MyTouch 3G Update Details

We can all let out a collective “sigh” of relief.  Feels good, right?  The MyTouch 3G has been around for a while, and it’s about time that we hear some real talk about a software update.  According to T-Mobile’s VP of Production Innovation Andrew Sherrard, T-mobile is currently testing the new update internally, which is good for all those MyTouch users out there.  What will the update entail exactly?  Well, he also said that it will be Android 2.1 (YAY!) all dressed in Sense (double yay!), the same UI that is seen on the MyTouch 3G Slide.  He also said that it will have a “Genius Button” like feature, but it will be interesting to see how they handle that without a physical button.  Sounds great, right?  No word on the G1 front, sad.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • Dubya504

    But the question is, When will it come out?

  • Janet

    Exactly, what is the actual date of sale?

  • xavier

    I heard it was when the MTSlide comes out, or shortly after. I hope we get it. I like th black notification pane better.

  • Damien Garcia


  • Om

    I am waiting for updates for Mytouch 3g…..anyone there who can please tell me when I would able to get those updates…..kind of tired with old stuff.

  • ben

    when will we get the update to 2.1? What is the hold up?

  • Dubya504

    We hear the same old stuff everyday. It’s coming out, it’s coming out! But everything else is getting froyo love but what about us. Soon or later the MT3g will be thrown out the same way they disposed the G1, you mark my words and see if that don’t happens I hope not!

  • cesar

    you can only wait so long before you change phones cmon get a move on t mobile I’ve been waiting forever

  • Jo

    Any news yet about the release??? Been eagerly waiting for months now… Come on T-Mobile!!!

  • josh

    you know i’m waitin for 2.2 myself i cant wait no more i want it

  • LED

    I have had the upgrade for the mytouch 3G for like two months already and im running 2.2.1 android it was kind of weird because i was at work and my phone suddenly asked me if i want to reboot to upgrade my phone. Now my phone’s UI looks totally different but the funny part is that I’m not even using T-mobile service I’m using Simple Mobile service. I guess the updates don’t come from the service provider but from Google its self.

  • MyTouchU$er

    They’re rolling updates now… My wife (mine is just starting to install part 2) just got her phone updated this morning… Thanks T-mobile!

  • dean

    i have been waiting to the update for mytouch 3G,
    and three days ago i buy mytouch 4G, the funny thing is today i received the update on my new phone :S

  • Alexei Ely

    when can we be expecting this 2.2 update on the mytouch 3g?

  • Alexei Ely

    when can we be expecting this 2.2 update on the mytouch 3g?

  • Alexei Ely

    when can we be expecting this 2.2 update on the mytouch 3g?