What OS Are You Thinking About Buying Next?

I expect this to delve in a comment catfight almost immediately but earlier this morning I had a conversation with a friend regarding cell phone operating systems. More to the point, what OS should be he pick up next for himself and his 6 employees. Which made me ponder, what do the TmoNews readers think they themselves will be picking up next? Are those of you still loyal to Blackberry or holding out for early reviews of Windows Phone 7? Perhaps there are those of you desperate to join the Android mafia and see what all the buzz is about. Some of you might have remained loyal to Nokia all these years. So let us know your thoughts and sound off in the poll and the comments below.

Let’s be clear that this isn’t about whether or not one is better, prettier or more colorful, just what you think you will buy next. Rest assured this shall remain a friendly poll, anyone found instigating will be tarred and feathered.


  • Quasar

    I am already using android on my Nexus One and won’t be switching to any other OS as long as Android keeps growing and getting better like it has. What I want most in a smartphone is connectivity and compatibility with friends and family. I hate getting a cool app on my N1 and not being able to use it with my friend on WebOS (it’s the same thing on Windows based phones and will be still once Windows Phone 7 is out) because nobody is developing their apps for it. Google services are also great for keeping connected with others, and Android is the best way to use their services (gtalk, latitude, gmail, buzz…).

  • Holiday

    I love my BB9700, mytouch 3G killed my hopes for android,Apple has a great OS, very smooth and fast but Apple is really not my thing. i was always a huge symbian fan, so i am hoping NOKIA makes a come back. But for now i would stick to my RIM BB9700 and crossing my fingers for a BB9800 for tmobile.

    • Quasar

      Mytouch 3G is the wrong phone to judge Android by. Try Android on something better, especially if it has Android 2.2 on it. Take a look at the Galaxy S for example. That’s a much better Android phone for T-Mobile even before 2.2 has been put on it.