myTouch HD Internal Doc Hints Toward FFC And America’s Largest “4G” Network

While most of the Android attention at T-Mobile these days is focused on the T-Mobile G2, the myTouch HD waits in the wings. We just received, via one of our ninjas, the above document showing off some early details on the myTouch HD. While there are still a lot of questions to be answered about this phone, like a true breakdown of specs, pricing and of course the release date, this document gives us a glimpse of what to expect. If truly a legitimate document, and we certainly don’t question our source, this will put to rest the matter of the front facing camera coming in the myTouch HD. Though, we do take note and wish to point out the claim that T-mobile has “America’s largest 4G network,” a claim Sprint might wish to question. With a 5.0 megapixel camera and a VGA (why??) front facing camera this phone is definitely going to be a welcome addition. Even more welcome? The verbiage here states that video chat will be allowed over 3G, HSPA+ and Wi-Fi networks. Take that AT&T! A screen-sharing feature for HDTV’s? Count me in; I’ll take two please. Oh, and a 1 GHz Dual Processor? Make that three, please. We’re certainly going to be pressing for more info on this phone but from what we see here, all signs point to a very welcome addition to the T-Mobile Android lineup.

The only previously known image of the myTouch HD follows below along with a larger version of the above document. You guys know what to do, dissect away.

(let it be known that Andrew won :-P, I beat you kick! – Andrew)

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  • Hmmmm?

    After reading some of the earlier comments I was curious as I have never seen a Grab and Go document before this myTouch HD rumor started. So I did a little research and saw one for the G1, granted it was two years old, but then I saw one for the LG Sentio, from June 2010, neither one looked anything like this. The two I saw were much more focused as a training tool to inform T-Mobile reps how to market the phone towards customers. Things like, “Top 3 reasons to buy” and “Commercial Message” are the focus of those, this seems more like it’s aimed at the customers. The others that I saw were all at least three pages long as well, this seems to be a one page flyer. So, in my unprofessional opinion, these are either really early mockups or non-genuine, or they radically changed the focus of the Grab and Go’s in the past few months.

  • AndroidMaster

    T-Mobile should make the myTouch HD run on stock android UI. Or, have the option to choose Espresso OR stock android. That will make the myTouch HD be “100% you”.

    • Jay

      you can turn off Htc sense so it will run stock android just go into apps and clear the default settings for htc sense then it’ll ask you when you press home to use htc sense or launcher tap use as default and tap launcher.There you go stock android lol.

  • Midori

    @Hmmmm? I hope your unprofessional opinion is right because after seeing the Desire HD on the HTC website and all is capabilities I can see why that phone is named that. I mean coommmee ooonnn the phones just right there at the tip of Tmobile USA fingertips just “Grab and Go” and release that EXACT same phone in America I am nearly 100% sure Tmo customer will have that phone on back order well into about five months on its release! :)

  • PathogenX

    WOW, That is ugly. The G2 and vibrant are much nicer.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I think Tmobile should REALLY smoke the other carriers and be the FIRST phone carrier in the US and quite possibly the WORLD… and release the MyTouch 3D. You heard me….the MYTOUCH 3D!!!! Have it use the same technology as the new Nintendo 3DS system thats coming out. With the MyTouch 3D you could play movies in 3D as well as maybe even have 3D TV where you can watch say… ALL the BaseketBall games in 3D for a small fee. (And since the NBA and Tmobile are partners… you never know)Good idea… no?

    • RandomEmployee

      Check out the Samsung B710, and the more recent Samsung W960 Amoled 3D. Non-US, but you get the Idea.

  • derrickps3


    you must be out of your damn mind, this phone is sexy as hell. i love it, and the back of it looks nice. 2.2, 4gb inter memory, 8mp camera etc…. yeah this may be my next phone, RIM is taking to damn long to release blackberry 6 for the bold 9700

    • Hmmmm?

      The look of the phone is a matter of opinion, although I’m sure more would agree than not that this is not nearly as attractive as the majority of HTC phones, the new Desire HD that the UK is getting being the primary subject of envy at the moment. All the negative comments aside (mine included) this will probably be my next phone as well, if it is real. I don’t think I could go to Verizon, their just an evil, evil company. Sprint wants to charge you another $10 premium for having an Evo or Epic, I don’t think so. I’ve never had a problem with T-Mobile’s service, and I’ve been with them for eight years, so I don’t think I’m going to jump ship quite yet.

    • Hmmmm?

      Also, it state’s quite clearly above that it has a 5mp camera, so I’m not sure where you came up with 8mp.

  • Chantelle Giera

    Nearly all of the essential elements in the world happen to be accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all

  • LaNsLyDe

    the back of the phone makes the whole device sexy imo

  • Jay

    I doubt there will be a dedicated camera button there hardly ever are on htc full touch phones

  • http://tmonews natedogg

    +1 on bringing us the desire hd way better options and look!! how about adding a front facing camera to that and make it around 4 inches…that would be a top seller phone,tmobile is always giving us half ass phones without camera flash etc..we want a super phone damit!

    • alex

      Dude can you read clearly it says video chat, android 2.2, nice 3.8 inches, flash hd camera, it is a super phone, can’t wait to see this baby in white I’m definetley getting this :D. Also it has HSPA+ compability

    • blah

      “Make it around 4 inches” That’s what she said…

    • mjN1

      amen to that natedogg!

  • omog

    It’s fake. That is nothing like what a “grab and go” looks like or reads like. Nice try. Fonts right, headers wrong.

  • C-Eang

    This phone will blow out the iphone 4 of the self.

  • Essays

    It might be nice phone. Thanks for discription!