2 and am picking up this phone, don’t get me wrong the g2 was beautiful i mean it feels great in the hand and the keyboard is awesome, but i’d much rather have 1 gHz as well as a ffc especially if this phone has wifi tether out the box unlike the “stock” 2.2 rom on the g2

      • RockTripod

        *sigh… you really don’t get the whole CPU thing, do you? the FFC is a real differentiator, but the CPU’s are both incredibly impressive. Just because you can say it is 1Ghz doesn’t mean a damned thing.

      • Technogen

        @RockTripod The MyTouch is using a 1ghz version of the same chip that’s in the G2, so the MyTouch will in fact be faster by default. Not that the G2 is slow, its just that the MyTouch will be 200mhz faster base.

      • immadroid

        it means that having 800mHz doesn’t really improve battery life so why bother, i know it preforms just as good if not better than the 1gHz i just thought it would be easier on the battery too but that was not the case

      • mikeyo

        Well it didnt befor compared to the gen. 1 snapdragon but now it does the mytouch is going to smoke the G2.

      • DavidinJax

        I played with the G2 in store, and was very disappointed. The phone is thicker than my blackberry and the hinge thing was weird. I didn’t like it. Also the HSPA network didn’t have a signal on the phone so it just showed up 3g.
        Maybe I should wait until they improve their network.

    • Str1fed

      Had the G2, it was great. Fast, Sleek and Good sturdy weight.
      Hinges on the keyboard leave a lot to be desired, Not one to ever be dropped.
      the hinge and options make this one a pass(Sorry G2’ers). Also had GalaxyS(Crap)
      Waiting for this one to put them all down…

    • Evan

      The black looks the best from these pictures.

      • sorandkairi

        I have to agree with you on that one. The black one looks to be the only choice in my opinion because of the outline. If the entire front and side parts where the same color then I could see where others might want the other colors but,…. they just look weird to me!

      • Amorea

        I know this will sound super nerdy, but I’m wanting to get the red, judging from the pictures. If the plum looked purple and not blue…
        I play Amtgard and love playing up the fact I’m a pirate with the Peregrime Guard. The red would look spiffy with a Jolly Roger wallpaper.
        I’m so ready to trash this stupid samsung eternity on AT&T. Piece of junk phone on a iphone hugging carrier.
        Plus, a buddy of mine has had both carriers and tmobile has better signal where we live, according to him. He lives down the road.
        We don’t get internet or tv out here so having the mytouch will be awesome.

    • ClickMe

      The only reason I could see you getting the G2 over this device is if you really hate HTC Sense or you must have a physical keyboard. Those would be the only benefits between the two phones. My money says the new myTouch is the right choice.

    • lookaturself

      I had the g2 for a full 2 weeks and ended up returning it back to tmo. It is a great phone with a great look and feel to it but for me personally I was underwhelmed by it. I just expected more, especially since its the 2nd generation of the worlds first android phone the g1. With swype installed I realized I don’t need a physical keyboard for the most part.I was also a little worried about the hinge. It felt somewhat flimsy and the fact that I could open the phone with a snap of my wrist made me even more worried so I returned it. Now if tmo only packed the g2 with the mthd features you’d have a true winner looks and specs wise, but that’s my opinion only

      • chotpy

        lol if you come directly from the G1 with old 1.6 it’s an amazing leap.

        ;-; I have installed so many apps. SO HAPPY.

      • paulie E still rockin G1

        Hey lookaturself killurself

    • DREW

      i went through two g2s… cool phone, but too many problems. this phone looks better, wont have to deal with a loose z hinge. looks like it can do everything the g2 can and more.

    • sungmurai7

      The G2 is more sleek and sexy imho. Physical keyboard is nice for emulators and stuff. The hinge doesn’t bother me because it’s kept in a close position most of the time. I only use the keyboard for games mostly, and typing sometimes, I’m a Swype guy. When it’s in the close position it stays in place. I never had a problem of opening it by accident. I like the weight of the G2 because it gives a sense of sturdiness, and the phone is sturdy in itself. Weight doesn’t bother me unless it’s super heavy so it’s up to you. The bulkiness is a welcome coming from a Vibrant and iPhone 2G because it fits and feel better in my hand. The material used gives it a nice grip too.

      Even though it runs just above 800mhz out of the box you can overclock it to the default 1ghz or 1.4ghz if you want to beast it. People are running it at 1.4ghz stable. I overclocked mine to ~1.4 only when i’m running a Playstation emulator. Other than that I leave it at 1ghz.

      I have no use for a ffc yet and beside I rather wait for it to catch on a little more. I dont’ know a damn soul with a ffc phone beside ones that own an iPhone4 so video chatting is slim right now.

      People hate Sense but it doesn’t bother me, I actually like it. Beside, you can get one of the many Home Launcher apps to theme the UI to your taste. I just started creating my own.

      Ultimately, get whichever one that best fits your need. Wait until this is released so that you can better gauge which to buy.

  • June Cadell

    I would say it all depends on what your looking for as for me i’m still debating and so far the mytouch HD has been raising the bar.

  • Robert

    I’m leaning toward this phone. The G2 is Fubar until it gets an update.

  • Vibrantsays

    I love the look, but the mozart looks like a power house for sound and music, which i really use over a FFC.

  • Drez

    Im hoping to get black, just think it looks hella nice all black. Gotta see the white one in person to see if im sold on it

    • kentuckygator

      I didn’t know people still said “hella”

  • KUL

    The phone will be called MYTOUCH 4G. I saw the phone. I played with it. Even that tmobile start banner says that.

    • David, Managing Editor

      I think you are missing the idea that that ROM was likely made before someone stepped up and said “hey wait, can we actually go through with this name?” It’s possible they will reflash the rom

      • Midori

        Thats probably why it hasnt been shown off so much by T-Mobile,I mean we’ve seen so much about windows HD7 and it was just leaked not so long ago compared to the myTouch HD(Finally an official name!)

    • John

      The customer service reps are calling it the myTouch HD when I have called in and asked about it.

  • thisguy

    MyTouch HD, you can be sure thats the name.

  • Wantsthebest

    I cant wait. I think I want red or plum they make the back stand out more. It looks Better than what people are saying

  • Midori

    I want the black one,nice look IMO!

  • Wilma Flintstone

    If I were to get the MyTouch HD, I’d definitely get the red one because it doesn’t look red at all. It looks Magenta which is my favorite color. :)

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I’m not getting this phone, if you must know. I was just stating that if I did get it, it’d be in magenta. I’m waiting for that 4.3 inch Symbian 3/Maemo/Meego/Android device to come to Tmobile.

      • thaghost

        symbian?? wilma flinstone, get out of the stone age pls. thank u.

      • Trollface.jpg

        Elusive? Or mythical?

      • mikeyo

        Not gonna happen for a while and good lock. that will be like holding a pack of pop-tarts.

      • NiiDiddy

        @WIlma—4.3 inch Android for me, FFC, NewGen 1Ghz+ processor, HD Cam with flash…! I’m not hard to please! In the meantime, I’ll keep this Vibrant with better screen size and display than the rest. I can live with what it doesn’t have until that 4.3 inch Android lands in T-MoLand and onto my lap :)

      • Wilma Flintstone

        yep, I like Symbian better than Android and Symbian 3 is looking awesome. I know, tar and feather me because my first choice of OS isn’t Android. Android’s really great but I’m liking how Symbian 3 is looking. I’m a huge Nokia fan so obviously I like Maemo and Meego. I mean, MeeGo is the full Linux OS on a phone, if that isn’t awesome, nothing is.

        I’m just going to say Mythical because I have no clue what you’re talking about. :D

        I know, I can dream for a better world though. And pop-tarts. mmmm…

        I’d be satisfied with that as long as it has a tv out, expandable memory card slot and decent on board storage. And you and that VIBRANNNTTTT!!! :Bad Face: Haaa!!!

    • sorandkairi

      Mangenta isnt a real color in the light spectrum…

      • Wilma Flintstone

        I know Mangenta isn’t but Magenta… :)

      • sorandkairi

        well u know… :)

  • SnakeEyez

    HOLY CRAP! That black one looks great. Day 1 buy guaranteed!

    • sorandkairi

      once you go black……

      • Wilma Flintstone

        HAAAA!!! +20
        care package ready

  • SnakeEyez

    Wow! That black one looks beautiful. Day 1 buy guaranteed.

  • thaghost

    hmm…blk? or red? im leaning towards blk.

    • manus

      once you go black you never go back!!!

      • phonegeek

        haha@manus but its either black or the red but the red looks more magenta an i like varsity red just like my jordan shoes… ( i am a shoehead wuddap to all the other now cellphone geek )

      • sorandkairi

        dang you beat me to it!

  • immadroid

    gonna go with the black, i like having a single colored device cause that uh oh oreo thing the white one has going on isn’t every delicious

  • bay214

    I gotta go with the red DAMN I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!! TMOBILE GIVE ME MY RELASE DATE

  • nerd lust

    Does this have the same processor as the G2 just clocked to 1gig instead of 800mhz or does it have a different processor????

  • tipsofme

    Man this phone looks sooooo damn clean. I can’t decided what color to go with tough… Maybe ill try red…

  • alex

    White for me, red for my wifey…cannot wait to video call my toddler!!

  • blah

    you know youve got an outstanding product when the biggest question isnt whether or not to get the phone, but what color to get the phone in…

    • Vibrant Addict


    • immadroid


  • carlo

    front of the phone would have looked better if it were color matched rest of the phone.

    • David

      Agreed! Which is why I’m leaning towards black instead of plum. Won’t decide until I see high res pics though!

    • sorandkairi

      and that why you go black!

  • jp

    Come on already. Release the hounds !!!!!

    • Wilma Flintstone

      UAV ready

  • Acacia Strain

    Just adding to the whole name mix-up…Saw an inventory shipment sheet for some products we are getting next week. All the accessories were labeled “Mytouch 4G ___ “.

  • Yes

    I’m glad I got a G2.

    • collin

      Same. Stock android ftw.

  • The Phone Nerd

    There will always be a new phone being released, and you’ll just drive yourself nuts getting the timing just right. There isn’t enough difference between the recently released G2 and the myTouch 4G as far as processor, screen, and apps – and if you need a phone now, and prefer a QWERTY keyboard, then the G2 is a great phone.

    • David

      The G2 and MyTouch are very similar, except for the keyboard. That should be the deciding factor. I tried out the keyboard, and my fingers are too fat for it, so I’m going to go with the touch screen. Bring on the MyTouch! :)

      • sungmurai7

        One word, Swype =D

  • BPRhythm

    White, if I pick this up. I think white is sexier and stands out more. Everyone in the world has a black phone.

    • Evan

      The white has too many colors going on for me to like it. The black front, to the silver’ish trim, to the white back and the silver like back panel. The black has one color all the way around almost, which looks much more clean IMO.

    • 2FR35H

      My phone is Brown, I have never owned a Black Phone.

      • sorandkairi

        the tmobile shadow 2007…..window mobile 6 standard

        …..*sigh*…… the good ole days…..

      • pantlesspenguin

        Sidekick LX?

  • Jake

    Once you go white, you’ve been Fu… done right!!!

    • Wilma Flintstone

      womp womp wooommmppp
      Kill Streak Ended

      • sorandkairi


  • Christina

    can’t wait for this phone to come out! i’d be first in line for it thinking of getting it in the plum color? since i got my mytouch slide in red! just wish they’d announce a release date already!!!

  • Jen

    I find it funny how everybody was saying that this phone was wack in the beginning. Now everybody can’t wait. Lol

    • pantlesspenguin

      The only complaints I heard were about how it looked. Now, I think people have gotten over it in favor of what’s under the hood. I also remember there was a lot of skepticism at first, thinking that the specs & features were too good to be true.

  • methodz

    If it is flat black, I might get black otherwise it will be the red one for me.

    • Acacia Strain

      I believe the black ones are black all around minus the back plate which is sort of a smoke gray. Sorta like the G2 is two different colors but this one will be darker.

  • dethduck

    Where I went red with my original myTouch over a year ago as every other phone seemed to be either white or black,
    this time around I will go with the white.
    With the white backplate and the black faceplate I will call it the TK-421, Stormtrooper Edition.

  • LSD

    Mytouch = best phone eva!!!

  • maaaan

    screw you tmobile, releasing two monster phones almost at the same time.
    Now which one should i get?!

    • pantlesspenguin

      I think the MyTouch is the obvious choice, unless you absolutely need a physical keyboard &/or stock Android.

  • Housetek

    from what im told Plum will be retail exclusive color

  • Timdawg919

    I’m just gonna get the black cause I’m just gonna get a case anyway

  • ali

    Will it have physical Call/End Call Buttons ?

    • immadroid

      doesn’t look like it, just 4 buttons
      home menu back genius

  • mr moses

    stop with all the g2 hating the g1 was the originator so f**k y’all I have had every my touch and this one will have sense which was a resource hog with the hd2 so I hope you enjoy your sense with the root blocking as well

  • alex32g2

    Everytime more pictures and videos come up of the mytouch hd..I get more convinced/happier that I bought the G2. Holy Hell this phone looks like a phone for kids, this thing is ugly in all colors. Espresso UI is a kill as well.
    Android stock is amazing, and the G2 beats this in looks by a mile.
    You guys can say “oh it has an ffc”..but it really depends if that person wants to to videochat with you. So who knows how much youll use that thing. I dont care about ffc..but anyway, for the people who are buying this thing I hope it turns out well for you guys.

  • big mac

    I had hands on with this phone and the os jitters at times and the case has a plasticy feel the back cover for the battery felt loose. I wonder if the non rooting chip will be in this phone as well.

  • big mac

    One more thing the track pad is better on the g2

  • fiveizzo

    Can someone please explain to me what a phone for kids exactly looks like? The mytouch 4g looks nothing like any of the fisher price toys my kids have. Heck I’m almost 40 and I see nothing kiddie about the phone. I think they did a good job on the phone and I will be picking one of these up.

    • Cybersedan

      +1 Been wondering the same thing and I’m almost 40 to.

  • Androidless

    Whatever it is called, I’d love to hear a release date on it. I am guessing sometime after the Windows Phone Launch on the 8th. I bet T-Mobile will give Microsoft at least a week to showcase.

  • lauren

    I would consider the red if it weren’t for all the black on it too(UGA colors?? NO THANKS!!). I’m probably going to end up going all black because of my tendency to Godzilla phones on a regular basis so I will most definitely have a case on it, which can be any color I want. MTHD FTW!

  • Yyevo

    I’m totally digging my G2, but the red mytouch is sweeeeeeeeeet.

  • thereugo

    Waiting on the Glacier, I strong believe that phone will be the 4.3 Screen, 2.2 Android possibly Gingerbread, dual processor that will coming to Tmobile. The Black one is nice, will have to see it up close.

    • Will

      The information in the leaked MT4G ROM has already confirmed that the MT4G is in fact, the HTC Glacier.

      Sorry friend… I’m heartbroken about it too. =[

    • Insider

      For those of you waiting on the HTC Glacier…wait no more. The myTouch HD is the Glacier. This is the last major phone release T-Mobile will be making before the holiday season.

      So now, you have three stacked Android devices to choose from — Vibrant, G2 and MyTouch HD. It all depends on your needs and taste. Some have certain benefits over the other. It’s all personal choice. Within the end of the year, all three will be on Froyo. So no worries there.

      I know people are hating on the HD7 because it’s WP7, but think about those of you who are serious business people. The HD7 has full Exchange ActiveSync, full Sharepoint support and full Office support right out of the gate. You can’t say that about any other device out there.

      My $0.02 :-)

    • Kenny powers

      htc glacier = this

  • Which Way is Up?

    They look so… teen-ish. I do feel the black one will look the best, I wish they just kept the desire HD shell…

  • fatboy97

    myTouch 4G or myTouch HD, it doesn’t matter what it’s name is I’ll be getting one when they are available… even pre-order if I can.

    I was really thinking a Plum colored device would be great, but now that I’ve seen the colors and pictures above I’m going to get a Black one… I can always stick a silicone sleeve on it, or a different colored harder case to bring out some personal color preference… after all the color is on the back of the device and not even the battery cover… would it really have been that much more to ask for a colored battery cover… I guess that is what the after-market is for.

  • cissypeoples

    I want the plum!!! all this talk can we just have a DATE already!!!

  • nerd lust

    Thanks for the info on the processors! So torn!

  • Robert

    Do you think that the white one will power down and automatically reboot itself less than the G2? Or, is the black one going to have less problems?

  • T-Mobile employee

    The HTC reps state that the hinge on the G2 is the most extensively tested hinge they have ever produced. The most common concern is that there is a lack of resistance or “spring” for lack of a better word, action to it. They state that the design is meant to be sturdy for long term usage as well as to be convenient for one handed opening and closing. It is akward to open and close many slide out keyboard devices with one hand. Anyway, in case anyone cares and notes the keyboards easy opening and closing as a concern or sign of weakness, there is your reasoning and it should not be a hold up.

    Not everyone likes the HTC sense ui and a lot of people are more interested in the pure google nature of the G2 being vanilla froyo and all so despite the strengths that the Mytouch HD bring to the table, there are plenty of people, probably all nexus one users, who will prefer the G2. Different strokes for different folks.

    Both processors are awesome and you can’t go wrong. Honestly though, I love my vibrant and have no real interest in jumping ship any time soon. Whatever thats worth. I also don’t have 3g at my home so HSPA+ isn’t a selling point for me yet.