[UPDATED] T-Mobile G2 Now Available For Pre-Order

Update 1: Turns out someone flipped a switch a little early tonight as the Facebook link and Twitter post went down as soon as they went up. Right now some people are reporting luck by ordering through their my.T-Mobile.com login!

Right on queue, the T-Mobile G2 is finally available now for pre-order from T-Mobie. Magenta’s first HSPA+ handset is available online for pre-order beginning now through October 4th exclusively to current subscribers for $199.99 with a qualifying 2-year upgrade and $499 sans contract. Additionally, the G2 will also be available for pre-order through select T-Mobile Retail Stores and Customer Care as well. What are you waiting for? Whip out those credit cards and ORDER NOW! Let us know in the comments if you pre-ordered!

T-Mobile G2 Pre-Order

UPDATE 2: If you’re still on the fence about purchasing the T-Mobile G2, check out the YouTube video below of the G2 running a Quadrant benchmark test. Yielding results higher than even the 1GHz powered Nexus One, once again proves that just because the G2 has an 800MHz processor it isn’t inferior to the competition. Remember folks, MHz isn’t everything!

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  • La El

    I finally got an email update!

    But the website still doesn’t show the phone available to me ~ every other phone… but not the G2. I know I can call… but c’mon. Just make it easy for people to spend their money!

    • Rectal Bleeding

      Same here….Got the e mail, but the web site won’t allow an upgrade.

    • FloridaGuy

      Same here. I got an email. Lol..this is hilarious. I was expecting it at midnight yest but T-Mo beat all expectations. Well…m happy G2 got released even though my eyes are on MyTouch HD. Happy G2ing guys. Would love to get some user reviews on Oct 6th.

      • kentuckygator

        Same here I chatted live with tmobile and the dude said I have to call.

    • aksnoopy

      Not showing up for me either. When I login to my tmobile it gives me an ad saying upgrade to g2. When I click it lists all other phones. :(

  • quadbaby

    Now the wife called me and said she just pre ordered it for me thru Cust care…the same cust care that said they are having issue with pre ordering the G2….i pray hers went thru….. how long does it take to receive the shipping info on mytmobile?

  • Michael

    Just for anyone one on Even More Plus. I’m on even more plus and had 160 available on my credit line so I just payed a down payment of about 370 and they charged me when i ordered not when SHIPPED. I’m saying this because I called customer care to ask when they charged you and she lied and told me they only charge you when shipped which she said would be October 6th (she was already being a ass at first). I don’t mind that they charged me now but she lied and hopefully she meant it gets delivered October 6th. So I just wanted to let people know that if you use EIP you get charged when ordered not shipped. And on a side note YESSSSS now I got a G2 and my Sexy Nexus

    • Bryan

      Handsets ordered during the pre order are supposed to charge the account when they are shipped, but that is likely different if you want to use the Equipment Installment Program credit line because the first payment must be made at the time of purchase on EIP.

    • Bryan

      Also pre orders are supposed to be delivered by October 6th or sooner.

  • crzy

    ordered mine last night about 11:20, got confirmation email about 11:45. DONE!!!

  • hilltops

    this phone is def not worth getting.

    • 30014

      That’s your opinion. A lot of us think differently.

    • JakeMG

      Why not? Because of the 800mHz processor that is proven to actually be faster and more efficient than most of the 1gHz processors out there?

      Or is it just too sexy?

  • wally

    I still want to see it and play with it first. I wanted a Vibrant, but I heard it has a lag and gps issues. Plus, I don’t know when the Vibrant will get froyo.
    This G2 has a keyboard and I am not sure if the thickness of the phone will bother me

  • turian

    I had trouble ordering online. It wouldn’t show up on the upgrade list. I called customer care, and they placed the order for me. Now I have to wait for it to come…

  • Midori

    To those who are getting the G2 congrats! that’s an over the top notch phone! As for all of us who aren’t keyboard users…..Sigh!

  • 30014

    Just got my email from tmo at 10:20am. I’m ordering as soon as I leave work.

  • MudDug

    So, can anyone confirm if the $199 after rebate price is available for all current customers, even if you’re not eligible for an upgrade yet? (It’s not showing up for me yet on the website.)

    My wife and I got Slides for free with the Father’s Day deal but if I can get this at $199 and then sell my Slide…that’s a pretty good deal :)

    • Mel P

      There’s another price inbetween the $199 and the $499 – I’m 9 months in, and got it for $327.

      • SurgioArmani

        Is that before taxes and fees or after? I was eligible for full upgrade discount ($250.00 prior to rebate) and after $40 in taxes/fees, and upgrade charge of $18 and a $5.99 for shipping I’m nearly at $320.

      • Mel P

        That was before taxes. Also I was slightly inaccurate – found out the $327 included the upgrade fee, the phone price was actually $309.99.

  • Fishstick

    I kept telling myself I was not going to pre-order and just wait to see how it goes. Then I read that it is available and I fall all over myself to get to a phone (the web site did not have it listed under my possible upgrades). I went ahead and got it. I have them waive the $18 upgrade fee and the $5.99 shipping fee so we’ll see how that goes. Anyone know of any live hands on videos, or even text pages on this? I have looked but have limited time unfortunately.

    • Nate

      Search for the HTC Desire Z on Youtube.

    • fuzzybutt

      i just ordered mine. got them to waive the $18 upgrade fee thanks to your post and i got to keep my old plan which is sick.

    • Foxeh

      Woah, you can have those fees waived? That might actually make this palatable…

  • G1ana

    Can we get a 2nd phone for free if we purchase the G2? BOGO anyone?

  • aedv

    I’m getting very frustrated with TMO. Not only can’t I preorder the G2 online, I just spoke to their live chat people to do so and he told me I have to call customer care. Who the hell wants to call them? Damn it.

    • startoonhero

      i know exactly how u feel, i called customer care, and they told me i have to call tomorrow because their system isnt fully ready for G2 preorders for flew pay customers :/

      • Bryan

        Flex pay accounts are not eligible for the pre sale.

      • startoonhero

        @Bryan you know, I was told that by Tmobile by one person, but I didnt believe them, so I called the customer service, and like they told me I could, but they told me to visit a store, and the store declined me and told me to call or go online, so after I told them what happened, they apologized, and guess what?! I HAVE A PRE-ORDER FOR A G2!! and i have Flexpay, ;D

  • klotz

    Can anybody say how you can type []{}`| keys and whether connectbot ctrl keys work OK with the keyboard? Somebody’s got to have one by now.

  • aedv

    Pre-ordered. Is it here yet? Is it here yet? Is it here yet? How about now?

  • http://tmobile.com Mike

    Let me order it on my employee account just after midnight for FREE.99, eat that!!!!

    • fuzzybutt


    • joel

      Lucky jerk :P

      Man, I can’t wait until I hit 5 years …

  • vinny

    Just ordered mine. I am a Nexus one owner who absolutely loves his Nexus. Rooted and loaded. I still had to have the G2. I am syched, this device people is a great phone. I got it on a discount and should have it in about 10 days. Just had the HSPA+ network light up and I’m up and running.
    Thanks T-Mobile, # 1 Network.

    • smartphoneguy

      i have a N1 too . but since i have a phone , i want some sort of a tab with voice =]

  • cellswag

    Any one waiting for the my touch hd or hd3?

    • Midori

      Yes Unfortunately,(MytouchHD) If they took the keyboard off the G2 I would have been happy with that, They could have called it the “G2 HD”(Keyboardless)

      • cellswag5

        fingers crossed that its a tmobile desire hd since the g2 was the same as the desire z


      I pre-ordered but still waiting for the HD7…… and possibly the mytouchHD if it a real thing….

  • Danny

    i just ordered mine,,, =)

  • tarchen

    Does costco sell phones without a contract for less than T-mobile if you wait a couple weeks?

    • dubz

      there was a screenshot of a costco screen saying that it will sell for $449.99 off contract. probably the option i’m going for.

  • blablabla

    It might’ve beat out the nexus one on 2.2 but the galaxy S phones on 2.2 should be in the 2000s. the Droid x obviously should be higher as well as it’s already in the 1000s running 2.1. Not knocking the G2 or anything. It’s still a very fast phone. More than enough for anyone really.

  • snoopyalien24

    i want one but i don’t want a data plan – can i still receive updates? First of all, can i even get one without a data plan? PLZ HELP :D

    • Recursive

      Nope, a data plan is required with all Android phones.

      • snoopyalien24

        What? A required, err, this sucks. I’ll just cancel it after the first week and just use wifi – Unless without the data plan I cant receive updates then I’ll be stuck to one :(

  • AM123

    Just ordered mine. Got express shipping fee waived but she could not waive the damn $18 upgrade fee because I’m paying for the device over four month installment plan. For those not sure, I wasn’t too keen on ordering this phone until I saw reviews and waited a few weeks to see if any bugs pop up but since you get to play with it for 14 days and getting a full refund if you don’t like it, I figured what the hell! :)

    • Murad Kheraj

      Careful with the “full refund” policy of T-Mobile. I purchased a Vibrant, returned it after two days of playing with it and not liking the battery life. T-Mobile store charged me $10 restocking fee.

  • TonyJohns

    Ummm is T-Mobile not doing preorders through customer care? I’ve called two reps, and they said the only option to preorder is online or in retail stores?


      Not true did mine through customer care since it was not an option through the website.. Call back and ask for a manager….

      • Mr.Barrow

        I did mine through tmo. Ask for the sells department

  • http://mobilephonestoday.com Isaac

    I got to be honest I’m not believing that benchmark. Its just all to convenient that the G2 beats all other phones out there with what we know about the hardware. I know that GHz isn’t everything but its still something and 800MHz is a few seconds slower than 1GHz. The internal architecture of the processor is also a factor. I would be willing to believe that the G2’s performance is equal to the vibrant or droid X but definitely not outperform them by a large scale shown by the bench mark.

    • Foxeh

      800MHz is a few seconds slower than 1GHz???

      Um yeah, just ignore this fellow. :P

    • Bryan

      Froyo has a big impact on benchmark scores, my original Mytouch running 2.2 (CM 6.0) scores nuch higher than the Mytouch Slide on quadrant.

      The Mytouch Slide scores higher when both are running 2.1 (CM 5 on the original Mytouch).

  • Sbarney

    When they flip over that phone in the benchmark video, it doesn’t look like it has a keyboard, and it doesn’t look like the back of the G2 at all from the pictures I can find!

  • MeMyselfandI

    Um, why is no one talking about the benchmarks? This thing just smoked the
    Galaxy S. I thought the Galaxy S was supposed to have a “slightly better” processor.

    • Synchromatic

      2.2 outperforms 2.1. Galaxy S is still on 2.1.

    • Synchromatic

      Look at the difference between Nexus One 2.2 and Nexus One 2.1. The G2 is being benchmarked on 2.2, while the Galaxy S is still on 2.1

    • J-Hop2o6

      the Highest Quadrant benchmark i seen for the Galaxy S was ~2500.. thats with the lag fixes.. can’t remember if it was 2.2 & OC’d.. just search for it on google.

      • Mikey

        Yup, just benchmarked my Vibrant and got 2006. Which def beats this.

  • cholo

    ordered 2 G2’s at 3:30 am today…estimated shipping 10/06/2010…yeeeeeee

  • sjsmr2

    I just got mine pre ordered through Customer Care. I was transfered to retentions when I asked about the upgrade fee being waived. Retentions offered me the phone for $149 + tax. No mail in rebate and no upgrade fee. Since that price should match the Best Buy/Radio Shack price I am very happy. I will also get it a few days earlier.

    • G1 user waiting on G2

      How were you able to do this? did you ask for the retentions dept? I would def get the phone without the rebate and upgrade fee, it would be a plus if i can get it for 149, but im still willing to pay 200.

      • sjsmr2

        When I asked about the waiving of the upgrade fee I was transfered to retentions. As soon as the rep picked up the line she reviewed my account and offered it to me for $149.99 + tax with no mail in rebate and no upgrade fees. The process was simple on my end. I originally called wanting only the upgrade fee waived. In the end I got the phone for $191 shipped on 2 year agreement. When I was looking on My T-Mobile.com last night I was staring at $317! $126 savings is awesome.

      • G1 user waiting on G2

        Thanks for the info, im gonna give it a try and hope i get the same deal.

  • samvonac

    Can I pre-order via adding a line to an account?

  • Christopher

    If I can get it for the same price (or less? and with free accessories?) at Costco after the release date, and without the rebate scam, I’m willing to wait the extra few days to get the new phone. Honestly, why do people put up with these rebate shenanigans?

    • G1 user waiting on G2

      Probably cause they know alot of people wont fill it out and then they can just keep the money.

  • Trill

    why has know one caught on to the fact that it actually is a 1ghz processor but clocked at 800mhz but has better performance cause of the GPU rendering and its the new 1Ghz chip named the scorpion processors by Qualcom

  • It doesn’t qualify for the 1st or 2nd phone of the bogo yet

  • Durf

    So do I order online and pay 249, or wait a week to get it from a store. Would it come before the 6th? Is it going to be cheaper in stores?

  • aksnoopy

    I’m starting to get really pissed. I called customer care and they told me I’m not qualified for a full upgrade for another couple of weeks but I could still upgrade and pre-order the G2 online. So I go to the website and it won’t show the G2 when I go to the upgrade page. I tried calling them back and the automated message says “we’re transferring you to a representative” and I just am on hold and then it cuts me off. It’s happened 3 times and the live chat isn’t working!!

  • jimbo

    i tried to preorder on the web and couldnt, glad i called im getting the pohone on the 6th, and i have a 180 dollar payment due in october then 3 equal 40 dollar payments spread out over my next few bills, u can only due that if you call customer care….

  • aksnoopy

    So after an hour on the phone with customer care they came to the conclusion that I was not able to pre-order online because I’m on a corporate account and have to order either in store or over the phone. Hope that helps some of you.

  • notxel21

    Anyone able to get shipping info for their G2? From either T-Mobile or UPS. I want to be able to track my purchase and stalk the UPS guy. (My back still hurts from the kidney I sold to purchase the damn phone!)

    • kasabiancollings

      Just received the text from T-Mobile:
      Your Equipment Order is being processed. It will be delivered within 3 business days. A tracking # will be sent to your phone once it ships.

  • Tom

    I know to track the phone once it ships you go to UPS and type in your phone number as a reference to get the shipping info. For everyone seeing their estimated deliver thing are you seeing that on the my tmobile order status?

  • mikeybot

    Just ordered through Customer Care, they didn’t even mention the activation fee and I got my minutes jacked up a little without an extra charge :D

  • http://Twitter.com/alexjarvis Jarvis

    Mine says it’s supposed to be here on Monday, must be a plus living close to Bellevue, WA.

  • Joe

    Let’s see how it does against a second gen chip clocked faster than it like the MSM8255 in the Desire HD or the Hummingbird on 2.2. Censor me if you want, MHz matter.

  • Geniuz

    Yeah … lets see the Vibrant score on 2.2 with the same benchmark. I have the lag fix on my Vibrant and I’m getting 2200-2400 on the quadrant test every time. That’s better than the G2. Although, I’m still debating on getting the G2 because there’s a lot of pros to this device.

  • andy

    I have no idea of the ordering over the web issue still remains for people but I was able to order it over the web without a problem and used the credit line i had with them for 120 bucks. I also was going to wait until the reviews came in and such but since i can return it if i really prefer my g1 over this(doubtful). never ordered a phone at launch though so hopefully ill be happy with it. Now its a matter of finding a good case for it. I wonder if siedio has made one yet?

  • ericm

    ordered mine last night and got a text today saying phone will be delivered within seven business days!!!

  • steven

    just ordered mine online… waiting for the confirmation.

    i’m super excited for this phone, the universe was sending me all kinds of signals to buy it. i earned my upgrade this month, and my poor little nokia is about to die on me.

    I am SO ready for this

  • Rob

    Well i couldn’t preorder online, for some reason i was having trouble so I called customer care and she pre ordered mine! so it looks like on October 6, i will be holding a new T-Mobile G2…so ready!

    Good bye Blackberry!

    ****Hello Android! ! ! !

  • Jason

    I wasn’t able to preorder on the website, so I called and the rep started the preorder right away. Everything went well, and since I’m on the EMP plan and had over $500 on my credit line, I just have to pay about $68 on my next bill for the first payment, taxes, and shipping. I then have to pay $25 a month for 19 months after that. I should have my phone by the 6th or earlier. So happy that the wait is almost over, though this next week and a half or so is going to be excruciating.

  • Collin

    Pre-ordered mine. Vanilla Android Powerhouse slider phone ftw!

  • cp

    I won’t get one until about a month after it comes out. That way, if there are any issues with the phone (battery life, gps, screen, etc..), they should be found by then.