What OS Are You Thinking About Buying Next?

I expect this to delve in a comment catfight almost immediately but earlier this morning I had a conversation with a friend regarding cell phone operating systems. More to the point, what OS should be he pick up next for himself and his 6 employees. Which made me ponder, what do the TmoNews readers think they themselves will be picking up next? Are those of you still loyal to Blackberry or holding out for early reviews of Windows Phone 7? Perhaps there are those of you desperate to join the Android mafia and see what all the buzz is about. Some of you might have remained loyal to Nokia all these years. So let us know your thoughts and sound off in the poll and the comments below.

Let’s be clear that this isn’t about whether or not one is better, prettier or more colorful, just what you think you will buy next. Rest assured this shall remain a friendly poll, anyone found instigating will be tarred and feathered.


  • Elias

    After 2 years of using a BlackBerry, I made the switch to Android 3 weeks ago, when the Charm came out. (I gotta have my vertical keyboard!) Love it, and not going back.

    • Robert Paulson


      • sorandkairi

        dude the charm isnt that bad… have u every seen it/ played with it in person

  • trish

    i know a lot of business people who tried to use android and it just wasnt asble to do everything they needed it to do effectively and forget getting your email to work right on an iphone… thats when they went back to blackberry. its an awesome phone that doesnt need fixing for a reason. especially with OS6 right around the corner.

    • erin

      Funny.. it was Android that I couldn’t get to handle email. There are a bunch of serious data loss bugs that are still present. :(

      • sorandkairi

        ur just not doing it right!)

  • archie

    Android for the win. But will take a look at windows phone 7 when it comes out.

  • The Observer

    i am pretty much android for life

  • Sean

    I’m an Android guy…and I’m waiting for the HTC Desire HD…I love Tmo, but, wherever that phone goes…so shall I.

    • 67_390_coupe


    • http://Facebook Trent Large

      You do realize that the Desire HD happens to be the European version on the Evo 4G? They are literally the same phone, with the exception that the Evo has a advantages over the HD.

      • tk

        I’m sorry, but this is a horribly inaccurate post. The Desire HD just the European version of the Evo? WTF?

        Desire HD has the newer 1 GHz CPU from Qualcomm, its not the Snapdragon from the Evo. It has 768MB of RAM, Evo has 512MB. Evo has the old traditional LCD from the HD2, D-HD has the newer SLCD.

        The Desire HD is far more powerful than the Evo, even though the Evo itself is quite powerful (though its been passed by the Galaxy S’ and Droid X recently)

      • rolo

        It looks like the MTHD & the Desire HD will b very close in concepts. I wonder how close…..

      • http://Facebook Trent Large

        Okay TK, the desire does have a few specs slightly better than the Evo. I was aware of that when i posted the comment. However, they ARE very similar. The evo has the kickstand, and Wimax capablilities, which the desire doesn’t have. In my opinion, the evo is every bit as good as the HD.

      • sorandkairi

        nonetheless… comment fail! lol… with all seriousness until they come better… the MyTHD is the android phone to beat!

  • Tmobilenator

    I think Nokia and BB is slowly dieing out in the US. I don’t like WP, it just seems to much for a small device like a phone. Android is good but I think it needs to be refined more. I voted for IOS because I think the OS is really put together the way it should be.

  • remister

    Meego looks great for an internet tablet, but not on smartphones.

  • cp

    I had a Blackberry before I used my upgrade to purchase my G1. I really enjoyed BB and I would get another. However, I do want to see what Windows Phone 7 is all about. So, I guess for now its Android all the way!!! (waiting on the G2)

  • Bonnie

    I’ve had the HTC HD2 since the day it came out, replacing my T mobile G1 with it. I wanted to love windows 6.5, But I find that I simply like the way Android works much much better. The HD2 is a great phone, if you like windows. But I actually plan on replacing my HD2 with the Vibrant within the next week. I just miss all the apps and the customization I could do with Android.

    • 67_390_coupe
    • justme

      Trade you my Vibrant for that HD2….

      • javier

        I will trade you my HD2.

    • ParappaLives

      The thing a lot of Android and iPhone users can’t seem to wrap there heads around is that not everyone needs all those apps. I’m not being negative here, just trying to promote what I always promote, which is different strokes for different folks.

      I went from the G1 to HD2 myself and freaking LOVED it. The only apps I used regularly on my laggy little G1 were PERFORMANCE apps to try to make the damn thing go faster (oh, and I do understand that performance issues are about hardware, and not a reflection of Android). I liked playing around with some of them, like Sherpa and Layar, but at the end of the day they were totally useless and served me no purpose. There isn’t a single purposeful app on my G1 that I couldn’t replicate in some way on my HD2. I know its not like that for everyone else, but thats me.

      I’m also used to WinMO, having previously had 2 other WinMo devices prior to the HD2.

      I’m an Xbox 360 owner, so I’m absolutely hooked into WP7 at this point.

      Android if you like Apps and customization.
      Blackberries and WinMo (WP7) for business (and XBOX!!!)
      Nokia if you wanna be the unique kid on the block :)

    • T-MoNube

      why dont you just root your HD2 and put Android on it like every1 else? lol

  • Serotheo

    Ima swap between a MyTouch HD or some nonbranded MyTouch HTC superphone on T Mobile and save for a nice WP7 device (Probably HD7) if it looks to be a good OS, I Like my Zune HD.

  • justaphoneuser

    I have been waiting 4 ever to get a window phone 7 device. I sure hope they come to t-mobile.


      Accessories for the HD7 are already planned to be shipped to t-mobile. There would be no point in this unless they were getting the phone.

  • SEFan

    I voted for iOS, mostly because I knew it wouldn’t get much love here.. The iOS is always tempting for its seamless fit to the rest of my iLife. But… (here me out here guys)… I’m willing to look at Android if the right device comes along. G2 looks interesting, though I’m not a fan of QWERTY. Still have hopes for the Vibrant if the GPS issues can be fixed. I will note that it’s now late Sept. and no sign of the Samsung update.

    • ParappaLives

      That’s the way it should be though… why automatically discount any other OS or handsets? No one should.

      I thought about the Vibrant for a bit.
      If the iPhone came to T-mo, I’d take a look at it (well, until I remembered that I’d have to have iTunes again… no matter how great the iPhone is or could be, that will my own personal fatal flaw that keeps me from it).

      Heck, the ONLY reason I’m not holding a Vibrant now is because I’m too much of an Xbox fan and have to have WP7 for that reason alone. Heck, I would even consider the Sony Android PSP-phone if it turns out as awesome as it sounds.

      No reason to blindly be dedicated to one thing. All it means is you don’t get the best of all worlds.

    • Mtmo

      There is a fix to the gps problem….. just call customer care and they will tell you how…..

  • kayenta

    In the last year I went from Windows Mobile, to Maemo, to Android. All have their strengths and weaknesses…with WP7,Meego,and possibly Gingerbread coming out within the next year, I’m waiting to see what happens.

  • MJ

    +1 for Android

    Need to get something worthy to replace the Nexus One

  • David

    I’m planning on rolling my own…

  • 67_390_coupe

    Android but like others WP7 has my curiosity up.

  • Damian

    i love android hands down…………

  • http://soapboxuniverse.blogspot.com/?spref=gb K. Ray

    I really like Andy. I want Google to get him a prescription for riddlin so he will calm down. I’m liking the phones coming out just waiting for my pennies to add up and for the dust to settle.

    Stay Thirsty my friends….

    • Steve Jobless

      Don’t end your comment with a qoute from a well know commercial.

  • Damian

    or ill just stick with my iphone….. hahAHA

  • Jake

    I’m an Android User but if Black Berry comes out with an awesome Touch Screen phone for T-Mobile I’ll probably switch. Anything Linux will work for me too.

    • erick

      uhh…isn’t android linux?

      • Wilma Flintstone

        not exactly. Android is programmed in linux but it is not the linux OS. Maemo is partial Linux and Meego is the FULL Linux OS.

  • ali

    I love my vibrant but I will jump ship when the HD7 comes out, Windows Phone 7 looks like a winner in my opinion.

  • HD2/Vibrant User

    I’ve had them all and I’m smartphone board right now. Everything looks the same right now. I’ll take a winmo 7 phone. The OS looks fresh and new. Not just icons on a screen but actual active panes……..waiting for flames in 3, 2, 1…….

    • Steve Jobless

      Flame on!

  • Reena

    I just switched to Blackberry from Symbian and I love it so much more… but then, I’m an avid Android fan too. iOS is far too closed, even with jailbreaking, and I don’t know enough about Windows 7 Mobile to want to switch. LLBB and Android!

  • http://www.fifthmissionmarketing.com Andrew

    can I have android and apple? I vote one of each. one on the tab and one on the phone. Then i don’t miss anything. haha

  • vinny

    Having what I think is the best made, looking and most workable device made, The Nexus One. Going to be very hard to find a replacement for almost a perfect device. Hoping the G2 is what they say. Just hoping T-Mobile keeps trying to bring us the best devices out there. Looks like they have turned a big corner and are honestly trying to bring us great phones.
    Thanks T-Mobile
    PS – great job on new Android web-site.

  • JaylanPHNX

    I’m a huge Android fan. I love the look and feel, the touch of Android (cotton jingle FTW). I’m not sure I like WP7, but I love my Zune and my Xbox. I’ll probably get a Vibrant next, then in a few years, we’ll see what Windows Phone is doing.

  • bloggingpig

    1) The ‘best’ OSs are those that are generally stable, do their job well, and are flexible enough for open-source projects to take hold.

    2) Android does not fall into this category due to the huge list of open bugs even in the latest version:

    A SIMPLE matter of programming in a switch to FULLY 100% TURN ON OR OFF ALL internet access through the cellular connection should be so simple, there should be no problem doing so.

    INSTEAD, you can’t roam abroad safely because this feature is BROKEN, thus, you have a good chance of getting hit with horrendous roaming charges.

    3) Two two remaining open platforms that have accessible SDKs and a large user base worldwide include:
    Nokia Symbian and Windows Mobile.

    RIM is nice if you’re only in the USA and love to be tied to the whims of one email center, Blackberry’s, but we’ve all seen how when they go down, EVERYTHING stops working. Also, outside the USA, they’re non-existent.

    4) Nokia Symbian is the most popular platform worldwide, so they’re a solid choice to start with. However, their strict security controls on the phone requiring iffy firmware flashing and all is a pain, even for developers who simply want to program and release w/o having to jump through dev. licensing hoops.

    Windows (up to 6.5 series) is better at this because it’s a simple matter of releasing an app, and that’s it. Runs w/o having to go through hoops. Although the base OS can be a bit blah in terms of Smartphone-ness, HTC has shown the kinds of rich environments that can be created. And the HD2 has already proven that it’s flexible enough to run other OSs should one desire to play.

    5) Moving forward, with the expansion of powerful web browsers and web apps on the mobile platform, Windows already has 3rd party firewalls that can be installed to better protect the mobile device. Other platforms? Possible, but it’s not that easy to get them on most and/or their base OS is so flaky, there’s really no point.

    6) And it’s an easy move from the Windows platform to the Windows Mobile platform. Programs? Easy to recompile. C++? No funny Objective whatever or something. 3rd party plugins like Flash & Silverlight – been supporting these well before the other platforms.

    Easier to program for equals faster adoption of new technology to the platform.

    7) Linux vs. Windows?
    We’ve seen it on the desktop. Comes down to Windows (everything’s already running on it) vs. Linux (work in progress, some apps/plugins are not there yet).
    Trying to get access to Flash sites, etc. and browse sites w/o a hassle, why would I keep beta testing other platforms? I just want to surf, not test!

    8) That said, though my dream Smartphone right now is the HD2 (HD3 when it arrives), I’m on the Nokia Nuron because it’s able to do 95% of all I want – live streaming TV, live streaming radio and FM radio, streaming web sites, browsing most websites w/o a problem, high res video playback, solid music frequency response, 3.5mm jack, hot swap memory card, GPS & voice nav, multilanguage display and input, multitasking, bluetooth file sending and receiving, swype keyboard, etc. all for $5.99/month on 24/7 unlimited T-Mobile internet.

    Can’t beat the price =)

    • ParappaLives

      “hough my dream Smartphone right now is the HD2 (HD3 when it arrives), I’m on the Nokia Nuron because it’s able to do 95% of all I want ”

      And thats what matters overall!! Great comment.

      I’m surprised here today… no fanboy trolling at all in this post. What happened?? lol.

  • Spovik

    I am, and have been a BB user forever. I tried Android when the G1 came out, but it turned me off to the platform. Terrible battery life, slow processor, bad keyboard etc…. in a nutshell, it was a first version. My 9700 works great, but it’s falling behind. OS6, while piques my interest, doesn’t really excite me. I’m willing to consider Android again, but when it takes years or 3rd party software for such basics things as a Last, First contact sorting, it doesn’t boost my confidence.

  • http://www.hotmallo.com Derek

    Windows 7: For those Windows people who also want their phones to crash hard
    Android: For those who want open source and not be tied down by Apple
    Apple: Love apple! However, will never own an iPhone… for those who want that “neat” fart app.


      YOUR RIGHT ABOUT ONE THING! Windows 7 is a desktop operating system. Your phone would crash hard, if it had this.
      Windows PHONE 7 on the other hand, is a different story.

    • ParappaLives

      “Windows 7: For those Windows people who also want their phones to crash hard”

      A. How do you know an OS that isn’t even in the wild yet has problems crashing?
      B. The very jab you take at WinMo/WP7 is indicative of someone who’s never even used a WinMo handset and just copies and pastes what the other drones are saying

  • http://www.hotmallo.com Derek

    Ooo and BlackBerry…. for those business people that need access to their work email. It works great! Just not for me ;)

    • Steve Jobless

      You should be put in a straight jacket so you may not comment anymore.

      -Sent from my Windows Phone 7.

  • snoopyalien24

    i want g2 so android – hopefully

  • somebody

    i think there should be an os that lets you build your own os not just simple customizations but everything.


      I would like that, but that is a lot of work for the user. Most people want a phone that is up and running from the get go.

    • Steve Jobless

      An XDA-Developer Phone? Your comment raises so many questions… About what goes on in your mind.

  • pumpkinking

    i have the blackberry now, i seem to have to pull out the battery everyday and im always having trackball issues. my contracts up in july so im probably guna get watever phone comes out around that time. im hoping for a really hot andriod or iphone. my dad has the g1 and he loves it and it seems easy enough but i love how my itouch works lolz idk hopefully tmobile gets the iphone or like a nexus 2 or maybe a touch screen blackberry like the torch would b nice lol

  • jazzmanmonty

    i liked the report i read the other day about the percentage of users using the various OS out there, and how android has increased 5.5% since last month while all others had seen a decline. Though Blackberry is number one, they are on the verge of dying with their lack of creating a great touch screen phone. I haven’t heard one good review on any of their touch screen devices at all. and why are they so popular outside of the business world? cuz of women that are in love with BBM! thats the only reason any of my girl friends own one. but any that converted to an android say they’d never go back.

    WP7? why?! yes i watched all the leaked videos and i must say aside from the home screen, everything is soo visually appealing. but thats it. it’ll prolly have the same lag issues as the hd2. also, as a g1 owner since day one, i see how long it took android market to build with quality apps (and some crappy ones that are still fun) the last thing i’d want to do now is get a device with WP7 and wait for 2 years for it to build up its market to anywhere close to android -not even gonna mention iphone.

    the stats prove it. androids dominating and all other OS are feeling a slow demise. like it or not android is the future and will be the number one OS within a year or two. ok enough about OS! its all about hardware first, OS second. give us a badass phone with badass hardware, and oh ya stock froyo :) time for another drink.

  • 2FR35H

    I have android but it doesn’t seem quite long term enough for me so I’m going windows phone 7.

  • jp2dj1

    i’m with android until 12/22/12………..

  • pimpstrong

    Droid X just earned FroYo. Figures the Galaxy S would be the last of the worthy phones to recieve it. Samsung shoulda been working Super Quadruple Extra hard on getting this thing updated but its too late now cuz the only other phone waiting for 2.2 is the Streak and there’s already about to be a US first Out of the Box FroYo phone (Unless the Inc is actually shipping with it like I heard)… I got a bad feeling that the Vibrant wont see 2.2 until “Late October-Early November”

    • archie

      Where is froyo for the slide? Now every phone that has been released after it, except the Galaxy series, which I will laugh when they don’t get it, now has it. This is BS.

    • pimpstrong

      Hold the phone(literally) According to Engadget T-Mo UK says their Galaxy S is getting FroYo by the end of THIS MONTH!

  • renegade

    I’m a die-hard Nokia fan and have been for 15 years. The hardware is simply made better. I’ve tried other phones and still keep coming back to Nokia. Even my friends who aren’t Nokia fans say it’s hard to break one. I’ve used Nokia’s E series smartphones unlocked for years. I refuse to be bound by a contract with a phone carrier just to get a new phone, so I’ll continue buying unlocked phones. I was with SunCom before TMobile bought them out and I’m still wtih TMobile. I bought an iPad to use for business apps. At least it has a screen I can actually see! I hate trying to surf the web or work on a 2″-4″ screen of any type. Buying a phone so you can have apps is just plain silly to me. I remember when we were all glad just to have a mobile phone, let alone one that has apps to do ridiculous stuff! And no, I’m not an old person who doesn’t understand how to use technology! I worked in the software industry for 10 years and I’ve been a techie Realtor for the past 10 years.
    I have yet to use a Samsung phone that I liked. Samsung needs to stick with making TV’s. Motorolla is cheap quality, junk in IMO. If iPhone had made a version with slide-out QWERTY keyboard option, I may have purchased one of those, but they are clearly not made for hard core business use. I need the QWERTY keyboard because my fingernails, although fairly short, don’t make typing easy on a touchscreen.

    The worst thing about phones with a bunch of apps is battery power. Unless you want to carry a brick around all day, you’re stuck with drained batteries after any substantial use of Wi-Fi.

    My Nokia still picks up signal when all of my friends’ fancy phones lose it or drop calls and it’s currently being held together with tape after 3 years of heavy use and dropping it on pavement. I’ve been trying out every phone on the market for the past year (since my friends buy new phones like candy these days).

    Obviously, I’m not a crowd follower. I plan on waiting to see what Nokia rolls out with the new Meego OS. That’s stepping out for me. I’m sure it’s battery power won’t be great either, but at least the phone will work and I know if there is a signal somewhere to be found, it will find it.

    If I’m ever stuck somewhere and need to help, I would much rather have a phone without all the bells and whistles and more battery and signal power than to have a phone with apps I can play games with (as long as I have battery time) while I wait on a rescue team to find me.

    • David Thomas

      Cool story, bro.

      • Reece

        lmao, cold XD

  • nmw407

    Have a G1 since 2008 since I jumped from a dumb phone. For those who say they can’t do business on Android, I don’t see why not. I get push email through Touchdown, do my work on Documents to Go, read pdfs using Adobe Reader, and I get my travel itinerary through TripCase.

    Will be upgrading to a G2 when that comes out – gotta have my keyboard.

  • Deke218

    Windows Mobile 6.5.2! WP7 Looks Like A Crap Version of the iCrap. Android is still not able to do what my HD2 can do. Its too child-like for me. I need a grown up phone and Android doesn’t cut it. Who the hell needs 20 billion apps when one will do? What really pisses me off about Android are all these different phones with different versions of Android. Some will get an update, some won’t. Some things in Android are cool but the lay-out seems like a 1st grader put it together.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Honestly, My first choice would be MeeGo. But since I know TmoUS won’t be getting any MeeGo devices, I’ma go for android. I wouldn’t mind a Symbian^3 or 4 device eother but again, I don’t think TmoUS will be getting any new Symbian^3 or 4 devices anytime soon so again, I’m going with Android.

    I’m waiting on a device with:
    MeeGo/Maemo/Symbian^3/4 or Android OS
    4.3inch screen (SLCD, AMOLED or HTC’s version of their SAMOLED whatever it’s called)
    802.11 B/G/N Wifi capable
    Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP
    HSPA+ capable
    1ghz processor at least, a dual core 1.5 ghz would be nice too but I’d be happy with 1ghz single
    FFC is a must
    32GB+ of internal memory (the Nokia N9 is supposedly rumored to be packing 64GB internal)
    Hotswappable Expandable memory slot
    5mp+ camera (preferabbly Carl Zeiss Optics) with at least 720p video recording at 30fps
    Dual LED flash or Xenon Flash and Night Mode
    Multitouch capable
    3.5mm headphone jack
    USB 2.0
    TV out port (preferabbly HDMI out but I’d be ok with just tv out)
    Polymer Li-Ion 2000mah battery

    Give me that, and I’d have my dreamphone. It’s not too farfetched either because the Nokia N8, N9 (rumored specs) and Evo have Most of those. It’s kinda a mix of them. Thats what I’m waiting on but until then, I just want a 4.3inch android phone with 5mp dual led camera, Ffc, memory card slot and HSPA+.

    or give me the Pomegranate Phone seen here:

  • derrickps3

    currently with blackberry, trying to wait for blackberry 6 just to see how it looks, but my next os on a smartphone would be android, the mytouch hd looks good, i just hope it has xenon flash like the win7 phone

  • Greg

    I have been very satisfied with my Android phone and will almost certainly replace it with another Android model.

    What does T-Mo have to offer on migration? When we migrate from one phone to another how easily does data transfer between devices? Do applications purchased transfer as well since it’s all synced via the google ID?

    If we have to repurchase apps, if data migration is a pain, etc., then there’s greater incentive to seriously consider other OS types.

    • David Thomas

      The only “data” transfered is the data synced to your Google account. So your contacts and your purchased apps are all transfered. Now, you still have to reinstall any apps you purchased, but they’ll be marked as “purchased”, so all you have to do is download them.

      Anything beyond that like settings, widgets, etc, do not carry over.

  • Reece

    Android for LIFE!!

    (or at least until sometime next year depending on how things shape up for WebOS and Windows Mobile 7)

  • 4ty-phive

    Maemo 5 fan right here. Can I get an Amen?[crickets chirping]

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Amen. Loves Me some Maemo although not currently using it.

  • donnythebowler

    I said Android, but I actually mean Stock Android. G2, here I come!

  • David

    Android of course… but I don’t plan on buying nor stealing it. What are we in 2009? Open develop and collaborative innovation people. It’s called evolution. Once we can apply the ideals of the GNU to everything in life, the faster we’ll actually move forward instead of in circles chasing out missing SD slots and over priced tails.

    Planned Obsolescence has been pretty much deterred with my HD2 so hardware will have to get very creative or cheaper to make me feel I want to pay 300-500 to rent my phone with software bundle. lol

  • DannyB

    Android. I’ll never go Windows, and I don’t like the proprietary nature of iOS (Even tho I AM a Mac fan/user)

  • Carl

    WebOS to T-Mobile, please. I haven’t seen Palm in T-Mobile’s line up in forever, the other OS’s seem so primitive compared to WebOS :p

  • ChevyG

    ANDROID BABY!!!!!!!!!!!! Linux Rules The Free World!!!!!!!!!!!!