[UPDATED] T-Mobile G2 Now Available For Pre-Order

Update 1: Turns out someone flipped a switch a little early tonight as the Facebook link and Twitter post went down as soon as they went up. Right now some people are reporting luck by ordering through their my.T-Mobile.com login!

Right on queue, the T-Mobile G2 is finally available now for pre-order from T-Mobie. Magenta’s first HSPA+ handset is available online for pre-order beginning now through October 4th exclusively to current subscribers for $199.99 with a qualifying 2-year upgrade and $499 sans contract. Additionally, the G2 will also be available for pre-order through select T-Mobile Retail Stores and Customer Care as well. What are you waiting for? Whip out those credit cards and ORDER NOW! Let us know in the comments if you pre-ordered!

T-Mobile G2 Pre-Order

UPDATE 2: If you’re still on the fence about purchasing the T-Mobile G2, check out the YouTube video below of the G2 running a Quadrant benchmark test. Yielding results higher than even the 1GHz powered Nexus One, once again proves that just because the G2 has an 800MHz processor it isn’t inferior to the competition. Remember folks, MHz isn’t everything!

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  • snoopyalien24

    What? A required data plan, err, this sucks. I’ll just cancel it after the first week and just use wifi – Unless without the data plan I cant receive updates then I’ll be stuck to one :(

    • Madison

      Hope you paid full price or you will not be getting that data feature off.

    • Amanda

      with tmobile if you sign a two year contract on your phone then you also sign a two year contract with your data plan – you can’t get out of it

  • HD2/Vibrant User

    I just ordered mine through cust care and got the full upgrade and upgrade fee waived. I guess I’ll keep my vibrant and sell it to get the mthd full price when it drops.

  • JPW

    I decided not to order online because I refuse to pay an upgrade fee. I called twice and neither rep would waive it. I called a 3rd time and spoke to an awesome rep. She waived the fee and I got for $149.99 and no rebate required. I currently have a BB, and apparently there is a $5 upcharge on my internet for switching to android… oh well. Its persistence that works in the end. G’luck to everyone still trying.

    • G1 user waiting on G2

      So i called twice as well and they said no about the upgrade fee and all, but i just called a third time and at first she said they couldnt do that but when i told her i knew some people who got it waved by the retention dept, she put me on hold and she said she spoke with the retention dept but apparently they are out of stock but they WOULD HAVE been able to do that for me, so i will keep calling everyday until they have more, lol. i just hate having to pay upgrade fees or sending rebate forms.

    • Foxeh

      I had no luck what so ever with this. No one would even so much as waive the upgrade fee. Maybe I’m just too friendly.

      I ultimately just ran out and preordered from Best Buy Mobile since they promised me they would match Radio Shack’s tweet. I did drill into them and said they wont double up the ETF with the carrier if I decided to bail, but I will still be charged the $18 upgrade fee on my T-Mobile bill. Either way, if they hold up their end of the bargain this’ll save me a nearly hundred dollars and I won’t even have to deal with that MIR either. I simply cannot justify that added expense just to avoid buying a third party.

      BB Mobile better not disappoint me.

    • Quik

      I asked them if they could do the 149 price, but they said no. Any thing you asked for in particular to get that price? I’d much rather buy from T-Mo than Radio Shack.

    • JM77

      I called customer care to ask what the best deal was that they could offer me. She said 150 and i said sign me up! Tmo really does have the best customer service bar none. Its nice that i dont need to complain or threaten to leave to get a good deal. She even waived the upgrade fee without me asking! Of course I have been with Tmo for 12 years. May have had something to do with it. ;-)

      • Foxeh

        That may very well have something to do with it. Companies tend to be more willing to bend over backwards for long time customers and 12 years is a a lot longer than I’ve legally been an adult, haha.

        I’ve been a prepaid customer with Magenta for a fair bit, but the G1 was my first contract with them.

        Either that or I have no luck getting the uber reps.

  • LaNsLyDe

    just got preordered..im geeked

  • annoying

    Is there any full reviews out for the G2 yet?

  • FunkmasterC

    Funny – now that I have my pre-order in I don’t seem to care about mobile news. That will change, once the tablets start coming out.

  • DualMonitors

    I pre-ordered around 1:30AM Friday 9/24th, just 30 mins after pre-ordering began. my email confirmation says that i’ll receive it by 9/27th – this is very clear, no ambiguity at all.

    BUT, when i check my Order Status on Tmobile’s website, it says delivered via UPS by October 6th.

    why would they give two completely different arrival dates?

    btw, i also received a text message that says: “your equipment order is being processed. it will be delivered within 7 business days. a tracking # will be sent to your phone once it ships”

    none of this looks good for the G2 to arrive significantly prior to 10/6th, right? why would TMobile’s Order Confirmation email specifically say “arrival on 9/27th”? Weird and incompetent. This isn’t their first time at the rodeo (pre-ordering phones). Can’t someone get this right? Over promising and under delivering is not a good way to gain customer satisfaction and customer’s confidence.

    • Want2CBetter

      Really? You’re complaining about this??? I’m just happy I could order mine – Yea, mine said 9/26; 10/2 & 10/6 depending on which page you looked at but I don’t care. It will be here by the 6th and all will be well. We’ve waited this long, what’s another week and a half.

    • OrderedMyG2!!!!

      Dude…mine said the same exact thing…I’m a little confused too BUT I’m assuming that 9/27 will be the delivery date. It says “delivered via UPS BY 10/06. To me, BY 10/06 mean that at least you’ll have it before that date.
      Good luck! Hopefully we’ll get ours on Monday!

    • Jessica

      I believe in the email, it stated that the 9/27 date was the estimated delivery date. Also, if you get it that day, it would still technically be delivered to you BY the 6th of October.

  • Theskinman666

    Ordered as soon as I got the email from tmobile. Finally replacing the G1.

  • Mr.Barrow

    I had my wife go to tmo store and the guy told her she could go online and it should have the bogo sell that way. But I can’t get pre-order online. That sucked, so I called the sells depo and they got me the phone for the 150. So I got two. One for me and one for the wife

  • lakeshow

    when its time for the gingerbread update i think google will give the g2 an update to overclock its processsor to 1ghz

  • OrderedMyG2!!!!

    So I ordered my yesterday morning and chose to pay the full retail…of course because I have to since I’m on an Even More Plus plan. But honestly, it’s cheaper in the long run to pay the full retail and have cheaper monthly payments. Mine says it’ll be delivered on 9/27…I hope that’s true! I can’t wait! I used to be all about Blackberry…but I’m sad to say that they suck now (minus email and being mostly for business)…
    I had an EVO4G but couldn’t stand Sprint and felt weird about leaving T-Mobile so I came back!
    Sorry I’m rambling but I’m so excited to get my G2 and be back on Android!!!!!

  • Taylor

    So is there a $50 rebate making it $250 up front? I really hope there’s a way my dad can get that waived. My parents have been with T-Mobile since before they were T-Mobile, I imagine that has to count for some benefits haha.

  • TFJ4

    8 months after purchasing the N1 on contract, T-Mobile gave me a deal on the G2. $254, waived upgrade fee and waived shipping on both lines (both got N1). Thanks T-Mobile!

  • ftw

    how would i get the phone first if i preordered and had to wait all day for UPS to come vs just getting it at the retail store on Oct 6 at 8am?

    i dont see the benefit of online purchase.

    am i wrong somewhere?

    • David, Managing Editor

      People who order online usually but not always have a chance to receive the phone first…it can be a day or two before October 6th so thats why people order online early.

  • http://www.facebook.com/freddiehillz Freddie Hillz

    wow wait, isn’t the g2 out until the 6th of october why are they providing me already with a tracking number?? bahahah! alright i am going to get it early yesss! :)

  • DualMonitors

    Freddie Hillz: may i ask what time you placed your order online?

    i placed mine around 1:30am Friday and i merely got a text message saying “…when shipped out, i’ll get a tracking number via text message…”

    the arrival dates as stated on the Order Confirmation email (9/27th) is different from the arrival date on the “Order Status” page if i check it now on Tmobile’s site (10/6th).

  • andy

    I think people sometimes misunderstand pre ordering in general. Pre ordering simply gives you a chance to claim a phone before everyone else so on the day its released you will have one. I don’t think t mobile ever promised or implied that if you pre ordered you would get it early. You are paying for the privledge of having one shipped to your house without having to worry about going to a store and it being sold out or not in stock because of a shipment issue.

  • Kenny

    I ordered my (2-year contract extension) G2 Friday morning and they told me if I paid in full for the phone at that time, they would ship it to whatever address I wanted, not only the billing address. So I shelled out the cash.

    Later in the day, I checked my order status page, and lo’ and behold, they did not change the right shipping address. I called T-Mobile up and asked them why they didn’t and they told me that there was nothing they could do.

    Today, I called T-Mobile again, and went off on them, saying I paid extra money at that time to make sure that I got the phone shipped to the right place. And I told them that it was their mess-up and they needed to fix this or compensate me. Well, guess what… GUESS WHO JUST GOT A G2 FOR FREE?!

    This guy. =)

    • redman12

      That’s awesome man!

  • mrfochs

    Just for the fun of it I ran the benchmark test on my MyTouch 3G while on hold waiting to pre=order my G2. Oh how sad it was to get back a score just over 250. I am a little scared that I may die or pass out when I boot up the G2.

    • Jay

      Just for fun, i just ran a benchmark test on my g1, and got a score of 159 lol….cant wait to get my hands on the G2

  • DualMonitors

    As far as I can see and understand at this point, there is NO WAY I will likely get my G2 by Monday even though the Order Confirmation email said that I will receive it by 9/27th. Reason: if they shipped it out via UPS on Friday, I would have gotten a tracking number by now (it is now 1:38AM Sunday).

    There is no benefit of either UPS or TMobile “withholding” the tracking number from recipients at all! So, if they DID ship it out, then I would have received the tracking number. Obviously, if they did NOT ship it out, I won’t have a tracking number. Well, I do not have a tracking number now as of Sunday 9/26th, so the idea that I might receive it in one day is preposterous.

    I suspect the 9/27th date is some “machine generated date” that is merely “2 business days away from one’s ordering date” for any ol’ phone that they have, and that it is their “default go-to” answer, so it spat out the 9/27th date in the confirmation email.

    In Order Status inquiry when I check on TMobile’s site post ordering, it has always said “receive by 10/6th”. I suspect this 10/6th promise is more “model and circumstance specific”, as their computer knows exactly WHICH model I ordered and the specifics of THAT particular model.

    Long winded…but…hence, I do not feel that 9/27th “receive date” is likely whatsoever. So…TMobile…surprise me! ;)

  • Jessica

    My estimated delivery date is 9/28 by USPS. So far I’m the only person I noticed getting their phones delivered by USPS. Anyone else getting their phones by USPS?

  • keele8

    Ordered mine yesterday, about a month away from contract being up. They gave me the full upgrade price on the G2 and a phone for my wife, free shipping and they waived the upgrade fee on both phones without me even asking. They also changed my plan around so that me and my wife could have unlimited text and internet for about the same price as we have been paying without her having the internet at all. Plus we got to keep the my favs plan we have had forever. (1000 shared minutes plus 5 my favs each for only 59.99!) T-Mobile has the best service around, don’t think I will ever leave.

  • andy

    Im guessing no one got a tracking number yet? Also does anyone know where these phones ship from?

    • Want2CBetter

      Georgia (Dalton, I believe)

  • andy

    my guess is that people will start getting tracking numbers tomarrow, but that’s just a guess.

  • wantmyG2

    i called retentions 3 times to get the G2 for $149 and even $199 without rebate, and no luck each time. They kept saying since the phone is not in their system yet (due to pre-order status), they can’t budge on the price.

  • LuvMyGreenRobot

    Funny thing is I just spoke with someone from T-Mobile right now and I asked her about the G2 and the myTouch HD. She said she didn’t know that much info about the HD, but she told me to check out this site because of the leaks and most of that you guys put here is true and that they only know about it a week before it happens lol.


    I just spoke to someone in customer service and explained that i received an email stating i would have the phone 9/27/10 and i needed to know if this was correct so that i could have someone home to receive the package. He told me that the system always says pending shipping on presale items even if it has already been shipped out and that i should have someone home to receive the package 2moro. I wont be pissed if it does not arrive but, it would be cool if i did get it the day promised

    • amejr999

      Go to ups.com and use track by reference. Your phone number would be the reference number.

  • crzy

    there’s also a shipping center in Denver


    I got mine from Customer Loyalty for $150 with free express shipping. The phones are not going to be arriving tomorrow. The earliest they will get delivered is the end of this week.

    • fuzzy

      i dont believe they would sell you it for 150 with no rebate and free shipping when they are so hard up on even waiving the upgrade fee for so many people here. why embellish like this? to make it seem like you got the cheapest price on for blog of people you’ll never meet in your life?

  • tmogee

    what is the total price of non contract plus all the shipping and stuff??

  • DualMonitors

    just went to UPS.com to check using “reference number” (my tmobile cell number). nothing showed up except warning type stuff which says that no shipment with that reference is in their system.

    ugh. so…too bad, it really doesn’t look likely that i, along with many others here, will get ours tomorrow. it just doesn’t look good for tomorrow if even tonight AT midnight, they don’t have a tracking number.

    it’s so wrong to send a “order confirmation” moments after we forked out $320 to buy the phone and tell us that we’re supposed to get ours on 9/27th! Right?

  • Marco

    I got a text friday, with the tracking and getting the phone tomm.

    • LookingForward

      What time did you order? Did you order online, or via CS. Express delivery or UPS? Let us know when you get it.

    • fuzzy


      • Mr.Barrow

        And add a pic with you and the phone somewhere other than a store

  • ShonnyG112

    I’ve been trying to preorder on the website ever since I got word of it and can’t. Any word on when they’re going to update the site? I ever went to one of my local stores and they said they’re not taking preorders because they’re not one of the select stores to do so.

  • DualMonitors

    Marco: may i ask what day and time you placed your online order please? thx.

  • andy

    I think I just have the default shipping option which i believe is just standard 5-7 day ground. In order for the phone to get to me by the 6th It would probably need to be shipped by tomarrow at the latest. wish they would hurry up and ship these things lol! but like i was saying before, t mobile never promised anyone a phone early, just the chance to order it early.

  • ecp

    I just got my G2 Today! Awsome

    • David, Managing Editor

      Pictures!!!!!!!! david@tmonews.com asap for a blog post!

    • gMoney

      pics or it didn’t happen

    • fuzzy

      i dont buy this… the said oct 6 delivery but you get yours the first business day after the first day of pre-sale? lies!!

    • mthode

      Does your preorder still say pending shipment? It seems alot of people have an email saying that they will get their phone today but no shipping info.

    • chotpy

      pics or u lai

  • wantmyG2

    10+yr customer, contract ending next month. just called customer loyalty and said I read on a blog that people were able to preorder the G2 for $149. They offered me that price with no fuss. Should be here before the 6th!

  • Marco

    I ordered it at at 11 or so pacific time online.. 20 minutes it went out on preorder.

  • ken

    idk ordered mine on Friday morning…logged into my account to check on my order ie (enter order number, and zip code) they don’t see the order at all.

  • g2ftw

    just pre ordered today, spoke w/ dan loyaldy dept. got it for $249-($50 MiR)=$199, + android plan $20/mo. This was my 2nd time calling loyalty dept. to asked for full discount since I’m on my 17th month of contract. :)

  • jmugirl

    i called and spoke with tmobile (customer loyalty since ive been with them for 6 years) for nearly an hour..so i am 2 months away from the 22 month mark and they were offering it to me for 200 plus an upgrade fee..and i asked how come i cant get the 149 price and she said its because of those 2 months basically and that another line on my account can upgrade for that price but not mine..so basically to get that price i will need to wait til november but my g1 is pretty much crashing on me now =(

  • ftw

    alright so i just got a customer loyalty discount also. was previously on a faves plan, now after asking about my contract and when it was up they fired the Unlimited Loyalty plan option at me. 50 for the unlimited minutes, grandfathered me into a unlimited texts for 10 a month, and internet for 20 a month, totaling 79.99 a month + tax.

    g2 price i paid was 149.99 + tax, no mail in rebate hassle.

    was considering sprint for their any mobile + data and txt and going evo 4g, but tmo offered me a great deal to counter with, and a great price for the g2. not bad.

    funny tho when i called yesterday about trying to get the g2 for 149 bc of radio shack they gave me a reason of how they have to make money blah blah. when you talk contracts and switching, a different scenario happens.

  • g2ftw

    @ftw good deal

  • wantmyG2

    where can i view my order status? I pre-ordered via customer loyalty.

  • g2ftw

    log in to tmobile.com,support,order status, enter order#

  • No early upgrade

    I called CS to see about an early upgrade to the G2 on pre-order, and they quoted me a price of $327.99 because I am only 13 months into the contract. I have 10 years plus as a T-mobile customer and was hoping they would knock the price down a little better for me. Not expecting to get the $199, but I would consider $249. the $327 is just a little to high to upgrade right now.

    Has anyone in a similar situation (13 months on contract) gotten a better deal than $327? I will try to call again and see what I can get price wise.

  • DualMonitors

    guys: i suppose that since no one posted any pictures of their G2 thus far, any such claims of receipt of their G2’s today is untrue?

    as far as i can tell, my “Order Confirmation” email that i received shortly after i pre-ordered last Friday contains false information. It said that I’d receive my G2 TODAY (9/27th). In fact, I received nothing, nada, not even a UPS tracking number.

    how TMobile can be this inept and inaccurate is beyond me. it’s not rocket science or brain surgery to give customers a “state of affairs” type of email. Witness Dell giving us an update every few hours on how far along “the building of our PC’s are coming along”, or LL Bean et al shipping things out the same day one orders. Sheesh.

    • David, Managing Editor

      If anyone has pictures of the device in hand, send them to me so I can post for all to see!

    • Want2CBetter

      Oh, come on. Just because one e-mail said you’d get it sooner than the 6th, you get all bent out of shape? Yes, I got the same e-mail, along with two other ones that say I will get the phone by the 6th.
      Yes, I was waiting for UPS today and was sad when they didn’t have my phone. BUT, it’s not the end of the world. Actually, its kinda like waiting for that Birthday present that was sent in the mail.

      Why not enjoy it???

  • Shawn

    Ordered mine yesterday! I am only 6 months into contract, but the loalty deparment offered it to me for full discount (upgrade price)!!

  • Taylor

    excellent, hearing all of the deals customers of 10+ years have been getting makes me happy. My parents have been with t-mobile for like 11 or 12 years so my dad ought to be able to get me the phone for 149.99 since I’m up for upgrade.

  • AM123

    Ordered the G2 last friday at the regular $250 with 2 year contract. Called back today and complained to the retention dept and got $50 credit that will be added to my november bill. Unfortunately, I totally forgot that I also got charged $18 upgrade charge so forgot to mention that to the guy too. Oh well, $168 (after sending in the $50 mail in rebate) is still not bad. Thanks for the info guys!