4G v HSPA+ (Hint: GO T-MOBILE)

Unless you have been living under a rock, there is a pretty good chance that you have heard something about this HTC EVO 4G thing.  It’s kind of a big deal, being Sprint’s first 4G phone and basically being a beast hardware wise.  Is it really that big of a deal though?  The guys over at PhoneScoop wanted to put the latest networks to the test, and it was a war.  The truth is, T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network is simply better than Sprint’s WiMax 4G offerings, on a download, upload and latency basis.  It should be said, though, that these speeds are still relatively close, and actual results may vary.  On a related side note, T-Mobile’s HSPA 7.2 Mbps network wasn’t much slower than HSPA+ or 21 Mbps.  So it all comes down to this, real world speeds on both of these networks is crazy fast, but T-Mobile has more phones, and a wider and ever expanding area of customers, that can use the network.  So, I will say it again, GO T-MOBILE!!!  Make sure to read the test yourself, it is pretty interesting in a bland, stuff you never really need to know, kind of way.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!



  • murble

    Im about 45min away from tmo 3g coverage, and only have GPRS with Edge off of one tower in town. :( Higher speeds in high pop areas is really fantastic, but I wish they would help some of their customers out in low pop areas as well.

  • S. G.

    I wonder how this compares to “the nation’s fastest network” AT&T.

  • hineschr

    When I am in 3g at my house(most of the time) I get speeds around 4mb down and .5mb up. Never seen upload speeds even close to that fast. Guess I don’t really have hspa+

  • golfreak

    T-mobile should be focusing on solidfying their 3G coverage instead of worrying about their HSPA+.
    I’ve been a Sprint customer for many years before jumpin over to Tmobile for the HD2.
    I live in Orlando and the 3G here is attrocious. It is so spotty.
    Trying to surf the net from time to time is a PITA.
    When I had Sprint, I would tether to my laptop driving up and down Fla and the signal was just fine even when driving in remote areas.
    I haven’t tried doing that with Tmobile but I can imagine I won’t even get a signal in those areas.
    I’ll be paying my ETF and jump back to Sprint very soon.
    Seriously, forget the 4G talk. Just impreove 3G and thats enough for most people.

    • http://ha ZeroT

      I agree with you to an extent…I travel to Miami Florida with some riders (morticycles) and ESPECIALLY Orlando and other areas of Fl. and many areas that are the boonys and would think I shouldn’t have reception is pretty darn good. I’m not sure what you’re talking about buddy…but it sounds to me that it’s the phone. Just because we purchase PDA’s and Smart phones doesn’t mean that each one will have optimum performance and be exactly alike. I have users who use Verizon phones (who claim to have the best service of them all) and have chucked their phones right on the road because it was that bad. But me in Florida I have a ball with my phone and hardly any problems…downtown Orlando with my phones have been on point…to name the phones I’ve used with t-mobile Sidekick3 & LX, and my G1…its funny a phone you buy today could be the worse, buy a new but same model and works fine….so if I were you, instead of wasting your money on switching, purchasing the phone, and then your “ETF”…just find a retailer that you like the most and stick with them…if you’re phone sucks, buy a new one or different one…these complanies are going to be competing for a long time and though it wasn’t all that successful it’s still a great phone (Nexus one) it made people think otherwise (selling an unlock phone, with no contract online)so stick with Sprint and wait for more and new better phones like Nexus One to come out that are unlocked…because soon people like HTC aren’t going to gear there work to just one retailer…theres less profit in that….so pick one and stick with it….

      • golfreak

        Ummm…if you read my post, you’ll see exactly what phone I have.
        So you’re saying my HD2 sucks ??
        Its the only reason why I switched to Tmobile.
        I live in the UCF areas.
        Don’t tell me what my experience should be.
        Its exactly how I explained it.
        I’m not here to bash Tmobile…just my 2 months experience with it.
        If you have great reception with T-mobile, thats good for you. I hate it.


        It could always be a unit defect

    • Rubinz

      Completely agree with you. I’m smack dab in the middle of a huge “3G” zone and my BB 9700 and Nexus One can’t get a download faster than 330kbps. “Go T-Mobile” my ass.

      • Jack Chord

        I thought my phone was defective as well. Using tmo 3g? I get download of 476kbps & upload at 419kbps. That was using speedtest.net application. Then by wifi was able to get 2237kbps download & 1913kbps upload with a ping of 146ms. That was using Brighouse cable. Then I visit a friend who has Verizon fiber and by wifi got 8039kbps download & 4159kbps upload with a ping of 118ms. I think my phone is working properly. Right? Using a Nexus One. Any help would be appreciated.

      • B

        I get ~2000kbps down and ~1000kbps up on my Nexus One when at home through the speedtest app, much faster outside my house. On Wifi with Optimum Online, I get ~11500kbps down and ~2200kbps up. I would assume your phone is working correctly, but as I said several times before, people are giong to get different results in different areas.

    • watbetch

      You guys need to stfu about coverage. Speed needs to come now or network quality will deteriorate into the gutter. 3G fill-in is coming

  • DUB

    Can’t wait until HSPA+ hits Okc :)

  • Carajean

    I have to agree with some of you that are saying that tmo needs to improve 3g coverage. Sure they can say all they want that they have this new “4g” like service but the average user on their network cant get it or use it. I live in the middle of what the say is suppose to be 3g coverage and I can barely surf the web or stream 2 songs from slacker. I also have the new hd2 ( actually my replacement phone will be here 6/9 ) having the best of the best does not mean better coverage.

    If tmobile could just all the time give me what im paying for all the time I would be happy. Tmobile in my opinion needs to either buy someone or be bought out. Its like they have great priced plans and great customer service but you will sacrifice every where else.

  • http://ddrobert.blogspot.com Robert

    and since T-Mobile’s network is only the 4th largest and not one of the top 2, it’s network is constantly overloaded or plagued by dropped calls. At least until everyone catches on and leaves Verizon and AT&T

    • Welllllll…

      I beg to differ. I’ve been a customer for 6+ years and the only trouble I have with dropped calls is situations like when I drive through an especially bad area of many power lines. The coverage map for T-Mobile + partners is very comparable to Verizon and AT&T – they all have gaps in the same places, for the same reasons.

  • Welllllll…

    HSPA+ is not 4G but it is the fastest thing around, works on many of their existing phones instead of requiring you to buy a new one and – as you can see in multiple other posts on this site – is rolling out to new locations constantly. If you want to learn about real 4G – which NOBODY HAS – see this wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4g

  • http://tmonews Christian

    After 5 years of relationship, I left T-Mobile. The reason? Sprint HTC EVO. Let me tell you, this phone is a beast!!!! Service good so far, no problems ( yet, n I hope none ) I used to own HTC HD2 let me tell you IT SUCKS!!!! BIG TIME!!!!! Compared to EVO, EVO ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!! All of you who always wish for a HD2 with Android here it is. Do your selfs a favor and try the EVO. you wouldn’t regret it. By the way, I live in Greensboro, NC Great 4G coverage!!!!! You have 30 days to try Sprint service, if you don’t like it just take it back . ( you will not ) I bet ya!!!!!!
    And again, HTC EVO FREAKING ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • http://www.onlinemoviesdatabase.com Clair Hendrik

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  • ZEE

    Well you can settle for what you want or you can get what you want. your choice.
    evo was nice but after using it for 4 days i feel the os is not solid on it. maybe it needs a update or maybe it was rushed. i have about 60 apps, which might explain….. but after watching this video im thinking about returning my phone and sticking with tmobile….. here is the video if you want to see it.

  • ZEE

    i was using a hd2 prior to switching…… its not a bad phone. its quite nice. exept for ending all task all the time… but let me know what you guys think about the video… it kind of makes you feel can it get any better.

  • Trill

    There future proofing there network and going forth everything will be HSPA+ so why do all that extra work so wether you want to hear it are not they are making the right moves aside from phones cause I actually resorted to getting a Nexus One and not looking back. I get great speeds and so do others but I would say if your not happy and getting bad coverage or just want more then switch and try tmobile again later.

    Im impartial and can talk about either company but its mostly personal preference and whats best for the customer.

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  • http://www.evo4gforum.com Alica Pomerance

    I am one of these people who puts their entire life on their own cell phone so I got a Centro way back when and loved it- so personalized (color coding things like calendar appointments is a MUST for me) and effortless to use. The Pre came out and I was loving it… but… well… it simply lacked some ‘me’ things. So, when I saw all that Android could do…. well I was extremely excited. I was blessed to have discovered 1 cell phone left in stock at a Radio Shack 40 miles away last weekend and I’ve been playing and customizing ever since.

  • stephen

    forget 4g, forget 3g. I can’t go a single day without at least two dropped calls. and NO it is not a handset defect.

  • http://920-design.com Kinga33

    I live in city of st.louis and tmo coverage in my are is supposed to be excellent.
    Inside my house I’m lucky to get edge with 2 bars and outside in the middle of the street I get edge with 3 bars on all phones that I have used so far (mytouch 3g,tmobile wing, tmobile dash,tmobile sda and htc hd2).3g coverage in my area sucks and according to tmo coverage map it is supposed to be the best….I like hspa speeds when I’m downtown or in park but most of the time I can not enjoy those speeds because of lack of coverage.

  • m4f1050

    UCF area here, with HTC HD2, on Simple Mobile ($60 a month)

    I get 2.59Mb download and .30Mb upload all day long. On an HTC Ozone my speeds are different, slower, but the phone is a 528mhz not a Snapdragon, not sure if that contributes, but I have a feeling it does.

  • http://twitter.com/SParKlngCyaNide SparklingCyanide

    Still true to this dayy. : )