myTouch HD To Come In Four Colors, Including Eggplant!

So while many of you have been discussing the myTouch HD leak, if it’s real or not, just what “dual processor” truly means and what not, we’ve been working on the most important aspect of the release. The colors! Ha-ha I kid, but seriously this plays an important role in the buying decision for me so assuming at least a few of you think like I do, I investigated and got some answers. Without further ado, the myTouch HD will come, as the myTouch 3G did before it, in Black, White and Red but also…drum roll please…in eggplant purple! Big applause!

In case anyone is wondering what Eggplant looks like, click here.


  • Miss Fitz

    This phone looks pretty awesome, though I was shocked reading all the comments that said it would be loaded with Espresso UI. What a frakking drag.

    My current plan was to take advantage of the BOGO when the G2 comes out to replace the G1 on my account (for someone who just *has* to have a physical keyboard!) and get myself the Vibrant for free. Which I will use until these iPhone rumors prove themselves to be true (knocks on wood).

    The G1 is truly on its last legs, though– so not sure I can wait til November when this handset is suspected to come out. The Vibrant is fine, it works well enough, but a MTHD in white? HSPA+ and FFC? Pretty slick.

    Twiddles thumbs… what to do…

    • El Guapo

      Screen is only 3.8″???! WTF… This was supposed to be 4.3″!


      And the genius button? PUKE

      • Jordan

        jesus, people are so difficult to please. 3.8″? TOO SMALL. anything less than 4.3″ isnt going to cut it. OMG, the genius button? might as well be satan’s phone. t-mobile has always placed emphasis on value and bundle plans. not about having the best phone that only a select few can afford. the majority of their customers are families on FAMILY plans, so what is a midschool kid gonna do with a droid x? or incredible? cmon dude. if the phone is that bad take ur business elsewhere. el lloroso, not el guapo.

      • BigKID

        lol…you people are never satisfied…if it where a 4.3, you’d be saying but the HD7 has 4.5…

        Man please…!!!

  • Special K

    T-Mobile just needs to follow through. This phone needs to be a high quality phone. When customers think of “High Quality Android” they think of the Verizon Droid series. It would be fantastic if that perception was changed.

  • zazou

    I was really hoping that this phone would be made out of high quality material like the N1 (metal, teflon coating, etc..) I guess this will be just cheap plastic like the other My Touch phones…

  • zazou

    I was really hoping that this phone would be made out of high quality materials like the N1 or droids. I guess this will be just cheap plastic like the other My Touch phones…

  • alex32

    eh forget the mytouch hd, the expresso UI kills it even though the phone does have amazing specs.
    Its all about the G2 with that android stock. I am starting to think that tmobile is doing that rumored “secret launch” for the g2…im dieing to know the info on when it will be available. ugh, patience is a virtue. I am glad that tmobile is releasing the G2 first instead of the mytouch hd, I would have died if it was the other way around.
    well htc press conference is tomorrow regarding the desire HD..which will most likely be for Europe only. If it does hit the US and tmobile..then this will definetly be the HD7. if its abdroid, then im sure its going to europe

    just sayin….

    • JaylanPHNX

      I understand that custom UIs slow down the update cycle, but HTC has been better than most other manufacturers about updating phones. And if you just don’t like the UI, replace it. Get the phone with the killer specs and make your first download LauncherPro or ADW or any of the multitude of home replacement apps. It’s that simple, not a deal-breaker by any stretch.

      • alex32

        i understand, but Id rather not. i used to own a g1 and i did all of that launcher pro stuff and it just slows the phone down. I wish I knew how to do all of that xda developer stuff THOUGH to phones but I dont, it looks and sounds hard..and Im afraid of bricking the phone with my kind of experience (which is none)

      • Foxeh

        I see this a lot. Why is it okay for manufacturers to break users can fix it themselves? It’s like Android phones are turning into Windows PC’s where you simply cannot buy a computer that isn’t completely destroyed with craplets. Yeah, HTC Sense is better than the rest, but Stock Android devices should not be as rare as they, IMO.

        I will take this opportunity to add that HTC now has the G2 on their site.

        4GB of ROM, 512MB of ram. A lot better than the G1’s 256MB ROM and 192MB of ram…

  • growler

    No matter what color they have, its still an ugly a** phone too me ( ;

  • branon

    Will the eggplant be lighter or darker than a brinjal?

  • NiiDiddy

    I want more pictures. Front, back, side…etc!…and in pictures of the many different colors. Also, isn’t there an HD7 coming soon with WinMo? I’d like to have a WinMo device along my Android device….just for sh*ts and giggles :)

  • somebody

    what is up with tmobil and plastic this better be a good quality phone

  • cass

    This is wat I been waitin on. I have a mytouch and sound like the t is stepping up to play wit day big boys so legooo.

  • proeng

    Why can TMobile/HTC come up with phone that has nice chrome trim around like IPhone. HTC phones are very plain and boring in appearance.

    • TheyDo

      They do it’s called the Samsung Vibrant.

  • somebody

    any news on the hd7? is it even coming to the states?

    • zazou

      I am with you on that one. This phone sounds incredible!! I love Android, but if WM7 is as slick as it looks then I will definitely get the HD7.

  • Android Chick

    Can’t wait!

  • Foxeh

    Well the “Desire HD” cat is out of the bag, but it looks almost nothing like the myTouch HD, but more like the EVO. Hmm…

    • JM77

      If the Desire HD will be the Mytouch HD, as the rumors suggest, then it will sell BIG. Either way tmo needs this phone. It did big things for Sprint, increased revenue.

      And look at that 8255 chip. Nice call!

      • Barry

        I was hoping it was but its looking more and more like the pic above iisthe mthd

      • Foxeh

        Our chispet hypothesis seemed to have landed dead on for the Desire HD, but it is still a very different device than what’s listed in this myTouch HD Grab and Go. 4.3″ screen, no front facing camera and no trackpad. Of course there’s no kickstand (a la EVO) either so who knows how the internals are going to relate to MTHD.

        The Desire-Z looks to be exactly the G2, but with Sense. Check out the videos at Engadget and watch this thing but in literally three seconds! :O It also has some awesome Z-lid action. Very classy as well.

      • Foxeh

        *watch this thing boot, I meant to say

  • Barry

    What’s so bad about espresso? I don’t own a mts but I did play with one briefly in a tmo store and really doesn’t seem as bad as ppl keep saying. I also had an espresso rom on the mt3g earlier this year I’m sure it was stripped down and it was super buggy but it didn’t seem as bad as some comments suggest. Anyone who actually owns a mytouch slide care to give their opinion on it?

    • darkjuan

      I had one until my Wife’s G1 died so I gave it to her. I thought it was really slick and it responds really fast. Loaded up ADW Launcher and had no problems whatsoever.

      I do agree with the above comments about the bloatware. Totally unnecessary. Let me choose what apps to put on my phone.

      • Barry

        Yea I thought it was really snappy also but I hear you on the bloatware carriers should give you the option to delete that kinda stuff.

  • zapote21

    The Desire HD is NOT, I repeat, NOT the MyTouch HD….

  • Rob

    The eggplant link was hilarious!

  • George

    the eggplant link is off the hook….i like the last sentence from tmo..”In case anyone is wondering what Eggplant looks like, click here.”…lol in some way it just made me laugh….

    i wonder if the video chat will allow me to video chat with my friends who has iPhone 4, that will be AWESOME!!! now i can’t decide whether i should get G2 or Mytouch HD….AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  • Barry

    Outside of screen size and camera pixels the mytouch hd seems to be better than the desire hd.

    • bmg314

      Really? I mean really???? If that statement does not describe how some of us Tmo fans are becoming just like apple sheeple…jeez

  • kresk

    if you haven’t seen it yet, check the little write up about this phone on some neat stuff, seems legit. there’s also some interesting information on t-mobile possibly using the term 4g.

  • Rick-a-billy

    Please please please god!!!!! Please let the desire HD be the emarald device for tmo this device looks SOOOOO FREAKING LAME! I’m seriously on my knees typing and praying at the sametime!!! I’ve been waiting for a long time for a good phone to get from TMO and so far… Pretty disappointed!!!

    • adrial

      Tmobile may not have the best android phones to offer to you… but as for me I am so far verry pleased
      With my mytouch slide and my nexus one and I can’t wait to see what the hd has to offer
      I would def. not say that I am dissapointed in any way especially now I have learned to hack
      Android web from tmo.. 30.99 is a little rediculus that would be my only complaint.

  • mjN1

    @Rick, I felt like that few days ago. But today after all the specs about the Desire HD, I felt better so much better. I guess time will tell but I do have a very good feeling Emerald is Desire HD. According to my own source it will have a Nexus One Body but on steroids , bigger screen and not sure about FFC. It fits the description right? She said maybe a dual core.

    • Rick-a-billy

      Honestly buddy, everytime I hear something so optimistic I get hope again haha so thank you!!! I really hope it is, cause I’m holding off but my patience is wearing thin, what phone do you have???

      • mjN1

        I have a Nexus One. And pretty happy with it cus I know its still has the best support as far as updates and all, but its more than six months and I’m due for a new toy. So as far as a replacement, I want a bigger screen, same type body, same or faster processor, etc.. sounds like Desire HD to me dont you think? It would be nice if there is a FFC but, we cant have everything we want right.

    • Rick-a-billy

      I’ve been thinking about getting the nexus one and just letting that tie me down for the moment until end of this year or next year get a new awesome device, but I’m really REALLY weary of the 3G issues and the lack of a replacement if something goes wrong… Tell me bud, how’s the 3G with yours??? Do you hav a case with it? Does the case make a difference in getting better 3G connections??? I have a 3GS right now, it’s cool and all but totally not satisfied with no 3G and I’m paying for 3G…. Thanks for the feedback :)

  • HelloItsMe

    I have a question!

    What does FCC mean/stand for?

    And Isn’t the Desire HD the G2?

    Please help. Thanks.

    • Android Chick

      FCC means front-facing camera.

  • lilly0x

    desire hd is NOT the g2.

    desire z IS g2 but with sense(Europe)