Samsung Vibrant Releasing July 15th, One Week Early?

UPDATE: And we’ve got picture evidence!

Hold the phone here!! Word has just come to me, via multiple sources, that the Samsung Vibrant is releasing July 15th, NOT the 21st as previously discussed. We are unsure as the reason for the pushup but perhaps T-Mobile is looking to move their hottest phone out to combat the Droid X, Evo and iPhone onslaught. We’ll update with more details as soon as hear more but for now, expect to purchase this device one week early!!


  • Andrew Martel

    good news to me…cant wait to get ahold of this phone

    • 2Noob4U


  • Darien

    Just so everyone knows, Just called customer service and The Vibrant is eligible for BOGO with upgrades. So obviously for anyone looking to upgrade two lines this is awesome news, for others only looking to buy it out right, kinda sucks…but still Im glad the phone is out a week earlier putting it before the 20th cut off for BOGO

    • sfsilicon

      What are the terms for the Vibrant BOGO? Will it be cheaper than the full upgrade price of $200 after MIR per phone?

      Does anyone know if the European versions of the Galaxy S w/ front camera will be able to run 3G with Tmobile US? Which 3G bands does Tmobile support?

      The upgrade deals are great especially since I am off contract. I’m on a family plan but only need 1 data plan. I plan to use the second phone with WiFi. I’m debating buying an unlocked phone for the second one.

      • pimpstrong

        I called Samsung directly on 3 different days asking about an origional SGS in the US and the first two times was basically “yes the Galaxy S will be sold in the states”. Even after specifying that I don’t want a carrier version but the ORIGIONAL they say “yes its coming” The third time ended in a no the international version will not be sold with Tmobile bands, I would have to buy the Vibrant which is made for T-mobile bands” I’ve heard that the International SGS works on Tmo bands but I don’t know if that is Euro Tmo or if it is US 3G or just Edge like an unlocked ATT phone… I would love to know why the US SGS website has the INT version smack in the middle of the screen like we are getting it…

      • sfsilicon

        Gathered a bit more data on this…

        – Tmobile 3G is “UMTS T-Mobile 3G (2100/1700 MHz)” (see Wikipedia)
        – I’m still checking for official Tmobile specs if the Vibrant supports both
        2100 and 1700 ranges. Some unofficial websites say both, some say only 2100
        – The International version’s I’ve seen (UK & Germany) that have the FFC, FM
        tuner and trackpad are triband UMTS supporting 2100/1900/900. So assuming
        Tmobile US allows any 3G phone to use either 2100 and 1700 the UK&Germany
        versions should work if you have an existing SIM.
        – I asked one of the eBay vendors if the phone they were selling would work
        with Tmobile US and I got the cryptic response “it should in some areas”,
        does this mean Tmobile doesn’t have even 2100/1700 coverage?

        Additional confirmation/correction are appreciated. The International HW seems superior to the US offering with the exception of the missing LED flash on the Verizon version. If your paying full price to avoid a 2 year contract you might as well get an international one. For full flexibility I’d root the phone. Warranty of an International phone in the US is also a question mark.

      • pimpstrong

        I assure that Tmo 3G is 21/17 and the Vibrant uses that. The normal INT ver. won’t work for us which is why i was trying so hard to find out if there will be a US version of the 1 for 1 origiona Galaxy S and not some altered version. nah mean?

    • aj

      Just talked to Tmo Rep, it is launching the 15th, but the rep said there was no info on whether the phone will fall into the BOGO. The Rep said nothing official would be announced until the day of the launch.

    • ashish

      Hi all
      these are direct specs from T-mobile web-site. It will support 3 UMTS bands:

      (frequency): 850 MHz;900 MHz;1800 MHz;1900 MHz
      UMTS: Band I (2100);UMTS: Band IV (AWS);UMTS: Band IV (1700/2100)

      What does that mean ? It means International phone won’t work with T-mobile USA 3G bands. I got it confirmed by asking question to T-mobile facebook account.
      However, Tmo version should work anywhere internationally where most of those Asian/european countries support Band 1.

  • Daniel

    Just spoke with RadioShack again, through chat, and apparently the date has returned to the 21st again. I tried telling them that I had been told it was the 15th by several different outlets, but they just said “I apologize for the incorrect information” and then went back to their script.

    If the web pre-orders aren’t getting it until the 21st, consider it cancelled.

  • wooshring

    Wish TMO would just officially announce release date already!!! Just got off the phone with Radio Shack & they said the TMP Rep told them it WAS the 15th. Who knows.

  • Brad

    Sweet! I’m still getting two of these – hopefully they stay in stock!

  • Fred

    Well i just talked to 2 different customer service reps at radioshack and both told me that the phones were shipping out the 21, so i thought if i threatened to cancel my order they would go check with someone, and they didn’t so order = canceled

    • andyandy

      I emailed RadioShack about another question yesterday and in the reply today they said “We would like to inform you that the phone will be launched on July 15, 2010 and once we receive the phone in stock, we will activate and ship the phone in next 24 hours. Once shipped you will be notified via an email with the tracking number.”

  • Scott

    It is being released on July 15th, just got off the phone with TMO that confirmed it and likely because AT&T is releasing their version on July 18th that TMO pushed up their release from the 21st. Also check out Wal-Mart website They still show July 21st however but check out the deal. $149 after rebates and if you trade in an old phone such as a G1 for $49.80 on average the final cost for the Vibrant would only be… $101.09 Now how can you not get this new phone even if you’re like me who will always be waiting for the next best thing. And if you have more than one old phone you can trade in more than one and reduce the cost even more. And for those really on a budget you can take advantage of Bill me later (link at bottom) and spread out the payments. And no I don’t work for wal mart, just a guy with 7 kids who needs to save money when ever he can…

    • andyandy

      I am a little biased but I’d suggest checking out if you’re interested in a trade-in credit… it looks like you’d get a better deal. Search online for bonus codes, and choose an Amazon gift card for extra 5%. Just sayin…

      • Scott

        Cool thanks for the tip to Have you used it before and got money back? G1 going for $75

    • pimpstrong

      why trade in a phone when u could double or even tripple that on Ebay or Craigs?

    • remister

      How can you fully buy the phone from Walmart for $399.99?

  • sami

    omg, can someone please give me a straight answer??!! i pre-ordered from radio-shack, so can i get my copy on the 15th or not?!!!!!!!!!

    • soniccool

      Same im not 100% sure what the deal is on that

    • pimpstrong

      The Shack is $499, Tmo is about $430. Save the money and get there early

      • pimpstrong

        whoops I thought u were asking if you should or not. Dunno about the shack realeasing on the 15th. have you called them?

    • sami

      i called, and they referred me to some other customer service dept thing. i just need a straight answer though because if i can’t get it on the 15th, i will be pretty upset. isn’t the point of pre-ordering so that you can get it as soon as it comes out?

  • Lamar

    walmart has a good deal. 399 for the phone outright and 179-149 on 2 year. Not bad at all, thinking of selling my Mytouch3g and forking over the extra cash. Need more details on a release date from walmart.

    • Animate

      Whoa! If thats the case I may be going to Wally World.

    • pimpstrong

      i went through the order process online and at the bottom of checkout it says that the retail is $499 and discounts take the phone down to $149. I’m guessing no contract = no discount

  • kyle

    just got off the phone with local radioshack

    he says that he received information this morning saying the preorders are now being stopped the 12th, not the 18th, which leads him to believe that the phone will be releasing the 15th because he says it normally takes 3 days to get the phones in.

    not exact release date information, but he definitely says it looks like it will be released the 15th if the preorders are stopped the 12th…

  • wooshring
  • Bradly

    Screen shot I took. I guess it’s official.

    • pimpstrong

      $599 (points at screen)”Ooooooooouch”

  • Lamar

    i am either going to get it from wal mart or try to renew my two year and get it at tmo. I really want this phone now.

  • TmoFan

    My friend is a manager for T-Mobile and he showed me in streamline yesterday that it is being released on the 15th. Awesome news :)

  • Shane LBC

    How can you buy the phone without contract from letstalk? $399 is the cheapest I have seen it so far.

    • Chris

      I called walmart (you can preorder over or call to do it) and told them I wanted to buy JUST the phone with no contract, and he told me it would be 599.99. I told him the website said 399.99 with no contract and he just kept telling me “Yeah you don’t get that discount if you don’t sign a contract,” so yeah….

  • Lamar

    yeah i am trying to figure that out too. 399 is a sealed deal for me, if i can get it for that price.

  • harry

    I preorderrd mine from Walmart/letstalk on Monday for 479.00 now the site says 599.00 … why did the price jump like that?

  • Lamar

    wait its more on letstalk?!? damn

  • Humphrey

    My local RS told me they were expecting it on the 18th…anyone else hearing info like this?

    • soniccool

      I was told the 16th…

  • snapdragin

    I played with the vibrant for a good hour yesterday. allow it is a fast, large screen, great visual appeal it feels like a hollow piece of plastic. dont get me wrong the phone is beautiful but it has no weight and overall has a cheap feel to it. besides that the phone ran smooth and i was impressed by camera even though flash is not present. go by one but feel it out first to make your determination

    • snapdragin

      lack of editing is due to lazy user. try to read around my stupidity

  • coolMANDINGO

    does this device offer or support LIVE WALLPAPERS???

    • weezybaby



  • liketech

    I was not sure if this has been posted but I talked to T-Mobile and the price of the phone without contract is $439.99.

  • Gerry

    I guess my biggest concern is that TMobile has turned off the wifi hotspot feature. I have preordered the phone anyways and am hoping I will be able to root the phone and restore that feature.

  • Ashish

    For those still on the Fence of Vibrant, here is great news. Android Froyo is coming to Korean in August.

    Also, it was confirmed by Tmo store rep that it should hit Vibrant anytime before September. boy, I can’t wait till July 15th to get hands-on this one !!!

  • tmoney

    Just visited my local T-Mo store yesterday and they will not be selling until Saturday the 17th. Weird since others are saying tomorrow.

  • carol

    Hey!!! Tmo 3G is good enough.But i went to T-Mo store yesterday they were not able to answer me that how does it work with free web scripts.


  • hsmith

    Went to the tmobile store yesterday. They had one in there to play with. They said they would have them in tomorrow the 15th. Not sure on the cost trying to find it out.

  • Ashish

    @hsmith – our Tmo store reps went for training on 13th – they told me they would have pricing today on 14th and will give me one to play with..

  • Russ

    I just bought one online using EIP it’s 499.99, 66 bucks upfront, $25 monthly for 19 months.

    The only bad thing is Expected Arrival Date: 7/23/10 :(