Samsung Vibrant Releasing July 15th, One Week Early?

UPDATE: And we’ve got picture evidence!

Hold the phone here!! Word has just come to me, via multiple sources, that the Samsung Vibrant is releasing July 15th, NOT the 21st as previously discussed. We are unsure as the reason for the pushup but perhaps T-Mobile is looking to move their hottest phone out to combat the Droid X, Evo and iPhone onslaught. We’ll update with more details as soon as hear more but for now, expect to purchase this device one week early!!


  • Naveed Cheraghi


  • Stillwaiting

    Cool, now I get to look at the thing for a week, and can decide btw it and the Slide. So much for the pre-order thing

    • Tim

      Slide? You’re kidding right?

      • remister

        At least the slide as a flash camera :P

  • jstew182

    does anyone know for sure if touch wiz will be able to be turned off? i like what i have seen of it so far minus the app menu.

    • soon2TMO

      yes you can… you can use sense UI if you want too via launcherpro.. or

  • bfhmd68

    Are you sure the 15th and not the 14th? They usually release on Wednesdays… 15th is a Thursday…

    • David

      I’m positive, it just came in from Multiple sources…

  • kyle

    What does that mean for the preorder people?

    it should be out on the 15th??

    a couple days ago somebody posted this and said it would only be in the tmobile stores…

    seems kind of stupid to preorder now

  • phonegeek

    hmm i can play with this an decide to buy it outright or upgrade but 9/10 … OUTRIGHT lol save that upgrade for something “nice” ( saying nice in southern accent)

  • NiiDiddy

    YES!!! I am getting my VIBRANT!!!!!!!!!


    Woo-hoo!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on this phone! My poor little 8900 is so tired….

    • SugaBooga

      My poor lil 8900 is tired too. JUST got off the phone with Tmobile as I was about to terminate one of my lines. And I talked to the rep in retention who confirmed it just popped on her screen that it is coming on the 15th of July. She also said it did not have 16gb of onboard memory but that it was coming with a 16gb micro SD card. BUMMER… I asked if she was sure and she was reading from the info she had. She directed me to this site, but it doesn’t say anything we don’t already know.

  • Animate

    I’m stoked!

  • mailman13877

    Lol that Motorola phone looks like a possible win for me as it has xenon flash n 8MP with a possible FFC. If that’s the case imma stay with TMO n wait for the Motorola.

  • Gnex

    This is great news. I’ve been waiting for this phone for the longest. I can’t wait to get this.

  • Swoosh042507

    Well it seems like t-mobile is in the race again and going for a strong push to the finish line before the year is up..the roadmap says it all and I’m impressed with the motorola charm ! Go tmobile

  • Bobomo


  • Max

    I’m begging you David please don’t play with my heart

  • Ktwist

    I have training for this device on the 12th at a hotel, stoked to get my hands on one!

    • 2FR35H

      Lets us know how it works out plz :)


    that gives me less time to sell this N1

    • remister

      How much you looking at? The condition?


        like new. 475. no scratches anywhere on the phone

  • gorillaghost999

    come 2 poppa!

  • casey

    I’m not going to believe this until everyone starts to report it. I’m sure T-Mobile will come out and let us know if this is true

  • jason

    it is true… got this from a “friend”

  • tato22

    Cool beans

  • StabMasterArson

    I just called a Tmo store to ask about pre-ordering and the guy told me that the date had indeed been pushed up to the 15th.

  • MxPxFan

    Sweet good thing i wanted on pre-ordering from radio shack and i was actually going to stop at a radio shack on the way home from work. Not anymore

  • Rocky

    I checked with the folks at radio shack, and they don’t seem to know too much about how this will affect pre-order shipping dates. Right now the official word is that radio shack will ship orders the 21st. I did call t-mobile, and the cs rep confirmed tha their release date had changed to the 15th. So there ya go, if you pre-ordered and you want the phone asap, I would recomend trying to buy it from the store, and then cancelling your pre-order that day since according to radio shack, they don’t plan on shipping it for another 6 days.

  • tface

    ehhh why are the prices cut off on the screen shot

  • Primetv

    I remember seeing a picture showing the Vibrant at $329.00.. Then it was pulled and the price raised…So is the picture above the real deal. Also, what are the pricing variables in the picture above… it’s hard to see the pricing on the right side of the picture…

  • mZimm

    So $440 for those of us not eligible for any upgrades…that’s really not too bad, but I really don’t want to pay tax and upgrade fees on top of that…I guess it depends on if I can sell the HD2 for $300.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I am most likely going to sell my HD2 too. (I am borderline wanting to keep it since it is a great WinMo device, that I can customize as much as I want.)

      Anyway, mine will come with an extended battery and a few cases. I will be listing it at $400 BIN.

      So your $300 is low, unless you don’t have the box, packaging and manuals. Also, if your phone has any damage, then $300 may be about right.

      If your phone is perfect, should easily go for about $350.

      Check eBay here. The numbers in green mean the phones sold. Notice that phones priced even at $400 are selling. And most priced at $350+ are definitely selling.

  • Geniuz

    I was looking at the walmart website the other day and it said they will ship out as early as the 9th. But now it says the 20th. Also the price today for the pre order is $179.99 with a $30 MIR making it $149.99

  • 2FR35H

    I wonder if this means we can get this device for the Bogo

    • 2FR35H

      Maybe get the Samsung Vibrant and a MyTouch Slide

  • Bobomo


    2 year upgrade $200 ($50 MIR)
    1 year upgrade $300 ($50 MIR)
    Early upgrade plus $265
    Early upgrade $330
    Basic upgrade $440

    • Animate

      Can you explain the Early upgrade and early upgrade plus options? I’ll probably just buy it outright but if the deal is right I may extend my contract.

    • Shawn

      Too bad T-Mobile doesnt do 1 year contracts fool!!

      • Geniuz

        Yes they do …. I always do a one year. It’s an extra $50 on top of the 2 year contract price. Why anyone would sign a two year to save $50 is beyond me.

      • Bobomo

        Why are you calling me a fool? I just copied the information from the picture. Stop trying to act smart; you’re not.

  • swehes

    I’m looking forward to the 15th! *marking it on the calendar*

  • pimpstrong


  • Lori

    …. told you so.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Actually what happened is that I contacted Herr Humm and said that I was working on an important project that would require my full attention until July 14. I told him that I would expect to see the phone on sale the next day, as a sort of reward for me doing a good job on that project.

    That’s why is going on sale on July 15.

    Seriously though, I just fired up my HD2 to cancel MobiTV (that has to be done on the phone, apparently). Firing up the HD2 reminded me how nice the phone is.

    And I have been using my Slide. That too is a great phone. Using the Slide reminded me how great Android is.

    So it looks like I will have three fantastic phones at the same time. Gotta put the HD2 on eBay, ASAP. (And my GF’s G1 too, after I give her the MTS.)

    Bonus comment: I have been playing cable TV on my Slide (excuse me, my GF’s Slide) via SlingBox Pro HD. The Slide playing cable TV has been fantastic.

    Any of you thinking about such a setup on your new SGS, be advised that SlingBox now has the Android app for Android-based smartphones. The Slingbox app for Android was only $30. And I was watching cable TV on my Slide within about 15 minutes.

    Something to think about, all the cool things you can do with your new SGS! I imagine cable TV on the SGS will look fantastic on the 4″ SAMOLED screen.

    Yes, SlingBox mobile pretty much renders MobiTV moot. (The Vibrant will come with MobiTV. So if you have or can buy SlingBox, about $100 on eBay, and you have cable TV, go with Slingbox instead of MobiTV.)

  • Humphrey

    Any word on if the Radioshack brick&mortar stores will be getting it on the 15th?

  • ObsceneJesster

    I’m going to hold on to my Radio Shack upgrade just in-case I can’t get to the T-Mobile store early enough and they end up sold out. If I get my hands on one on the 15th then I will ride over to Radio Shack and cancel my pre-order.

    • kyle

      even if you’ve paid for the $50 deposit

      • kyle

        i say that, because i paid the deposit and now i will probably end up with a $50 gift card to radio shack that i dont need

        errrr, hopefully they just have it the 15th

    • swehes

      Talked to my T-mobile rep and he said he would hold one for me. :)

      • soon2TMO

        i need to do the same thing!!!

  • nope

    so it says there is a 50 dollar mail in rebate, does that mean the phone is actually only 150 with a full upgrade or 250 with a 50 mir so it comes out to 199?

  • penguin

    It is launching on the 21st, my products and services call just confirmed it

    • David

      Nope, the 15th is now the release date…your call must not have received updated info!

      • penguin

        idk if you are the actual david or not, but im the one who has been sending u all the information from my call and he said 21st even the picture i sent u has the official date

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I don’t get it. That pic of the chart showing July 15 launch date, is that a fake?

      The website still says the 21st, but I would not expect that to be up-to-date.

      • David

        Michael, by now I would expect that you would recognize stuff we post isn’t fake or at least not what we believe to be a fake. I’m not sure how or why you would remain questionable on these images.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        David… that was a rhetorical question to The Penguin. I was challenging him to assert that the pic was a fake. I know it’s not, but I wanted to get his response.

        I am working on a major project right now where evidence is a big issue. So I am in a “throwing down the gauntlet mood,” especially when it comes to penguins.

  • NolaDude

    I’ve been waiting for this one for my wife….who is still using the very awful Behold, but now she doesn’t want it for lack of the flash, as she uses her camera ALOT and mostly indoors….I would love to know what goes on in these meetings…what motivation could they possibly have for deleting a flash from a device that was built to have it? I think TMobile has a need for fresh people in corporate that make handset decisions….the current group has been a bit off, we are not even close to on par with the other companies…a real shame since we were 1st to use Android and the earliest customer of HTC….you figure that would count for something…

    • bfhmd68

      Galaxy S was not built to have flash. Other carriers that have it added it. The only thing that the original had that T-Mobile took off was the FFC.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Great point. Come to think of it, does any U.S. SGS have flash or is it only the SGS Pro that has it?

    • NolaDude

      I know the Verizon Fascinate has a flash. The point is..every cheap piece of garbage has a flash these days, how they omit it from a “super” phone? Makes zero sense to me.

  • sk

    I am looking to upgrade my t-mobile phone. Is the samsung definitely better than the htc hd2?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Two totally different phones. I have the HD2 and it is a fantastic phone (using custom shells and ROMS pretty much makes the HD2 a non-WinMo device).

      But I am selling it and getting the SGS because I want some of the features the SGS has, including the SAMOLED display, 720p HD recording, 16GB on-board memory, and Android — because I have always liked Android, especially all the free apps on Android Market.

      The HD2 in contrast has a larger display, WinMo has a huge support community, you can do more with WinMo because of XDA and the millions of people who work on the OS to customize it, etc.

      You can see what can be done in terms of customizing the HD2 on my video here:

  • Jay

    YESSS!!!!! I am SOO tired of my four year old candy bar phone I’ve been using temporarily! I want this nao!!!! Thank you T-Mobile!!!

  • remister

    How many times can you do 14-day/30-day money back remorse policy on phones? I am on the Even More Plus plan, which I just returned my Slide. I just want to make sure if I don’t like the phone I could return it.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I looked up and discussed that issue a few years back. But I forgot the details of the discussion.

      No matter, as I recall each phone you purchase comes with a new period within which to change your mind. I think most all states it’s 14 days. And here in California it’s 30 days.

      I don’t recall ever seeing a limit on the number of times you can exercise the right, say within six months, for example. That’s because the right attaches to the purchase, the clock starts to run on getting the phone and does not relate to how many times one buys phones. Hope that makes sense.

      Warning: Some carriers erroneously tell you the 14 days starts to run at the time you order the phone. Others correctly say it’s 14 days from the date it shows the phone arrived in the mail.

      One time I called T-Mobile to return a phone. The CSR told me that my time had run out because 1) 14 days had passed since the phone was ordered; and 2) I had only 14 days to return it. She then refused to give me the address to return the phone.

      I then responded that 1) the time runs from when I received the phone, not when I ordered it; and 2) that in California we had 30 days, anyway.

      She said she had to ask her supervisor about it. She then came back and said “You are right” and gave me the address to mail it.

      Bonus Warning: Before sending it back take LOTS of pictures. Take pics with the phone on and even make a video flipping through menus, to show the phone is working. Also take a pic of the inside of the battery compartment (and the water detector if there’s one visible).

      Also take a pic of the accessories and everything packed in the box.

      Take all pics of the phone sitting against a backdrop of the days paper.

      Why all the drama and precautions? A year or so ago two people on a forum I belong to reported that they sent back phones in perfect condition. But T-Mobile contacted them and said the water damage indicators had been triggered. So T-Mobile would not accept the returns. Those people did not have any proof that they sent the phones back, in perfect condition, so they were stuck.

      • remister

        Thanks Michael.
        So for example, if I got the Slide and returned it within 30 days and then got the Vibrant returned that within 30 days and then got the Slide again, would I be able to return the Slide again within 30 days to maybe get another phone (ie Dell Streak?)

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    FFC, LED flash, rumors and fakes aside, what I am most upset about is that T-Mobile classifies me (the cutting edge SGS purchaser) as a “Casual entertainment enthusiast.”

    That does not sound too cool, albeit can I put that on my resume?

    Sidenote: And the SGS purchaser won’t be the first adopter type? Huh?

    • Bobomo

      I read that description and thought the same thing! That’s not me! I don’t give a damn about Avatar, other than to use it to show off the awesome screen. MobiTV and Sims are mostly useless. What I care about is the Hummingbird processor and SAMOLED screen. Both of those features are cutting edge, and have so much more to do with the operation of the phone than a movie I’ll maybe only watch once.

    • Animate

      Exactly lol. I’ll use it for more data consumption than entertainment by far. I can see how I’ll my device laid out already for the most part.

  • soon2TMO

    i suddenly feel weak, cold, sweaty when i laid my eyes on this news!

    im soo excited i feel like im gonna be sick! LOL

    im just sooo happy! haha

  • Max

    Wow! I followed the link to Walmart ( They want $300 even though my family plan is up for renewal. Looks like I’ll be going to a company store. Anyone know how to get customer retention to give a lower price on the data plan?

  • pimpstrong

    customer care read me off the upgrade pricing AND told me it will be in stores the 15th and the 21st through customer care. still couldnt give me exact full price but guesses 450. Ill have my hard earned cash ready in hand.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Well I think the $440 on the chart is accurate. Sounds about right.

      And the 15th for retail, versus the 21st for 611, that sounds like the reason for the different debut/availability dates.

  • Flgirll99

    YAY!!! Happy day! I’m really looking forward to this phone.

  • DannOfThurs

    Awesome phone but I would suggest waiting for the HSPA+ phones that are coming out this year – plus they will be HTC and free of the Motorola / Samsung update issues :X

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      LOL… I’d rather buy the phone now, enjoy it for four months, then sell it or pass it on to my GF (after which I would sell her Slide.)

      All in all a fine time for us, to be having these sorts of discussions. Agreed?

    • DannOfThurs

      Of course, if you still choose to get the phones coming out now assuming you don’t like what’s released by end of year, you can always go back to the vibrant which will more than likely be cheaper than what it is now :)

    • Bobomo

      Because HTC doesn’t have update issues? LOL

    • swehes

      Use Ebay to sell your phone in about 6 months when you are getting one of the HSPA+ phones.

  • Geniuz

    Those that are on the fence about getting the Vibrant should look at this ….

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      HOLY SHEET!!! That appears to be the leak of leaks, and a genuine one at that.

      I imagine T-Mobile is gonna be really mad about that chart leaking. It basically is like the enemy finding out T-Mobile’s war plans.

      • DannOfThurs

        Same one I and a couple of others linked above ;)

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      By the way, that pic looks like it was a presentation of some type and someone took a pic with… drum roll…. a cell phone camera. LOL.

      I say this because parts of the graphic, particularly the blue date bar, look like they are a projection on a screen.

      If this was presented during a strategy meeting seems it will be easy for T-Mobile to find out who was there, and maybe even where the culprit was sitting (from the angle of the shot).

      Just speculating outloud.

  • Mike Wong

    I confirmed the release date with tmobile online chat support. but the online support agent does not know the retail pricing for this phone.

  • remister

    I hope it Swype on the phone!