Poll: Is The Lack of Voice On The Galaxy Tab A Deal Breaker For You?

So earlier this morning we did a quick, completely unscientific poll on our Twitter (are you following us? No, why not??) asking if you, the readers thought the lack of voice capability on the Galaxy Tab was a deal breaker? I won’t say the response was overwhelming one way or the other, but certainly more than half of you responded that it would affect your buying decision. So I pose the question to you, our dear readers with a super cool poll and everything is if the voice communication or lack of is a real deal breaker. Price and monthly data cost aside for the moment, is voice something you feel is necessary on this device?

Take the poll, let us know and have a great weekend!


  • Robot


    • TMOprophet

      x100 :)

  • Akulamenuri

    Using a Tab as a phone isn’t very practical anyway.

    • Jesse

      But it’s more than that… I would use it as a speaker phone….. I often have people on speaker phone and as long as the mic / speaker are good, having phone capability is a great ipad differentiator..

  • Fish

    So when I video chat with someone I’ll have to use both my phone and the galaxy pad? The pad for video and the phone for voice?

    Although this will work out better for those who are hard of hearing…

    • ColoradoGray

      I believe they are referring to the ability to make and receive calls like a normal cell phone rather than not having a mic to pick up audio. That being said, might just be a root away.

    • George

      You need to read the press release from Samsung. Out of the box, the Tab will do video chat via WiFi, but it won’t send/receive phone calls through the cell provider’s data account.

      I honestly can’t figure out why anyone would be upset at this fact, since I think everyone here has a cell phone for which they pay a decent amount monthly, and no one in his right mind would consider the Tab as a replacement for a cell–so what does it matter whether or not the Tab is capable of making calls?

      Frankly, I’m not even interested until Samsung brings out its WiFi-only model, and if it costs more than the $500 price of admission for an iPad, then I will go with the iPad. There is zero reason for me to need to pay for a data plan when I can get WiFi reasonably easily in those places I would be using the tablet.

  • Yyevo

    When they say voice, they mean you can’t use it as a phone. It won’t be able to make and receive calls via the TMobile voice network.

    Yes, you can still transmit voice via Skype, or whatever, but you won’t have a TMobile phone number.

  • pimpstrong

    The question should be will you buy the Tab on contract for $200-300, off contract for over $600, or not at all unless its WiFi only and under $500.

    At any rate there’s absolutely no way I would sign up for a voiceless Tablet. Maybe if it was a phone and I wanted to buy a new phone I would.

    • G1ana

      Hmmmm using the Tab as a phone would be too big to carry around don’t you think?

      • pimpstrong

        They showed it can fit in your back pocket on one of their advertisement videos. Not really that I would be putting it there but its not THAT big. It’s no iPad. Between work, car, and home it wouldn’t be an inconvenience.

      • George

        Fit it in your back pocket?

        First of all, I am not placing anything that cost that much money in my back pocket without it being in a screen-protective case, which figures to double the thickness of the device to close to a full inch.

        Second, the height of the Tab is over 7 inches, which means, in an average pair of men’s Levis, the Tab would extend from the bottom of the back pocket to well over the bottom of the belt.

        It is something that one *might* be able to do, but why anyone would do so intentionally is a mystery. A device that large is poorly-suited to be used as a cellphone for any reason other than purely comic purposes.

  • G1ana

    It seem so much smaller than the IPAD. I think I am going to wait until IPAD comes with video/cam and voice! :) There new Itouch already comes with that, pretty soon they will add to Ipad. My thought..


  • Yyevo

    And no, it’s not a dealbreaker, this isn’t the tablet I’m looking for.

    • pimpstrong


  • Shannon

    The size will keep me from buying it. I have a Vibrant and I love it but the Tab just seems a little small. If it was bigger, and I hate to say it but more like the size of the iPad, I’d be more prone to buy it. But I don’t want something that’s just a little bit bigger than my phone. In fact, I prolly won’t buy something like that till PokerStars has an Android app. Haha. But really, all I’d use it for would be travel and when I’m too lazy to lean forward on the couch to use my laptop and my phone works great for that stuff. But I’m always wanting to play poker for a bit before bed but then I don’t wanna bring in the laptop, the charger, and my shelf I use as a lap desk. So yeah… maybe when there’s a PokerStars app, I’d snag a bigger one. Haha

  • gammax

    Frankly, I would loved to of swaped my sim card between g2/viberant(havnt desided which is better) and the tab. Be bit of a pain but I only need one phone plan. And I wouldn’t use both devices at the same time. And I really wanted to be even more crazy then the streak users.

    • pdxduckfan

      right-on gammaxx…this is exactly what a lot of us would like too. seems pretty obvious to me. then we could surf using 3g as well.

      a big thanks (heavy sarcasm) to T-MO.

      • surprised

        Can’t you actually do it now? Get the family plan and you’ll be sharing data among your devices, won’t you?

  • http://shadyhaitien.com/blog SHaitien

    My choice would be the wifi only model. Why get a contract if there’s no phone capability?

  • AgDon

    I go along with G1ana, and would prefer a larger screen and better resolution, plus all the additional goodies that may come on a secong gen iPad.

  • mingkee

    I don’t mind at all because I can use it with webconnect line, which doesn’t have voice calling.

  • jstew

    Why would you say in your article “Price and monthly data cost aside for the moment” then put it as an option in your poll?

    • David, Managing Editor

      Yeah I thought about that, then decided to include it because I figured people would just wonder why its not there…so I think its a not part of the question which is why I wrote it, but others may not feel that way!

  • Cybersedan

    This is more of a couch potato device for me, phone feature would have been nice, but definitely NOT a deal break, I already have a phone.

  • snoopyalien24

    Maybe oh just maybe, but i dont see myself using this as a phone, more of a boredom killer with many apps and a camera. A bigger screen woulda sold me right of the bat.

  • jymmyblanka

    well so far i know TMOBile is voice services company, EN que pinche mind come whit the idea to take the voices capabilities …????????

    • joshuakprice1

      I really have no idea what you just said.

  • alex32

    *is the lack of android stock on the samsung galaxy tab a deal breaker for you?
    :p lol.

  • sickemoe

    Lack of voice? No. Lack of wifi? Maybe.

  • Howie_in_AZ

    Not quite sure what the point of the front-facing camera is without a microphone…

    • jymmyblanka

      the tab has microphone the thing is do no going to have the option as TMobile phone (to me realy stupit bcuz so far i know tmobile is a pone company..), but you can download like QIK, STRING, VODAPHONE, google voice o waverer is out there to make VOIP calls

  • jymmyblanka

    i know is stupid to think that this but to get a data plan… they going to give to you a phone number to control data plan so why not to have phone calls too…i feel like they want to sell me a USB web connect card with a screen, on that case i will better buy Dell Inspiron™ Mini 10 with T-Mobile® webConnect bcuz i tink is 3 time better and shipper

    • joshuakprice1

      No phone number for data, though they might give you an imei number. I agree though, that its silly. At least they won’t try to charge you for a mandatory voice plan when you already have a phone!

      • Sapphire

        Actually, webconnect plans get a mobile number as well.

  • Nate_Dogg

    I couldn’t care less about making voice calls over cell service with a tablet. As long as there is a Mic I am fine with just that. Better have a mic though!!

  • http://nurfherder1 bishop

    damn, why does the US get the left overs when it comes to either good phones or features. Samsung either needs to step it up or close the doors. it looks like a good devise but don’t leave out features just for the hell of it, include them all and let us decide if we are going to use them or not. Bastards!

  • Brian

    I think, given the past Apple/Jobs model, the iPad will get a slight ‘refresh’ about the same time as the Galaxy release (assuming a release just prior to the holidays) which will follow the Apple marketing model = more for less…

    1. blow off the 16Gig models to be replaced with 32, 64, 128 for the current model pricing
    2. Maybe front rear camera (but the memory upgrade could be quickly implemented) but I think that is 2nd gen
    3. Maybe a bit of added ‘glitz’ or even a smaller screen size ( but I think Apple won’t do this because most people are liking the current screen).

    This would make the ‘mid point’ 64 gig model better capacity then Android with max 32 gig using micro SD card for now.

    I think the Galaxy 7″ screen will prove too small for what most users want. But there are enough people who will ‘just buy it’ for the newness.

    Maybe me ;-)

    I am finding it hard to justify the non-discountable iPad prices for the 32 or 64 gig models and really don’t think I need the 3G just for data. I can turn my phone into a hotspot for that.

    Any other comments?

    • George

      Published reports from a week ago are that Apple will introduce a new iPad replacing the current one, right after the Christmas season is over. Analysts are saying they think the iPad will be one of the hottest Christmas gifts this season, in the way the iPod touch was when it first came out.

      When Apple has its annual press event in early January, it is supposed to unveil the new iPad, which will have the same dimensions and basic features, but which will have front-facing camera and FaceTime built in. This means that iPad, iPod touch and iPhone will all have FaceTime. Additionally, chat software with FaceTime will be available for free download by then for both Mac and Windows.

      In making this refresh so quickly, Apple can move to get FaceTime ubiquitous and leverage that wide availability to get other manufacturers to likewise support FaceTime (which is open source), which in turn adds value to the Apple products which use FaceTime. It would also blunt any perceived advantage the Tab might have for having a front-facing camera.

      For anyone snickering, the fact remains that FFC will be the must-have feature on high-end smartphones and devices like iPad/Tab before the next 12 months has elapsed. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s stupid (frankly, I can’t see me using it), the data from public opinion rates the idea of FFC very highly; it certainly wouldn’t be the first time the public demanded a feature on a product which it ultimately never used.

  • rooster

    no wireless. dealbreaker. Have to purchase with a plan. deal breaker.

    • pimpstrong


      • David, Managing Editor

        I reported it just now so lets see what they can’t uncover as the problem…you should all just get iPhones then!

  • http://nurfherder1 bishop

    I’ll use it if they give me one for free to review, wink wink.

  • Deke218

    This is a replacement for a laptop not a cellphone. Think of it as a mini laptop. You can make video calls with Google and Yahoo can’t you? I would use this in place of my laptop.

  • KazO

    Even though it’s not practical as a phone, it’s a way to differentiate itself from the other product. And since it’s already there in other markets, why take it out just for us Americans?

  • jonathan

    What is going on with the site lately? I definitely can’t view it from my Vibrant anymore because it locks up the browser and on my laptop, it’s just much much slower. This is a daily-used site so it’s a bit of a annoyance. :(

    • pimpstrong

      MINE TOOOOO! I was gonna say it but I figured it was just mine! My Vibrator freezes sometimes to the point where I have to restart it.

      • Chgo26

        LOL @ Vibrator. Sorry but I’m eternally 13.

        But it’s doing the same for me on my Nexus One. Locks up at the end. Force closes. What’s interesting is that it loads just fine on my 3GS. Good (or not) to know I’m not the only one having this issue. *shrugs*

      • jonathan

        Yeah, I get like 9/10 loaded and BAM!!! So our Android phones are having issues and the iPhone isn’t? That makes no sense, lol. I wanna point the finger at someone now. :p

        • David, Managing Editor

          I reported it so lets see what they can’t uncover as the problem…you should all just get iPhones then!

      • jonathan

        You should post definitive answers that T-Mobile is getting the iPhone, haha. :)

      • NiiDiddy

        I don’t have a problem seeing the website on my Vibrant or on my Google Chrome desktop browser.

      • pimpstrong

        Not that I think there is a fix already but I just tried it again and now my phone is locked with a 90% load bar and a fully loaded image of the website. Sometimes hitting Home takes me home but mostly now it takes a couple minutes and then asks for a Forceclose.

      • jonathan

        I use the Chrome browser too but I think as far as that is concerned, it could be the fact that I am testing Adobe Square. But my phone browser hasn’t been able to load the site for 3-4 days now. I honestly don’t have any idea what’s going on and I highly doubt it has anything to do with the leaked update I’m running. But seeing as how there’s more than just me and someone else, I’d say there’s something larger…and secretive too. :(

  • Rob

    First off I’d like to say tablets are a joke IMO. Sure they’re cool and flashy but spend the same price on a lab top that can not only do more, but has such better specs its not even logical to get a tablet beside for aethetics/fun. Tablets to me are marketed to the part of society in which has the extra money for such.

    What I will say is if it was cost effient (comparable to a high end smart phone around $200) I would consider getting one but only if it had voice. I would leave it in my bag and use bluetooth for calls. It would also be my only phone. Would be great for taking the train to and from school/work.

    But with the ipad price labtop is the way to go.

    • http://soapboxuniverse.blogspot.com/?spref=gb K. Ray

      The Facts are that after the announcement of the Ipad the numbers have gone down across the board. If you belive that tablets are not for real you are not paying attentinon.

  • mtnman

    The picture of the Tab up top shows a phone Icon. It’s a teaser, sayn’ look at what you don’t get. I agree with those that ask why don’t we in the U.S. get all of the same features they do in Europe? After all we live in a free market economy. If it does/doesn’t sell let the free market decide. Then those in Europe/Asia will truly know what the American consumer really want’s and doesn’t want instead of the Carriers telling the manufactures what to add or delete!

  • Rick

    Actually, I’m waiting on the ASUS Android tablet with Gingerbread. Its supposed to be available in 1Q11.

    • mtnman

      Rick: “Supposed” to be is the key word. lol

    • joshuakprice1

      Not sure if I want asus, but you are right. A Gingerbread tablet would make a lot more sense. Maybe one with one of the soon-to-come-out dual 1.5ghz chipsets? I also think slcd would be great on a tablet, it is supposed to have better battery life than samoled.

  • Cellphone Chris

    I was all set to get one of these, and then they go and announce that they’re going to strip away voice capabilities for all US versions? What’s the point? If they had originally designed it without voice, fine, but why STRATEGICALLY remove a HUGE feature that’s already been built into the device? I think the carriers are all going to charge a premium data package for this device, and this is a way to justify it as “not being a phone”, therefore not eligible for smartphone data plans…

    Any word on whether the US GSM versions will be different hardware from the European ones? I’m thinking that voice can be hacked back in somehow, at least over bluetooth. If not, does anyone know if the Euro version is quad-band? I’d buy one unlocked if I could get it to work on T-Mobile USA voice and 3G.

  • efjay

    Nope, cos I’m not getting one :)

  • mmeyer4663

    Depending on the price, I might go for an unsubsidized purchase from TMO sans data plan. I have a phone I can tether to. If it’s too outrageous Will just wait for Wifi only version.

  • David

    I don’t see the point of a 7″ tablet, much like I don’t see a point in the 5″ Dell device.

    Smartphones are portable enough at about 4″ to be effectively used as mobile devices. The 9.7″ iPad is a versatile alternative to e-readers such as the Kindle, newspapers, and notebooks. Laptops offer full computing power at +/- 15″. Desktops with monitors in the 20″ range are good in many office spaces.

    I wish Samsung and Dell good luck with their quirky-sized products, but I won’t be getting one. I doubt many people will.

  • Frigadroid

    Do I want one yes. Do I need one no. Will I get one probably not. Yes I would want the voice included if I had to sign a contract. Besides I have the vibrant now and would rather save the cash for something with more functionality. Perhaps when the second generation tabs come around. Right now I would rather have a lightweight laptop.

  • chefgon

    I’m exactly the opposite, I considered the presence of Voice capability to be a dealbreaker. I was totally crushed on the day that they announced it and they said that it would have voice-calling capabilities. I absolutely do not want to pay for a second voice plan just to be able to get a data-connected tablet.

    I mean, come on, how is it even possible that you guys were excited about paying $20 a month for a voice plan when you already had a phone in your pocket already. The Tab is too large to carry with you everywhere, so there’s no way that you could have gotten away with replacing your cell phone with it completely.

    I suppose the presence of voice-calling abilities would be fine if it was optional and you could get a data plan without being required to get a voice plan, but I had zero hope that the carriers would allow you to do that. It would be an unprecedented move to sell a subsidized voice-capable device and not require a voice plan to go with it, and we had no reason to believe that this device would be any different.

  • Alejandro

    Think about this…The WiFi model will probably come straight from Samsung. So It will probably look and work better. Just like the Galaxy-S phones… The I9000 looks and works a lot better than the 3/4 of the US models…

    I wouldn’t bother to get a contract JUST for a data plan…I would get the WiFi only tablet and use my rooted Vibrant for tethering…Hurray for loop-holes Lol xD

    The Voice isn’t really a big concern for me…that’s what I have a PHONE for lol…..

    However if the Tmo model of the TAB looks and feels just as good as the WiFi model than I might consider it if it has enough cool “Show Off’ bloatware… But Hey That’s just my opinion lol…

  • hammeedo

    How about ordering the European version :D Won’t it work on the network here and have voice?

    • SEFan

      The Euro version would probably do voice and EDGE data on the 1900 mhz frequency T-Mobile uses for GSM. It most likely won’t do 3G data since T-Mo has the quirky AWS band (1700/2100 mhz) for 3G.

      Why no HSPA+?? Bad enough that the Vibrant doesn’t have. A tablet just cries out for high-speed data…

  • NiiDiddy

    I think this is another gadget that we don’t need, but want. Between an average 4″ screen smartphone and a good notebook, we’ll be set. This 7-inch “in-between” is just for sh*ts and giggles; and if they really wanted to compete, should at least build screen sizes to compete with the i-pad.

    Also what’s the rush…? Can’t wait for Android 3.0? Why…? Because they want to make more $$ money off us being that the Galaxy S phones became so popular.

    I don’t know man—the Tab looks good, and as a gadget man I’m tempted to get it just for getting though I don’t need it. Maybe I’ll use it for everything else I use my phone for except for the voice part—that way i can actually save TONS of battery life. Again, I’d opt for the wifi-only, depending on how t-mobile subsidizes the device and what price the data service comes to.

  • Spencer

    I’m not paying a seperate bill from my phone every month. It’s just to much, way to much. I’m getting the wifi only version so this doesn’t matter to me

    • Brandon

      why would you need to pay a seperate bill for anything? just buy this thing outright and use wifi…

  • mikeeeee

    if i could piggy back it with a plain jane UMA phone great.

  • Jesse

    Having phone capability would be a huge differentiator from the ipad. It might also encourage current galaxy S owners to go and buy a second device. You need features to beat the ipad.. If you’re going for “non-phone” pads…. the ipad will probably win hands down… having a phone ability is a feature that ipad currently lacks… so it’s a slam dunk…

    • NiiDiddy

      **buy a second device** …smh! If I would, It wouldnt be because I am a Galaxy S device owner. As a matter of fact, for me, that’s a deterrent. Why, you may ask? Still waiting for that GPS fix that we were supposed to get early Sept. they haven’t even fixed that and they want to shove something else our throats without any guarantee of any future updates.

      so if i should own one of these it’ll definitely be because i want it just for the hell of it [because i’m a computer/gadget/electronics guy] so i can free up my Galaxy S Vibrant for real talk ONLY, thus saving battery life. everything else will be done on the Tab. that’s all i got….IMHO

  • beerbellybilly

    Dealbreaker for me. No phone, no sale. Same old
    crap from the carriers. The rest of the world gets the standard reference platform and WE get crippled junk.
    Can’t canibalize smartphone sales because it impcts profits and investors ouldn’t like that.
    Free Market my hairy American butt.

  • http://robert.aitchison.org Robert Aitchison

    For me the deal was already broken because of the proprietary connector but if I were considering one I probably wouldn’t anymore. Not that I’d anticipate using the phone features much but I’d like the option.

    Of course unless the hardware is different someone will probably release a custom ROM that has the phone features added back in.

  • SEFan

    I’m not going to dismiss the Tab out of hand for lacking voice capability. At this point I’m leaning toward NO because I don’t think it really brings anything new to the table. Once I can see one demoed perhaps that opinion will change. For example, better connectivity features than the iPad would be a big plus. A GPS that actually works would be nice. Sorry, sorry. I wanted to be rocking a Vibrant by now, but a functional GPS is a must-have and I have yet to see a fix from Samsung. Looks like it may be a G2 instead, and my aversion to real keyboards be damned…

    I digress. I might see compelling features once a unit is in hand. I’m betting not. Offering me 3G data without the voice option other countries are getting isn’t making the Tab look any better.

  • derrickps3

    who wanna use this as a phone anyway??? would look stupid

  • sally

    I’ve always wanted a 7.5inch phone, hopefully they will have voice for this. so, I can have the best of both worlds, tablet (which I want) and with the capability to be used a phone.

  • jose

    i think its rediculous to INCLUDE a phone in the tab. who the hell wants a phone that big? you can always use google voice or vonage if you really wanted too.

  • http://soapboxuniverse.blogspot.com/?spref=gb K. Ray

    Notebook sales are down across the board. The Ipad is canalizing the notebook market. Lack of voice on the GTab will put it behind. The Ipad will have this on the next gen in Jan. 2011. The main issue will be the cost. IF the price is not competitive then people will wait until exclusive contracts end and they can have a Iphone on other carriers. Samsung and Magenta have a limited time window to get this right. If the rumors are correct time will tell. If Sammy and Andy don’t get it right Uncle Jobs is already ahead of the game and the next gen Ipad will be light years beyond what Dell, Samsung and the others are putting out on their 1st gen tablets.

    Stay Thirsty my friends…..