• James

    Man…that EVO 4G is looking sweeter by the minute if this annoucment is a flop.

  • Bobomo

    Like other people have said, it’s going to be some family plan stuff. There is no way “The Sims” has anything the to do with SIM cards… why on Earth would they allow their brand name to be used that way? It’s probably a new website or some social networking nonsense. Most importantly, it will likely have very little to do with actual phones.

  • Cyndavmin

    Maybe its an attempt on Tmobile to take everyone’s focus off their lame phone lineup lol

  • raymond

    t mobile everybody is getting the sgs you have to step it up bring something to kill the competition if cingular gets this phone what do you have?

  • Fmh

    The 16 million customers who are left with Tmobile…?

    • Drew

      …More like 33.7 million customers last time I checked. The best selling game of all time is X-Com UFO defense, which takes place in a Galaxy…So yeah it’s the Samsung Galaxy.

      • mratx512

        buddy it’s got nothing even remotely related to that game. even their tweet specifies they’re talking about the sims. hate idiots that rather not see the truth.

  • akil

    they both have sims so maybe t-mobile is getting those wifi sims i heard about like 4 months ago? would be nice, or sims can be a symbol of your favorite contacts so they could be bringing back MYFAVES which would be great

  • Cyndavmin

    the samsung galaxy s looks awesome. not sure about touchwiz but tmoble definately needs a superphone like this to compete. right now tmobile looks like everyone’s stepchild. their touting their 3g upgrades but what good is that if their phones are mediocre at best!


    I’m going with Bchung’s comment.

  • Outtie

    This huge news is guaranteed to be completely underwhelming like the rest of TMo’s announcements. For those that asked, TMo doesn’t release their upcoming phones because the management realizes that the upcoming selection is rubbish compared to the competition. If they announce that in advance (as opposed to keeping people guessing/optimistic), people will jump ship en masse like I’m about to do ;)

  • Jim T

    Umm. They both sell you an initial product that’s virtually useless until you spend hundreds of dollars on upgrades and expansion packs?

    Maybe not the best comparison to make.

    • Aquita J

      That is soo true!

  • Yu

    in sims you play to make the sim people happy so they can get through the day…..so here that’s the connection…they want to make their customer happy.

  • raymond

    fmh they have 16 million customers in 4th place congrats ;) bet you feel smart ;)

  • Noel

    AHHhh!!.. T-mobile are a bunch puppeteers. They think they’re trying to running our lives. They fail.. because i’m switching carriers!

  • keele8

    Remember the leaked calendar articles from a few days back? It said something about a 3000 minute plan. I doubt this has to do with a phone, but a new rate plan or something like everyone else has said. I bet you this hint has something to do with that 3000 minute plan on that calendar that was leaked.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well this is a no brainer, others have said what it is.

    First, the icon on the Tweet is Sims 3, not The Sims.

    Second, the collector edition of Sims 3 has a big honkin emerald on the package.

    Third, T-Mobile has project emerald.

    So I think what T-Mobile is saying what they have in common is the emerald.

    Next hint please.


    • deemota

      Dude, I think you nailed this. Makes total sense to me……

    • http://i-appreciate.org alt-mobile

      I always love reading your comments Michael. They’re the most sound and well thought out ones on here and are worth reading. You did nail it on the head…

      Can’t wait for the next clue. I REALLY REALLY hope this is about the super Android Sidekick successor phone because my TP2 is starting to bug me with all of the bugs and I am ready to come to Android but only for a very fast and smooth phone with a KB.

    • Aquita J

      Wow, that pretty much sums it up!

    • jake

      X2 I think you nailed it also…HTC sidekick, bring us some 4.3in android lov’n

  • T

    If it has to do with the “best selling” and a google search revealed 16M, isn’t it obvious it is the iPhone?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Oh, is there some hint related to the fact that the Sims 3 game comes with a plastic emerald connected to carabiner?

  • G-Money

    If Project Dark was about rate plans, I’m going to assume Project Emerald is about rate plans as well. Falls in like with that leaked calendar. Maybe “project” is code word for “plan” at T-Mo.

  • keele8

    I knwo some of the screen on touchphones display 16 million colors. 16 millions copys sold, 16 million colors on a screen? Too much a stretch?

  • mreyes11

    those bastards.

  • Matt

    The Sims is outdated just like every android phone on T-Hobble!

  • marks.

    maybe there getting the best selling phone of all time?

    • eYe

      You mean they will get the Razr again?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Look at the Sims 3 site, maybe some hints there?



    In any event, T-Mobile has to get a license from EA to use the Sims 3 logo and maybe even to be able to mention the emerald tie-in.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Take a look at this:


    But this can’t be something as basic as a game promo for T-Mobile, especially since June is half way over.

    • keele8

      You are probably right, the emerald is the key. But like you said Tmo would have paid for a liscense to use the logo. That is a lot of money just to hint an emerald. Maybe the hint is project emerald and the factory installed game on the project emerald phone is going to be The Sims 3 mobile?

  • Nokia N900USER

    Im Back lol. Well, here’s my take,
    I had to laugh when I thought of it. Maybe someone in Marketing at T-mobile is predicting 16 million units of phones sold for free on the 19th? What a big FAIL that will be if they do not reach their expectations for that day.

    My second analysis is 16 million units sold means T-mobile is predicting to sell 16 million units of ________. Anyone can fill in the blank for what they think they can sell that will compare to the best selling PC game.

    As far as HSPA goes, Im in Northern VA and I have been getting 3Mbps Up and 1.5Mbps Down for about a month or so. These speeds do not require new sim cards. As far as Project Emerald goes, it’s a toss between Hype, Let down and instant success.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    So it can’t be some 2010 game promo, that would be lame.

    It can’t be a Sims 3 tie in because that’s been out for a year.

    Maybe that Sim 3 logo is only for the emerald thumb drive / project emerald hint.

    And has Samsung used emerald green in any of its PR or promotions? They did have the home screen on the demo SGS phones an emerald green. Is that the default color for TouchWiz?

    Well I have to leave. This could go on for hours.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    The TMoNews headline says that T-Mobile “promises something big.”

    When and where did T-Mobile do that, promise something big? Was that from past statements?

    If not, all I’m saying is that this may not be a big deal. In other words, it’s on this end that people are making this something bigger than it is.

    Disregard, of course, if T-Mobile did in fact somewhere say (“promise”) that they would be dropping hints on something that will be a big deal.

    • JustMike

      Michael – that’s paraphrased from their “Big News” tweet yesterday:

      “Big news on the horizon…wanna guess what it is? Check back on Thursday for your first clue. #T-MobileClue” 1:10 PM Jun 15th via HootSuite


  • DjYoUnG

    OK here it is for everyone trying to guess, SAMSUNG GALAXY S. already know we are launching it late july or early august for sure, i have verified by people in samsung (territory reps). don’t believe me but u will find out soon enough :-P

  • edmund

    so just to see if i could hit something i tweeted this to tmobile:
    “it must be project emerald? like sims3 collector’s edition?”

    then sims3 twitter account retweeted me..

    maybe its just project emerald?

    • Phenomenon

      Nice one! lol So maybe it’s about the Sidekick Twist?! We all know about the Galaxy S already. So maybe there is something behind this “Emerald” idea

  • solidus433

    Maybe T-Mo signed a contract with EA to be the only carrier to offer the mobile verions of future Sims games.

  • Horrible

    This is so obvious… The SIMs is going to work on old Tandy PCs. That way the hardware matches up with T-Mobile’s phones.

    Wait… it’s that the SIMs was exciting 10 years ago.

    Better yet… it seems that T-Mobile believes the best selling game of all time was a little known game called “Searching for signal”.

  • seattledad

    Too late to care. I was wayching this site for news of a good smartphone. I’ve got a 32 GB iphone headed my way next week. I was very willing to consider good android handsets, but Tmo is too late to bring in a high end line of those for me and I suspect many other folks who were out of contract.

  • Matt

    I really just want to know when they are going to make the announcement. I don’t care about more speculation and rumors. I’m close to just upgrading to something they have now, but I don’t want something else to be announced and me be sorely disappointed that I waited so long for a high end phone to miss it by jumping too soon.

  • Horrible

    Actually, I just heard the truth…

    It’s the game “Doom” that was the best selling game all time and this company is DOOMED without some better phones.

  • wasup

    damn, the galaxy s is already out of stock in the UK, please tmo hurry with the release



  • ali

    Guys, I don’t has nothing to do with new devices. I believe they are coming out with a new Sims game where you are to build global telecom network. In it, you start out as a small regional telecom and build the empire from there. To make things interesting, you only have at your disposal 3rd grade equipment and your only weapons are customer service and rate plan fees.

  • Broski


    • Kevin O_o

      OMG FINALLY!!!

    • JustMike

      Let me guess.. the new carpet will be green, right? I think you’ve figured out the secret to Project Emerald.. free Garmin phone for you!

  • Daedalus

    Ok who cares about thier damn “teasing” information. If I wanted to think about things I would be doing the NY Times Crossword. I love T-Mobile and have been patient with them for years. But when they want to start playing “games” I am going to start looking at what other providers offer.

  • Horrible

    Seriously… I have never been so irritated with this carrier. I used to feel like they were at least trying to compete with the other carriers. Their high end phones are a fantastic piece of hardware (HD2) with clunky Windows Mobile 6.5 (even Microsoft doesn’t like this OS so they are making a whole new one) and the same freaking MyTouch phone with a new gimmicky slide feature. They didn’t even put a new screen on the thing. Why don’t they throw some wood stickers on it, put a 2.5 mm jack back in it, and call it the Clapton “Throwback” Fender MyTouch Spotty 3G. Let’s add in the Nokia E73 Mode. The screen is actually 320×240 res. That’s embarassing. Who is picking devices for them??? They are HORRIBLE. Whoever determines what devices they bring to the table should be fired. If not fired, kick that person in the nuts and take their wallet. At least he/she will know how I feel.

    I love the prices. I love the customer services (for the most part). I even love that they are the underdog. If anyone else bashes T-Mobile, I tell them they don’t know what they are talking about and I will defend them with every point I can think of. BUT they are literally doing nothing in the marketplace other than existing.

    • JustPutzing

      I agree with Horrible, totally wonder who’s picking their phone line up. T-Mo needs to fire who ever does their marketing and phone picks. I’m jumping ship as soon as the EVO is back in stock.
      Sorry T-Mo, it’s been a good 5 years.

  • alex32

    That all Sims games are horrible like tmobile’s phone lineup

  • Horrible

    I just got done playing The Sims. My Sim pre-ordered the iPhone 4 and called me an idiot for staying with T-Mobile.

    • alex32


  • Bobert

    TMO is going to make virtual reality sex possible by creating hot animated characters to pleasure me while I use my Nexus one.

  • taaars

    ATT just got the Galaxy S, well…its called Captivate, but, its a 16gb model…TMO, if you don’t get this phone (or something better),or if you dumb your model down…you will suck FOREVER!

  • crybabies

    Horrible, obviously the phone you have makes you the man you are. Or in this case, aren’t.

  • Theman

    Clearly michael hit that on the spot..it’s gottta be project emerald.

    • taaars

      I think hes right to, but still no idea what project emerald is…maybe we are all going to get free copy of Sims and they will all have phones we like to have on tmo network..

  • Justathought

    Wasn’t Sims first availiable on a Mac and Sims is on the 3rd generation with 4 coming as is the iPhone?

    • David


      • Daedalus

        Hummmm are you sure it is not the IPhone… J/K this would not meet my idea of a top of the line phone!!!!!

  • OLD.g1.user.needs.new.phone

    1. it is the sims not the sims 3 just fyi
    2. The sims was released in 22 countries.
    3. The Iphone was released it 22 counrties. (did more get added? i am not sure and would like to know)
    4. I hope it’s not, i think its not, it’s not the iphone…
    5. Their is a lot of common factors with it though.
    6. I just want a super phone with android.
    7. if it is the iphone i will be crushed and go to the darkside…. if nothing better comes out asap

    • David

      For the last damn time, its not the iPhone…

  • MM

    OK seriously Tmo needs to listen to their cutomers. People are fed up with the games. Whoever is head of promoting new phones & marketing should be fired immediately. It’s sad when customers have to wait and guess when and if a new product will be released to meet their needs. Who cares about the sims, i just want an android superphone already!

  • Bobert

    My buddy helps Steve Jobs pick out outfits for his vag and says Steve had an IPhone 4 with TMO logo.